COMMANDING SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGHS – PART 2 -Pastor David Ibiyeomie || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 17th September 2023 || Second Service.

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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie ‘COMMANDING SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGHS – PART 2’ || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 17th September 2023 || Second Service.

-I pray the Holy Spirit will bless everyone with His Word in the name of Jesus.

This morning we will be looking at ‘COMMANDING SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGHS – PART 2’. We are still in the month of ‘Supernatural Living’. 3 John 2. It is God’s will that you prosper. Since it is His will, you must love prosperity because what you love you attract and you ultimately become. Church Gist. The journey from poverty to prosperity begins with hatred for poverty – what you hate you reject and what you love you attract. You must see poverty as a great enemy of your destiny because poverty is a curse of the law. Galatians 3:13-14. Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law which includes poverty.

-Today, you will never suffer it anymore in the name of Jesus.

The way you hate sickness, hate poverty because the curse of the law is poverty, sickness and untimely death. 2 Corinthians 8:9. So to accept poverty is anathema because Jesus became poor so that you will not be poor. Church Gist. We are the representatives of Jesus like He is the representative of His Father, so you must reflect what He has done for you. As a child of the Most High, you are destined to prosper. 1 Timothy 6:17. But to enjoy the riches of God there are things to do.

Things to do to enjoy financial abundance:

1.  Go for knowledge.

To overcome financial hardship, knowledge is a must, it is very important. Job 22:21-25. Many are in crisis today because of ignorance. Hosea 4:6. Church Gist. Nothing can stop a man of knowledge from prospering, if you have knowledge you prosper. You can’t have the Word and be poor. You do not pray to prosper, you acquire knowledge and apply it to prosper. Isaiah 1:19. Job 36:11.

Declarations: I will go for knowledge and practice it as to overcome financial crisis.

It is by knowledge you will know that prosperity is based on the covenant not on prayer and fasting. Without knowledge you can fast, you can pray, you can kill yourself. Somebody fasted! Pastor Abioye was sharing the story. I know the young man we grew up from the same compound, he was fasting from ignorance; from another Church and he died in the room. He was fasting without water, he closed the door, by the fourth day he died. He went to Heaven but he went in ignorance. He was fasting because he came from a Church where they do deliverance so he thought poverty was a fasting issue so he had ulcer and he was now fasting, the fasting killed him. He went to Heaven but I’m sure God would have looked at him and said: ‘My son, you are very stupid’. Church Gist. They don’t fast to come out of hardship. You fast to get power you don’t fast to come out of financial hardship. Because I have fasted out of ignorance before so I can tell you, the more I was fasting the more poverty was increasing. So you need to know the truth, He said: ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’. He didn’t say: ‘You shall fast to come out of hardship’. If you don’t know the truth you can be doing your head like this and God shall be laughing at you and saying: ‘Continue’. Ignorance is simply something you have ignored to know and the greatest weapon satan will use against you is your ignorance. Ignorance is the major weapon satan uses against believers.

-You will not live in ignorance.

2.  Have faith.

Faith is a major requirement to take practical delivery of your prosperity. Hebrews 11:1. Faith is a major requirement! We must believe that it is possible not to suffer. If we believe! Prosperity is possible if we believe the Word of God. Mark 9:23. If you want to enjoy abundance then you must believe that what God says He will do, He will surely do it. Numbers 23:19. If God has said anything then trust Him to do it. Mark 9:23. All things are possible to ‘him’ not to ‘them’ – individualistic. There is no collective prosperity, it is individualistic. It is not enough to hear God’s Word, it is important that your faith is put to work. Faith is sharing responsibility with God based on His Word to commit God to perform – He is a God of integrity. When you have faith that God will do it… Now listen carefully, why you need faith is because there are things that would be before you, you need faith. Hebrews 11:1. You have not seen it but you don’t doubt it. In 1997, we had fifty naira at home as a married man, I was already married then. My wife and I were at home all we had home and abroad, bank, unbank – fifty naira. You can be with fifty naira as a bachelor but not as a married man because bachelor, you can go to anywhere, stop anywhere and say: ‘Oh boy! Find me something make I chop’, but as a married man you can’t do that but that was all we had, no bank account, no savings anywhere. Now, I got a revelation from the Word of God, I took that fifty naira… Hebrews 11:1. Church Gist. You have not seen it but it is evident that what God says, He will do it. So I took the fifty naira and sowed it as a seed when I have not gotten. Did you understand how it is? My faith was intact that seedtime and harvest shall not cease. So I gave the fifty naira, in two hours I got two thousand. Somebody came to me and said: ‘Sir, I have ten thousand I want to give you two thousand’. I smiled. This man who gave me two thousand can give me money if I beg. Don’t think I don’t beg before, I used to beg too before I got knowledge. Begging is begging! I used to beg too: ‘Find me something’. I was in a club of: ‘Find me something’ before I left that club by knowledge. Most of you are still in the club of: ‘Find me something’.

