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*Be careful of this seducing spirit called ‘Revelation of Grace’. It is a trap of the devil.
*I heard someone on Tv saying ‘No one can lose his salvation.
*Judas had a throne in Heaven but lost his salvation.
*People lose their salvation on a daily basis.
*Remove the subject of sin from redemption, nothing remains.
*You are not in a revival if you are not thirsty for God and righteousness.
*Take responsibility to cleanse yourself of filthiness and you shall be in command of the supernatural.

Shall we lift up our two hands. Give Him glory and praise. Would you thank Him again for the revival fire that is burning. Give Him glory and praise. Let’s give Him thanks for souls saved since this operation began.

Now ask Him to speak to you tonight in Jesus precious name we have prayed. Lord Jesus we’re all gathered at Your feet again, ready to receive from You. Let no one return without an encounter with you tonight. Let it be as Spiritual wine in our souls and all the days of our lives in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank You Father in Jesus precious name.

It’s interesting to know that God’s lifestyle with the redeemed is to continue to have a lifestyle of progress.
Proverbs 4:18

  • Grace to keep doing it right at all times receive it now in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Thank You Heavenly Father and blessed be Your name in Jesus precious name.


We went through part 1,2 and 3 during the Spiritual Week of Emphasis. Let’s try to remind ourselves that revival is a divine opportunity for dramatic change of story both for the Church and the people of God who are genuinely dedicated to such move of the Spirit.

Habakkuk 3:2
Revival is a host of package, it brings multitudes into the Kingdom, it decorates the destiny of believers and turn them to signs and wonders among people. We were once in the valley and suddenly story has changed.

A revival is a season of divine celebration. You’re just celebrating God by virtue of His mighty hand upon His people.

A revival is a season for the rise of giants in the body of Christ.
Jeremiah 30:19-20

  • I know that an army will rise through this midst of the year revival.
  • Many will change levels supernaturally.
  • Our faithful and fruitful engagement either on the altar of prayer or in passionate after souls will result into rewards of change of story.

We saw God in the midst of His people in
Zephaniah 3:17-20
Those are the things that revival has in package for us. Our God is a great God.

Among others every revival is validated by the manifestation of signs and wonders in the life of every engaging believer. That’s the major characteristics of revival.

Signs and wonders in the Church, signs and wonders in the lives of believers. They’re the things to expect. Praise the Lord.

Mark 16:15
We experience signs and wonders when we’re on the go for Jesus who is one of the major major features of a revival. Going all out for Jesus, sharing the gospel of salvation.
Habakkuk 3:13


It can be defined as the move of the Spirit that baptizes believers with the Spirit of the fear of God thereby empowering us to seek to please God at all times.

You’re not in a revival if you’re not thirsty for God, if you’re not thirsty for righteousness.
A lot of things us going on today on TV through many TV preachers.You better connect with God or you get derailed before you know it. You can’t experience without a genuine hunger and thirst for righteousness and that’s a major characteristics of revival. A revival of the fear of God. A panting for God and after what pleases God.
Matthew 5:6
Whatever makes unrighteousness unthirstful is a bait of death.

The master revivalist, His name Jesus.
John 8:46
Romans 1:4
His sonship was confirmed on the basis of holiness. No big preaching can bring a revival. Revival broke up in the upper room with a foundation in repentance. You can’t connect with this move until you repent. Repentance is at the move of every genuine move of God.

Now to see how that follows, someone lied, he owned the land, he sold the land, he brought part of the money, but he said that was all the money. That’s what he did to let you see how the move of God cannot accommodate that, he was slain. The wife came after him and was slain.

The fear of God is non negotiable requirement for anybody to claim to be in a revival.
1st Corinthians 6:9
Now remove saved from redemption and nothing remains.

  • May the Spirit of the fear of the Lord engulf every single Winner world wide so that seeking to please God becomes our new way of life.

