Early Congratulations Family Service – Bishop Wisdom Irabor Answers Assembly, Warri || 22nd January, 2023|| First Service

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-Bishop Wisdom Irabor at the  Early Congratulations Family Service || Answers Assembly, Warri || 22nd January, 2023|| First Service

Father we thank you for Early Congratulations Family Service. Let the name answer according to the theme- Early Congratulations Family Service.

They will tell us congratulations this year, in Jesus mighty name. Matthew 6:30-33.

Passion for the things of God is the focus for this morning’s service.

Be passionate about His kingdom and all these things shall be added unto thee. Passion for the things of God is the secret to what you are looking for.

Let God take possession of you and you will take possession of things.

Never let the things you are looking for disconnect you from the God you should look for. Church Gist. Your passion for God is the secret to your portion from God.

I used to tell my colleagues who are fake, scammers and fraudulent, when I see them I ask them, Show me what devil has given to you that God has not given to us! Show me the thing that devil gave you, you that followed devil, that we wey stay with God no get.

May you have that testimony!

And they will be looking at me, looking at me, looking at me. I say, Forget it.

So your passion for God is the secret to your portion from God. Church Gist. No passion, no portion. Little passion, little portion, great passion, great portion.

What then is passion? Passion is an intense desire for something. We all have passion, it’s just that we have passion for the wrong thing. We all have passion!

Passion is the secret of very high flyer in the kingdom. When you have a passion for something, nothing can come in between you and that thing. Nothing. Your passion for what you are believing God for is stronger than the distractions that are coming to you.

Now, the 8 dimensions of Kingdom passion:

Here me, if you don’t get this one, forget it. Anything you get, you can’t keep it. This is the sustainer of destiny. This is the live wire for destiny. Passion for God! When God pronounce you His lover, your enemies will become helpless.

Look at the life of David: Everything about David is as if God should kill him. Church Gist. But his passion for God is what sustained him all his life.

You sleep with person wife, then to cover the sleep, you kill the man. He slept with Uriah’s wife! Then to cover the thing wey him do, he sent Joab his army general to the battlefield. He said, Take this letter, when you get to the battlefield, Uriah, yes Uriah, put him where the battle is strongest, where he cannot survive any bullet. Where all the enemies will be there with him alone. Put him there!

If na me be God, i will kill him(David) on the spot! That is, as he just do the first one, I will kill him. From heaven, I will just touch him. Kill him! Kill him amd bury him. But David has passion for praise, passion for offering, passion for sacrifice, passion for music, passion for service, passion for God.

David will dance to the point, he will be naked. Church Gist. It doesn’t mean anything to him. So much passion! I need 1,000 cattle from you David. 1,000? Take 1,000,000!

I need this gold. Is it this gold you need? Take all the gold! Infact, this is the box, take it. Not just the one you are seeing, God. Take the box!

The passion of David covered the transgression of David.

When the punishment for killing Uriah would come, I like God but when I remember God and David, e dey vex me.

When the punishment will come, God said, Your hand has shed too much blood, you will not build me this temple. You won’t build the temple, you won’t build the cathedral. If you build the temple, it will be filled with blood. That’s your punishment. You will be buying the materials, buy everything that will be used to finish the temple. Don’t start it! Your son, Solomon will build it.

If you tell me, Wisdom, that Omodiagbe (my son)will be greater than me, is it punishment? Is that not what we pray for?

Theophilus, your son will be richer than you! Is that one punishment? Did you say Amen? Why did you say amen? It is what everybody prays for, for their children to be greater than them. You now told me Solomon will do it as my punishment, no, it’s not correct. It’s not correct. Solomon will build it?

Somebody say Solo, say Solo Solo. When Solomon come, the solution to the problem, Solomon became the worst problem.

Can I pray for your family? May you enjoy mercy!

Can I pray again for your family? May your family become the beloved of heaven!

May I pray again for your family? May the mistake and the sins of your family not be noticed by heaven!

Can I pray for you and your family? May God cover your errors and color your efforts!

Can I pray for your family? May the punishment of your forefathers be that you will be greater than them in this life!

