TOWARDS MAXIMIZING OUR GLORIOUS DESTINY IN CHRIST 3C || Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr at Covenant Family Day Service || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland || 16th June 2024 || Third Sunday Service ||

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  • Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr on TOWARDS MAXIMIZING OUR GLORIOUS DESTINY IN CHRIST 3C at Covenant Family Day Service || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland || 16th June 2024 || Third Sunday Service ||

Our line of teachings for our Sunday Services this month has been “TOWARDS MAXIMIZING OUR GLORIOUS DESTINY IN CHRIST” and this is the third part in this series of teachings. Church Gist. Remember that the Prophetic Theme for the Month is “I AM A CHILD OF DESTINY, I SHALL NOT LIVE LIKE A DESTITUTE.’

‘Towards Maximizing Our Glorious Destiny in Christ.’ Every child of God is a child of destiny – we have established that from Scriptures. Every child of God (everyone that is born of God – every child of God) is a child of destiny. Church Gist. Romans 8:29-30. So everyone that is a child of God is a child of destiny. Everyone! And what we have been trying to do is to uncover the picture of our glorious destiny in Christ.

What Are Some Of The Expressions (Some Of The Dimensions) Of Our Glorious Destiny In Christ?

We’ll look at two of those aspects of the picture of our glorious destiny in Christ this morning.

  1. It’s a prosperous destiny. Everyone that is born again is born into a prosperous destiny. That is God’s ordination for us. 2 Corinthians 8:9. So part of the purpose of Jesus’ sacrifice was to bring us into the realm of prosperity. Church Gist. Revelation 5:12. So He came to receive these 7 packages and if you look at them, you will discover the second of them is riches. He came that we may receive riches. Therefore, what that means is part of our heritage in redemption is the heritage of riches. Galatians 3:13-14.

So everyone that is a child of God has been brought into a heritage of blessing. What is the function of blessing? Proverbs 10:22. So according to Scripture, everyone that is born again is born into an heritage of riches or prosperity. Say with me: ‘I am prosperous.’ Now, that is our identity in Christ. Church Gist. That is our heritage in redemption. It’s not what you are aspiring to be, it is what He has provided for you to be. So everyone that is a child of God is ordained by God to live a prosperous life. But it is important for us to recognize that for the provision to become a manifestation, there are responsibilities that must be taken.

Every provision of the Kingdom leaves man with responsibilities to take. If I’m going to experience my heritage of prosperity in this Kingdom, there is a law it anchors on. And the anchor law of prosperity in the Kingdom is actually the giving law. Church Gist. Job 22:21-25. So there is a law that leads to a life of gold. There is a law that leads to a life of provision. There is a law that leads to the life of supplies. What is that law? It is the giving law. 2 Corinthians 9:6-8.

What is God saying? He’s saying as we engage this law of giving, there is a response from Heaven that brings about the release of grace. Now, why do we call it a law? Genesis 8:22. In other words, as long as the Earth is operating (as long as we are on the face of the Earth), there is a guarantee that the Law of Seedtime and Harvest cannot cease. Church Gist. The way the Law of Gravity cannot cease while you are on the Earth, it’s the way the Law of Seedtime and Harvest shall not cease. If you jump up and down in Lagos – if you jump up, you will come down. If you go to Abuja and jump up, you will still come down. If you go to London and jump up, you will still come down. If you go to Los Angeles and jump up, you will still come down. If you go to Mumbai in India and jump up, you will still come down. Why? It is a law. The law is called the Law of Gravity that whatever goes up gets to a peak and then it comes down. It is the Law of Gravity. As gravity guarantees that whatever goes up will come down is the way the Law of Seedtime guarantees that whatever goes in seed will come back as a harvest. Is somebody getting what God is saying?

