COMMANDING ABUNDANCE IN SCARCITY – PART 2 – Pastor David Ibiyeomie || Commanding Abundance In Scarcity Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 24th March 2024 || Second Service.

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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie on COMMANDING ABUNDANCE IN SCARCITY – PART 2 || Commanding Abundance In Scarcity Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 24th March 2024 || Second Service.

-Father, speak to us through Your Word. Let each one that his heart is open receive understanding. Church Gist. Every form of hardened heart, we command it circumcised with the Blood of Jesus that each one will have entrance into Your Word in Jesus’ mighty name!

We are in the month of ‘Wonders Of His Manifestation’. Romans 8:19. The World is not waiting for your explanation, the World is waiting for your manifestation. If you don’t have results, you will be full of insults. Church Gist. That’s why you must make sure no matter where you are, you will have the understanding of God’s Word so that you can come out of insults to have results. Naturally, when you are small and you fail in school you will find out that your parents will tell you: ‘Stupid! You failed’ but when you succeed everybody becomes your friend.

-I pray that the last failure will be the last you ever experienced in the precious name of Jesus. It takes a holy anger to overcome what you don’t like.

COMMANDING ABUNDANCE IN SCARCITY – PART 2. That’s the Message. Abundance is real. John 10:10 (AMPC). God wants you not to have small, He wants you to have what? Abundance. Because without abundance you can’t be a blessing to humanity. Church Gist. Nobody can bless humanity in poverty. Some of you, you really love to train children but you can’t train them because you are so poor that even your own children’s school fees you have not been able to pay. But if you are in abundance you can bless people. Is that true?

-May God move you to that realm in the name of Jesus.

Some of you, you don’t like where you are. Do you like where you are? No! Most of you don’t like where you are. You really want to change.

-And God will make you get to that level. Church Gist. It doesn’t matter where you are now, God will bring you to your own wealthy place.

Psalm 66:12. Scarcity is not new. There was scarcity in the time of Abraham. Genesis 12:10. And in Genesis 13:2, he prospered. There was scarcity in the time of Isaac. Genesis 26:1. And then in Genesis 26:12-14, he was prosperous. There was scarcity in the time of Jacob but he had surplus money to buy food. There was scarcity in the time of Joseph where people in Genesis 47 said they were wanting to even sell themselves, yet a set of people who lived in Goshen; in the modern time we can call it a county. And then, these people prospered – (the people) called the children of Israel, they had more than enough. Church Gist. So, whatever is happening now is not new. All the factors given, the reason for poverty, they are not the factors. If you say because of too many people. “How many people were there in Genesis 47, it was few people on earth, so it’s not a crowd.” Is that true? “Oh! Food is scarce because (the) population is much but how many population was there then?” It (Scarcity) has been on. Shout Hallelujah! But people knew what to do. Daniel 11:32b. You cannot know God and not know what to do. ‘Those who do know their God’ simply means those who know the Word of God, that’s the meaning. Daniel 11:32b. If you know God’s Word you will be in command of abundance. Is that clear?

So we’ll be looking at how to command abundance in scarcity. How can you manifest abundance in scarcity?

Let me say this to all of us, don’t get cocky and don’t get arrogant to say: “Well! This kind of teaching is not for me, I’m very comfortable.” I said something: If you belong to this class, listen! If you belong to the class who feel that it is your appointment that will give you money then you don’t know it because the day you leave politics or you leave your appointment that means you can’t be rich. Church Gist. That means you don’t know prosperity. Is that clear? If you think that you have to go to some other countries to prosper then you don’t know it. Is that clear? If you think that: “Oh! If I get a good job, I will prosper”, then you don’t know it. If you think that: “Oh! If I were to be a man”, then you don’t know it. If you are begging from people then you don’t know it. If you’re depending on somebody, you don’t know it. If you know it then it has to be! And if you’re afraid of tomorrow, you don’t know it. Say I hear! So you don’t pretend to say you know when you don’t know. Shout Hallelujah!

