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(John 6:10)

Pastor (Dr.) Paul Enenche

Marriage is an institution of God ordained for the good of man. There is something better than being single and that is marrying the right person. There is something worse than being single and that is marrying the wrong person. Marriage to the right person is one of the closest experiences to a heaven on earth lifestyle. Successful marriage is both workable and possible. Church Gist.
The destiny of the home is on the head of the man. The future of the family is resting on the head of the man and the outcome of the home is predicated on the head of the man.


  1. Take the lead.
    Set the pace, be the true leader, be the true symbol of authority. Take the lead, accept responsibility. A man named Ed Cole said being a male is a matter of birth but being a man is a matter of responsibility. That means not every male is a man. There are people dressed like me now who are not men.

Who is a man?
The man is the one who takes the lead and sets the pace. Take the lead in what? In true spirituality. The man is the priest of the house. Actually to marry somebody as a woman who you are more spiritual than apart from the help of God can be a great risk. We just heard now that it is easier for children and wife to follow the husband to church than for husband to follow wife to church.

  1. Take the lead in Kingdom service. Somebody is not on fire for God and has no passion for God very soon his passion for you too will die. The easiest way to know that a man’s love for you will continue is if his love for God is hot because nobody can love God genuinely and not love man, beginning with the men around him.
  2. Take the lead in exemplary masculinity Take the lead, show your sons who a real man should be by your masculinity, by your love, care and concern and be a man. Show your daughters who a real husband should be, let the girls look forward to marriage because of what marriage their father exhibited with their mother, let the boys look forward to marriage because of the marriage exhibited by their mother and their father. Church Gist. Don’t let your children fear to marry because of the kind of man you are, am I communicating? Don’t let your daughters fear to marry your type, don’t let your son fear to marry. Take the lead in exemplary masculinity.
  3. Take the lead in the care and provision for the house.
    Let the men sit down sir. Please don’t let your children and wife struggle for what to eat except yourself don’t have what to eat. Men sit down. Don’t let your wife be dressing and you are not aware of where it came from. If you didn’t buy the cloth where did she get it from? Supposing man gave her the cloth doesn’t it matter to you? You are not concerned about what she is putting on, and she is putting on things. Supposing there is a man by the corner who is more concerned than you. Your children are dressed and you don’t know how it came? Man sit down is another way to say wake up. Any man who is fond of asking you for things while you are in a relationship if you don’t run for your life now, you will have only yourself to blame.
  4. Take the lead in friendliness and communication.
    Let your wife find your presence to be the most exciting human presence. With your children, take the lead and you are the one to create that friendly environment, that friendly atmosphere. I am saying that because there are people the presence they fear the most is their husband’s presence. I am saying that because there are people, the presence they fear the most is their father’s presence.

The men sit down means that their wife and children can be comfortable to sit with them.

Don’t be a symbol of visionlessness and from you, let your children learn hard work. From you, let your wife learn hard work. It increases your respect. And woman never marry a lazy man. Young girls don’t marry a lazy man; that is a signature for frustration. Don’t marry a visionless man because if you follow a man going nowhere, he leads you nowhere. If you don’t know where you are going, you are not qualified to be followed because husbandhood or marriage is leadership. Church Gist. You don’t know where you are going in life, you are not qualified to be followed. If you don’t know where you are going you may not like where you will end. Don’t lead the family nowhere all that is men sit down.




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