ENGAGING THE POWER OF FAITH FOR FULFILMENT OF PROPHECIES 2 – Bishop David Oyedepo at Covenant Day of Settlement Service  || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| 11th February 2024 || First Sunday Service

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– Bishop David Oyedepo on ENGAGING THE POWER OF FAITH FOR FULFILMENT OF PROPHECIES 2 at Covenant Day of Settlement Service  || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| 11th February 2024 || First Sunday Service || 

Psalm 119:144. The testimonies of the Lord as contained in scriptures are everlasting, they have an unending capacity to reproduce themselves as we plug into them. May everyone’s understanding today come alive. It is understanding that makes anything outstanding. Spiritual understanding will make us spiritually outstanding. You can’t be spiritually outstanding and not be generally outstanding. That is the engine room of our lives. Jesus’ impact is still here, two thousand years after He left. That is how outstanding spiritual understanding can make a man. I heard people say growing up, “He is so heavenly minded that he is so earthly useless.” What a fallacy. You can’t be heavenly minded and not make unusual marks on the earth. Jesus was all about heaven, his footprints are still here. Paul was all about heaven. Anything from above is above all. Church Gist. You can’t be heavenly minded and not be impactful on the earth. Please wake up. Beware of these fallacies, these floating statements. I am living for one purpose, to hear from Jesus when I arrive at the gate, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” I have no other ambition. Do you think I am so earthly useless? I don’t know how many nations are listening to me now around the world. Including pastors, big pastors feed from this altar. That is how useless I am.

Wake up, my friend and mind your spiritual life. Everything about you and me is spiritually controlled. There is nothing unspiritual that endures. Where are the Greek philosophers? Gone forever, nothing left behind. Christian founded universities of 1000-1200 years are still speaking. Anything with God at the centre endures. Your lineage will never know a setback. Church Gist. Great names have passed through this earth and the day they disappeared, that was the end. Their memory was lost. There was nothing to them. Romans 8:6. In the name of Jesus, may your spiritual route keep going deeper and deeper. We are in for the best of times.

Set your affections on things from above. You never lose value here below. Colossians 3:2. 1 Chronicles 29:3. There was a remembrance ceremony for King David in 1996 commemorating the 3000th year that he reigned. There are many people hearing me around the world, your remembrance will be forever. Church Gist. When Jesus comes, your remembrance will still be intact. That is where we are going. “Do you know why they are running after God? They have issues. They have needs.” What issues do I have? Our tomorrow is in His hand, let’s connect and it shall be great.


Remember the prophetic focus for the month is WHATEVER GOD CAN DO FAITH CAN MAKE HAPPEN. God will make unusual things happen for you this month as your faith comes alive. If you ask, this situation I am in, is it beyond God to turn it around? If the answer is No! Do I believe Him to turn it around? If the answer is Yes, then you are set for a new day. Every unwanted situation in our life must give way this month. That is why you heard in the announcement that next Sunday is our Enough Is Enough Service. Church Gist. Whatever God can do, your faith and my faith can bring an end to it. Any unwanted issues of our lives, our faith in God with whom nothing is impossible can bring an end to it. Next Sunday, by that anointing, any burden on your shoulder. Any burden on anyone’s neck shall be openly destroyed.

We are very conversant with this, that whatever God declares, only His hand can deliver. He speaks according to His size, His capacity, His wisdom. There is nothing He says that we can deliver without Him. Church Gist. His plan is beyond our capacity to deliver. When our faith comes alive, His hand is stretched forth to deliver it. Isaiah 53:1.

How powerful are prophecies? Prophecies carry inbuilt power for fulfilment. How shall these things be? What I said carries the power to make it happen. The power of the Almighty shall overshadow you. Luke 1:34-38, 45. Whatever God says, carries the power required to deliver. When our faith comes alive, we take into that power for delivery. When that woman touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, He said “Virtue is gone out of me.” She tapped into power by her faith and that made her whole. When our faith comes alive, we tap into the power that makes what God says come to pass. Every prophetic word carries inbuilt power for fulfilment. 2 Kings 7:1-2. Whatever God says carries enough power to make happen. Did it happen or not? 2 Kings 7:20. It came and that naysayer never partook of it. Church Gist. Beware of being scornful of prophetic words, it can be costly. I can imagine that man saying “Get out bush man, what are you saying? I am in charge of imports. We have not imported anything and you say food will come. You think we are dogmas?” He said you will see it but your mouth will not taste it. Don’t sit in the seat of the scornful, it can be most costly.  

