COMMANDING THE BLESSING – PART 2 -Pastor David Ibiyeomie || Commanding The Blessing Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 11th February 2024 || Second Service.

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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie on COMMANDING THE BLESSING – PART 2 || Commanding The Blessing Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 11th February 2024 || Second Service.

The Message for today is COMMANDING THE BLESSING. We have been blessed but you don’t wait for it. You have a responsibility to command it to come. Psalm 133:1-3. Church Gist. Every time we gather together, two things happen: Blessing is released and life is guaranteed. And these are the two things we are talking about in today’s service and in all the services. Every time we are together, you are sure that blessing is released and life is guaranteed. 

Where do we gather as people of God? We gather in two places: 

1.  In the Temple.

2.  In our houses.

As a Church, there are two major places we gather: One, in the Temple and two, in our homes. Church Gist. So every time we gather in the Temple and every time we gather in our homes, two things are sure: Blessing is released and life is also released. Shout Hallelujah! But today we are not talking more on gathering in the Temple, we are talking more (on gathering) in our homes, in our houses. What we call ‘House Fellowship’. 

Now, many think that the House Fellowship is man’s idea, what we call ‘Cell Fellowship’, it is God’s idea. God is the one who originated it. In the Church in the Wilderness, when Moses was talking to the children of Israel, over three million people, he was doing it alone. Then, one day his father-in-law called Jethro said to him: ‘Moses, what you are doing will kill you. Church Gist. You can’t be the only one talking to twenty-nine million people, you will wear yourself out’. He said: ‘Divide them into different groups’. In fact, he said divide them to the point where it will come to a tenth so that people can see over them. After those tenths, another group like that. So it was easy to divide the groups and he was able to handle people’s affairs without stress. Exodus 18:19-24. Acts 7:38. 

Now, if you come to the New Testament you will find out they have Churches in the House. Romans 16:5. Colossians 4:15. Acts 5:42. Acts 16:40. It was Church in the House that actually prayed for Peter to be released from prison. It was not Church in the Temple. So, the apostles and all the followers, they had Churches in their different houses. So they were breaking bread from house to house daily. In fact, they were fellowshipping daily. Acts 2:44. What we are doing once a week, they were doing it daily and they had no lack. So, how were they surviving? It was a mystery. Now, the Church has entered an era of multitudes. We are in our era where the Church is growing from one level to another. Church Gist. Isaiah 2:2-3. ‘… and all nations shall flow into it’. ‘Flow’ is not small, ‘flow’ means crowd coming to the Church. You can see it, Churches now (have) crowd true? Before this time, it was not so. He said: ‘The Last day Church will be a multitude Church from different nations’. Now, if the Church is a multitude Church it means we must have a pattern with which we can keep the multitude. There is no way now for instance Salvation Ministries, the people in the Temple can know themselves. Turn right, turn left, except somebody who came with you, you will be surprised by the time you turn left, turn back most of the people around you, you don’t know them. If you know three, four, you may not know the people that are at your back. True? 

So the Church is actually a family. Then what must I do to belong to this family? The reason why we have the House Fellowship – Church in the House is actually for preservation of souls and also to strengthen the main Church. We have souls to be preserved and in the First Service, I talked about the purpose for it. I said it is for preservation of souls, it’s for protection of the flocks and to care for one another, I said that in the First Service. Church Gist. And I said we have three categories of fellowship, we have the House Fellowship where we meet in our different homes, every Tuesday in Salvation Ministries at 6 pm, then we have the Corporate Fellowship where we use our offices and organizations as members of the Church to hold at our own time outside Church events (or) Church service days that is convenient to us. Then we have the Unique Fellowship which is actually for university campuses and tertiary institutions where they hold them in their hostels, in their apartments outside their service days and times, the duration is all one hour maximum. And in the First Service, I said: What is the objective of the House Fellowship? I talked about the objective, mentioned so many things which I can’t repeat now for time’s sake. I said: One, to pray together over issues that concern us, to also share God’s Word. All those I said in the First Service.

Now in this Second Service, we will be looking at the benefits of the House Fellowship. What are the benefits? Can’t I lock my house and say: ‘Nobody enters’? What are the benefits of what? House Fellowship.

i.  House Fellowship brings the Church closer to the members. Church Gist. You find out that when the House Fellowship is there, they feel the Church is close to them

ii.  It is the spiritual family unit of the Church where everyone feels they belong. 

And they have a sense of belonging when they come around. 

iii.  It is a leadership development platform.

In Home Cells, you can take prayers, you can do praise and worship. In the main Church, some of you may never take prayers till you leave, till Jesus comes but in Home Cell, somebody can pray. Church Gist. In the Home Cell, you can do one thing or the other but in the Church here, you may never hold microphone till God calls you home. True? There you can develop yourself.

iv.  It is the care unit of the Church.

