TOWARDS MAXIMIZING OUR GLORIOUS DESTINY IN CHRIST 2 || Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr at Encounter With Destiny Service || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| 9th June 2024 || Third Sunday Service ||

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  • Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr on TOWARDS MAXIMIZING OUR GLORIOUS DESTINY IN CHRIST 2 at Encounter With Destiny Service || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| 9th June 2024 || Third Sunday Service ||

Our teaching for our Sunday services which we began last week Sunday is captioned “TOWARDS MAXIMIZING OUR GLORIOUS DESTINY IN CHRIST” Church Gist. We are reminded again that our prophetic theme for the month is “I’m a child of destiny, I shall not live like a destitute” Can we say that together? That shall be our experience in Jesus name.

By way of introduction this morning, it is important to note yet again that destiny in the Kingdom is not about whatever will happen will happen, but what has been preordained to be. Church Gist. Romans 8:29,30. It is important to note that no one knows us like God. Jeremiah 1:5. In fact, we are told that God knows us more than we know ourselves. 1 Corinthians 13:12. That means that no one can plan for us like God. If no one knows us like God, no one can plan for us like God. Church Gist. Jeremiah 29:11. No one knows us like God, therefore, no one can plan for us like God.

Romans 8:29. To predestinate means to preplan, to preordain, to prearrange. So, God knows us more than we know ourselves and therefore, only He can plan for us the best. Church Gist. No human calculation is sufficient to determine the ultimate destination of an individual. It would take the hand of God, the plan of God, the agenda of God to secure the fullness of the destiny of any man.

  • Shout hallelujah!

That is why every child of God in the Kingdom is an entity of predestination. Church Gist. Ephesians 1:3-5. So, everyone that is a child of God is an offspring of divine destiny.

Interestingly, it is important to also note that we all have a common destiny in Christ. Romans 8:29,30. Hebrews 2:8-11. Church Gist. So, everyone in the Kingdom, everyone that is a child of God, we have a common destiny in Christ. That means, one person does not have an advantage over the other. We have a common heritage, common destiny in Christ.

But we must come to recognize that spiritual understanding is what determines the limits of each one’s destiny. Matthew 13:23. What is the degree of productivity of that seed, it is the degree of understanding of the Word. Church Gist. So, the depth of our understanding determines the level of results that we get in the Word. This is very important. This is why the Word of God can be said to be the believers’ dream book. Isaiah 29:11,12. So, the Word of God can be said to be as it were, the believers’ dream book. Church Gist. It is from God’s Word that you can spy into your future. You can see the reality of your tomorrow today from God’s Word.

Isaiah 8:19,20. What is God saying? While others are going around trying to find the various dimensions of their future in strange places, He said for you and for me, to the Law. Let’s go back to the Word, let’s go back to the Law, to the Law and to the Testimony. Church Gist. Anything God has done for one, He’s ready to do for another. He said to the Law and to the Testimony, that’s where we resort. Stop going around to look for the future, the future is in the Book. The Book is the window to the future. You can look inside of it and tell your tomorrow. Please, hear this. Your future is not designed to be guesswork, it is to be Word worked. You walk your future by the Word. Church Gist. The Bible is the roadmap to our destiny. Every one of us walking by the Word is greatly walking into our future. Every step in the Word is a step closer to your destiny.

-Shout Hallelujah!

This is so important and that’s why you discover the beauty of our lives and destinies begin to emerge on the basis of what we can see from the Word. Church Gist. 2 Corinthians 3:18. So, as we keep gaining access into God’s Word, we keep having access into the opening of the future and we can walk in the reality of our destiny.

  • My prayer today is that via the encounter we are having upon this Mountain, our spiritual eyes will open up supernaturally.
  • Whatever we have been blind to, inside this service today, our eyes shall be open in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now, if we have a common destiny in Christ, then what are some of the pictures of the destiny that we have, this wonderful destiny that we have in Christ? Church Gist. We look at 2 things that depict the destiny that we have in Christ here from Scriptures.

1: A mountain top destiny. Everyone that is a child of God is ordained for the mountain top. That means that we are not designed to be bottom feeders but high flyers. Church Gist. We are not designed to be bottom feeders, we are designed to be high flyers. Deuteronomy 28:1. So, everyone that gets born again is ordained by God for the high places of the Earth. Deuteronomy 28:13. If you are ‘above only’ then that means you are ‘beneath never’. Church Gist. So, the only place we are permitted to be found is above. That is the destiny of the Redeemed. That is the ordination of Christ for everyone that is in the Kingdom.