How To Command Abundance In Scarcity.

1.  In the First Service, I said if you must command abundance you must have the right mentality. I dwelt on that! Your perspective about life has to change in line with the Word of God – You don’t agree with what is happening in the World, you agree with what you hear from the Word of God. I taught that extensively in the First Service, so you get the messages and get blessed.

2.  In this Second Service, if you want to command abundance you have to have a genuine affection for God. That means you have to have a love for God. Church Gist. Affection means love. No lover of God can suffer scarcity. If you love Him it will show. Matthew 6:33. Those who love God don’t suffer hunger. Psalm 34:10.

Genuine love for God is evident in three key areas and I’ll be sharing them. If you love God, these are the three areas to look at whether you love God, I mean in terms of abundance. That’s what I mean.

A.  Your Obedience Will Show.

Isaiah 1:19. When you obey God, you end up spending your days in prosperity. Job 36:11. Church Gist. Abundance is simply a function of your obedience to the principles of God which is the Word of God. Joshua 1:8.

B.  Soul Winning.

John 15:16. John 4:36. If you are a soul winner, God said He will prosper you. Church Gist. Say I hear! God said if you’re a soul winner what will happen? (He will prosper you).

-May God prosper you.

You cannot love God and not demonstrate it in soul-winning. You will do everything to win souls and then God will bless you at any level. Say I hear! All lovers of God are soul winners. To enjoy abundance, you must be a tireless soul winner. Use everything! Let me tell you one of the greatest secrets of life. Church Gist. Listen carefully! When you’re a soul winner, nothing can stop you. You say: Well! You don’t have money! Start from what is available now, not with money. First and foremost, preach to somebody and win souls, God will bless you and then from the little blessing, you get to a point where you begin to pay transport for people and then begin to hire buses for people. You will never be broke.

I was talking to a member, I was privileged to be in a place called Ogoni in Rivers State Nigeria. On Friday, I went to talk to ministers of the Gospel of all denominations, not just Pentecostal, every denomination! They had their first meeting in Ogoni. This is not the association, this is just heads of ministries of all (denominations): Anglican, Methodist, everybody who is a head of ministry. And they made it in our Church in a place called B-Dere. Church Gist. As I was talking, the young man who happens to be the one who God used to erect the structure shared a very touching testimony with me. I was humbled! He said Papa, I can tell you one of the greatest secrets of my life. I have never quoted for a job where anybody beat me. He said, because I tell God if you give that person then what will the person do, than me, I will use it to promote Your Kingdom. He said that has been his secret. He said nobody ever tenders any job with him and beats him.

And it shows because the young man gives heavily to promote the Kingdom. He said I tell God, I said: “If You give this person what will he use it for. Me, if You give me I will use it.” He said that has been my only prayer point and nobody, I beat them hands down. You now, when you go to tender (your job quotation), what will you tell God? “Oh! God if you give me I wan take am buy beer”. Church Gist. Now, you can’t promote His Kingdom and not be blessed. Are you getting what I’m saying now? Are you getting me, sir? That’s why you see (that) sometimes you say: “This person who is not too good.” Do you know what the person is doing for the Kingdom of God? You, you are not doing it. Ordinary one thousand naira to pay transport you say: “For what? For a sinner!” You’re grumbling then you want God to bless you? God does not bless people like that. Are you hearing me now?

You know why I’m blessed of God? I started small, small; don’t think I got it by… My transport money for the month I told them has moved. I used to pay transport for members, four point something million, I shifted it now to ten million (naira) – transport. Every month! I told them (to) move it now from four (million naira) to ten (million naira). Tell me how I will be poor. I said: ” Take ten million (naira) for transportation of people to come and I’m going to shift it again. Church Gist. As I keep shifting, my income keeps growing. You, hundred naira, you are complaining. “How can this man wey I lead to Christ, I come and keep paying transport. For what?” And God says: Eh! Remain here!! But when you start from the Hundred Naira, you pay for somebody, He moves you to one thousand naira, you pay for somebody He moves you to… Oh! God will just keep shifting you, that’s the secret. Are you hearing me, brother? Are you hearing me, sister? Glory to God.