-May you leave that club forever.

As you said: ‘Amen’! Do it! There is something to do to come out of that club. How many of you have been in that club before? If you have not been you are deceiving yourself. All of us have been in that club: ‘Oh boy! Find me something’. Some of you are still in the club, you are now putting your hands down, why are you deceiving yourself? How can you say you are not there? ‘Oh boy! Find me something’. Begging is a club of: ‘Find me something’. Church Gist. I was in that club, don’t say you were not in that club, dem born you inside millions? Born you with golden spoon? Thank you! Only 0.001 in this part of the world are born with that kind of life. So I was in the club of: ‘Find me something’. Now, I had the fifty naira and I dropped it and this man came to me and gave me two thousand. If I beg him he will give me but he has not given me in his life without me begging. That was the first time I said: ‘So this thing works’. I removed tithe, removed offering and gave again from that day it has been non-stop. Faith! 

Faith is ‘your giving what you have not seen yet but you don’t doubt that it will return back to you’. How many know it’s easier to exercise faith for healing than for money? Because money you are not sure whether it will come back, you don’t know where it will come from. Healing is that you are sure that God will heal you. Money, you say: ‘Oh boy! Where money go come na? When things dey tough like this’? If you don’t have faith you can’t give. Don’t give first, have faith first! Faith should be the foundation before giving because if you don’t have faith, you will find it difficult to give. Church Gist. Okay! Listen! Why faith is important. My wife said to me, I will never forget, 1997. My wife came to me and said: ‘My husband, I want to go to market’. I said: ‘Hold on I’m coming, I’ll give you money’. Then as I was receiving my salary, 1997 my salary was one thousand five hundred in this Ministry so don’t think that you are the first to suffer. All these ‘My money small’ is because you lack faith’. Some thousand what? I’m sure that’s not your salary. That was my salary in this Ministry. My last salary in this Ministry was fifteen thousand, I stopped salary. I told them and said: ‘Don’t pay me again I will prove to you what I teach’. So my wife said: ‘My husband, I want to go to market’. I said: ‘Hold on I’m coming’. Church Gist. And as I was trying to take my salary, God said to me: ‘Give Me all’ – I heard God. ‘Give Me all’! God will speak but your faith is what will determine whether you will act. Every time He says: ‘Give Me’! The reason you’ve not been able to act is because of your faith, the corresponding faith to agree with God is not there. When God said to me: ‘Give Me all’, I packaged the offering. Your own wife has told you she’s going to the market. Listen oo and we are many in the house; we are not alone. I packaged the one thousand five hundred without letting her know and I dropped it in the offering box. 

In less than 30 minutes, a ‘Redeemed’ woman said God spoke to her in her house, ‘Pack everything in your store of all the food items, go to a Man of God’. Pointed where we were, He said: ‘Go and give that Man of God who is just in town twenty five thousand’. I think it was twenty five thousand, yes! Was it twenty five thousand? My wife can keep the record, I’ve shared the testimony over and over. He said: ‘Go and give him this money with a bag of rice, bag of beans, groundnut oil, crate of egg’. The woman drove her car, came to the compound. Pastor Charles’ wife was around, we were all living together, dropped the things, I didn’t see her. She left! One thousand what? See the ratio! Then, she as a woman said her husband is so stingy, he has never given her money. That same day, he gave her one million. You see the chain reaction? So one person’s disobedience can stop a cycle of flow. Church Gist. Because I obeyed, she obeyed, the husband obeyed, he too his Heaven opened, he too he got a big contract in Abuja, it was just like that. So your disobedience is stopping the flow of many people’s destinies. She got one million in 1997, she said her husband has never given her such money since he married her. You see the flow? I exercised faith, she exercised faith, the husband exercised faith. If any of us had not exercised faith the flow would have stopped. There are many things God would have told you to do, your faith was not there so it stopped the flow. You are not poor because things are hard, you are poor because of no faith. You won’t tell me God did not speak to you when you were in hardship, every time that you are in the crossroad God will give you an instruction. Your disobedience to the instruction is your reason for the hardship.