That means, if you don’t want to lose out on the harvest, you must never miss out on the seed. The seed is the guarantee to the harvest. It is a law and anyone that will partake of what God has in store for us particularly in this season, we must understand the application of the Law of Seedtime and Harvest. Church Gist. Philippians 4:15-19…that is a law. Giving provokes receiving. So the supply answers to the sowing. No sowing, no supply. That is the law.

Let’s understand this ‘this morning’ however that your giving is not a donation. God’s Servant has told us this over and again. It’s not a donation to help the Church, the ministry or the minister. Church Gist. Your seed is a spiritual transaction that provokes the response of Heaven to release the supply that you required. It is a spiritual transaction.

Now listen very carefully. When it comes to the operation of laws, laws are not substituted. You don’t substitute one law for another. No! Each law has its function and must be engaged appropriately. For example, you cannot substitute the law of sowing with praying. No matter how much you pray, it cannot end in prosperity. You can’t substitute the law of sowing with fasting. No matter how you fast, it cannot end in prosperity. Church Gist. You can fast to light but you can’t fast into prosperity. The light will show you what you must do to prosper. It’s so important for us to understand this. So you don’t go and just hide yourself on one mountain and say, you will pray and pray until money comes. No, it will not come like that. The pathway to prosperity in this Kingdom is the pathway of the Law of Seedtime and Harvest. It is the anchor law through which this answers.

  • I see that becoming somebody’s experience here in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • As we engage this Law, I see each one stepping into strange realms of divine prosperity!

God’s Servant said, he went before the Lord. He took 2 books, the Book of Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland’s Book also – ‘The Law of Prosperity and God’s Will is Prosperity’ and he took his Bible and went before the Lord to seek to find out what is the secret of Kingdom prosperity? Anything that is working works by secret that has been discovered. What is the secret of Kingdom prosperity? Church Gist. He said, he had been preaching prosperity but he was not seeing it. He said, ‘I don’t know this thing as I ought to know it.’ So he went before the Lord with those 2 books and with his Bible and after going through those books, suddenly the light of God broke forth in his direction. And the Lord began to speak to him, “my prosperity plan is not a promise. It is not a promise, it does not answer to prayer. It is not a promise, it does not answer to fasting. It is a covenant, until your part is played, I am not committed. It is a covenant.” And when he discovered – what is that covenant? The covenant is that covenant of seedtime and harvest – the giving covenant. When he caught the law, he said ‘he jumped up, spun around and shouted in the room, I can never be poor.’ Because a law is a guarantee, it’s not a guesswork.

  • My prayer for each one of us is that from this season onward, by the light of God that you are going to be walking in, I see each one walking out of every shackle of poverty and entering into glorious realms of Heaven’s prosperity!
  1. We have a pacesetting destiny in Christ. That means that by redemption, we are ordained to be pacesetters, trailblazers (and) pathfinders. Church Gist. Everyone that is a child of God is ordained by God to live a life that is to be envied – a life that will set the pace, a life that will command results that have never been seen before.
  • For somebody hearing my voice, by the encounter you are having today, you will begin to experience pacesetting results in the name of Jesus Christ.

Concerning Jesus Christ who is our perfect example, we are shown how He commanded pacesetting results. They began to say concerning Him, “we have seen strange things today.” They began to say concerning Him, “we have never seen it in this fashion before.” That was the experience of Jesus. Church Gist. Now, what is the ordination of the believer? 1 Corinthians 2:9. So everyone that is a child of God has a pacesetting destiny. We are designed to set the pace, to be frontliners, to produce results that have never been seen before.

  • I see somebody receiving grace for that in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

So we are ordained by God to set the pace. And somebody may be wondering what will it take for us to become pacesetters? What is the requirement?