We were subjects of mockeries in those days in Kaduna. We had bitter enemies among believers, they even stopped people from coming to Church. They stop people on the way, “Go back, he is the devil.” I don’t know where they are now. Church Gist. Be careful. What if you say it is not God and it is God? Where do you find yourself? Has anyone contended with God and prospered? Study to be quiet. Face your own business. 1 Thessalonians 4:11. 

We were going to enter 75 nations in one year, we never spent a dime from home. We never sent manpower from home and yet we are there. Please, whatever God declares carries inbuilt power for delivery. Just stretch out your faith and tap into that power and it delivers. When we were 68 in our Camp Meeting, God laid out seven prophetic pillars, they are all here today by the grace of God and growing in dimensions. Beware of casting aspersions on God and His Word, it can be costly. He said He would build this place in one year, did He do it or not? You may not be able to tell how many people have paid for whatever they might have said or thought or scorned. Church Gist. They might have said it is arrogance to say one year,  they think we are talking about what we will do. We are talking about what He said He will do and is able to do and will do if we believe. Church Gist. Your fortune package is real but if you let them scorn it, you have lost it. So don’t stand in the counsel of the ungodly, don’t sit in the seat of the scornful. Don’t walk in the way of sinners. Jealously guard that which is your inheritance in Christ. Matthew 7:6.  Where you sit matters. “What kind of Church is that? How can you be going to that kind of place?” And you sit down there? I have never sat down in one place where God is despised. February 19th will make it 55 years since I met Jesus. I can tell you, it has been a most gorgeous adventure. I have never kept a careless friend. No one will sell off his birthright. All this socialization you are doing, If a man is a friend of the world, he will be an enemy of God. You better choose where you belong. You can’t stand in the middle of the road, it is a risk if the traffic is heavy. The good news is that the prophetic agenda concerning you in this great year shall not be lost. He speaks according to what He can do, not what He wants us to do.

God speaks according to His integrity, not our unpredictability. Man is so unpredictable but God is ever full of integrity. Whatever He says today is there tomorrow, is there forever. His Words are Yea and Amen in Him. Ever dependable, ever reliable, always there. So when He speaks, it is according to what He wants to do and will do if we believe. Church Gist. God cannot lie. Titus 1:2. Hebrews 6:15-18. It is impossible for Him to lie. You can always count on what God says He will do because He can do it if you and I will believe Him. Luke 1:45. If it is from the Word of God, it is settled in heaven forever.

Can I digress here a bit? We need to step up and come up with a prophetic perspective of scriptures.  It will settle us for life. God’s Word is the most tested and proven prophetic resource bank. Most tested! His Words are purer than gold, tested in fire seven times. What is in it is still working till now. Behind every statement of scripture is thus saith the Lord. 2 Peter 1:19-20. There is nothing in the Word that is addressed to just one person. Church Gist. What I say to one, I say to all. Every prophetic scripture applies to whosoever believes. My greatest experiences in life to date are from prophetic scriptures. I have been redeemed as a priest and a king to reign on the earth. Royalty mentality engulfed me and slavery has not found a place till now. Matthew 6:33. That formed the bearing of my life. It didn’t come from somebody prophesying to me, it came from prophetic scriptures.