Isaiah 60:8. So, everyone that is a child of God is ordained to be a high flyer in life. Church Gist. We are not to be bottom feeders, we are to be high flyers. That is the destiny of every redeemed child of God.

  • and I pray for somebody here this morning, that by the Word of the Lord that you are hearing, everything about your life will become a glorious flight. Nothing will be grounded again. Church Gist. Every department of your life will begin to take flight.
  • If you believe it, say a louder Amen!
  • In your career, higher flights, in your business, higher flights, in your family, higher flights, even your health, higher flights, your spiritual life, higher flights in the name of Jesus.

That is God’s ordination for everyone that is a child of God. Church Gist. We are ordained to be mountain-top entities.

Matthew 5:14-15. Because you are light, you are to be over, not under. Church Gist. If you and I are the light of the World, then we are to be set above the World.

  • Somebody here is getting there!
  • If you believe it, say a loud Amen!

Why is it important that we see these pictures? Because our orientation determines our transformation. Romans 12:2. Church Gist. How you see yourself determines how you live your life. God’s Servant said at the age of 16, he came across the fact that we are kings and priests and we shall reign upon the Earth and he said as a young boy, he would go out and ask himself, “Is this how a king will dress?” He will ask himself, “Is this how a king will act?” He began to tailor his actions to the picture that he had seen. Church Gist. You see, the truth is this, what you see determines how you live. You and I have been ordained as high flyers.

  • No more grounding of destiny for anyone here!
  • If you believe it, say a loud Amen.

2: It is an enviable destiny. Genesis 26:12-14. We are not to envy sinners, they are to envy us. That is God’s ordination. Isaiah 42:13. Church Gist. God in these last days is going to be stirring up jealousy by the things that He will be doing in the lives of His people. That is the ordination of God, that is what God has ordained for everyone that is a child of God.

  • That will become somebody’s experience from now in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • If you believe it, say a loud Amen.

Hebrews 13:5,6. You see, when an individual is in Christ, they have the ultimate advantage in the journey of life and that makes them the envy of their generation.

  • I’m speaking to somebody here this morning, by the encounter you are having today, you will become the envy of your generation.

What more? Isaiah 44:3-5. Church Gist. That is, they will be trying to associate with us, they will want to belong to us, they will want to carry our names, they will want to belong to our families.

  • That will be somebody’s experience from now.

An enviable destiny. Psalms 112:9,10. That is jealousy-provoking blessings. You know, there comes a time when people are speaking against you, it is clear that it is jealousy. It is clear. Church Gist. Where there is no argument when they say “Don’t mind him, he’s a useless person, he’s this, he’s that” You know that thing is a speech borne out of jealousy. It is the internal bitterness of the heart based on the goodness of God that can be seen in your life.

  • For somebody hearing me, that will become your testimony.
  • If you believe it, say a louder Amen!

Genesis 26:13-14. What I used to know is that it is food that has a store. That means this man (Isaac) had estates where he was keeping his servants, that was the ‘store of servants’. How will they not be angry? How will they not be upset? Church Gist. How will they not become jealous? When you that used to have one trouser before and now employing 1000 people. How will they not be angry? How will they not be jealous? Church Gist. When you who they used to castigate before, you are now giving estates out, how will they not be jealous? How will they not be angry?

  • Somebody’s story has changed today!
    Say with me “I can see myself now”
    -That will be somebody’s experience from now in the name of Jesus Christ.

But salvation is what makes one a child of destiny. Until you are born again, everything we have said is not applicable. It is salvation that makes you a child of destiny. Church Gist. Quickly, how do I know if I’m saved? Because so many people assume salvation. Salvation is not an assumption. It is a reality. It is a tangible experience that has very tangible proof. So, the question is, how do I know that I’m saved?

1: By the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit. Matthew 7:26. So, the fruit of the Spirit is the validation of what is in us. Church Gist. If Christ is in us, then the fruit of the Spirit will come forth through us.

We’ve been picking up some of the fruit of the Spirit since we began this series last Sunday and we’re going to look at 2 of them again today.
i: Peace that passes all knowledge. Galatians 5:22,23. Church Gist. So, we’re going to talk about peace. Philippians 4:7. So, there is a peace that passes understanding, that is beyond comprehension. John 14:27. The peace of the World is conditional. The peace of the World is situational, but the peace of God is eternal. Church Gist. It never shakes. It is serene at all times. It is assured at all times.