C. Open-handedness Towards His Agenda On Earth.

1 Chronicles 29:3-5. David was told not to build yet he prepared over what? And above. Say I hear. 1 Kings 3:3-5. Solomon loved the Lord His God, he loved God to the point that he went to Gibeon to sacrifice 1000 burnt offerings and in 1 Kings 3:13, God said: “Boy! You don’t need to ask for money, I’m going to add it to you.” Is that clear? “That which you (Solomon) never asked for.” Church Gist. God said: ‘Riches and honour’. You don’t need to ask, I gave it to you (for) free. Do you like that? You are praying for money, somebody is not praying for money; why don’t you follow that pattern?

I’m standing before God, I’ve not prayed for money since 1997, I’m telling you the secret of what I do. Just love God, you will never kneel down to pray for money. Yet you get up every day, you fast. “Father! The economy!” It’s not the economy, it’s because you don’t know how to move God. Say I hear! Are you hearing what I’m talking about? Just love God you will never pray for money, money will look for you. Giving to God is a major key but it is a way to prove the sincerity of our love. Church Gist. Any love that is not demonstrated through giving is a fake love. Just imagine you say to somebody: ‘I love you’ and then, to give to the person you are struggling. No! Now let me show you something in 2 Corinthians 8:3-8. Nobody forced them. They don’t force you when you love. Are you getting what I’m talking about? To prove the sincerity of your love. So love has to be proved. Those who are open-handed towards His agenda on earth will be willing to do the following. This is how you will know:

i.  You Will Give To Promote His Kingdom.

Anything you give for the promotion of His Kingdom is bound to return with a harvest. Anything you do to promote the Gospel. Matthew 19:29. Mark 10:29-30. Luke 18:29-30. He said if I give anything to promote the Gospel of Jesus, I will receive (in) how many folds? Hundredfold. In fact, in (the) Mark Gospel, He said: ‘…with persecution’. You know why He used persecution? Every giver, when they prosper, people persecute them because you will be so prosperous that they will say: “Thief! (Illustrating). Church Gist. Notice very well in every Church including this Church, there are some of you who don’t give, when people give and they prosper – “Don’t mind her. Thief! Don’t mind him.” You wey be ‘holy weje’ why you poor? I told somebody: “How can somebody who is holy have a hole?” So you are holy and then you are poor, something is wrong with you. Somebody who is a sinner is richer than you.

When I came to Port Harcourt newly I said there is no witch doctor that will command the crowd this Church will command. Why? I said there’s no way somebody would be using fake and command crowd. Somebody said: “Oh! They are going to that place because the man does not use God.” I turned to the man and said: “You are stupid. Church Gist. So the man will use magic and command crowd then you will use God and not command crowd?” I said: “Sit down my friend!” When you fail, you begin to explain nonsense! Failure has a way of giving excuses. I said: “Sit down! You can’t have Jesus and not have crowd. How can somebody use charm and crowd will come and then you use God crowd will not come?”

If you don’t prosper, believe you me, very soon you will criticize everybody. You will be finding fault in everybody. Check people who are not prosperous, they criticize everybody. If somebody is with a fine car, you say: “This car? How he take get am?” Na your business? “How he take get am? How much wey dem dey pay am wey em come dey drive this kind motor?” Bitterness has started oo. It has started! “See the kind dress wey she wear, which kind dress? If no be man buy am for am?” Church Gist. You wey dey follow God, so God no fit buy am for you? You know? When you begin to fail, you begin to look for excuses. The earlier you start giving, the better because very soon, you will be bitter. If you don’t give, listen! You will soon walk in bitterness, everybody you see you criticize. So the earlier we teach you not to enter the bitter company – company of bitter people. Even as I’m preaching now, you go dey look for Church: “Thieves! If dem no be thief, how all of them dey shine like this. Thieves!” (Laughing). So we be thieves, you be holy. Thank you! Watch people who walk in bitterness they’re not prospering again, they criticize everybody.

