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-Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo at Morning Glow, KICC on ‘DIVINE INCREASE’

Praise the Lord!
This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Welcome to Morning Glow. Welcome to another time in the presence of the Lord. Trusting the Lord to bless you, enrich your life, refresh your spirit and take you to a new level this morning in the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father we give glory, honour, praise and adoration to Your name. From the rising of the sun to the going down of it, Your name shall be great. Bless Your people this morning. Stretch Your hand, heal the sick, set captives free, minister to Your people in a most glorious way. Let the Heavens open upon Your people this morning. Let Your name be glorified. Church Gist. We thank You, You will exceed our prayer, You will exceed our expectation to the glory of Your name in the name of Jesus.

Welcome one more time. Trusting the Lord to bless you and make today a very, very unique day. A day that God will lead you, guide you and you will not be put to shame. A day when God will stretch His hand in your life and give you an uncommon testimony in the name that is above all names.

I will like to welcome all those who are coming on the platform this morning. We celebrate you and appreciate each one of you from the various corners of the world where you are joining us. We bless God for you. May you be blessed. May you be highly favoured. May you be lifted. May you experience the grace and the power of God.

Remember we’ve really stayed on increase because I believe that God wants to increase you on every side. The Bible says He will increase your greatness and bless you on every side (Psalm 71:21). Church Gist. God wants to bless you on every side and I trust the Lord that that is going to be your testimony, that is going to be your favour, that is going to be your blessing in Jesus name.

Our God is the giver of increase ( 1 Corinthians 3:6-7). Except the Lord builds a house, they labour in vain (Psalm 127). So God wants to bless you, God wants to increase you, God wants to show you favour.

So God is the one who brings increase. He is the supreme God of the universe, the God of increase. He is the ultimate dispenser of increase. Listen, God doesn’t want you to remain constant and stagnant. He wants the path of the just man to continue to shine unto a brighter day. He is the absolute distributor of increase. He is the custodian and controller of increase. The Bible says one person planted, the second one watered but God gave the increase and when God wants to give you increase, He will not consult anyone to make it happen. He will make it happen and I am believing God that He is going to increase your favour, increase your breakthrough, increase your strength and He is going to surprise you in the name of Jesus.

When increase comes, it comes with comfort (Psalm 71:21). Church Gist. There are some people you will just see the hustle on their face as they are trying to experience increase because it is by their own struggle and not by the hand of the Lord but this morning I decree and declare into your life that your greatness, your increase is coming by the hand of the Lord.

Your promotion, because when you are promoted, that is increase. When God add to your family, that is increase. When your finance is changed, that is increase. When prayers are answered, that is increase. When God begins to change your level of influence; spiritual, secular, mental, emotional level of influence to the place where you have a voice, that is increase, that is a major increase, infact it is one of the biggest of increase because it is not seen with the eye but it is felt everywhere. When God changes your level of influence, so your greatness is unlimited. Don’t limit that increase by the mindset and behaviour you have.

Some of us our biggest challenge is our mindset. Something inside us is holding us back, telling us we are over ambitious, we are thinking too much. Whereas God wants to take you to new level. Your increase comes along with comfort on every side. You know the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and add no sorrow. Church Gist. When God increases, when God shows you favour, it will be obvious to you that this is God. The increase God will give you is not the one with which you will be watching behind you to see who is coming to attack you, God gave you and the Lord can protect you. Glory to God!

  • Receive increase and greatness for greater things that you do in your life.

There’s an increase that comes in your life so you can do greater things. The things you could not do before, you will be able to do them, you will be able to achieve them, you will be able to take up those things and silence the enemy and shut the mouth of the devils.
Glory to God!

Increase sometimes is affected by where you live but listen, I want you to know that in spite of your location, God will change your allocation. Church Gist. The prophet was by the brook Cherith. A brook is a tiny stream flowing in a place where there are no rivers, so it’s a tiny stream. So he is in a desert and he managed to see a brook and God tells him to camp by that brook. But there is no food, God said I will feed you and by that brook truly, God sent a raven to bring him meat. Ravens are selfish birds that only take care of themselves. The Bible says, He feeds the animal and the ravens that cry, baby ravens have to cry for their own food but God made Elijah, while he was at that place to always be fed.

When God is ready to bless and increase you, location may be tough, allocation will show up.

  • This morning I am agreeing with somebody in a tough place right now, that is part of the toughness of the place, …and so shall thou dwell in the land and verily thou shall be fed, for the Lord Himself will cause your increase.

Abraham was directed to the land of his increase; get out of your kindred, out of your people to a land I will show you. Church Gist. I was sharing yesterday’s morning where I ministered that there are chapters God need to close in your life. You know when He says eye has not seen, ear has not heard, it hasn’t come to the understanding of man what God has in store for those who trust in Him, powerful ministration yesterday’s morning.

So there must have been chapters of Abraham’s life that people open, that situations open, that God Himself was not the one who opened it. So God, in other to close those chapters, He had to remove Abraham from the immediate circumstance of his birth and growth. He was already 75 when he met God, already 75, he was in the afternoon of his life. But God then moved him out of that place to the place of increase.

Sometimes it is not physical movement, it is mental movement, moving in our mind getting out of our revision into vision, out of yesterday into tomorrow, into the future. Glory to God.

  • Receive this morning, receive in the name of Jesus.