  • From today, no more shaking for you.

You see, when Jesus comes into the life of a person, one of the things He does is to bring you and I into the realms of peace. John 16:33.

I’ve shared this many times. I lived for some time in a part of the US where they used to have continuous tornadoes. They called that axis Tornado Alley. Every year at a particular time, tornadoes will come. A tornado is a very strong circular wind, it will pick up vehicles. Church Gist. It can pick up houses, bring destruction everywhere, very devastating and when the tornado comes, they will blow an alarm. Usually, if there’s a signal that the tornado will be coming to an area, an alarm will be blown and when the alarm is blown, individuals try to find a safe place to be and in many of those places, they have certain bunkers, very strong concrete structures that you can get into and when you get in there, you wait until the tornado goes and you can come out. I remember some time ago, the alarm blew, I didn’t know what was going on. Church Gist. I heard a loud sound and I saw everybody moving towards a place. I said what’s happening? You know, if you don’t know what is happening, it’s better to just keep moving and be finding out as you’re going. So, I kept moving and I was finding out “What’s going on?” They said it’s a tornado, there’s a sound of a tornado possibly coming. So, we went all into that place. When the tornado is going on, devastation is everywhere. Vehicles are been picked up, houses are been shattered, lives are been lost. Church Gist. But something struck me when we got into that bunker. Everybody was there having conversations, some people were reading, some individuals were playing games, other people were chatting. It was as if they were not in the same place. They were in the same environment, but a different experience because they were inside the bunker.

Listen, Jesus is our bunker of peace. When the World is going bonkers, you and I can enter our bunker, we can sit down in our concrete tower. Proverbs 18:10. There is a kind of peace that surpasses understanding. Church Gist. There is a way you will live like you are not in the same environment. Jesus said “I pray not that you would take them out of the World, but I pray that you keep them in the World” That is, while they are in the World, they are not living like the World. Church Gist. When the heart of the World is failing them, your own heart is in safety, your own heart is in peace, your heart is assured.

  • Is somebody hearing what God is saying this morning?

The peace that passes all understanding. Now, why is that peace important? Church Gist. Because when that peace is in a place, God takes over the battle. Exodus 14:14. Psalm 46:10.

A songwriter began to write and he said “When the sea rises and the thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm, Father you are King over the flood, I will be still and know that you are God” Church Gist. When God is invited by the peace of a man’s heart, the storms of life are of no consequence.

You see, the beauty of life is this, when an eagle is flying and there is a storm, the eagle does not complain about the rain. If you check it, when rain is falling, other birds find where to hide but the eagle does not. Church Gist. Why? It goes above the storm. There is a place above the storm. You see, rain falls from the clouds. There is a place above the cloud that the eagle can climb to that it will be still in the World but not living like it is in the World. Church Gist. That is where God seeks to take us to but guess what? It takes peace in us to see the intervention of God.

  • I see God intervening in somebody’s matter.

ii: Longsuffering which actually means patience. Longsuffering or patience. Hebrews 6:12,15. One of the fruit of the Spirit is patience. God’s Servant said in the first 2 services, “If you live life in a hurry, you will end up in horrors” So many people are in a rush. Church Gist. They want to be rich quickly, they want to experience things quickly. No patience for the adventure of life. Hear this, most people that are victims of scams is lack of patience. Hello? Naija bet, patience problem. MMM, patience problem. All the scams you can think about, it is patience problems. You go on the internet “How can I make one million fast, fast? Quickest way to one million. Quickest way to billionaire. Church Gist. Quickest way to million in dollars. Fastest way, fastest way.” Everybody is looking for the quick way, the quick route. But hear this, the direction of God may not be the fastest way but it’s the surest way.

Exodus 13:17. So, the shortcut was a war front. God said if they (Israelites) go the short way, they will see war and the war they will see is the war that they’re not prepared for, so they will turn back and go back to captivity. Church Gist. Hear this, there are many battles people are fighting that they are battles that were not necessary. They are battles of urgency. People running in directions where they should not have gone. Patience, that’s one of the fruit of the Spirit.

  • Shout hallelujah!
  • I see grace coming upon us today for a life of patience.