All of you who complain: ‘’Nobody cares for me’. Go to Home Cell, that’s where we care for one another. Church Gist. It provides a platform for sowing into the lives of members who need help. Acts 4:32-34.

v.  It is a platform for spiritual growth especially for new converts.

That’s where new converts can grow faster than the main Church.

vi.  It provides the opportunity for members to house the Ark of God. 2 Samuel 6:11. Obededom was able to put the Ark into his house. Church Gist. So you can have the opportunity to bring the Church into your own house. So, (the) same grace at the Church flows to the house.

-May everyone that has a Home Cell in your house. The same grace that is happening here also flows to your house. Church Gist. That House will carry the same grace Salvation Ministries carries. 

vii.  It (House Fellowship) enhances greater impact of the pastorate to the membership.

We have one-on-one pastoral work; somebody can talk to you, counsel you. Church Gist. Is that true? It’s easier to counsel from the Home Cell. Is that true?

viii.  It will also enhance integration of new converts into the Church.

Now, for instance, we did Glory Reign, every Cell should go and take the slip and get the new converts to come into your Home Cell thereby making them to be rooted in the Church. Church Gist. They get easily integrated into the Home Cell. So all Cell leaders go and get the slips of those around you and call them. ‘Please, come to the Home Cell here’.

ix.  It provides a counselling platform for members.

x.  It provides a platform for social identification and interaction among members in occasions such as birthdays, naming ceremonies, weddings thanksgiving etcetera. 

If today you want to thank God, you want to do a naming ceremony except you will do it yourself alone, you don’t belong to any Home Cell, no! Birthday? Your Home Cell plays a role. Church Gist. Are you hearing me, sir? It’s easy for somebody to identify you and say: Yes! Which Home Cell do you belong’? ‘This is where I belong’. For instance, in this Church, you will never get married if you don’t belong to Home Cell because we don’t know you. You must belong to a Home Cell – The Church in the House.

Why every believer must be active in the House Fellowship?

The challenges of life, they have no timetables. We need one another to deal with challenges. Don’t think you can stand all alone no matter how powerful you are. It is risky to fight battles alone. No general, no matter how powerful can win war alone. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. Woe to anyone who is alone. ‘I don’t care about anyone’. When challenges come you know you need others. Life story that happened in a village called Bolo, find out from the map where Bolo is. There was this man who felt he does not need anybody. He does not attend family meetings, he does not go for anything in their village, he does not do anything; Church? He does not even go. So when his father died, the Bolo people said: ‘Okay, let him bury his father alone’. Church Gist. He has money but nobody came for the burial, so the strangers wondered why the villagers did not come. The whole village, nobody appeared, the foreigners were looking at each other. They said: ‘Since he thinks he has everything let him bury his father, dig the grave, carry the casket, bury his father’. (Laughing). I was very young but it taught me a lesson. They said since it’s money, he believed that nobody in this world exists, only him should dig the grave. Only him should carry the casket, the people did not come. That’s how some of us, also are in Church. ‘I don’t care about nobody, my money can do everything (for) me everything’. The day they will hit you, you will need us. That’s when you know that only you can’t pray. Even Jesus needed Peter, James and John to be around Him, true? ‘I don’t care, I don’t like anybody disturbing me. My house must be locked’. Ecclesiastes 4:10. God Almighty believed in ‘us’. ‘Let us make man’. Genesis 1:26. You don’t believe in ‘us’. ‘I’. It’s only the devil that like ‘I’. ‘I don’t need nobody’!

Tell yourself: You need somebody.

Tell your neighbour: You need me.

Now, those who believe they can do it without some other believers, I will show you from the Bible. All the people that felt like that, they almost died. One day a powerful man of God called Elijah did not mix with other prophets (Laughing). And a stubborn woman called Jezebel came after him. When Jezebel came after Elijah, Elijah almost committed suicide. As powerful as Elijah, he almost committed suicide before God told him: ‘There are many prophets, not only you’. Church Gist.  Elijah thought that it was only (him) alone so he did not bother about anybody. When Jezebel came with her madness, if you read the book of 1 Kings 19:1-4, you will find out that Jezebel came after Elijah, Elijah said: ‘God help me oo’. (Laughing). He was alone! He contemplated suicide. My friend, you need one another. Peter was another man in Matthew 26:24-29. Peter was alone, nobody to strengthen Peter, he denied Jesus because he was all alone. Spiritual partnership is what guarantees victory in the battles of life. You need somebody when challenges come to strengthen you. Are you hearing me, brother? Matthew 18:29. ‘If two of you’ not ‘if only you’.

Say: I refuse to stay alone.