  1. Having an unfailing love for God – a passion for God. 1 Corinthians 2:9. An unfailing love for God! When your love begins to blow hot for God, you will end up as a pacesetter. You see, when God was looking for a man to put on the throne, He didn’t look for the man with the best qualification. 1 Samuel 13:14. No wonder, David became a pacesetter. Church Gist. When He was looking for the replacement of David at the time David was going to depart to be with Him, the Bible tells us concerning Solomon (1 Kings 3:3) and “Solomon loved the Lord.” The characteristics of a heart for God naturally separates man from his peers. It naturally separates a man from his peers. When your heart goes after God, your life is set apart by God. When your heart goes after God, your life is set apart. You just stand out naturally.
  • I see grace coming upon us for this in the name of Jesus!
  1. Take delight in Kingdom advancement endeavours. Church Gist. You see, those who get sold out to the cause of the Kingdom, they will also stand out in the journey of life. Daniel 12:3.

So if I am born again, I have a heritage of prosperity. If I am born again, I have a heritage of a pacesetter.

Now, the question is how do I know if I’m born again? What is the evidence of salvation? Because salvation should not be guesswork. It should be clear with proof and evidence.

How Do I Know If I’m Born Again?
We’ll look at a few things here quickly this morning.

  1. Through the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit. And we have been looking at a number of these fruits of the Spirit since this Month began. Church Gist. Through the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-23. Let’s take two of them this morning.

i. Meekness. Psalm 25:9. The word meekness actually simply refers to humility. You see, God is always in search of the humble. He’s always in search of the humble. One of the most attractive virtues to God is the virtue of humility. 1 Peter 3:4. You see, the word ‘ornament’ can talk about things like a decorative jewelry. An ornament – a decorative jewelry and the Bible tells us that this ornament when it is put on a person, it is of great price in the sight of God. Church Gist. When God looks at it, He’s attracted to it. That’s why a meek spirit will always magnetize God and a proud spirit will always offend God.

It is so important for us to understand. Meekness or humility is a vital necessity for anyone that will have a productive walk with God. And this is one of the evidences of a genuine experience of salvation. Church Gist. When a man becomes born again, one of the expressions of the regenerated spirit is meekness – humility (maintaining a posture of humility before God).

  • I pray today that for somebody hearing my voice, the spirit of meekness, that ornament of a great price will begin to manifest in each one of our lives!

We are told concerning Moses in Numbers 12:3 that he was the Meekest of all men on the face of the Earth and what happened to this Moses? Exodus 11:3. This Man became the greatest. He was the Meekest and ended up becoming the greatest. Meekness will always result in greatness. Church Gist. God’s Servant said to us in the first 2 Services there is nothing wrong in making your boast in the Lord but to have confidence in self (to have confidence in achievement, to have confidence in possession) will make you lose your place in the adventure of life. This is so important. So we must come to recognize that there is a need for meekness. Matthew 5:5, Philippians 3:3. Meekness is a vital necessity.

The mother of Oral Roberts told him, she said “Oral, remain small in your own eyes.” One of the things that brings many people down is pride. Proverbs 16:18. If you are going to escape the fall then you must maintain a posture of humility. One of the scary Scriptures that I see from God’s Word is in 2 Chronicles 26:14-16 – everything that happened happened because he (Uzziah) was helped. Church Gist. I want you to understand something today. Anything happening in your life is happening because you are helped. Is somebody getting it now? Anything in your life is happening because you are helped. It’s happening because you are helped.

The day the body of a vehicle begins to boast against the engine will be the day that that vehicle becomes useless. Everybody looks at the car, it is the body they see but what makes it work is the engine. There is something that is making things work for you. Don’t boast against it or you will lose it. He was helped until he was strong but when he was strong, he forgot that the reason he was strong was the fact that he was helped. So his heart was lifted up and the Bible says, it was to his own destruction. Church Gist. His heart was lifted up and it was lifted up to his own destruction. As a result of that, he lost it all in a moment. The One who seemed to be the most colourful of kings, the most glorious of people, the most intelligent of all as it were, when help was withdrawn, helplessness was revealed.