“My son, your future is in my plan not in your plan.” It came from prophetic scriptures, not someone pointing a rod and prophesying on my head. “My son, The harder you follow me, the higher you fly.” Psalm 63:8. 1978. Ephesians 1:21, 2:6. It hit me by prophetic scriptures. Prophetic scriptures are the most valid prophetic source. They are sworn verdicts. I vow to do this if you care to do this. This is what I will do and can do if you care to believe. John 15:16. What God is saying is “Thus saith the Lord, you are chosen and ordained to go bring forth fruits. Whatever you ask in my name is guaranteed.” It is a “thus saith the Lord” verdict. Church Gist. It is not about whether you have a gift or not. Whatever you ask in my name is guaranteed. Proverbs 14:28. Over to you. They are prophetic words. I stepped into financial fortune from a prophetic word – Deuteronomy 8:18. “My son, my prophetic plan is not a promise. It doesn’t answer to prayer and fasting.” All this, oh Lord! Come and prosper me. He won’t come! You step into a covenant to commit Him. You can ask God when you meet Him when I asked Him last to give me money. I got that prophetic word in 1982, not 2002, 1982 to now is 42 years. It hasn’t failed once. Prophetic words are sworn verdicts. Church Gist. If you don’t agree or not, it is your cup of tea. You disagree it is your trouble, you agree it is your favour. It has no respect for fasting. It is a covenant, until your part is played I am not committed. Direct! Prophetic scripture. Not that I fasted for 20 days and God spoke. Any fasting that does not break light is a problem. I said that when you are fasting and you have no time in scriptures, no time in prayer, you are just dieting. It is okay, it will keep you fit. It is your turn.

 Please cultivate a prophetic perspective to the Word, it is not a history book. It is not a poem. Isaiah 34:16, 55:10-11. God’s Word is prophetic. Jeremiah 33:20-21. Biblical prophecies are unbreakable by any devil, by any policy, when you line up with the terms. If you can break the covenant of God with the day and the night, then you can try it. What that means is that there will be no sunlight, no sunlight equals no plant life, no plant life no animal life, no animal life, human existence is gone. It is so interesting to come on this. We should move forward. It is our year of breaking forth. Church Gist. We need a strong prophetic perspective of scriptures, to secure our glorious future. People who have that, they live in their future. They are too sure of what God said and they are too sure that they are aligning. They are walking in the reality of their future.

One of us here, a deaconess in Church was concerned about my teaching of prosperity. She said people were talking about me in town. She said I shouldn’t mention it again. She said she knew it was not true. I said so why are you crying? I got to Church on a service day and I said one of you was crying and said I shouldn’t say that I will prosper again. No! I am not just going to prosper, I will be the wealthiest. I looked at where she was sitting, she laughed as if to say “Why did I go there to tell him.” Am I the poorest today? Whatever you cannot boldly declare, you have not truly believed. I knew God could do anything when He said this Tabernacle would be dedicated on September 18th 1999, I heard it from Him. I won’t even say that myself forever. He has given me grace to develop capacity to believe Him for anything He says. Church Gist. Over to you. No matter where you may be today, your fortune package is sure this year. Your turnaround begins from this service. Prophetic scriptures are real. You can see it in your church here, how real they are. Every prophetic word that has no root in scriptures, watch it.

It is not enough to locate prophetic scriptures, we must give ourselves wholly to our part of the deal. Prophetic scriptures are covenants that God is enacting with His people, so all we need to know is to get to know our part and commit to our part. For instance, God’s fortune agenda has one fundamental requirement. Psalm 102:13-15. Church Gist. Taking pleasure in the matters of the Kingdom is the covenant qualifier for access to the realm of fearful favour which we qualify as fortune. Fearful favour has its foundation in our conscious, deliberate, intentional commitment to Kingdom matters. Taking pleasure in the matters of the Kingdom, you are not under pressure. That triggers access to the realm of fearful favour which we call fortune.