Now hear this, the truth is this, the journey in destiny is actually not long. It only seems long at the beginning. It’s not long, that journey is not long. It only seems to be long at the beginning. Church Gist. God’s Servant was sharing with us how that the vehicle that everybody used to mock, the Volkswagen Beetle that was completely wind conditioned, that did not require horn to announce his arrival. When he’s coming, everybody knows he’s coming because it announces itself. There is no point, you don’t need to horn and say “Get out of the way” Church Gist. As you’re coming, they can hear, he’s coming, moving like machine gun. They know it has arrived. But the journey between that and taking flight was really not long. Before 12 years, flight was taking place, why? Patience.

Can I tell you something? What looks great to you today is not as far as it may seem. Church Gist. What looks like it is the shortcut to your destination may cut you short in the journey of life. Patience, patience. “After he had patiently endured” Hebrews 6:15.

  • I pray today, the grace for patience, come afresh upon us.

2: We also recognise that not only through the fruit of the Spirit that we can know that we are born again but also through rescue from the works of the flesh. Church Gist. Diverse works of the flesh, addictions, drunkenness, whatever the case may be, works of the flesh. 2 in particular that I want us to pay attention to today.

i: Uncleanliness. Isaiah 52:11. 2 Corinthians 6:17,18. 2 Corinthians 7:1. Church Gist. So, if you and I are going to truly authenticate our Christianity, it would be by rescue from uncleanliness.

We heard the testimony that was read to us, that individual, the brother, he said for 30 years he had been working as a bricklayer, nothing to show for it. Worked all over the Country. He said but he was taken by the habit of drunkenness. Church Gist. He would drink himself to such stupor that in many times he would be naked, lying down in the gutter in the street. He said but a Pastor came, found him in that state, began to minister to him. He came to Church, gave his life to Christ and everything turned. Church Gist. The taste for uncleanliness died. It’s one of the evidences of a genuine encounter with Christ.

ii: Hatred. This is one of the works of the flesh. Hebrews 12:15. Church Gist. We must watch out for hatred, it is one of the works of the flesh.

  • But today, every work of the flesh shall be subdued in the name of Jesus.

Now, what are the keys to realizing our colourful destiny in Christ? 2 things.

1: Be spiritual. That is, be committed to walking in the fear of the Lord like Daniel did, be spiritual. Church Gist. If you want to experience the realization of your glorious destiny in Christ, you must be spiritual. Galatians 5:16. Be spiritual. It is a vital necessity. 1 Corinthians 2:14. Be spiritual.

2: Engage the Holy Spirit in your quest for understanding. It takes the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and open our understanding. Ephesians 1:17-18. So, it will take Him to enlighten our understanding. Church Gist. So, we must keep engaging the Holy Ghost, “Open up my understanding, let me see” Because what you see determines what you become. What you’re able to actualize is based on what you can see.

  • Today, I see the Holy Ghost opening each one of our eyes in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now, today is our ‘Encounter With Destiny Service’ and let’s take note of this. No one can ever arrive at a future that he cannot see. Genesis 13:14,15. The brighter you see, the faster the rate of delivery. Jeremiah 1:11,12. This is so important. Church Gist. Like we said earlier, the picture of our future is captured in the Scriptures. So, when we gain access to seeing clearly what God has said concerning us, we begin to walk in the reality of it. 1 John 1:1. So, you hear, you see and then, you touch. “We have heard, we have seen and we have handled” So, you hear and then, you see and then, you touch. This is so important. Church Gist. That’s why we dive into God’s Word with the assistance of the Holy Ghost, we begin to experience Him changing our levels from glory to glory. 2 Corinthians 3:18.

So, somebody says “What is an encounter with destiny?” Simple. An encounter with destiny is an encounter with the Word. Isaiah 9:8. How did Jacob become a nation? A Word. Just a Word. Do you know that if your heart has been opened to the Word that you have heard this morning, that you have already had an encounter with destiny? And what does that encounter with destiny do? Very simple, it opens a new chapter.

  • So, good news for somebody hearing my voice today, a new chapter has opened for you today!
  • In your business, in your career, a new chapter has opened for you today.
  • In your spiritual life, a new chapter has opened for you today.
  • In your family life, a new chapter has opened for you today.
  • In your health, a new chapter has opened for you today in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Therefore, I welcome you today to this new season of your life.
  • It’s a season of unusual occurrences.
  • God’s hand will begin to manifest in unusual dimensions and take you to higher levels that you can never imagine in the name of Jesus Christ.

—Prayers and Altar Call—








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