Bishop David Oyedepo at Liberation Hour Service || 18th June 2024 || Youth Chapel Canaanland ||

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  • Bishop David Oyedepo at Liberation Hour Service || 18th June 2024 || Youth Chapel Canaanland ||

Hallelujah! Now, you will discover that all through the Ministry of Jesus, He ministers the Word first before administering healing to the people because their faith is required to receive their miracles and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of the Lord. Church Gist. So, when people are tired of the Word, their faith will go flat like a flat tyre. You can’t stay on the highway like that. Luke 5:17. Peter was preaching in the house of Cornelius, they believed, they turned their heart to God and the Holy Ghost came on them. Acts 10:44. Luke 6:17. It is hearing first before His power flows to give you your miracle.

“Lord, (before you can get your miracle) give me a hearing ear today and a seeing eye so I can lay hold on my desired miracle”

Now, let me give you the first good news. You can stand on behalf of your sons and your daughters who may be afflicted. The Woman of Canaan stood for her son that was vexed with devils and with her great faith, she secured divine intervention, the son was set free. Church Gist. We have seen children being healed here. It’s because of the faith of their parents that stood in the gap for them and Jesus honoured it. Jarius’s daughter got healed even though she died because while Christ was going on there, they said “Don’t trouble the Master. Your daughter is dead” Jesus said “Be not afraid, believe only” and she was brought back to life. You can stand in the place of your challenged children.

Maybe you have sons or daughters who are ravaged by drug addiction, their thinking has been overturned, you can stand in the gap for them. That’s pseudo-madness because they can’t think, but you can stand in there. Church Gist. Like the son of the Woman of Canaan was vexed with devils, dumb and deaf, can’t hear anything anymore, you can stand in the gap for them. Isn’t that good news?

  • Whatever troubles your heart, God will turn it to testimony today!

Maybe you have a drunkard husband or a drunkard wife because they are all together now. They can’t think straight anymore, you can stand in the gap for them. What more? You can stand in the gap for your brothers and sisters. Mary and Martha stood for Lazarus, Jesus brought him back to life. Church Gist. Isn’t that good news? You can stand for your family, your extended family. “Enough is enough of sickness today, sickness tomorrow” Many are not sick, but because of the sick people around him, it’s like he’s sick. Can you imagine having 3 people at the hospital at the same time all (due) to sickness? Acts 16:31. So, this is a liberation platform that covers all areas of concern in your life.

No one can draw on the benefits of redemption without faith. Faith is a non-negotiable requirement to take delivery of any of our redemptive heritage. Luke 1:45. This is God’s voice in print. Church Gist. Isaiah 34:16. 2 Peter 1:19,20. But they only turn to performance through your faith and my faith. Hebrews 4:2. Anything you won’t believe from here (the Bible) will not add any value to your life. Anything you won’t believe from this prophetic resource, can not be performed in your life or my life. Church Gist. It is by faith we draw profits from Scriptures. So, as you hear the Word on healing, let faith arise in your heart, rise and be healed in the name of Jesus, He has healed you, set you free. Whatever you won’t believe from here, you’ll never see it come to pass in your life.

For instance, every good thing is our right in Christ. Matthew 7:11 and marriage is a good thing. Genesis 2:18. “So, I create marriage to make life good for him” So, it’s your entitlement in Christ. Church Gist. Every child of God that so desires is entitled to a goodly married life and you’ll have that! Every secret tear on marital issues will end here today as you choose to believe what God says concerning your right to it and what you must do to realize it.

If you check from Isaiah 53, that Prophetic Package that talks about our redemption. Isaiah 53:1,4,5. “Who hath believed?” Let him expect his healing right will be delivered. Church Gist. “Who hath believed?” Let him expect that Jesus already fully paid the price. All we need is to take delivery by faith.

Arise and be healed in the name of Jesus. Let faith arise in your heart.

Christ already fully paid. So, it’s our legal right to take delivery but it takes our faith to take delivery. Church Gist. It’s available but it only becomes obtainable by our faith. Luke 8:43-48. Everybody was present, only one drew and connected with it by faith.

Arise and be healed in the name of Jesus. Let faith arise in your heart.

