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Single, Called and Fulfilled
by Seye Falujo

Many young Ministers who are called and sent by God receive the calling the wrong way and make so many mistakes along the way such that they begin to doubt their calling. They get frustrated because they are not built on the right foundation and do not follow the principles as laid down in the Scriptures before launching out. There is an anointing and there is an appointing which does not happen at the same time. There is a due process between being anointed and being appointed that brings about fulfilment in Ministry. There are principles to follow, things to be learnt and challenges to overcome.

Single, Called and Fulfilled, a book written by Pastor Seye Falujo is a book rich in content providing fresh wisdom for a solid foundation for Ministry. It tells the story of her life and how she responded to God’s call to do Ministry. It also highlights important truths about Ministry, the challenges faced, resources needed, templates and principles that need to be followed so as not to miss the calling of God upon our lives and fulfilment of purpose. It provides the blueprint for a successful Ministry.

The 141-paged book is a solid resource for Ministry training. After battling with low self- esteem and many other struggles as a teenager, the Author felt she could not be used by God but God saw her future even when she did not. One morning, while she woke up to pray as is her custom, God placed it strongly in her heart to start a teaching Ministry. She went through seasons of preparation before she launched out. Now, she has several expressions of her Ministry including “the God Seekers”, “Complete Women Network” and “the Dunamis Meeting” which have been a blessing to people. She is also the provost of “The Dunamis Academy” which is a Discipleship and Ministry School to help establish people in the foundations of Christian living and properly prepare them for Ministry. She serves as a Pastor in her local assembly, Communion Christian Centre.

The book teaches us that God separates a man for an assignment before He is born. The moment we are born again, we are given a ministry by God (the Ministry of reconciliation). However, there are some called into specific ministries as five-fold Ministers (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers). Ephesians 4:11-12. Everybody is called by God into an unhindered fellowship with Him. This comes first before an assignment is given to carry out. The call of God upon our lives is first into the secret place, not the public space. Answering the call of God without a deep fellowship with God leads to frustration in Ministry. Through fellowship, you know your identity in Christ and begin to walk in the light of it. You receive instructions as to what to do. After this comes the season of preparation where you are refined and taken through due process. In this season, you are developed. You grow spiritually, develop character and are trained through men, structures and events before you are sent.

This is a must-read book by anyone who is a believer and one who senses the call of God upon their lives but do not know the next step to take towards fulfilling the call and having a successful Ministry. Written with simplicity and depth and telling stories to drive home points, it is strongly recommended as a great tool for constant reset.





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