Let me say this to you! In case you don’t know the purpose of blessing, the main reason why God blesses us with wealth is for us to use it to serve Him. Church Gist. That’s the primary purpose of wealth – to serve Him. Exodus 3:12. Exodus 3:21-22. He took the wealth of Egypt and gave to the children of Israel for a purpose. God is not blessing you without a purpose. Exodus 3:21.

-I command emptiness to end in your life.

God took the wealth of Egypt and gave to Israel. Exodus 12:35-36.

-God will take what is in the hands of sinners and give to someone who says Amen.

Exodus 25:1-2. Exodus 25:8. Why did God call it ‘My’ offering? Why didn’t He say: Bring ‘your’ offering? He said: I gave you in the first place. God said: ‘My offering’, He didn’t say: ‘Your offering’. Your mentality is affected because you think it’s your money. Who owns your money? Who owns the money? I (God) gave you! You think you own it? You may die that day because if you think you own it, He can take your life. The day you change your perspective you will know that whatever you have is owned by God, that’s where the journey starts. Church Gist. You’re struggling because you think it’s your own; God is the owner. Okay, that’s why many people put those things: ‘God is the owner of this business, the Head who is not seen.” Nonsense! When it comes to money God is not the owner? 🎶 God is the owner of my life 🎶 you just sing those songs. If God is the owner, God should be the owner of your money too. When it comes to money, it’s your own: “This money na my own oo but my life? – (God is the owner). “God, you’re the owner of my life, heal me oo” but when it comes to money: “God, it’s my money oo.” But He should heal you? You say: “God, you’re the owner of my life oo don’t allow me to die oo” but when it comes to money: “God, it’s my money”. For where? You’re a funny person.

When it comes to money, it’s your own; when it comes to your life, it’s His own. (Laughing). Exodus 28:8. The money you don’t use to serve God, you may end up worshipping it. When they refused to serve God in Exodus 32:8, they began to use the money to create an idol to worship. Check very well, if a man has money and he stops serving God with the money, before you know it, the person will begin to do ungodly things. Church Gist. He will begin to sponsor demonic things, have you noticed? Before you notice, they will begin to sponsor things that are ungodly. They will open nightclubs, they will open drinking bars, they will now begin to do things that you will say: “But this man was born again.” Any money not used to promote the Gospel will end up promoting the devil. Watch it! (The) gold you did not use to serve your God will become your god, (it) will become your idol. Are you getting me? Don’t you see Solomon? When Solomon built the First Temple, did you hear anywhere he built a shrine? No! After he built one, he stopped building temples.

The next thing Solomon did was to build what? Shrines. He married one thousand (women) – 700 wives, 300 concubines. He was a madman because he was no longer using the money to promote the Gospel. Please, give to promote the Gospel! I can’t blow my trumpet – (in) 2012, I’ve told you I gave one million dollars, today it’s one point something billion naira in one Sunday. I never had a house. You say: “This Man em dey share this story every time”. I go dey share am every time because (there is) somebody new everyday who comes (to Church). Church Gist. Till today, I sow countlessly towards Churches, I can’t count, it’s a lifestyle. When they say they want to build a Church, I say: “You mean? Don’t announce, take the money.” Not because I have money to throw away but because I know the secret. Start from where you’re oo, don’t say: “When I get!” Start from where you are. I started with fifty naira, to one million to millions now. Start from where you are! Don’t say: “You see? If God blesses me.” Start now with what you have. If you’re not faithful in the little even if God gives you much, you won’t be faithful. It is from the little faithfulness (you show) that God will give you the highway to your prosperity. Shout Hallelujah!

ii.  Pay Correct Tithe And Give Quality Offerings.