Can I pray for your family? No mistake will swallow you in this life! In the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

The reason for all these was because David had passion for God. Solomon built the temple and became the wisest and the richest king on the face of the earth. Richest on the face of the earth!

I see you enter that dimension of passion!

So today, even if you take nothing, let your passion for God be renewed. Your passion, your love for God let it be renewed, if we can achieve that, early congratulation is your portion already!

1. Passion for God

Psalms 63:9. Do you know why the enemies are getting you, God has not been able to get you. When God takes over your soul, the enemy cannot get you.

Put your two hands on your head: From today, any enemy that seeks to take your soul, because your soul is after God, may your God bury them for you!

Look at me, they have not born the first witch that can tell me You will see and I will see. Where is God? The God you follow? Where is that God?

All this one they do juju and juju catch you, Jesus has not caught you. If Jesus has gotten hold of you, juju cannot catch you. To the extent that Jesus never catch you, na im juju dey catch you.

I went to village one time and then they put Esan juju that your leg will match and swell up. The leg will first itch, become a sore and begin to discharge fluids. It sometimes ends in amputation. Sometimes for years, you will be carrying it like that.

Na me visit, na me dem dey look for! Because you can’t tell me they put it for the people that have been there in the village. Church Gist. You are putting it for my mother? No! Or those ones who are staying around the family house there? It’s me who came, I was the visitor. They put it. I matched and passed, nothing happened! I matched several times, nothing happened. You know why? Juju can’t catch who Jesus don catch!

Jesus has gotten hold of me! If you get juju, make we try am! Bring out your juju, make we try am see. Let me bring out my Jesus.

Then my brother that will not go to church: Go to church, I won’t go. Pray, I won’t pray. Take God serious, I won’t take God serious but now he’s a very committed deacon. Church Gist. Na so he match am, the thing begin swell up, begin swell up, na so e dey swell up!

May devil not disgrace you in this life!

Dey come dey put white chalk, white chalk. Dey come dey cut am, dey cut am, dey comot water, dey comot blood.

Dem come dey carry “Christian” so to say, go native doctor house, go rub am, go treat am.

See, God cannot carry you and devil carry you! Can I pray for you?

Why the thing no catch me?

God don catch me!

Two things can’t catch you! Either God catch you or their gods catch you.

My daughter, Uju, the one in London, came here one time, “Papa, my leg dey pain me, e dey swell up. Dem say na juju. Dem say na person put am make I match. Person dey fight me.”

I said, “Put am for this altar!” I prayed in tongues and decreed, “It is over, go back to your work.”

On Sunday she was here, she said the thing shrunk and came to normal size. By the following Sunday she was on the altar sharing testimony. Wey the woman wey do am? Or wey the man? Church Gist. The person wey do am? Dem still dey alive? But they can’t do it because a superior leg touch am!

From today, anything you touch, if dem put charm, your leg go spoil the charm!

I don’t know why I’m going in this direction. Maybe there is somebody in this service, dem wan charm you, they have done everything to use charm on you. Charm will fail this week! Your Amen is too poor! Charm will fail this week!

Say I am passionate about God!

2. Passion for God’s house:

Psalms 122:1. Psalms 84:10. No matter where you are during service time, it cannot be compared to being in God’s house!

Church is like service station, until you are serviced, you cannot perform very well.

No matter where you are during service, if you are not in God’s house! Service time, you dey play ludo. Psalms 69:9.

I pray for you today, coming to church is not helping God, it’s helping yourself. Those your friends that are not going to church, they are going to shrine. Church Gist. There is nobody that can be great in this life and not belong somewhere.

What make a witch witch is the blood dey drink in the coven. What make a Christian, is the blood we drink in the church.

If a witch go to the coven regularly and faithfully and drink blood, she will be stronger than the Christian who doesn’t come to church and drink the Blood of Jesus! It’s blood against Blood!

And everything they do in the coven is what they borrowed from us.

Somebody say Borrowed from us.

When you cry to them for help, I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m dying. Dem go carry razor, tear your body, tear am, tear am, put medicine, say you go well. Church Gist. Give you mark. Some of you who have gone spiritual before you enter church, you will have those marks.