He prospered in the new location. Genesis 12 God called him, Genesis 13 God prospered him, just like that! He prospered in the new location.

  • You are also, as you stay in the Lord, your season of increase is manifesting in the name of Jesus.
  • God is lifting you up!

You see, God is a wise investor. He won’t increase you in the wrong location. Church Gist. When you read the Bible, you got to understand that God is a business man. When Jesus was talking about the people who were given talent, you could see that the one who was given five, there was an expectation that he had capacity, capacity.

You want to change the levels in your hands, your increase, change your capacity. A tea cup and a jug are not the same. A jug and a bucket are not the same. A bucket and a container which you have to serve water to a whole community are not the same. You got to change your container. That’s the problem with many people, they will fast, fast, fast, pray, pray, pray. But they still show up with a tea cup by the sea shore.

I live in front of a lagoon in Africa, huge, the lagoon is about, I have not google but I am suspecting that the Lagos lagoon could be long as 40Km. Church Gist. The place called Badagry to a place called the Epe, that’s how long the lagoon is. Now imagine me showing up with a tea cup to take water from the lagoon, haaa, God provided a 40Km of waters, you show up with a tea cup, that’s the problem with many of us. But this morning I declare and decree a shift in your life and an increase beyond your own imagination in the name of Jesus.

Your neighborhood, your business, your premises, your place of worship, the country you are living in can determine your increase. Infact the people, awesome my guys are just too much, someone just quickly helped me to Google it. It is 50Km, I tried, I said 40, cause I just figured out looking at the distance. 50Km, that’s the length of the lagoon. Now you imagine, God provided 50Km of water and you show up with a tea cup, but do you know that’s what we always do to God, we insult Him. We will fast oooo, fast, fast, fast, pray, pray, pray. Church Gist. When it is time, instead of us to throw away the tea cup and change our container, and say Pastor Matthew, what can I do? How can I increase my capacity? Train me, show me, help me. We don’t change our capacity, we want an ocean, we want the whole 50Km of water in a tea cup.

  • This day I speak uncommon increase into your life, uncommon favour into your life, uncommon testimony into your life, uncommon glory into your life.

Isaac was about to move into the wrong location where he would have missed his increase and God said don’t go. It is not the right place, that’s why if you are listening to me and you live in one part of the world and you feel I need to migrate, please I beg you by the mercies of God, hear God first, don’t say look at pastor Matthew, he lives in England, I was led there. I didn’t even like England, I have already paid my money to do graduate program in Canada when I was sent by the leaders of the Church I belonged to, then I prayed, then I heard God. Infact my word from the Lord at that time was obey those who are leaders over you and I did not know they were leading me into my destiny.

Some people need to stay where they are to prosper.

  • Wherever your increase is, you will not miss it in the name of Jesus.
  • Where you will have your mighty yield, where you will have your greatest favour, you will not miss it in the mighty name of Jesus.

This morning as I speak increase into your life, I want to focus more on you really, really experiencing the favour of the Lord in this increase, the favour of the Lord in your increase.

  • From this morning, I declare and decree that this year there will be an increase of favour in your life (Psalm 102:13).
  • I speak into your life today, your breakthrough is here, your breakthrough of favour, favour, favour. The season is here. The season of favour, the season of favour is here in the name of Jesus.
  • You increase is not going to come by sweat, just natural sweat, it’s going to come by favour, God breathing on your work. Church Gist. An increase following you, prosperity following you. You making the right move, taking the right step. As the world is coming out of COVID-19, God is showing you answers, solutions, He is giving you prosperities, possibilities, receive in the name of Jesus.
  • In your favour, nothing shall be impossible for you. Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  • There’s a favour that makes the impossible becomes your possibility. I speak that level of favour.

I Samuel 10, the man of God told Saul, he said when you leave me and go away from here, you will meet with two men who will bless you. Church Gist. They will give you goat, they will give you bread, they will give you wine and from then on you will do as occasion demands. Do you know that that statement is powerful? You will do as occasion demands means, look, from then on, you will almost be unlimited. Anything you desire to do shall come to pass.

  • I speak into your life today, this is your own portion too that you will do as occasion demands in the name of Jesus.
  • (1 Samuel 10:3-7) I prophesy into your life today, I declare and decree into your life today, I speak into your life today that the Lord is blessing your hands. You are operating as occasion demands in the name of Jesus.
  • Go out into today, go out into this month, go out into the rest of this year, you will do as occasion demands. Men will meet you and favour you.
  • The one carrying bread which is symbolic of supply for all your need shall meet you and bless you. The one carrying goat which is symbolic of what you will have to sacrifice to the Lord, they will meet you and great you, they will bless you in the name of Jesus.
  • The one carrying wine which is symbolic of continuous celebration in your life, in your household, just as the wine bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles because of the chemical inside it, may you experience the blessing of the Lord this day. May you experience that favour.
  • In your increase may you be so favoured that people will wonder what manner of woman is this, what manner of man is this in the name of Jesus.
  • May favour reign in your life from this day. Favour to reign in your life everywhere you go. You open door, favour. You enter places, favour in the name of Jesus.
  • The Bible says and the child grew and had favour with God and with man. Jesus had favour with God and man, Joseph had favour with God and man, Samuel had favour with God and man. Men will meet you and bless you. People who don’t know you will want to help you in the name of Jesus.





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