Malachi 3. Many people don’t like this part (Laughing). How many of you listened to all this dirty preaching on television – Tithe is not important! How many of you have listened? Some of you follow the preachings. I will show you something today. Anytime you follow that teaching, look at Malachi 3:8. In case you don’t believe in tithing. Church Gist. Any preacher who next time says: “I don’t believe in tithing, tell him not to take offering, the two go together.” If you don’t believe in tithing, you must not also take offerings but all of them take offerings. “I don’t believe in this tithing, don’t also believe in taking offerings.” You must not take the two, then you see how your Church will move. You know? satan comes with all manner of deceptions, you know why? he knows that if the Church begins to obey the Scriptures, we will take over economic power. So he begins to raise people who preach against the truth.

Who was Peter? Apostle! Who was Peter? Do you know? Peter at a time went into error. Read your Bible. When Jesus said: “I will go to Jerusalem”, Peter said: You are mad to say so. True? At that moment Peter was perverted; as powerful as Peter, satan could take over. And Jesus said: “Get thee behind me satan! This is not Peter!” A man of God can go into error. That he is a man of God does not mean that if he is careless… Small moment satan can just twist him and begin to say something. Church Gist. Have you not seen great men of God that begin to preach things you say: “Hei!” Have you not seen them before? Have you not seen men of God who say Heaven is not real? The man has been taken away. That’s why you must read (the) Bible for yourself. Can somebody tell me about tithing now at my level? No way! I’ve seen this Truth that tithing is tithing. You can’t deceive me with any breached Scripture. But some of you because of your stinginess. “Even the tithe sef, we were not paying before oo.” This Man of God is a tither. Okay! You were paying before, you were poor. Now you come no pay? (Laughing). In fact, poverty will just increase.

A young man came to do something for me, he’s in Church now. He wished he never said it because every time I say it, he says: “Chai! Papa no go forget me”. You know? You can be talking with somebody, the spirit behind the thing, you will see it. He said: “Sir! This man of God, the man eh! The way he talks about this tithing thing, he has Scriptures to back it”. I was looking at him. He said: “The man, he said it (referring to tithing) with too many Scriptures.” I say: “And na my money you dey depend on? Go collect money from am!” (Laughing). He knew that he was finished. Church Gist. I looked at that (I said): “Since the man said no tithing, me I’m paying you, go, go collect money from em hand.” His eyes made ‘huhuhu’. And poverty has been harassing this young man. Malachi 3:9-12. He’s not cursing you oo, He said it is a self-imposed curse. In case you don’t pay tithe, you’re putting yourself under a curse. God is not cursing you but if they say: Danger! High tension! (You) Put your hand. Is it electric that killed you or you killed yourself? Danger! So God is saying: “I’m not cursing you but in case you don’t pay, you’re going to endanger your life.” Do you understand it? It’s not the current (electricity) suppliers that killed you, you killed yourself. That’s what God is saying here.

Now, Bible School students hear me! We were in Bible School when they preached it but most of my classmates till today don’t pay tithe. So, some of you “If they like they preach.” If you don’t pay tithe and you’re in ministry, you go suffer oo. Let me tell you, you are here looking at me, if you don’t pay tithe. If you like, carry all the Oil soak yourself inside, poverty can’t leave you oo – Ministry without prosperity; anointing without prosperity will end up in annoyance. Church Gist. If you’re anointed and you’re not prosperous everything will irritate you. Every preacher go dey annoy you. (When you see) those who have prosperous ministries. You say: “Don’t mind them, useless people!” If they call Oyedepo, you say: “Don’t mind them, nothing wey dey em head, na useless man.” They say Ibiyeomie, e go say: “That one no even born again sef”. They never start sef! Everything will (irritate you). They say Adeboye! Na Yoruba man!!! You’ll be criticizing everybody, so the earlier you know the truth, the better. And do it oo!