When you now come to church, say from henceforth let no man trouble me, for I bear on my body, the mark of  Christ.

Mark must be involved, na you know where you wan take your own mark from.

Do you think you can be a politician without power, something must back you! In this wicked world you cannot be great, enemy full everywhere!

“Guy, guy abeg I need 5000 naira. Eh, I no hold 5000, na 2000 I get. Just hold this 2000 naira.”

It’s enough to carry you go coven. “I beg am 5000, he give me 2000.” “You mean, as he rich like that, na 2000 he give you?” Dem no wan know whether na 5,500 you get. Dem no wan know whether na 2500 you get. 2500! You give am 2k make you take 500 take keke go house. Dem no wan know. Dia own na somebody have reported you!

I pray for you today, anybody serving devil, they will not be able to defeat you in this life!

3. Passion for God’s word:

This Book. Psalms 119:162. It’s what keeps you in this wicked world. There are many churches in this Warri right now, they won’t even preach, na just drama but members are still sitting there watching drama.

To leave a pastor who teaches you the word of God and go and sit where they do drama means you have no passion for the word of God. ‘The pastor no powerful, na only teach he dey teach.‘

That’s your definition of power! He teach, he preach, he no powerful. But he do drama. With all the drama, why have you gotten?

Stay. Little by little, you will get there!

The word of God may be slow but it is very sure. Very sure. So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed! Church Gist. The thing dey grow, e dey grow, e dey grow. Little by little. It gets to a point where it will prevail over your problem and I see that word prevail over your problem!

4. Passion for souls:

John 3:16. It was passion for souls that made God to kill His only begotten son. Genesis 18:22-33. When Abraham heard that Lot who left him, was having problem in Sodom and Gomorrah, he first of all sent his armed men to go and rescue Lot. Then when it was time for judgement to come, Abraham began to pray: Father don’t kill them in Sodom. I know they have offended you. Don’t kill them! If you see 50 people, will you kill them?

That is the spirit of an intercessor. I know the man is drinking, Father remember the mother’s prayer. Remember the Aunty’s prayer. Remember the prayer of the wife. I know the man is not qualified, remember the prayer of somebody. There is somebody around somebody whose prayer God must remember! Church Gist. Do you know who prayed for you? Do you know whose prayer God remembered that you survived the days of madness, the days you misbehaved? The days you cut rope for God and said I wan do anyhow. Something sustained you! They call it the prayer of an intercessor who had passion for souls.

Any nation, any family who has 10 people that can stand up for the family, the family will be secured.

You know your problem? It is not there! Everybody is misbehaving! Everybody cannot misbehave the same time. Somebody’s commitment will cover people who are not committed in a season and in a time. Tell your neighbor say,  Neighbour, I know you don’t like prayer but somebody’s prayer is helping you.

Neighbour, Neighbour, you no dey fit pray in the night, na your mama prayer dey keep you. Say Neighbour, Neighbour, the way you dey do like this everyday, na that your sister wey like church, na im dey keep you, don’t get carried away.

Celebrate all the intercessors as in every family!

Abraham never rejoiced, “Na im good for Lot. He wan leave me, he wan go stand on him own. He wan be master. Na im good for am. He’s reaping the evil he did to me.”

No. Intercessors don’t reason that way. If you have passion for souls, you don’t celebrate the downfall of people. You pick lessons from their downfall because anybody can fall. You take it upon yourself and pray!

5. Passion for fasting:

Some people go fear now. How many of you know that when you are not fasting, you can stay without food? When you are not fasting. One day I stayed without food till 8pm. I got home and realized that I had not eaten that day. Ehn, it’s against medical advice, let me try and eat something. Eh, ulcer is real, ulcer is real, ulcer is real. Now let me quickly take something. How I take know say I never eat till 8pm?

Just call it prayer and fasting day: Your village people and all the demons assigned against your destiny, when you wake up, the first thing you will see is Green tea! The thing will tell you just clear your throat and your lungs so that the bacteria will be flushed out. The temptation don start. Church Gist. When you move and overcome that one, as you open fridge, you will see egg, see many things.