-For every instruction of God, I receive the corresponding faith to act because God is not a man.

We used to quote one Scripture without accepting responsibility. Let me show you the Scripture. Mark 10:27 … For ‘with’ God, nothing shall be impossible’. He didn’t say, ‘to God’ that means you will cooperate. If it were ‘to God’ it could have been God alone. ‘With’ means you have to cooperate, you have the part to play. He didn’t say: ‘For to God’, if he were saying ‘For to God’, it means He is solely responsible. The Bible says: ‘For with God’ means somebody has something to do with Him. How many understand Bible? The Bible never said: ‘For to God’, He said: ‘For with’. Now, how is the ‘with’? Mark 9:23. Church Gist. So the possibility is you agreeing to God in faith. So once your faith is not in agreement it will not happen. ‘I know God will do it’ without you having corresponding faith is magic. God will not do it until you agree and accept responsibility. Or ‘I know God is going to prosper me’, you are a stupid Christian. God will never prosper you if you don’t have the corresponding faith to act on what He has said. Handing over everything to God is an irresponsible faith, you doing nothing and saying. ‘I know God will do it’ is a sign of irresponsibility. God will not do anything until you do something. 

Many of us God is saying: ‘Take’ and we are crying and God says: ‘Stretch your hand’ which is your heart to receive. But you are saying: ‘God! I know you are going to do it’ and God says: ‘I know, you too stretch your hands, don’t be waiting for Me, I’m waiting for you to stretch your hand. But you know our problem? ‘I know God will do it’ – That’s the prayer of a stupid man, God will do nothing if you do nothing. ‘I know God will do it’ is the prayer of all these religious people. Most of you were in SU that’s the kind of prayer you used to pray: ‘I know God will do it’, thank God you came to this kind of Church. Church Gist. You know? I said something on Thursday, if you want to meet first SU, they will say: ‘I am praying for you’. That’s the first language, ‘Bro, we are praying for you’. Nobody dey pray for you, lie lie, dem no dey pray for you’. If you meet any SU person that’s the first thing they say: ‘Bro. we are praying for you’. When they meet me I say: ‘See person wey dey pray for me, em never pray for himself em say e dey pray for me’. If you meet even Men of God they say: ‘Pastor, we are praying for you’, then after they finish talking they say: ‘Pastor, you know? I need some money for house rent’. I say: ‘See person wey dey pray for me dey ask for house rent’. I will pinch my P.A and say: ‘See this man’. Religion! Em say em dey pray for me! Em dey pray for me na em e dey ask, abeg carry money give am make em carry em wahala go’. Na that time you go know religious people. ‘We are believing God that God will do it one day’. One day no go dey oo, that day na today oo, one day no go come oo, you fit die for the one day till you die. That’s why some people have never had breakthrough till their lifetime, they say: ‘One day’. One day may never come, you have to provoke the hand of God, that day may never come if you do nothing. Just imagine me saying: ‘One day, water go enter my mouth’, the water will be looking at you and say: ‘Don’t drink me, be expecting me to enter your mouth’. So prosperity in the Kingdom is impossible without what? Faith.

3.  Be a giver.

The love of God is the true secret of financial empowerment. Jesus was a giver and a distributor, He gave and gave until He gave His life. John 10:17-18. Giving is an irrevocable covenant obligation. Genesis 8:22. Luke 6:38. Proverbs 11:24. 2 Corinthians 9:6. Now listen, everywhere you see giving, there is a language: ‘You give, before it shall be given’. You know? Most times we pray: ‘Lord! If you give me, I will give’. How many of you have prayed that prayer? ‘Lord! If you just open my Heavens I will give’. Is that true? Have you prayed it? God will never answer you because it is against Scriptures. ‘Oh! Father, if you give me, I will give you’! No!! He said: ‘From what you have, give then it shall be given unto you’. Church Gist. Check every Scripture: Seedtime, give! He didn’t say: ‘Get and give’. He said from what you have what? Then it shall be given back to you

No seed? Harvest will be far. You know what we pray: ‘Father, if you can help me, help me open my way I go give’. God is saying: ‘That one you have now’. If I never gave the fifty naira that was in my hand, poverty would have increased. If I said: ‘God! You know me and my wife, I’m a Pastor you called me to preach. My wife too, call, two of us going to full time, now fifty naira, Father help us na because if this fifty naira we give it to You, we will die oo’. God go watch us, we will die like that brother who died, it’s not God who killed him. God go just dey look you say: ‘If you go die, die, my own Son too die’. If you like die, Jesus no die? Na you be the first? E go say: ‘Die! My own Son I plant am before I get am back, you too if you wan die, die, na your business’. God go look you, you go dey cry. All those are religious! 