Malachi 3:10. He said: ‘Bring all…’ Not some, don’t cut it, don’t do half-half. Bring all! 10 percent not 9.9 (percent). When I used to teach in Bible School, I don’t teach again. If I teach like this when it comes to tithing, somebody will do like this (Illustrating raising of hand). And the place they ask more questions is tithe and those who ask more questions are the ones who don’t pay. Somebody who pay will not ask, he will say: “Okay! I obey.” Church Gist. But some of you if they give you a chance now you will ask me questions. You will say: “Excuse me Sir, this tithe thing sef na everytime I go dey pay am?” My friend! You better obey. The earlier you obey, the better. God says: “Prove Me!” That’s the place God says you should do what? Prove Him. So you cannot be blessed if you’re not a tither, simple! Say I hear! You’re struggling like a struggling head because you don’t pay tithe.

You say: “All these tithes sef na pastor dey chop am”. My friend, keep quiet! Who dey chop your money? How much wey you pay? Come and calculate all and collect it if you’re arrogant. How much wey you pay that you will…? Collect from the day you start from now, we will give you all! Nonsense! Go and sit down! “Na my tithe dem dey take chop”. Church Gist. You? How much you dey pay? You know how much tithe me I dey pay? I’m not talking to you, I’m talking about those kinds of arrogant people, they say: “Na our tithe e dey take live”. You? Not you oo, the person talking like that. Now calculate how much tithe? People wey pay tithe no dey talk, na this one, one naira wey you dey pay na em be the tithe?

Malachi 3:11. That is, anything that wants to kill you, I (God) will stop it. Some of you, the thing keeping you is this thing oo. Listen, the devourer is satan. He said he’s going about seeking for who he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8. So the devourer is not just ordinary demons, it’s satan himself. But God said if you’re a tither, I will stop him from invading your territory. Say I hear! So you don’t know what you’re toying with not paying tithe, you’re even toying with your life. Church Gist. You’re risking your life not paying tithe. You don’t use one Scripture to cancel the other. You just say: No weapon formed against me. God says: No! No weapon formed against you shall prosper based on you obeying the Scripture. So, if the devil invades you and you’re not a tither, that Scripture cannot work. Many people who have money don’t pay correct tithe so when they are invaded, their life is destroyed.

-Your life will not be destroyed.

So tithing first protects you. Is that clear? I pray you have understanding. It is the foundation for Kingdom wealth. Tithing is a demonstration of your obedience to God, it is fixed and non-negotiable. Refusing to tithe is to make your life tight. Ensure you pay correct tithe and give quality offerings if you don’t want to suffer scarcity. Now hear this! Also learn to be a giver. Luke 6:38. Genesis 8:22. Proverbs 11:24. Abundance is a function of your level of giving. Say I hear! Give your size per time. Give without any compulsion! Nobody should force you to give, give with excitement, give with cheerfulness; don’t give trash, give treasure. Give to promote His Kingdom on the Earth. Let me say this! Abundance will come to you based on what you give, not what you beg. Begging does not bring prosperity, giving does. So change your perspective. Let me say this! You can’t enjoy abundance based on what people give to you, you enjoy abundance based on what you give. It is not what people give to you that will make you enjoy abundance. There’s nothing any mortal man will give to you that can make you enjoy abundance, it is what you give that will provoke Heaven to supply it. Are you getting what I’m saying now? My first offering (in)1997 that brought me out of poverty was fifty naira. So start with what you have, from there one thousand (naira), two thousand (naira), ten thousand (naira).

Today, my Sunday offering, normal offering is above ten million (naira) in every Sunday service but I started with how much? Fifty naira. It doesn’t matter where you are, just be faithful! Start from there. Don’t say: “Oh God! I wish I get!” Start with what you have so you can get to where you want to be. Is that clear sir? It will be an insult to God if I give one million (naira) in Sunday service. God will look! At my level? One million naira on a Sunday? Church Gist. No way! God will tell me: “David, have I not blessed you?” Not because I have the biggest in this Church but because I love Him. There are those who have stinking big money in this Church even in the Church they give fifty thousand (naira) and they will frown their face and say: “Father! Fifty thousand now!” God will say: Stupid! Whatever you give to man, God’s own must be bigger. Don’t ever give to any mortal man something bigger than what you give to God because He’s the source of your supplies. Am I talking to you sir?

iii. Give Sacrificially.

