THE LORD SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU – Bishop David Oyedepo at 5th Pre-Shiloh Encounter Service  || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| First Sunday Service || 

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–       Bishop David Oyedepo on THE LORD SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU at 5th Pre-Shiloh Encounter Service  || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| First Sunday Service || 

Jesus we are all at your feet, let every ear become a hearing ear and let every eye become a seeing eye and let your name be glorified in the name of Jesus.

Quickly, before we get into the teaching I would like you to please take note of the following, it will bless your life forever:

Thanksgiving is one of our strongest contacts with heaven. To be thankful always is to see prophetic words come to pass without stress. 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Hebrews 10:36. Thanksgiving is one of our strongest contact points with heaven. To be thankful is to keep scaling new heights without sweat. We saw the thankfulness of the young man called Daniel. Thankfulness! He kept scaling heights for sixty five years running without fail. Habakkuk 3:17-19. Thanksgiving is a mystery of all time. If you don’t want to be grounded, be grateful. Church Gist. To be genuinely thankful is to keep provoking divine intervention at will. They said he (Lazarus) was stinking and He said “Father, I thank you.” God hears thanksgiving faster than He hears prayers. Lazarus came forth. Every stinking thing in our life will shine forth through the mystery of thanksgiving. If you don’t want to be grounded, be grateful.

To be thankful is to provoke a continuous flow of fresh oil that silences our enemies and causes us to flourish in season and out of season. Psalm 92:1-2, 10-12. Church Gist. Mystery! Align with this as a lifestyle and watch how life will become so fulfilling, so empowering and so energizing. You will be glad you did.

To live a thankful life is to live a life of joy and rejoicing that supernaturally strengthens the believer! The more thankful you are, the more joyful you are and the more strengthened you become. The less thankful you are, the less joyful you are and the weaker you become. Nehemiah 8:10. Jesus was unusually energetic. He said, “I have meat you know nothing about.” Church Gist. They found Him, he was supposed to be hungry but He was busy with the woman at the Samaritan well. Unusual energy through joy and rejoicing in the Spirit. In-depth joy! Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit not facial mechanical joy. May this kind of joy which comes out of in-depth gratitude become everyone’s portion from now. Church Gist. To be grateful is to be joyful and because no one says thankful with a frozen face. If you are truly grateful you will be truly joyful and it will make a bright countenance. May everything that makes people ask you what is wrong come to an end today.

THE LORD SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU. It will be clear you are no longer struggling. When God takes over your fight, you begin to watch your victory on a film and then they call you forth to take the belt that you have won when you didn’t have to fight. When God starts fighting for you, your enemies will know. You become a no-go area for assault. They call your name for evil, they get tormented in the night. Church Gist. They couldn’t sleep because the Angel of the Lord that is assigned to fight your battle takes them on. Isaiah 49:24-26. God says I will fight them to finish. There won’t be a return match, I will clear them once and for all.

When the Lord took over Goliath fell flat. The stone sank into his brain. It broke through his skull, there was nothing to assist him on. He was completely gone. When God fights, He fights to finish. Church Gist. Today, every force rising against you will fall down flat, will fall down helpless and you will stand out triumphant in the name of Jesus.

As we get set for Shiloh, as you know it is nine days to come. It is not a Church Anniversary but a place of divine appointment ordained for our supernatural turnaround. Don’t toy with these things. They are not just gatherings of people. It is keeping an appointment. Joshua 18:1. Everything sitting on you will be unseated. Shiloh is not a Church Conference but a mountain of diverse encounters for our change of story. Church Gist.  Changes in the Kingdom have no end. Proverbs 4:18. You won’t know changes anymore. You won’t know setbacks anymore. Diverse encounters! 1 Samuel 3:21. Get set for an encounter of a lifetime.

Shiloh is not a Church Convention but a mountain of revelations for our transformation. 2 Corinthians 3:18. Everyone’s life shall be taking a new dawn at Shiloh 2023. Church Gist. It is an annual feast set by God to wipe away tears from all faces, to swallow death in victory and wipe away every tear that is on anyone’s ears. It shall be your own Shiloh in the name of Jesus Christ.

God still takes over the battles of His people today. The whole of Judah cried out to God and proclaimed a three-day fast and God responded and said “You shall not need to fight against your enemies. I have taken over this battle”.  God still fights for His people today. Church Gist. 2 Chronicles 20:17. Malachi 3:17. We all know that God can never return from any battle defeated. When God takes over your battles, your victory is guaranteed. Today is going to be the last day you suffer defeats anymore in your life.

He took over their battle in Egypt. He said, “I will bring one more plague upon Egypt and after that, he will let you.” He will thoroughly throw you out of Egypt and it happened. Church Gist. All your enemies will let go today. No man can hold a coal of fire in his hand and keep it. You drop it! The Lord will turn you into a coal of fire as he takes over your battles.