And let me say this to all of us, during Home Fellowship, attend. If you notice in the Bible all the people that fell into heavy temptation were people who during spiritual time, they were idle. David had the biggest temptation of his life when he did not follow them to war. 2 Samuel 11:1-5. David, he was supposed to be at the battlefront but he was around. That was how he saw a naked woman called Bathsheba when she was bathing. Church Gist. At that time, David was supposed to be at the war front. Check the day you fell into temptation is the day you refused to go for Home Fellowship. When others were in fellowship you were watching one kind of thing and laughing. He (David) numbered Israel in 1 Chronicles 21:1-17, when he was supposed to be busy, he fell into error. So during Home Fellowship, make sure you are a part. Are you hearing me now?

Say: I will be a part.

When Solomon never worshipped God again, he married one thousand women. You don’t know what happens, every time you get closer to God, your heart is rejuvenated to do away with evil, true? Check every time you get far from God, sin becomes nothing to you, have you noticed that? Every time you get close to God, something in you checks you, says: ‘No! This thing is not good’. But the more you get far from God, sin means nothing. Getting close to God puts us under check, hope you know. When you get far from God, sin means nothing. Church Gist.  Solomon, the more he got farther from God the farther he was from the truth. The concubines and the wives, how many? 1000. So even if he gave one day to one woman, 365 (days)! Before they repeat, it’s almost three years. True? (Laughing). I’m sure maybe he will number on their body because there’s no way you will know 1000 women. So you will put number, he will say: ‘You, number one! Number two! Number three! Number four! So when the person comes, he will say: ‘You are number what’? She will say: ‘Number 345′ (Laughing). He will say: ‘Number 345, you are going to come in December’. (Laughing). So when they complete the year, he will say: ‘This year, it is over! You, you have to wait till 2027’. He was farther from God. So make sure you belong to Home Fellowship. Shout Hallelujah! Because if you know why you should do a thing, nobody will cajole you to do it. It will make you to be interested in doing it.

Say: I will belong. I will be more fervent with the Home Cell.

No matter your class, belong to the Home Cell. Open your house (for House Fellowship) because you can’t be living alone. Even your housemaid should join you, let your housemaids and the domestic staff join you to do Home Cell; but everybody should have a Home Cell. The moment that house has more than two or three people have a Home Cell. And we have made it so simple; where you must not put banner… Church Gist. For some places, you know? Banner cannot be kept. So those who cannot put banner, we have sticker. So your door, you must have sticker. (There is) no nation where they say you should not put sticker on your door. Are you hearing what I’m saying now? In the nation where they say you should not put banner, you put what? Sticker. 

Like here, who will stop you from putting banner? Put your banner so that the armed robbers, when they come, they say: ‘No way! Yeah! Na God dey here’. Evil men when they see it, they go away. But there are places where they don’t allow banners, put stickers on your door. And we have made it in such a way that we are designing it. By Sunday, I will show you. Get the sticker, put it. So if it is a nation where they don’t like banners, they don’t allow banners, put it in your door. So that if the person sees it, they say: ‘Okay! This is Home Cell’. Shout Hallelujah! But to me, as long as banner is allowed you can use banner. Church Gist. And then those areas where banners are not allowed, use sticker but don’t now say: ‘Eh! I don’t like…’ You know? Some of you, you like anything that will make you not to show your Christianity. Some of you don’t have one sticker on your car. When you see a member that doesn’t have any sticker (Laughing). E get as e be oo. Some people hide their Christianity to a point even (the) Bible, they don’t show it in their car, they hide the Bible. They say: ‘Are you going to Church’? ‘I’m just going to somewhere around’. When your Christianity comes to the point where you begin to hide Christ, something is wrong. Because the other people in the other faith, they don’t hide their own, they carry the mat openly. Before you, they put it. They say: ‘Mai gidan, kwo? Hold on’. Then, you are hiding your Bible, what is it for Christians? Are you getting what I’m saying now? 

If you like be the President of any nation, when I meet you I say: ‘Bless you! If you like you answer, if you don’t like, it’s your business’! I say: ‘’Bless you’! That’s my identity. If you like frown your face I will still tell you: ‘Bless you’! Do you know what? Even the most wicked people, when you say: ‘God bless you’. They say: ‘Thank you oo. God will bless me true, true’. But some will hide and hide, even your compound people don’t know you are a Church person. Church Gist. Are you a witch doctor? How many of you will belong to Home Cell? How many of you already belong to Home Cell? How many of you will open your houses now? From my preaching now, you will open your houses so that God can bless you. How many of you will open your house? Even if it is one room, open it. You don’t need any protocol, just open your house; from one room, God will take you to a flat in the name of Jesus.

-For everyone that has collected the form (for opening of Home Cell), may God bless you specially. Church Gist. Because you have opened the doors of your houses, may the Lord turn that family and bless the entire family.