Psalm 126:1. Psalm 121:4-6. Sacrifice means a precious seed carrying a cost. Abraham took Isaac, dropped him on the Altar and then God said: “By Myself have I sworn.” Genesis 22:16-18.

-May God swear concerning you.

You know you swear ‘true to God’. He said: (I have) Nobody to swear to, by Myself I swore. God said: Swear not! Do you know? I saw everywhere God changed Scriptures, (it) was in offering. You will be shocked! ‘God is no respecter…’ but in Genesis 4, he said God had respect unto Abel’s offering. God said: “Swear not!” But He said: “By Myself have I sworn” – In offering. You want God to change His mind? Give Him quality offering. Church Gist. God said: I swear now! I will so bless you. If God should swear for you, can anybody kill you? That is, let the witches… There are some of us who are walking under sworn blessings, some of us like me. He has sworn to bless me if you like get angry. Even if you’re hearing this Message now you’re angry, it can’t stop me to be blessed. I’m blessed! In fact, get this tape, get angry, say: Stupid man! Yeye man! Useless man! I go still dey blessed. Your anger in your room can’t stop me.

-May you enter that group.

There’s a way God will bless you, let all the people in your village hate you, everybody hates you – you will still be prospering. All these one: “witches dey worry me”. It’s a lie! You’re a stingy man! Givers? witches can’t stop you. If you’re a giver, no demon can stop you. All these your: “Every time they have done this”. It’s your stinginess. The easiest way to beat the devil is to be a giver. Psalms 23. So the witches are not your problem, just make God your shepherd. In their absence or in their presence? He said in the presence of ogboni men you will prosper. “My uncle is an ogboni man”, it’s a lie, you’re stingy. By the time you touch God, ogboni men can’t stop you. ‘If God be for us’? How can God be for you when you don’t give? You know? We quote Scriptures upside down. ‘If God be for us’. God says: “You’re not for Me because you don’t give to promote Me. My friend, you are not for Me, you’re for your (political)  party!” Some of us donate to parties more than we give to God. God said: “You are not for Me, you’re for party, let your party protect you now.” Never give to any organization what you’ve not given to God. Otherwise, when the jungle matures, God will go away.

Sacrificial lifestyle is a covenant requirement for supernatural turnaround. Now they told you (about) the Cathedral, you’re waiting for them to announce. Some of you, the one you pledged in Glory Reign, money has entered your hand and passed oo. But give the thing once and for all, you will not give. Church Gist. You’ve bought clothes, you’ve bought wigs, you’ve bought shoes, you’ve bought watches but you’re saying: “Father! Any day I get, I go give.” God says: “Look at your watch, you bought (it)! How much is the watch? Is it not more?” You say: “Father! When I get!” He says: “Look at your shoe, how much is your shoe?” You say: “Father! I go get!” He says: “Look at your clothes, how much are your clothes?”

Now, this is how you know whether you’re a giver. Look from your head now, don’t talk, look from your head to your toe, look how much wey you be. Check your offering for today (Laughing). Just size your clothes, size! You know? You’re all wise. How much is the dress? How much is the shoe? How much is your watch? Then how much is your offering? I think you love God. How many of you love God? You love yourself, my friend. Church Gist. Look at your shoe, look your watch, look your wig, if you be woman. If you’re a man, check your tie. Then check how much you wan give. You’re wearing something worth ten million (naira), you’re giving an offering of twenty thousand (naira), then you say: “God, I love you!” (Illustrating). God says: “You don’t love Me, you love yourself.” If I tell God I love Him, He won’t doubt it, I don’t care how anybody feels. How could a man give one million dollars when I had no house? Don’t tell me I don’t love Him. If you love God you will know. You say: “Only God knows!” You know too? Even if your name is ‘God knows’.

