GOD HAS OUTDONE HIMSELF!!!! -Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo

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-Pastors Biodun and Modele Fatoyinbo

Pastor Biodun: You know initially I said we are not going to celebrate anything…
You could tell if your neighbour is with us or not.

It is not easy to see someone you don’t like progress. It’s terrifying.
Well, I brought her up stage, not to display her, she is beautiful; the reason I brought her upstage is that both of us wants to let you know that we…
Whatever you love, you attract.
We had budgeted that on the 14th of February, we had covenanted with God that we would have purchased the Lugbe land. And the money was huge when we started; I didn’t know where I would get that kind of money from and by my training in Ministry, we don’t announce such things and start calling up people and start talking to people like that. The land is really good.

As I stand here and as we both stand here, we love this place, but we have outgrown this place. Church Gist. We are seeing schools, we are seeing halls in thousands, we are seeing some of you checking in to the hotel in Church on Friday, no more Children facility that is not enough.
I have been away for a while because I put pressure on God rather on people and I kept calling, “what is happening with the people selling?”
This land is very fine. It is in hectares upon hectares, on the main road, stone throw from the City Gate. Hectares upon hectares.
Well, I brought her up stage so that both of us will announce to you that we have the money. It’s the Lord’s doing. I want you to know that He that started it will perfect it. It is a new phase.

Pastor Modele: God is a faithful God. For the first time, I am just speechless in the presence of God because God has outdone Himself (I hope that English is correct). He has outdone Himself and He told us, because when we bought this place we had the opportunity to buy a 5 million Naira, 10 million Naira tent, but we went for a 2 million Euro tent that was fabricated in Germany because we always give God the best; because of so many other things that God has led us to do over the years, He has proven Himself faithful once again and the COZA City, to the glory of our God; can somebody celebrate our God that is faithful!

Pastor Biodun: I want to thank everyone who was part of it because you see, people don’t give quietly. People like to be recognized, they want to be given titles, but people just gave. One of the things we did was that any first fruit, anything that came into Church was going there. Church Gist. I gave what I had never given since I was born, but beyond what was given, God did beyond and above. Hallelujah.
Never, never gotten to this height in my life. I am not looking at the bare land, I am seeing what I am seeing when I shut my eyes. You know when we do stuff, we don’t do ordinary things.
I was meditating this morning, the Holy Spirit told me, it is going to be an address in Abuja. You know when God tells me something and it is clear, I am very, very….what is going on?
-Whoever is rejoicing with us, you will also have yours.

I want to thank all the partners, all the people that made it happen. I want to thank all my mentors:
Pastor Matthew is phenomenal
I want to specially thank Bishop Oyedepo: every time, “What about the land? What about the land?”
Bishop Abioye still called me middle of the night today, “What’s up? What is happening?”
I said: Sir, God is great.
The only thing is our lawyers insisted that they had to do something. You know these ones, they are not bread and butter lawyers. Because these people we are buying from are not even in Nigeria. It is a prime place.
Once it is provided tomorrow, with a click of a button, you are going to see it on the internet that we got it. We already have it.
What I want you to remember is that we did not take a loan, debt free. Billion! Billion!! Debt free.

In 2021, Church Gist had written an article on the new COZA City when Pastor Mo mentioned it during their annual prayers and fasting programme in January, 12 Days of Glory titled 12DG Highlights which is as follows:

“Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo led COZA to establish Church Camp for Special Programs
*This is Not Our Final Place says Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo.

The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) is establishing a camp in the first few months of 2021 which would likely be ready for use sometime this year.

Speaking at the ongoing 12 Days of Glory, the wife of the Senior Pastor and Co-Founder, Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo announced that the ultra modern Guzape Abuja facility was not their final destination as a Church headquarters as there was a need for a place where they would have adequate time to worship God without the need to worry about closing time and going home.

According to Pastor Modele, ‘What unlocks the presence of God is worship. You can imagine if we are in a camp meeting right now, and it will happen this year. We will be in a bigger place having our own camp meeting and nobody will need to leave. Everybody will have a room to himself somewhere.

We have just started and that is what will happen. It doesn’t take long, it takes God, so don’t get tired of worship, don’t get tired of praying.’

Quite a number of major Nigerian established Churches have set up camps for major programs and some of the most prominent are the RCCG’s Redemption Camp (1983), Living Faith’s Canaanland (1998), MFM’s Prayer City (1999), Deeper Life’s Conference Centre (1998), Dunamis’ Lord’s Garden (2014) and Christ Embassy’s LoveWorld Grounds among many others. Church Gist. These camps or estates are semi-autonomous and run like mini cities while providing themselves essential facilities and infrastructure like water, electricity, medical, good roads, Fuel Stations and even providing structures for the Nigeria Police and even Fire Service. Some of these camps also host universities. These Churches have spent and continue to spend trillions of naira to develop these cities and also provide jobs for members and the populace as a contribution to the spiritual life and environment of the nation as well as real estate and the economy of the Country.

Currently Churches like RCCG, Living Faith, MFM, Christ Embassy, Salvation Ministries, The Citadel and Masters Place, etc have multi billion naira building projects ongoing.”

Indeed, we are in the era of Church Kingdoms, to God be all the glory.
“And he built his sanctuary like high palaces, like the earth which he hath established for ever.” – Psalm 78:69












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