Now listen to me very carefully. The moment God withdraws His help, the helplessness and the nakedness of man is revealed. You don’t know how weak you can be until God withdraws. You don’t know how small you can get until God withdraws. Church Gist. You don’t know how powerless you can be until God withdraws. We must come to recognize that the help of God is the difference maker and anyone who recognizes that he is being helped will always maintain humility before his Helper.

  • May God grant us grace never to forget that we are helped of God!

ii. Goodness. Goodness here refers to doing good. You see one of the characteristics of an individual that genuinely has encountered Christ is the exhibition of goodness. The person should be recognized as a good person. Acts 10:38. The patterned Son was doing good. Therefore, everyone that is like Him must be committed to doing good. Acts 11:24. A man that is genuinely in Christ should exhibit a life of goodness – doing good to people. Let’s take advantage of it. It’s so important. We must have that testimony, we must have that evidence of being a good person. Church Gist. How will people describe you? How will they describe you? Will they say that’s a good man? You know there are some people, when they see them; immediately – “ah, that’s a bad man (a very bad man).” That’s a good man – that should be the testimony of one that is authentically in Christ. The authenticity of our walk with God should be exemplified in goodness.

  • I pray today that for each one of us, the grace to begin to manifest goodness will come afresh upon each one of us!

So we take advantage of doing good. Galatians 6:10. Do good! Look at ways to be a blessing – do good to all men. We have the Kingdom Care Covenant ongoing, we (should) take advantage of that to do good to people. You see people around you that may be in need in one way or the other – do good to them. Somebody says ‘what if the person is a witch and I do good to the person?’ The Bible tells you, it said, “even if you see your enemy hungry, give him to eat.” Why? Church Gist. It said, “in doing so, you are heaping coals of fire on his head.” Anyone that seeks to do you evil…that is, doing good to them does not harm you. No! God defends you in the process. Is somebody getting it now? Don’t look for any excuse to stop this responsibility. Tell your neighbour, “do good.” Tell yourself, “I will do good.”

Let us take opportunities that come our way to do good to those that come across our way. We should do good. Somebody cannot eat, do good to them. Somebody cannot pay the school fees of the children and you are blessed enough to do that, do good to them. Church Gist. Let’s take advantage of opportunities as they come our way to exhibit goodness towards those that we come across.

  • I see grace coming upon us for this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

So we said one of the ways that you know that you are born again is through the fruit of the Spirit and we’ve looked at two fruits of the Spirit – meekness and goodness.

  1. Through supernatural rescue from works of the flesh and two works of the flesh we are going to look at this morning is:

i. Carnal comparison. 2 Corinthians 10:12. Carnal comparison! What this does is that it stirs up covetousness. Church Gist. Carnal comparison! ‘Look at him, look at me.’ Carnal comparison! That’s one of the things that is a work of the flesh.

  • I pray today that for each one of us, every hold of carnal comparison will be broken in the name of Jesus!

Now listen. One of the mysteries of life is that everyone is running his own race and everyone is running in his own lane. Face your race so you don’t miss your price. Now I have shared this before. In secondary school, I used to be a runner, I used to sprint and I was sprinting in short distance. So we would run and so forth – 100 metres, 200 metres and so forth. That was our race. We were built for it, we operated with it and we did well with that. Church Gist. And I remember that we went for a track meet and after I ran my race, the coach called me and said “David, the boy who is supposed to run 400 metres is not around. So can you help us run 400 metres?” Now he’s the coach and there’s no way I can say no. So I said no problem because in my heart, 400 metres runners were slow. I saw them…we run sprints – we are fast. So the boys who run 400 metres, I just looked at them with (my) eyes and said, I will finish these people. So on your marks, I got on my mark. Set, I got set. The gun went ‘tor’, I took off.