My wife and I had a number of experiences in those days when we would get to the airport whether at home or abroad, we didn’t have a first class ticket but they would move us to first class. You know I don’t wear a collar. You don’t have to be clerical, just be normal. Be a Christian. We were somewhere in New York and we were connecting our flight and this white lady at the airport lounge said we should come into the first class lounge. I said we don’t have first class tickets, she said please come in. I said these people believe I have the money to fly first class, I just don’t want to fly. Favour! Church Gist. I got to a meeting and somebody met me, “Sir, I am just here to serve you.” I asked from where? He said Canada. He carried my bag and I was wondering. I just got somebody to serve me here without planning for it. You are going to hit favour here. Take pleasure in the matters of the Kingdom, it will launch you into the realm of fearful favour which we call fortune. Don’t sit down there waiting, fortune doesn’t drop. When you meet the demands, it begins to manifest itself. It is your year. You are a house provider for WSF, take pleasure. Don’t say “They are coming again. I have just washed the carpet and they won’t even care. They will just enter like that. You are a minister and it is almost time, “Oh my God, it is almost time. If I were not a minister now, I know where I should be. There is a friend of mine in Somolu I needed to meet at this time. If you don’t go now, they will say you don’t love God.” At that point, don’t go because your going has no benefit. Take pleasure in the things of the Kingdom. It is time to believe God for at least one soul before the month is over. For what? Don’t do it. There is nothing God says to His benefit, it is all to your benefit and my benefit. In the precious name of Jesus, the year will be with a difference. We are all getting on prophetic wings this year soaring to heights beyond our imagination.

We cannot wait to see prophecies fulfilled, we must put our faith on the line to secure fulfilment of prophecies. We must get committed to our part of it, to see it happen. Church Gist. We serve a covenant keeping God, not a Father Christmas God. There is nothing He says He will do that will ever happen without doing what He says we should do first. Church Gist. Luke 6:46. John 14:21. As we close this morning, Psalm 35:27. Favour my agenda, I will take pleasure in your all round well-being. Favour my agenda, you never miss your place in destiny. Favour my agenda and watch how I will decorate you. 

We close at this point by pointing to three things that will validate how much we take delight and pleasure in the matters of the Kingdom.

1. Engagement in Kingdom advancement prayers.

Matthew 6:9-10, 24:14. You are saying, “Lord, let your Word go forth and bring about the salvation of multitudes into your Kingdom. Lord, bring out people who are in the dungeon of darkness into the kingdom of light. Lord, save the lost and establish them in your Kingdom.” Thy Kingdom come is all about Kingdom matters. It is God’s priority for every believer’s prayer life. The reason why things don’t happen is that we have left the foundation and we are building on no foundation so other things don’t work. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth. Church Gist. He wants all men saved and comes to the knowledge of the truth which is available in Church. His will is for us to be healed and stay healthy. 3 John 1:2. They can’t overcome the evils of the world until they are born again. So you are saying, Lord save them and deal with the issues of their lives that are killing them. Show me any genuine Kingdom advancement addict, I will show you a star in the making.  You may not know it now but he is on the way coming. Any genuine Kingdom advancement addict and that is another star on the way. Matthew 6:6, 9-10, 17-18, 33. There shall be humbling open rewards this year.

Somebody that his wife was giving pocket money, you know the meaning of that. He was trekking like a madman those long distances and got a multinational job as a manager. People suffer because they don’t know what to do about their situation. Two weeks of intensive engagement. Two weeks only and God showed up. God will show up for you this year beyond your wildest imagination. What are we praying for? Church Gist. Praying for souls to be saved. Praying for them to be established, praying for the Word of God to keep going forth from the altar, praying for people to be healed and set free from all captivities. Pray without ceasing, there is always enough to pray for.

2. Soul winning endeavours.

It is every believer’s responsibility. Every new creature has a ministry of reconciling the world back to God. 2 Corinthians 5:17,20. It is every believer’s responsibility, it is not a gift. It is our responsibility and what comes out of that among other things is you stay healthy. Proverbs 13:17. Not only that, you get enthroned by God in the process. Church Gist. Proverbs 11:30, 8:15-16. If you commit to it, He eradicates shame and reproach from our lives. John 15:8. Proverbs 14:28, 1 Samuel 2:30. As the Lord lives, every trace of shame and reproach on anyone’s life must clear off this year. Between now and the end of the first half of the year, you will become a surprise to yourself. Every subject of mockery around anyone’s life shall be turned into a testimony of envy.