It’s only by faith you can draw on the healing virtue. Somebody is drawing already! Matthew 4:23. It’s happening already! In your life, it’s happening already! Church Gist. You heard online testimonies, that tell you how cheaply available it is on ground.
-For both online and on ground today, everyone whose faith comes alive will testify!

Now, here is a mystery. Healing is administered by faith. The people ministering healing must carry their faith along. Matthew 28:19. Mark 16:16,20. James 5:14,15. So, people administering healing can only deliver by engaging with faith. Church Gist. But listen, Sir, the ones on the line for healing require their faith to take delivery. We administer your healing by faith, you need your faith to take delivery. Without your faith, the faith of the ministering elders can not deliver in your life. 2 Chronicles 20:20.

Mark 6:5,6. Their unbelief could not connect with what He (Jesus) brought. Jesus is the Living Word of God. Jesus is the Faith. “Many of the Jews became obedient to the faith” They became obedient to Christ. Jesus is the Word, Jesus is the Faith, yet they couldn’t take delivery. Church Gist. He was anointed without measure, yet they couldn’t take delivery because their faith was required to take delivery of their package. The prayer of faith is going forth today, it takes your faith to take delivery.

Matthew 13:58. So, unbelief is a robber. God can’t bypass your faith to help you. Church Gist. God can not bypass my faith to bless my life. That makes faith the life wire of every believer. Matthew 9:29.

Let faith arise in your heart. Arise and be healed in the name of Jesus.
Get your faith on the line. God cannot bypass your faith to change your story.
-But today, your story will change!

That’s a mystery. No anointed man can force your healing on you. No great Apostle can force healing on you. Church Gist. No global Prophet can bring you into favour. You just must know the way to it.

So, we saw the Servant of the Ruler of the Synagogue made whole through the faith of the Ruler. We saw the paralytic man being brought down through the roof, Jesus saw their faith, he carried his bed and went home. Mark 2:5. Faith is of the heart, only God can see it. Romans 10:10. Church Gist. “Well, I’ve just come for them to pray for me, but the doctor said I will die. In case, in case. In case the prayer may work” You already agreed you are going to die. So, why are you wasting God’s time? Somebody here said “I shall not die but live” As they gave him the report, he responded by the faith at work in him. “I shall not die but live and declare the works of God

-Every appointment with death under the sound of my voice is declared cancelled!
-With your faith in place, your story has changed.

A man came to Jesus “I have my only son, he is possessed with a dumb spirit, fire, water, anything. I brought him to your disciples and they couldn’t help” Desperation! Mark 9:22,23. Church Gist. God can do anything but it takes your faith and my faith to do anything. He can do all things. Mark 10:27. But it takes my faith and your faith to make Him do my thing.

-He will do your own today!

Mark 9:24. Somebody needs to cry out today. “I believe, help my unbelief. I believe. I mustn’t miss today’s package. Help my unbelief. Lord, I believe, help my unbelief. I believe you more than I believe my doctor. Church Gist. I believe, help my unbelief. My doctor also needs help. You are the only one who would never need help. I can bank on your help. You are always there. I believe, Jesus, help my unbelief. I believe, Jesus, help my unbelief”

They said you are already 50 and you’re not married. “I believe Jesus, help my unbelief. Today, you are rewriting my story. You are bringing me into favour. I believe Jesus, help my unbelief because this year, I shall be settled in my married home. Church Gist. This year, the crisis in my home will become history. This year, the incessant separations will come to an end. This year, peace shall be restored. From this service, I believe you Jesus, help thou my unbelief. You can do all things, my thing must be done today. My own thing must be done today”

Give the Lord a big hand of praise!

For anyone on the line for healing miracles today, keep your faith alive as we pass the bowls of oil and the Pastors place their hands on you with the oil, with faith in their heart, all you need is faith in your heart to draw from what God has released.

  • There shall be diverse instant testimonies today!
  • Blind eyes will be opened here today!
  • Deaf ears will be unstopped here today!
  • Every kind of killer growth will disappear today!
  • Every challenged organ in anyone’s body shall be restored to perfection.
  • Every terminal disease shall be terminated today!

With deep expectation, if you can, lift up your right hand and say “Today na today (today is the day) I thank you, Jesus, my package is set and I’m set for delivery. Amen!”