You have not started the school of wisdom without the fear of the Lord.
Psalms 119:10
Are you saved? Are you born again? Are you working your way towards Heaven? Before you know what’s happening they will soon say there’s no Heaven because all they’re looking for is what satisfies them here.
Suddenly some very powerful preachers just switch it up.
Hunger and thirst for it and you will be filled. Do not settle down there.

Now look at Paul the Apostle, a great commander of signs and wonders.
1st Thessalonians 2:10
Acts 14:11

Jeremiah 6:16
Only truly sanctified people can maximize their place in it.

  • Something is breaking forth.

2nd Corinthians 7:1
These are amazing porepheciss but there are requirements to maximize those blessings. We must walk in the fear of God so no one can know otherwise and escape from His presence. These promises will remain hanging except we choose to cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and of the Spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

Matthew 27:1-5
No mighty move of God can accommodate filthiness.
A revival demands that we cleanse ourselves from filthiness of the flesh and of the Spirit.
Acts 13:8-12
Acts 16:16-18
It’s not safe for any agent of the devil to stand in the midst of revival.

Please note that for anyone to be in command of the supernatural, he must take responsibility to cleanse himself and herself from the filthiness of the flesh into holiness and the Spirit of the fear of God. That’s a requirement. A non negotiable requirement.

Let’s look again at the life of Paul. A man that feared God.
2nd Corinthians 4:1-2
God did special miracles by the hands of Paul.
Acts 19:12
Acts 14:19-20
Paul was a sign and a wonder everywhere.
Luke 5:37-38

Until we embrace the demands of a new life we’re not entitled to the new anointing. It is required that the anointing be fresh for us to flow in the supernatural.
Joel 2:28
2nd Timothy 2:19-21

Now here is the good news. Anybody can have a fresh start. God never holds our past against us. That is the good news of the gospel. God will write off our past if we’ll choose to turn today. Hallelujah. Human beings may not write it off but God will write it off. God will write off our dirty past if we choose to change today.
Ezekiel 18:20-22

God never holds our past against us. That’s the good news of the gospel. Anybody can choose to change today. Jesus I’m sorry for my careless past, I now know I’ve been cheating on myself, I want to now live to please You Jesus. Deliver me from dirty thoughts. Deliver me from browsing evil sites. Jesus I repent of my sins, the bitterness in me, the pride and arrogance in my soul. I want to be a bonafide partaker of this move of the spirit, this cloud of glory. Help me Jesus. He will forget all that you did before.

Paul was a murderer, God forgot it. He tormented the Church. He was a bad man. He so forgave him that he became the greatest Apostle. That’s how much our past does not count with God. Anybody can choose to change today. You can be in Church forever, it won’t bring a change in your life. If you choose to change today, He will write off your past and begin with you as a new creature and what a joy that will be.

It’s not just about experiencing the fruit of revival, it’s about making Heaven. The rich fool was in hell. Abraham was very rich but he was in Heaven. Abraham was very rich in silver and in gold.
Genesis 13:2
Genesis 24:1
Anybody can choose to change.

Lift up your right hand everyone and would you please ask Him, Jesus I want a brand new beginning. I desire a fresh baptism of the fear of the Lord on my life today. The spirit of holiness, that will make me pant to please you at all times and not be swept by these modern revelations that is trying to rewrite the Bible.

Ask him to endue you with the spirit of holiness after the order of Christ. Destroy my thirst for every form of filthiness. Perfect me in the fear and holiness of God. Tell Him if you so desire. I must make Heaven. Rescue me from anything that will disqualify me from making Heaven. I must make Heaven in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

I caught a preacher saying on television that no one can lose his salvation. Did Judas preserve his salvation? He was among the 12 when Jesus said your names shall be written in the book of life. You shall seat on 12 thrones. Will Judas seat on a throne? Judas is burning hot in hell sir. Judas lost it. People are losing their salvation day by day.

Be careful of the things you watch. No one will be called as a witness. Each one is going by himself. Nobody will stand with you o.

Grace not to lose your salvation go ahead and receive it. Lord help me not to lose my salvation. Thank You Jesus in Jesus precious name we have prayed.




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