My friend I’m telling you my secret oo before you say: “No mind this Man, every day em go dey talk because God don bless am.” Taah! I love Him! On earth today, we are not two! I’m not blowing my trumpet. Look! A Governor walked and said: “This man, em get heart oo.” He said: “Now wey I be Governor, I fit give oo but how person go give one million dollars when em no get house? The Man get heart oo em get heart!.” Church Gist. You think people don’t know? Do you know what it means, one million dollars, what’s (the) exchange rate now? My wife! (Laughing). What’s the exchange rate? You know she knows exchange rates, I won’t tell you the secret (Laughing). She knows the exchange rate, she’s very current. (Laughing). (Pastor Mrs. Peace Ibiyeomie responds: 1,460 naira). She is my consultant on that. That means today’s equivalent it’s: One billion, four hundred and sixty (million naira); was what I carried in one Sunday.

Now, hear the humble part! My wife is here I didn’t tell her, I didn’t tell her that I gave such an offering she didn’t know. Did Abraham discuss with Sarah? You wan give small offering you say: “I wan seek my wife’s opinion, I like my wife to know everything.” The day you buy your shoe, you tell your wife? Everybody has a private life. Don’t tell me you tell (your wife) everything. It’s a lie! Anybody who says it, you’re telling the biggest lie of yourself. Church Gist. Everybody gets something you don’t tell nobody. So you’re telling me you wan buy pants you go tell your husband. You wan buy lipstick, you tell your husband, it’s a lie! You give your brothers money, you no dey hide give them? “You know if my husband know say I get this kind money em go kill me oo.” So you can give your brothers money secretly, it’s God’s own you will say: “I like to discuss with my husband.” You don’t love God! “Everything I like to do, my wife I like her to know”. It’s a lie! There are things you do (that is) with you and God. I gave the offering, not even that day did I say it. It took years before I shared the testimony.

You can see it working in my life, is it today that I will be talking about one million dollars? No way! I’ve passed that level. Have you gotten the secret? No long prayer. They said: ‘Evening service no get long grammar’. My friend, I’ve preached everything wey I go preach, if you like, you give, if you no like no give. Oyedepo no preach this kind message before I give. Me, I just heard: “Give!” I said: “Is that all?” I give. Church Gist. And today, I’m not regretting giving. There are some people, if you like, cut the Bible (and) put it in their head. They will say: “Papa, talk anything wey you like, I no go give oo.” The man who will give;  just one Scripture, he will say: “Is that all? So this my poverty now, it’s my stinginess. No more!” But the person who will not give, he will quote all the Scriptures – “’Genesis 8:22′. Give and it shall be given unto you, shaking together, pressed down, ‘moving’ over”. (Laughing). Oya! Give the money na, they say: “I no get!” Which day you go get? Shout Hallelujah.

Lift your right hand towards Heaven and say: Father! I’ve known the Truth. I refuse to be stingy. From today, my hands will be free to promote Your Kingdom. I’ll be an addicted Kingdom promoter in the name of Jesus.

In the Third Service, I have ten points but I’ve only taken two so I don’t know how we will do it  Maybe I’ll only stop! I have ten loaded points, a book; but I have only taken two. I will talk on faith because even if you give and you don’t have faith, you will shake because the day you give is not the day you get. Church Gist. So you need to have faith to know that God will bring it back to you. And I will teach that in the Third Service. Most people give, but they don’t have faith so when they give (it a) small time, they shake. No! You don’t doubt, you know God must give it back to you.

-But I pray that today marks the end of you suffering.

-Suffering has ended in your life. Today will mark the beginning of you prospering!

-I stand under this unction and I command the days of hardship, I say they are over! Have more than enough in the name of Jesus!









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