-God bless everyone.


Part 2 of the Message is: Holy Spirit, The Life Giver. And from Psalm 133, it said: ‘The Blessing and Life’. So we are taking ‘The Life’ part now, we’ve done ‘The Blessing’. The Holy Spirit is not a feeling, it’s not a dove, He is a person. Church Gist. And He is the one that gives life. 2 Corinthians 3:6. So the Holy Ghost gives life!

-I don’t know what is dead around you or in you. Right now, I speak life in the name of Jesus.

In the First Service, I told a man to just come out and he sat on a chair. He has had a problem in his leg for five years. Without praying, he was healed when I said: ‘The chair should carry the life of God’.

-Now, I don’t know what is dead in you, life surges as I’m speaking now in the name of Jesus. Somebody’s kidneys will bounce back in the name of Jesus. Somebody’s heart that is going down will bounce back in the name of Jesus. Church Gist. Somebody is paralyzed in a part of your body – Whatever has died in your brain will come alive in the name of Jesus. John 6:63. The Spirit gives life! That Spirit is the Holy Spirit, so He gives life.

Say with me: Holy Spirit, give life!!

Where do you want Him to give life? Say: ‘Give life to my kidneys, give life to my eyes, give life to my womb, give life to my spine’. Church Gist. Talk to Him, He is a person. ‘Give life to my legs, give life to my brain, give life to my business’.

In the precious name of Jesus. Receive life as I’m talking now. Job 33:4. Genesis 1:26. Jesus molded clay. The one that gave clay life is the Holy Ghost. Church Gist. That clay came up and stood like a man. Without the Spirit of God, clay would have remained clay. Genesis 2:7. Then, clay stood as Adam.

-Whatever is not working in your life, the Holy Ghost now gives life to it.

Job 33:4. Can the Creator ever lack any product? I’m asking you a question. Can the Creator lack His own product? Do you know from this day, whatever the Creator has that you are missing in your life, I command it to be restored in the name of Jesus. Church Gist. Can the manufacturer of this microphone lack spare parts? Who manufactured you? Who is your sole maker? Can the Maker lack His product? Can the baker lack bread?

-Now, I decree whatever is missing in your body, receive new parts in the name of Jesus. Church Gist. Whatever is missing in your career, missing in your business, receive new ones in the name of Jesus!

He speaks to me like a man speaks to his friend. Now just imagine a biro, you know? A biro has cover. (Illustrating). Now, this biro, the manufacturers can’t lack this cover. Can they lack it? If this cover is missing and you have the biro like this (Without cover). Church Gist. The manufacturer will just produce a new one and this is what he will just do. He will just say: ‘Take this new one, cover it’. True? The manufacturer cannot lack this. Is that true sir? Can the manufacturer of this biro lack this one? He can produce many. Who is your manufacturer?

-Any part missing in you, I command it, replaced now! Church Gist. If there be any organ missing in you, receive new organs now in the name of Jesus.


-Now to everyone whose life has been down, I decree life surge into you in the name of Jesus.

(Bring anything as a point of contact: Your card, your complimentary card, your passport, anything).

-Now in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, your passport, anything, your CV, name it. Church Gist. I decree life to surge into that material. Now, the Holy Spirit Himself touches that material in the name of Jesus.


-I command life to that part of your damaged brain in the name of Jesus.

-To everyone at the sound of my voice, I speak life to you in the name of Jesus. -Whatever is in your hands you have lifted up, I speak life to it in the name of Jesus. -To every organ in your body, to every material in your hands, life surges through it in the name of Jesus. Church Gist. Whatever was dead before this Service, the Holy Spirit Himself breathes His breath upon it in the name of Jesus. 

-That business will not die, that career will not die, that organ will not die in the name of Jesus.

-You are quickened! Everyone struggling to understand in academics, I speak life to your brain. Receive life now. 

He said: ‘Son of man, prophesy’! 

-So I speak as I am led, everything that was dying comes alive now! Everything that was going down, receive life now! That business that was struggling, I decree life has entered the business. When you get to your shop tomorrow, in that shop there will be life in the name of Jesus.

-All our Churches, I speak life to our Churches. Church Gist. The chairs will carry life, your business will carry life, your CV will carry life in the name of Jesus.

-As I’ve spoken so shall it be. All our children, I speak life to their brains, whether in school, at home right now nothing around you that will not receive the life of the Holy Ghost. If life should touch any object, that thing will turn. Do you believe it? Life is surging now. 


-Now in the name of Jesus, with great expectations in your heart. I command life to surge to every aspect. Church Gist. Whatever was dying before, resurrects right now. Whatever has been dead, life surges in, in the name of Jesus.

Say with me: Holy Spirit, I have Your life right now.









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