When God takes over our battles, He rescues us from all Satanic assaults. “You can never go. Not while I live, over my dead body. You die for free.” Church Gist. Anyone that ever said over my dead body concerning your case will die in your place.

How Do I Get God to Take Over The Battles of My Life?

We live in a Kingdom of How To. When you are born again you are handed down the keys of the Kingdom. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosened in heaven. There are keys! You can preach from now till tomorrow until you tell them what to do to access the things you are saying, it is equal to nothing. Church Gist. What shall I do? What must I do? Those are fundamental questions for triumphant living. A state of doing nothing is a state of being worth nothing. There is always what to do to arrive at what God has provided for you. There is always what to do to access them. What must I do to have God take over my battles?

1. Have a proven new birth experience.

You find me using the word ‘proven’ a lot. Proven new birth experience! Church identification is not the same as salvation. Have a proven new birth experience! 1 John 5:4. “Only God knows who is saved” No! By their fruits, we shall know them. Matthew 7:20-23. The fruits of the Spirit are the virtues that authenticate salvation. You have them listed in Galatians 5:22. Have a proven experience of new birth. Church Gist. That is where the journey to handing over your battle begins. Exodus 14:14. He was talking to Israel and every child of God is a seed of Abraham. So God fights for His children. You have to become His child before you qualify for Him to take over your fight. You have to become His child in truth and deed for Him to take over your fight. No guesswork. 

Until you are saved, don’t pose to be when you are not. Do you want to rededicate your life to Christ? You may have been saved before but you walked away. There is no way to access what you used to access. When a branch is disconnected from the tree, its death is a matter of time. It can’t bear fruit. Church Gist. Don’t toy with it, that is the foundation of a victorious life. You can’t overcome darkness in the midst of darkness. When you are saved you are translated from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. Then you can live the overcomer’s life. Colossians 1:3.

2. Keep walking in obedience to His Word.

When your obedience is fulfilled, you silence all oppositions. 2 Corinthians 10:6. When you walk in obedience with the truth, you have committed God’s integrity to confirm His Word in your life. Deuteronomy 28:1. Walk in full obedience, I will take over your battle and nobody can check you out. Obedience may be costly but the end result is priceless. When God says something and you say you don’t believe that, you don’t know what you are saying. “I won’t believe that no matter what you say” that means “I am ready for the consequences.” You better never be ready for what you can’t handle. Church Gist. I know you are a fighter but when you sleep how much fight can you engage in? When God takes over, He sits by your bed watching who will dare you. I told you I have died so many times but yet to be buried. When God takes over your fight you will be smiling at the storm. Walk in obedience, you can’t miss His presence and His presence means sweatless triumph. Amos 3:3. So agree with God by your obedience and He walks with you. Draw near me and I will draw near you. Walk with me and I will walk with you. Walking with God in obedience is what makes Him walk with us. The spirit of obedience comes afresh on every one of us today.

Acts 24:14. Paul believed in all things so he could do all things. Paul was missing in the Sea, not by kidnappers, he was inside the Sea overnight, isn’t that death? He got up in the morning and went to his next meeting. He wasn’t a diver. They stoned him to death and dragged his body out of town. Even if you didn’t die by stoning, if they drag your body on the floor won’t you die? Church Gist. While they gathered around him to think of what to do, he rose up and said “Let’s go to the next meeting.”  When God takes over your battles, you become an impossible case for your enemies. Today, I see you becoming an impossible case for your enemies. As you are receiving this Word today and you are tuning your heart and repositioning, your enemies will begin to smell.

–       They won’t dare to look at you any more.

–       They won’t dare your territory anymore.

John 8:29. There is what to do to secure His presence. You don’t wish for His presence, you walk in obedience to secure it.

3. Remain committed to walking in the fear of God.

The Lord was with Joseph as a slave. He got to the prison and the Lord was with him. Genesis 39:5, 21-22. He kept fighting for him. His brothers could not kill him because he was a young chap who walked in the fear of God. Church Gist. He was not tormented in prison because He had God’s presence with Him. How? Genesis 42:18. “But I fear God!” Walking in the fear of God makes God take over our battles. Somebody’s story is changing. Saying no to what God hates and yes to what He loves.

4. Stay in love with God.

He that dwells in love dwells in God and God in him. 1 John 4:16. So fighting against you is fighting against God. Staying in love with God makes God naturally take over our battles. Isaiah 43:1-4. When you are in love with God, you have handed your battles to Him. You don’t need to invite Him, you are inside each other like hands in gloves. You dwell in Him, He dwells in you also. I can tell you that every devil knows that. “Have you come to destroy us before the time?” Demons saw God with Jesus. Demons saw God with Paul. They know where you are standing. Church Gist. You can’t carry God and any devil claims not to know. Stay in love and God takes over your battles. You keep winning with sweat. So it is not a thing that happens by imagination and wishes and desires, there is a place to stand for God to take over your battles. John 21:15-17. Do you love Me? Then do my bidding, go for my interest to prove that you love me. 