Give the Lord a big hand of praise!

In addressing marital issues, I share the following scriptural line with you. Divine favour is the cure for all marital misfortune, is the cure for all marital challenges. Church Gist. It’s not unspiritual to be challenged, but it’s anti-covenant to be defeated.

-God is turning your defeat to victory today!
All issues such as marital delays, marital crises, incessant separations, pack out today, come back tomorrow. Church Gist. ‘I know you’ll soon pack out again’ All such spells come to an end today! All spells such as divorce threats come to an end today!

According to Scriptures, favour brought Adam his wife. He didn’t ask for one. Genesis 2:18. That’s favour. Isaac’s miracle marriage was by the kindness of God, the favour of God. Church Gist. Genesis 24:12,14.
-You are going to see God’s kindness that will settle all marital issues in your own life in the name of Jesus.

Psalm 68:6. “The ones who refused to understand my agenda and what it takes for them to enter into it, they keep living in desert. I’m committed to set the solitary in families if they will follow my instructions”. Proverbs 18:22. Church Gist. So, favour is God’s covenant platform for settling His sons and daughters in marriage. But favour has to be entreated by our obedience of faith on any subject of interest. You can’t be a friend of God and run out of favour with God. Church Gist. Abraham was said to be God’s friend, he was swimming in favour all his way. Isaiah 41:8. James 2:23. John 15:14. Amos 3:3. These are the things to do and then, we’ll pray to secure favour from God.

1: Walking in the fear of God secures divine favour. A man by the name Joseph, his testimony “But I fear God” Genesis 42:18. He had unusual favour as a slave, he prospered as a slave because God gave him favour in the sight of his master the Egyptian. Genesis 39:2. The fear of God guaranteed auto access to the favour of God. He got to the prison, unjustly so, favour followed him. Genesis 39:21. Favour will turn any situation around in our favour any day. He had favour with the Keeper of the prison and then we saw him, favour before Pharaoh. “If you’re a fugitive, okay, I set you free, go back to your home. No, take over from me” Genesis 41:40. That’s favour. Let the fear of God become your new way of life and favour will locate you. It will set you in marriage. Renew your walk with God and that will bring you into favour in the name of Jesus!

2: Good understanding procures favour. Proverbs 13:15. It brought Daniel into favour. Psalm 25:14. So, the fear of God is a facilitator of good understanding. Church Gist. Daniel 1:8. His understanding blossomed and favour bellowed on him. We all know the story. Daniel 2:19,46.

  • Everything chastening your life will fall down before you!

Good understanding of what is required will establish your access to favour without stress or strain.

3: An ever-burning love for God secures access to favour as we saw in David. Church Gist. A man with a heart for God. Lost and forgotten with the Sheep, God found him. 1 Samuel 16:11. Favour located him.

  • In the same vein, for anyone on the line for miracle marriage, favour will locate you.

Then, there was trouble in the palace, Saul was afflicted by devils, they needed someone who could play well and God announced David in the palace because after he was anointed king, they sent him back to the bush. Church Gist. The senior ones said “You are stupid. You are king, king over who?” But God still located him in the desert and sent for him. 1 Samuel 16:22.
-Favour will find you!

Have you not heard people say “I never applied for the job” You know what located them? Favour. Church Gist. “I’ve even forgotten I ever applied” What found them? Favour.
-Favour will locate you and settle you supernaturally!

“I have found David my Servant” 2 Chronicles 16:9. You can’t have a heart for God and be lost. Church Gist. A genuine heart for God will locate you to favour you! You won’t miss your place!

4: We intreat favour by serving God and the interest of His Kingdom as taught by Christ. Matthew 6:31-34. Church Gist. Many are in the dungeons of native doctors right now to secure peace in their homes, to secure marriage, to have children. Matthew 6:33,34. So, that’s the key.

4 covenant terms for walking in favour at will;
1: Walk in the fear of God.
2: Go after deeper understanding on things concerning your desire. Church Gist. Connect to teachers of the Word that have proof of what they teach. Hebrews 6:12.
3: Keep building your love for God. Keep it an ever-burning love for God. Favour will locate you wherever you may be.
4: Stay committed to serving God and the interest of His Kingdom and all these things others are dying to get shall be yours.