By 9am, it will look as if, e wan kill you. You’re already a dead person. You know why? There is power in fasting as you call am fasting. The power is triggered!

You force yourself to eat when it’s not fasting. But if it’s fasting, your village shrine and village people will come together to be beating drum on your head.

You will even fight.

I pray for you to have this passion for fasting! Psalms 63:1-3.

6. Passion for prayer:

Isaiah 62:1-7. Midnight prayer! If witches and wizards , occultic men dey pray. Na you Christian no go pray? Passion for prayer!

Be passionate about prayer both night and day! Father if you will not do it for this person, don’t do it for me. Father if you will not release it for this person, don’t do it for me.

Give me Scotland or I die! Give me Europe or I die! There’s a passion for prayer! To say you’re tired of praying, you don’t have passion for prayer.

I’ve been praying some prayers now for many years, I’m yet to see the manifestation, I’m still praying. You know why? Passion for prayer!

A person who has passion for prayer doesn’t give up on prayer until he sees the manifestation! Church Gist. And when he sees the manifestation, he takes up another issue again and begins to pray on it.

7. Passion for prophetic instruction. Luke 18:18-30. The rich, young ruler wasn’t passionate about prophetic instructions.

He prayed for 10 lepers, he told them, Go show yourself to the priest. Immediately, they were cleansed!

Be passionate about prophetic instructions! 1 Kings 17:9-16. Elijah met a widow. Widow, widow! Wicked pastor, wicked prophet, wicked individual, wicked man of God, wicked evangelist.

How can you see a  widow, woman wey the husband die, with her son , having the last Eba, the last soup and the last one meat for them to eat and die?

There was famine, there was hunger, there was everything, fighting the land.  As they were going to bring the water, he said Mama, put soup and put meat for us.

Na the last Garri, the last soup, we wan eat am make we die.

You are aware that there is famine in the land. Problem, hunger, everywhere. Once we eat this last one, we are dead.

Elijah said I know there is hunger. Church Gist. Go and do my own first! Bring the water, make the Eba, put the soup, come give me.

If it’s you, you will change church! You will change pastor! Wicked man of God, leave him! If A pastor cannot be moved by the cry of a widow, then what do you use him for? But this woman has passion for instruction.

Somebody was spending millions every month on sickness. Millions! And as I saw the person, God said, tell this person to feed children church and I will heal her! Spending millions, millions every month!

I said, Get a caterer, cook go give children church. They will pray for you and you will be healed.

The next thing I heard is, dem come dey judge me every where. You know what happened? No passion for prophetic instruction. How much will it cost you to cook for children? Maybe if it is too much, 50,000 naira. Or e too much 100,000. No passion for instruction. No passion for prophetic instruction. You need it, you need it.

My son brought somebody here some days ago. He said everything is grounded, everything is crashing, nothing is working. Everywhere dry, nothing is happening around my life, my finance, my business.

I said, Hold my hand. I will use oil, water and blood. The communion, the anointing oil and the blessed water. I will use it to wash your hand. Somebody has done an invocation against your hand. There is an arrow against your hand not to receive. I will wash it. And then he shouted, In my dream, they told me to go and meet Answers Bishop, he will give you oil, water and blood to drink. Communion, anointing oil and bottled water. He will give you to drink.

They told him in the dream and then he told his friend who insisted that Landlord doesn’t meet tenant for help. Landlord went to tenant and said, Take me to your Pastor. They showed me in my dream. Landlord o, cry go meet tenant, he say Take me to your Pastor , they showed me in my dream where he used Blood of Jesus, bottled water and anointing oil to minister to me. I don’t love the way my life is going. Everything about me is not working apart from this house I’m staying.

Then he came, I washed his hands and as I finished washing the hands, I said, “Go to the ground, go outside there where there is sand, speak to the earth: Earth as you drink this water used in washing my hand, anywhere I go on the face of the earth be vomiting blessings to me.

They did it. I said, Drop a seed of 5,000 on the altar.