5. Remain committed to serving God faithfully.

Nebuchadnezzar said “Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, servants of the Most High God. Come out of the fire.” They were open servants of God not secret servants of God. Daniel 3:26. When you are serving God, you are partnering with Him. He sent them to go to places where Himself would come. You are serving God, you are keeping company with God. Church Gist. He was with them in that furnace, there was no smell of fire in them. Thou shall serve and He shall bless. His blessings maketh rich and add no sorrow. Thou shall serve not thou shall sit, not thou shall preach. Thou shall serve. Preaching can be your career like teaching was people’s career. You shall serve, not all preachers are servants. What are you adding to the Kingdom? You shall serve and He shall bless. Can you point to any soul you laboured in prayers to see saved? With all the service units in Church, which one do you belong to? ‘Which one you dey?’ Job 36:11. He keeps them on a majestic ride for serving Him. That is where you are entering into. You will not be found on the byway anymore.  Matthew 28: 18- 20. If you are after the Great Commission, He partners with you supernaturally to fight your fight. 

6. Engage the altar of prayer and fasting to provoke divine intervention. 

As Judah did in 2 Chronicles 20:3-12. You can engage the altar of prayer to transfer your battles to God. Peter was shut up in prison and prayers were made by the Church without ceasing and an angel of God went forth and loosened Peter majestically. Church Gist. The iron gate opened on its own accord, the second gate also opened on its own accord. He thought he was dreaming. From now your victory will be like a dream. Your victory over that age-long battle will be like a dream. You will walk out of it as if it never existed. 

7. Commit to sustaining His presence for an ever-winning life. 

Psalm 22:3. Free yourself from murmuring and complaining, it complicates and messes up your case. Numbers 11:1. 1 Corinthians 10:10. Commit to sustaining God’s presence through a lifestyle of uncheckered praise. Untiring praise! Thank you Jesus, Glory to You, “Blessed be your name” all the time. My friend, Mike Murdock and I were driving down from the Old Church down to here and he said to me when we got here “I heard you say Thank you Jesus, praise the Lord 72 times before we arrived here from town”. It is an addiction. The God I serve has never done me any wrong. Church Gist. You may wonder how He is doing it. He has not done me any wrong. When they came out of Egypt, the sea saw them and fled. Why? God was their sanctuary. God was in the midst of them. We read that in the opening session. Psalm 114:1-7. If you sustain His presence troubles tremble at your instance. You appear, troubles tremble and clear the way. Psalm 114:1-7. Endeavour to sustain His presence so He keeps fighting your fights and you are watching your battles on the screen and they give you the crown for winning the fight you didn’t fight. 

Who will push down the Red Sea? How were children able to climb the mountains? He levelled the mountains and created a highway. The sea is not a stream, it is deep. How did they jump in? He threw a bridge. God doesn’t need concrete to build a bridge. He speaks! The Wall of Jericho didn’t fall, it sank. Because everyone went straight before them, there was no climbing over rubbles. The wall sank. God’s presence is a wonder. Mountains melt like wax when God is present. Move away from murmurers and complainers, it is very contagious. Church Gist.  Friendship is not by force, it is by choice. Oniyangi ma ba t’emi je, epo ni mo ru” (which warns anyone carrying palm oil to beware of the man carrying sharp sand). Don’t go around complainers, you will be trapped. My joy is overflowing! I hate the word ‘sorry’. Church Gist. I hate it with passion. Sorry means ‘bundle of sorrow.’ What are you carrying about?  What are you looking for? They should deposit more sorrow in your life. There is a way you go around and nobody knows what is going on, you don’t look wrong and you don’t speak wrong. 

I was thinking of something in God’s presence and it is so amazing. Spiritual intelligence is far above any realm of intellectual prowess. His ways are far above! There is no intellectual capacity or prowess that can get you embark on a project without a budget and execute without debt or borrowing. There are sicknesses that they can’t identify what is wrong but the man is dying. They use all the machines in the world, they can’t find it. Church Gist. The good news is that in every battle against your life, against your family, against your children, against your spouse, every battle that wants life to be burdensome for you, Jesus takes over today. Your victory is established forever. Thank you, Jesus! You are going places! 

In conclusion, praise is a vital platform for transferring our battles to God. So stay praising Him and you stay victorious, triumphant and more than a conqueror. Psalm 149:1-9. Praise is a covenant requirement for executing divine judgment against our enemies. You can dance to transfer your battles to God. Exodus 14:14. As you line up with those covenant terms He takes over your battles. Church Gist. We dance to transfer our battles to God. I want you to engage in praise warfare, the kind that transfers your battles to God. Anyone mocking you will be turned into a mockery. While their subject of mockery will be turned into double glory in your life. 2 Chronicles 20:22-24. We are going to see a repeat of that today.









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