Listen, religion is bad. Religion is: ‘Father, help us! We know say we dey suffer, we are ‘takalated’, you are ‘takalated’ does not move God. Religion is a bad thing! God said: ‘Give’! So I told my wife: ‘Bring that fifty naira make we plant am’, we plant the fifty naira. If I never planted that fifty naira boy! By now, my white shirt would have turned upside down. Your blessing is tied to what you give, not what people give to you. Waiting for people to give to you, you will never prosper, you have to give. 

Some people give and they don’t prosper, the reason I will tell you in the Fourth Service. Church Gist. You will like Third Service, Third Service is different! Oh! My God! Then Fourth Service, some people give but they don’t prosper, I will tell you in the Fourth Service. Some people are very good givers but they are not prosperous. The reason I will tell you in the Fourth Service.

You can give and not prosper! If you are a giver and you are a waster, you will never prosper because you are giving but you are equally wasting. You are like putting water in a bucket that is leaking. Many of you are givers but your wasteful levels are even higher than your giving level. Fourth Service!

Channels of giving.

A.  Pay correct tithe

Tithe is the foundation of your covenant of prosperity. Malachi 3:10. Don’t wait until month end before you pay your tithe as the money comes pay it. Every time you get money, pay ten per cent back to God, don’t say: ‘At the end of the month’. Church Gist.  Every time you get money remove the ten per cent and pay as a lifestyle. Don’t say until the end of the month, pay your tithe as the money comes. We are in a modern society where you can transfer, you don’t have to wait, you can do your transfer online. Is that true?

B.  Give quality offering.

Plan your offering. In a month, your offering should be bigger than your tithe. Tithe is ten per cent, offering should be bigger. My offering for instance, I don’t give less than twenty per cent that’s why I’m prosperous. Church Gist. That’s the basic offering because my tithe I know the percentage and inside the tithe I still give offering. I won’t tell you, I won’t teach that one, I don’t want to confuse you. My offering is 20 per cent, my tithe is there and then I give another kind of offering which I won’t tell you. I have percentages I give for every, that’s why this guy is not poor. Increase your offering more than your tithe for every month, you will never be broke.

C.  Give to promote the Gospel.

Matthew 6:33. When you promote God’s business He will promote your business. Psalms 102:13-14. Haggai 1:2-8.

D.  Give to the Prophet.

These are the areas you scatter your giving. Church Gist. Are you getting what I’m saying now? Small small as God blesses you. Hebrews 7:7. 2 Chronicles 20:20.

E.  Give to your family.

1 Timothy 5:8. All men, no matter how small, give your family feeding money. Now listen, I sat down to look of recent, all broke Pastors don’t give to their families. It’s not for you, but every Pastor you see poor does not give to his family. Church Gist. If you pay tithe and you don’t give to your family you will be poor as a Pastor.

F.  Give to the poor.

When nobody is drinking from your well, it will dry up. Proverbs 28:27. Don’t gather everything only for yourself. Things they gave to me, I went to Asaba they gave me suits, I’ve started sharing the suits, clean suits! They gave me stockings, I shared all in the studio. Proverbs 28:27.

G.  Give to your parents.

Your biological parents give to them. Ephesians 6:2. 

Someone may ask, if I give all these what will be left? The blessing! So when the blessing comes even if you give all these what you have will be more than enough. Proverbs 10:22. Please that you are giving does not mean you will not save or invest. Some of you don’t save at all, you don’t invest. Are you hearing me? While you give also put some what? Savings and investment. And also learn to live within your income. I will teach that in the Fourth Service. Many of us our expenditure is higher than our income so we are constantly under pressure. Everybody should get Fourth Service tape, I’m teaching deep. Church Gist. Many of our problem is that we spend more than we earn. Avoid impulse buying and spending. Impulse buying is what you did not plan for, you just buy it. Many of us live that kind of life. They bring wrapper to you, you say: ‘It is good’, is the wrapper in your budget? Do you know? Many Christians don’t live a life of planning and budgeting. I will teach that in the Third and Fourth Service, Fourth Service mostly. Many Christians don’t plan so they think it’s devil!! Anything they see, they just buy. Don’t borrow to buy something or borrow to give to someone. You are borrowing money to buy something is not a good habit, live within your income. 

