BOOK OF THE MONTH How to choose a life partner Author: Bimbo Odukoya

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“Your desire to get married should not override the need to do it the right way. Even when you believe you are running out of time, would you want to rush in, only to rush out again?… Look before you leap!” – Bimbo Odukoya

The above statement is an excerpt from Bimbo Odukoya’s ‘How to Choose a Life Partner’, published in 2005 by Pastor Bimbo Odukoya. The book continues to be a useful manual for Christian Singles. The book has the following chapters including ‘I never thought it could happen to me’, ‘7 reasons why people make the wrong choice’, ‘165 questions to ask’, ‘Confirm your choice’, ‘How to tell if you are really in love’, ‘Define your relationship’, ‘Decision making’ and ‘Pray fervently’.

The book has a lot of positive reviews such as:

“This book has answered a lot of questions I kept asking myself about choosing a life partner. I would recommend it to every single person out there who has not yet made a decision, or is struggling to make one concerning a life partner.”

“This is THE premarital must have!!!… This book has the make or break information everyone considering marriage MUST have. Everything in this book is so real and so important, it tells certain legitimate truths about relationships in a way it hasn’t been done. The book starts out with narrations of real life relationships. Relationships you end up putting a known face to because you know someone who’s been through the exact same thing…and 165 questions to ask to avoid the mistakes you set yourself up for.”

“May God bless this author of blessed memories.She did a great work to come out with this great piece. The examples are real life experiences to learn from and really suit the African morals of choosing a spouse. Give it a shot and see for yourself.”

Genesis 2:24 – For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.



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