3. The Kingdom Care Covenant.

Galatians 6:10. Proverbs 19:17, 28:27. Share with a needy or challenged brother and sister this year in your cell, in your neighbourhood. Put smiles on someone’s face. Inject joy into someone’s life and joy and rejoicing become your portion. Ephesians 6:8. No one in your lineage shall ever be a beggar. No one shall live with rags, no one will look for where to lay his head. Start from where you are. Church Gist. Stop consuming all that you have, it doesn’t hold a future. If you don’t remove the seed from the bread, you don’t have a harvest tomorrow. Follow them that teach you the Word of God, See the kind of results that they command and follow suit. Hebrews 13:7. The secrets of men are in their stories. So check it. Be part of putting smiles on someone’s face. You find God manifesting Himself to you day and night. What a great time in God’s presence.

–       In the name of Jesus, it is your year.

–       Your fortune package shall not be lost to carelessness.

–       You will sing a new song this year.

–       Your song of triumph will come forth this year in the name of Jesus.

Today is our Covenant Day of Settlement and in the name of Jesus, as we partake of the flesh and blood of Jesus, everyone’s eyes will be opened to see how this simple covenant of settlement works in the name of Jesus. There was a time when everything went bizarre for a whole nation and there was no peace to him that went out or him that came in but great vexation was upon all the inhabitants of the earth. Then the Word of the Lord came and  Asa, the king, took courage and led the people into a covenant that gave them rest round about. 2 Chronicles 15:12-15. We need to get to that point. They sought God with their whole desire. Do you have any Kingdom dreams for the year? You have so many things that you are looking forward to. Is there any space for God in it? God gave them rest roundabout. With their whole desire. What do you desire to render unto your God this year? What Kingdom desires do you have? It is not about seeking God for what you will get but pursuing after God for who He is and for your affection for Him. Church Gist. That is what people are missing most of the time. They enter into a covenant to serve God but not with their whole desire. With all their heart, their spirit man is connected, their mind, they think of God. They dream of God! They dream Kingdom dreams. I said Jesus, if you ever bless me I want to be part of building you churches. I didn’t have a bank account when I said so. If I have this money nobody will beg me to give it, now that we are all at the same level, understand what I am saying. I am sold out to God. You enter into that rest realm with a Kingdom-centred desire. What is your Kingdom-centred desire? That is what determines whether you enter into that rest or not. You are breaking forth.

That is the mystery behind entering into that realm of settlement. You have struggled enough, it is your turn to be settled and God is settling you this time. So keep building on your Kingdom dreams. Let it be real to you. Let it be the motivation of your life and you will be glad you did. People are struggling today all around the world but come with me and enter into your era of all-round settlement. Psalm 34:10. Come to the realm of settlement by having a genuine desire, Kingdom-centred desires, Kingdom investment desires. Investment of time, you are not cringing. Church Gist. Looking for someone who is challenged to bail him out, you are not struggling. It is inside you. You are delighted in doing it. As a delight of your soul, it brings a man into an era of rest. It is your turn. Hebrews 4:10-11. God takes over your struggles when you enter into that realm. It is our faith in the covenant of settlement that settles us. James 2:18. If you believe in the covenant of rest then show it by having a renewed kingdom-centred desire in your walk with God and He takes over all the other things around you. I said you should make a list of 10 people you desire to see saved so you can be Andrew who brought Simon. You can be like Philip who brought Nathaniel. You are working on target. That is not enough, you get off on the streets like a highway vendor distributing the good news also, witnessing to people. These things are real. Matthew 6:33. You carry more glory than the lilies and the sparrows of the earth, they struggle not yet they keep triumphing from generation to generation. That is your portion. I decree your access into that realm of settlement. Welcome to your realm of settlement. Welcome to your realm of all-around rest. You will be receiving testimonies of settlement beginning from today.

–       Your days of struggling for survival are over.

–       Your days of not knowing what to eat next are over.

–       Your days of career crisis are over.

–       Your days of business frustration are over.

–       The battle of unrest is over in your life.









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