Why are you buying something you don’t have money for? ‘I go pay after’, so in the process you stop paying tithe because by the time you are paying that debt you have created a hole, you know why many of you could not pay tithe? I will be practical in my teaching! Now, you are earning seventy thousand naira and you borrow thirty thousand. By next month, what you have is what? Forty thousand. Now, your tithe is what? Seven thousand but now because you borrowed, to remove seven thousand may be hard. You now start paying four thousand forgetting that your salary is what? Seventy thousand! You borrowed what? Thirty thousand! You have other expenses. Because you borrowed you have put yourself under pressure. Live within your size, eat your size, wear your size, everything your size. I will teach that in the Third Service. Many of us are living oversized lives. Send your children to the school you can afford, there are people that I am training the things they are asking, me who have the money can never ask. Church Gist. I noticed something, those who don’t work for money spend money anyhow. If you work like me where you sleep late, your head is calculating, you will calculate your money. If you ever meet somebody who is not working they will tell you, ‘After all how much’? That’s the first thing you will hear ‘How much be that’? Work for it first. ‘Kpatakpata, na how much? Na because of this small money na em you dey shout for me? ‘See my uncle wey be Commissioner, e no go fit give person better money? So you know my uncle give me five hundred thousand em dey shout, Commissioner’! ‘Na you put am for office’? Work out the five hundred thousand! But if you are the one earning the money, you will value every money in your hands. Stop being a waster, live within your size.

Finally! The covenant will always work!

Declarations: I will be a covenant practitioner. 

So you are going to receive grace to be a covenant practitioner. Lord! I receive grace to be a covenant practitioner, I want to put to practice… If you are not getting prosperous, you are not a giver. No shortcut! Don’t say it’s economy, you are not a giver.


Many of you in this Church are givers, may that grace continue in your life. Don’t allow challenges stop you, keep doing it and then you see God keep putting you on track. Church Gist. Some of you have not started, now start! Some of you have started, now you waste a lot, so adjust your lifestyle. Whichever way, put yourself on track. But I tell you, nobody in this Assembly will ever be a victim of hardship. No one under the sound of my voice that will put what I’ve said to practice will be a victim of hardship. 

-No matter how difficult things are, God will bring you out in the name of Jesus.

-That yoke of hardship in your family is broken. God will make a way where there is no way in the precious name of Jesus.

Do you know why all of us should put the covenant into practice? Can I tell you the truth? Should I tell you very raw? Do you know before now, many Oil Company workers for instance in Nigeria are very arrogant. If you talk they will say: ‘I work with Shell, I work with Agip, I work with Chevron’. Dey do like this (dey brag), Shell has downsized almost all the oil shore has been closed, Agip has been sold, Chevron is shaving. So today it’s obvious that it’s only covenant workers that can survive and it’s not going to go to the oil sector alone it’s going to everywhere. It’s only practitioners of the covenant that can survive in this time. Church Gist. All these carry shoulder carry one small bag on your back and you no even greet senior people, you need to see Oil Company workers even when they see elders they won’t greet you they will just pass, dey do their shoulder like this: ‘My family is in Canada’, the other one will say: ‘My family in the UK’. As if it is competition! I don’t mean you who is in this Church oo. Most of them are so arrogant. 

Okay! Now, they have bought Agip, if you are working in Agip wetin you go do? You go ‘gip’ yourself? You must walk in the what? Covenant. Because Agip too go get problem, Shell already is having problems. Calm down oo! All these thing wey you dey do like this: ‘We dey Government’! Buhari government never finish? This one too go soon finish! Soldier go, soldier come, barracks remain. No Government is permanent, don’t ever build your faith on any system except the System of God. Anything man does is temporary so all of you who are arrogant, stop that arrogance, build yourself on this Truth (The Word of God), this is the only thing that can never fail, everything will fail including Oil Companies. If you like you hear. Because some of you now: ‘My brother there, dem make am Minister’, the one they make Minister dem dey there? Okay! I’ve told you the truth, I dey here and na here I go dey preach. I’ve been preaching here, I still dey preach here. So the earlier you do it the better. But I can tell you: You will never be a victim of hardship because I know you will do what you have been told.









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