Between that Thursday and now, he has made tithe of over half a million. That is, we saw tithe 195,000, one hundred and something thousand, hundred and something thousand, hundred and something thousand, fifty something thousand. And he said, As I left, everything opened! He’s just sending it, just sending it!

What would have happened if as I said Wash your hand with oil, water and blood. Which kain church be that? Chapter what and verse what? Go and drop a seed of 5,000. Eh! He wan collect my money!

If you don’t have passion for instruction, you will have passion for disaster! No passion for instruction, you will be left with passion for destruction!

I pray for somebody hearing me now, it will answer for you in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost!

Who is it working for now? Me or you?  Church Gist. You paid tithe of over half a million Naira. That means you’ve gotten 5 million.

You take 4.5 (million), you give me 500? Na you Dey even enjoy am. This year, your obedience to God, you will start and finish it without sweat! I will finish it without sweat!

8. Passion for giving:

2 Samuel 24:24. Genesis 4:5. When you have passion for giving, you will always give God your best. I pray for you today, may God do for you what you cannot do for yourself! I see this eight passions work for you! Somebody say I receive it!

The first rain for 2023 fell yesterday in Warri. We were in church here praying and God said, Every member take the rain and pour their two legs.

As a learned pastor, a trained pastor, a graduate that I am, exposed, traveled far and wide; do you think there is anything noble about me carrying rain water and pouring on my legs? At my level? Rain water? Am I a native doctor? But he said Let the first rain touch the legs of the people.

As we finished yesterday, Pst Kanayo wanted to throw the rest of the water away, I said No, I will still tell the church to be part of this.

The first time they washed my feet was in my former ministry. That is one of the most decent churches on earth but everybody pull shoe siddon. The bishop carry bowl, carry towel, dey wash our feet. They call it Feet Washing. I didn’t argue! Those who argue with the prophetic, they die with the pathetic! They remain pathetic.

The first time they sprinkle me blood, they said it was for protection. Church Gist. At my former church. The first time dey poured oil on my head, na my former church. The first time somebody tell me say this handkerchief na power, na mantle, na my former church! 90% of what I do, my former church! Maybe 10 from me.

They are telling me I will die. I say you no go die. They say I will die, I say you no go die. Go and buy black cloth, burn it, let the smoke take it back to who wan kill you! All those are prophetic instruction!

Naaman, this your leprosy, you will die with it. The only way you won’t die with it is if you go and meet Prophet Elisha, enter the pool 7 times. You are a king, you are a rich man, a great man but enter 7 times!

Naaman said, Are there not fine swimming pool in my house? As a general I have swimming pool, can’t I go to Europe, abroad and bath lean water? Must I bath this dirty water? He got angry! He carried his horse, carry him jeep, carry him Rolls Royce go back with him leprosy.

The house girl now said, Oga come, Oga come, are you normal? House girl o. Spirit came upon house girl! Not even house girl, slave! Slave girl he took as maid. Who are you to talk to me? If you talk to me I will fire you!

Master, if the prophet had said enter water and be delivered from leprosy, is it not good and easy for you to do it and be free? Than for you to go back to where you are coming from still with the leprosy? The veil in his eyes cleared off!

Anybody who does not have somebody he listens to and accepts what the person says even when you are angry, as long as the person is correct, you are a disaster waiting to happen!

You must have one person no matter how small. He may not get money, may be your husband, maybe your wife. Maybe your pastor, may be your mother in law, whose voice you don’t play with.

Naaman a billionaire, listened to house girl and his leprosy was removed. If you were the king that day, can your house girl talk to you?

There are many mistakes I would have made in this life that at the point that I want to make that mistake or do those things, it was the voice of an assistant pastor who is not qualified to talk to me, na me ordain am. The voice of a member, not qualified to talk to me, the voice of a friend, a sister, sometimes the voice of a wife, sometimes the voice of even my children. Dem go just talk am! Instead of me to see disrespect, my eyes go just open, my eyes go just clean and I will see what they are trying to say!

Rise to your feet! When that voice come, may you not miss it! May you not miss it, may you not miss it! I say may you not miss it! In the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost!








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