As I took off, I couldn’t see anybody around me. In my mind, I was still thinking these boys are slow. 100 metres, nobody near me. 200 metres, nobody near me. By the time I was around 250, I discovered that my mind was walking faster than my leg was running. Around 300 metres, the people I left behind, I started seeing them around me. Well, let’s leave it at that. (Laughs) Hear me, in my race, I was fast. In their race, I was not fast. Are you getting what I’m saying? Church Gist. Now the truth is that if you are measuring time, the one running 100 metres has arrived at his destination in about 10 seconds. The one running 400 has not hit the 50 metres mark. It does not mean he doesn’t have a gold medal waiting for him at the end. Don’t measure your race with another man. Is somebody getting it?

‘Look at that one, he’s a millionaire at 30. I must be wasting my life.’ He’s running his race. Leave him with his race, face your race. I have noticed something. The one who takes first in 400, what medal do they give him? Gold! Church Gist. The one that takes first in 800, what medal do they give him? Gold! The one that takes first in 1200, what medal do they give him? Gold! The one that takes first in a marathon, what medal do they give him? Gold! Run your race! Is somebody getting it?

No two people are running the same race. Hebrews 12:1. Run with patience. Each one has their race. They are built for that race. They are designed for that race. So run your race so you can win your price. Stop comparing yourself with another person. Church Gist. Stop comparing yourself! Don’t frustrate yourself by comparing yourself with the person you are not. You are you. They are them. Is somebody getting what God is saying? You are you, they are them. Let them be them, you be you.

  • From today, no more confusion!

You see a young man carrying his phone and he’s going on Instagram, seeing all manner of things, shaking his head “ah, see my life, what am I doing with my life? What am I doing?” Church Gist. Stop watching another man’s race. Listen to me, runners are not watchers. You are either watching or you are running. Stop observing another person’s race. Run your race.

  • May God grant each one of us grace!
  • No more carnal comparison in the name of Jesus!

ii. Strife. This is a work of the flesh. Ecclesiastes 7:9,17. Strife! Some people – they are just consistently fighting. Wherever they are, there must be (a) fight. If they are not around, you will know because there is peace. Wherever they are, they will look for what…even when there is no fight, there is a subject they must create to fight. At every point in time, arguments up-down. They just have to have strife. You know there are people that even their environment knows when they are not around. Church Gist. The environment itself will just be calm. You say, how come this place is like cool breeze is blowing today (laughs) – the man is not around. When he’s around, everywhere is boiling, everywhere is charged. Why? Because of a spirit of strife. The Bible gives us a very strong admonition. It said, “the servant of the Lord must not strife.” 2 Timothy 2:24. So we have a responsibility to live a life without strife.

It’s unfortunate that you have many people who call themselves Christians that they strife terribly. Many years ago, 2 women were having issues with themselves. So they got to Church and it was time for prayer and in the midst of the prayer, they left the prayer everybody was praying. Then they started praying – they were praying to one another. That is, one will pray, the other will listen. When that one finishes, the other one replies – inside the prayer. Church Gist. This one will talk, the other will listen. When the other one finishes, (the other one) will now reply. They were replying themselves inside the prayer. Everybody else was praying the prayer that was being prayed. These ones were insulting themselves inside the prayer. When I heard it, I thought it wasn’t true. So I called one of them, I said: I heard – she said yes, it’s true. I said, first of all you need rededication because you are not born again. Genuine salvation demonstrates itself by a strife free life.

You know Paul, the Apostle was a man that the Bible…he, himself called himself “I was injurious.” Everywhere Paul was before then, he was a man of strife. But when Paul came to Christ, it is the same Paul that he was saying that people look at me and say that “his appearance is contemptible – he’s not the kind of person that looks like he is anything” by reason of the authenticity of his salvation. Church Gist. Please hear this, a genuine effect of our salvation should be a strife free life. “The servant of the Lord must not strife.”

What Are Some Of The Keys For Us To Realize Our Colourful Destiny in Christ?