Final Scripture. Psalm 102:13-15.
-You’re in for the best of time!
-Everything you and I will ever need is wrapped up in that last point and is facilitated by the first 3 points. If you start from number one and you follow through to number 4, you become stable in operating number 4 and God keeps adding to you what others are dying to get. Church Gist. The wealthiest man in the World never prayed for it. Solomon, the wealthiest man in Bible history. 1 Kings 3:13. His story began with ‘Solomon loved the Lord’ 1 Kings 3:3,13. There are things you don’t ask that are added by locating a proper covenant platform. He adds them to you.

  • In the precious name of Jesus, today is declared a turning point day in your life.

Before we pray, everyone here that desires divine intervention on marital issues, with faith in your heart, God is ever ready, He’s all-time powerful. He won’t be more powerful tomorrow than He is today. Church Gist. All you need is to get your faith set to take delivery of what the Word has said today. Are you interested in getting married this year for anyone that might be in that condition? Can you trust God enough to have a date that you look forward to, to see this God of all possibilities settle you? Write that date down. “My faith is alive. I believe you (my marriage) to be settled so-so date. It’s my year of settlement. Church Gist. I’ve seen your commitment to my settlement, to set me free from the chains of the wicked. I will not be rebellious. What you say I should do, that I’m ready to do as you help me. Help my faith to take delivery”

  • Whatever date you put down with your faith actively alive, will deliver like a dream of the night!
  • Anyone that desires healing today, as we go forth to anoint you, your healing will deliver instantly.
  • Maybe they have confirmed you’ll never have a child from their medical conclusions. Church Gist. Today, as hands are laid on you, you are anointed with oil, I decree a turnaround for you.
  • Every pain, every ache will vanish on the spot. Nightmares end here today.

Somebody said there were cobwebs all over her, Jesus liberated her.

  • Every evil siege pursuing anyone, goes off finally today.

Jesus was preaching and casting out evil spirits with His Word and healing all them that were sick.

  • I command every evil spirit tormenting anyone’s life, buffeting anyone’s family to get out of there and enter in no more! So shall it be.

—Altar Call—

Someone here is standing in the gap for others. Someone here is standing for the desperate needs of his life. Lift up your two hands if you can “Today is my day” For now is the accepted time, today is the day of salvation. Church Gist. Let faith arise in your heart and take delivery of your own right now. Take delivery of the one for your children, the one for your husband, your wife. Take your healing now, take your marital miracle now.

Now, the mystery of the anointing oil does not only heal, it also delivers from every satanic yoke.

  • So, every generational curse, every diabolical siege against anyone’s destiny, including marital destiny, shall be shattered today!
  • Every siege of unrest in families, every tension in marriages, the source of it shall be destroyed today.
  • For yet a very little while, the indignation of the wicked against you shall come to an end and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing. Isaiah 10:25,27.
  • Every spell of sickness and disease, every poison you have stepped on that’s behind the challenges of your health, today I call them destroyed.
  • I pray for God to help anyone’s unbelief today. Church Gist. You must take your portion today.
  • For all those online, get your bottles of oil before you and in the name of the Lord Jesus, as I minister from this centre, the same power of the Holy Ghost inside the oil, goes through to the ones in your hand and coming forth with the same effect in the name of Jesus.

As you receive your testimonies, get online with us. We’ll be glad to share your testimony today. Everyone on this ground, never mind and say there are many people already in front, come. You’ll fill your form to show yourself to the priest that Jesus truly touched you. Church Gist. You don’t give the testimony today, you’ll give it another day. Anyone that came here with any health condition, check up with your doctors this week and they’ll tell you the situation has changed.

—Anointing oil administration—

Lift up your two hands everyone. Miracles are taking place everywhere. It’s still flowing. Church Gist. It’s flowing through your life right now. It’s delivering your miracles right now. Your story is changing right now.

Now, keep your focus on Jesus because your own is there. For all those who brought pictures here for point of contact, in the name of Jesus, every picture brought into His presence today receives instant intervention. The ones on hospital beds, they are set free right now. Church Gist. The ones held down in any prison of the wicked, they are set free right now. Every concern over your sons and daughters is turned to testimonies in the name of Jesus. Expect your miracle!






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