  1. Commit to learning from anointed ministers especially through their resources. Isaiah 30:20-21. So no matter what you are facing, one of the things that is required is get yourself settled behind God anointed ministers. Church Gist. The words that they teach, the words that they show have the capacity to bring you out of the prison of life and take you to the pinnacle that God has ordained for you.
  2. Engage in prayer and fasting for spiritual understanding concerning any area of concern. Engage in prayer and fasting. Why? Because one of the effects of prayer and fasting is (the) outbreak of light. Isaiah 58:6,8. Church Gist. So there is a breaking forth of light that comes as a result of praying and fasting.
  • I see light breaking forth for somebody here in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Now, today is our Covenant Family Day and it’s important for us to recognize that our God is a family loving Father. He’s a family loving Father. The family institution itself was created by God and when it was created by God, He blessed it. Genesis 1:26-28. Church Gist. And we know that whatsoever blessings that God releases cannot be averted. When God blesses, struggles are terminated!

  • For somebody hearing my voice today, every struggle in your family shall be terminated today in the name of Jesus!

If you look at the example of Joseph, it is a proof of the potency of parental blessings.

  • My prayer today is that the blessings of the Lord, particularly as it concerns our families, will begin to speak louder than ever in the name of Jesus!

How Do We Secure The Blessings of God On Our Families?

  1. We should recognize that God wants us saved and our household. Acts 16:30-33. What was God saying? It’s not only about you but also about your household. Church Gist. God is interested in not only our salvation but the salvation of our household.
  2. We should take our position as the Joseph and Esthers of our families for the rescue of their souls. You know Joseph said, “God sent me before you to preserve life.” Church Gist. One of the reasons why you are saved is to ensure the security of the salvation of everyone in your household. He sent you ahead so that they can be saved. So we must go forth as Joseph and Esthers.
  3. We should plead for God’s mercy over our families to break curses particularly as may be associated with serving other gods among others. Plead for mercy! Church Gist. Many are in combat with battles that did not start with them – battles that came from the line of heritage that we came from originally. But one thing we can do is to plead for the mercy of God.

We heard the testimony of one of us who said that in their family for 37 years, no one ever got married. And when she went to go and ask the father, what’s going on? The father said it was because of the scarcity of girls in their family. So they invited a herbalist and the result was what they saw. Women but no marriage. If they marry, the marriage must scatter – for 37 solid years. Church Gist. Until she came to Jesus, stood on the behalf of the family and I believed cried to God for mercy among others. And the very next year, 11 ladies got married. Not only that. But outside of the 11 that got married, those who were divorced began to reconcile. So the things that were seen visibly were taking place because of something that happened spiritually. Many times, there are things happening physically but they are products of things that have taken place spiritually.

  • But today as the cry for mercy goes up, I see every siege upon any family represented here shattered in the name of Jesus!
  • Psalm 16:4. Every sorrow that may have come upon anyone here today via the cry for mercy, I see the sorrow overturned in the name of Jesus!
  1. We should enter into a covenant to serve God as individuals so as to bring an end to all satanic siege of affliction in our families. Church Gist. Enter into a covenant. When they entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, He gave them rest round about. 2 Chronicles 15:12-15.
  • That will be somebody’s experience here in the name of Jesus Christ!

In conclusion this morning, we must recognize that by redemption, we are now members of the family of God. That means every generational curse or spell associated with our biological lineage has no more right over us. Church Gist. We are now part of the family of God. Ephesians 2:19. We are part of His household. So no curse, no spell is permitted to have a hold on us anymore.

  • Every curse upon any life is broken in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • Every curse upon any family today is broken in the name of Jesus Christ!

We must see ourselves in redemption as coming into a Kingdom for such a time as this for the rescue of our families.

  • The good news is that after today, the story of your family shall be positively rewritten!
  • Whatever negative stigma used to be there, by reason of the encounter of today, that story shall be positively rewritten in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • That shall become your experience in Jesus name!

Therefore, everyone of us should cry out today for the rescue of our various families from every assault of hell and God who heard Esther will hear you and me!








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