UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION – PART 2 – Pastor David Ibiyeomie || Easter Sunday Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 31st March 2024 || Second Service.

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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie on UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION – PART 2 || Easter Sunday Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 31st March 2024 || Second Service.

-Lord, breathe your breath upon the Word for each one to have an encounter with the Word of Resurrection in Jesus’ mighty name.

Today is Easter Sunday. I said something: What has given credibility to Christianity is (being celebrated) today. If Jesus never rose from the dead, there wouldn’t have been Christianity. Is that true? That you are called a Christian today is that He rose from the dead. Philippians 3:10. So without knowledge, you can’t acquire anything in the Kingdom. Church Gist. We are looking at UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION – the Purpose of His what? (Resurrection). The Purpose Of His Resurrection! I said something in the First Service, I said: Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus is the demonstration of the power of God. Jesus died and rose from the dead to restore to man all that man lost.

-Whatever you lost in your life will be restored right now because He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Church Gist. Death could not hold Him captive. Every buried destiny will come alive right now.

Resurrection is actually about power display. Matthew 28:18. He didn’t say “Some power”, “All”! He left none for the devil. So satan does not have anyone left in his hands. Jesus said: “All power, all!” And left none in the hands of the devil. To attribute power to the devil is a function of ignorance. If resurrection is that powerful then why are you not enjoying that Power? Is that clear? Hear this: Paul said, ‘That I may know Him and the power (of His Resurrection)’. Church Gist. That means if you actually understand the power of His resurrection you will not be going for all these deliverance and all these prayers that you are praying against witches. You will just command the witch to be dewitched. He said: “That I will understand what this Power carries.” Listen! There are those who cast out demons and there are those who demons see and run. True? There are those who do prayers all night for witches and there are those who witches see and run. Which one do you prefer? How can you do all night for a witch? All night! Then what will you do for the devil? All year! (Laughing). You get to a point where demons see you and run, occult men see you and they don’t come to your compound.

Life story! My wife is here, living witness! (In) 1996, a notorious occult man was living with us in Victoria Island, Lagos (State) and one morning, I got up in my pyjamas. As I came out, just sighting my face, he physically ran – I didn’t pray. And people dreaded this man, he’s late now. I didn’t pray, not that I said: ‘Ye devil’! No! I just came out, he could not stand. He finished his incantations and me, I came out just sighting my look, he physically ran. I’m not talking about spiritual run. Everybody said: Why is this man running? Are you getting what I’m saying now?

When you understand the power of His what? (Resurrection), your Christianity will be sweet. A madman was breaking cars opposite Eko Hotel, I will never forget I was in Bible School, I was coming out – Early morning. Everybody was running, this young man was violent with an iron club in his hand. Church Gist. Any car, he will hit his screen ‘gbaa’ it will smash. So people were just driving like madmen. I didn’t know why they were running, they would jump out of their cars because he was hitting cars and I went to him physically; with his club and he did like this (Illustrating bowing down), ‘Born again’. Everybody wondered, ‘Who is this person’? Physically! With his iron in his hand. When I came out, I didn’t know what was happening. He looked at my face, he bowed his head: ‘Born again’! That was the word he used. So people were wondering, who is this person? So I was the only one at the bus stop. Are you getting what I’m saying now? I didn’t say: ‘You devil get out’! I just appeared. And the way I appeared. If I was not in that charged mood, with the iron in his hand. You know what would have happened. So, Christianity is a demonstration of power. Resurrection is a display of the power of Jesus. Say I hear! It’s not just an event where we wear clothes and come out, it’s where you have (an) understanding (of) why Jesus rose from the dead.

-I pray today! Your eyes will be open to see the truth of the Gospel of Jesus. Shout a better Amen!

What is in the Power of His resurrection? What is it this Power offers?

1.  In the First Service, I said: The Power of His Resurrection marks the end of satan’s dominion.

2.  The Resurrection Power brings about the change of position supernaturally. I said that in the First Service.

3. I said: Resurrection Power establishes our liberty.

4.  That’s in this Service, Resurrection offers unquestionable triumph.

Colossians 2:15. When Jesus rose, all the demons, He just… Have you ever watched a wrestling competition where somebody who is so strong that he just beats everybody and throws everybody out and you find out that nobody is in the ring coming again. Church Gist. Have you seen that? That’s what Jesus did, He just threw all the demons out and no demon again existed. He triumphed! He spoiled principalities and powers. He spoiled them, He just messed them up.

-May you triumph from today.

Say: All principalities and powers, my resurrected Jesus triumphed over you on my behalf. Shout a better Amen.

5.  Resurrection releases the power to quicken your body.

Romans 8:11.

-Somebody as I’m speaking now, your dead kidneys will jerk back.

He said: “If the same Spirit that raised up Christ from the dead is in you…” If you are born again, it’s in you. Every born-again child, it’s where? (In you). “Shall also quicken”. That word ‘quicken’ means to make alive, to revitalize, to bring back to life. “Shall quicken your mortal body”. Mortal body is not spirit, it is this body, this one you’re touching, this body. He said that Resurrection Power that is in you will quicken your body by His spirit that dwelleth in you. Listen carefully, let me explain to you. Church Gist. Listen! Please just listen! When Jesus died, the physical body gave up. All His organs packed up. Then the Holy Spirit by resurrection went into that body. Nobody prayed for Him, it quickened Him. The physical body came out of it. Is that true? Listen carefully, you know what Jesus wanted to do? He wanted to prove to the World that He has power over death. Hello! He has what? (Power over death). It quickened His body, He stood up. Came out of the grave, stood. They saw Him! How do I know? He said: “Thomas! Touch My body. If you think I’m a spirit, touch it.” Thomas touched His flesh. If He was a spirit, Thomas would have said: ‘Do like this’ (Illustrating). I can’t touch You.” He wanted to prove to Him that I’m a spirit and I’m also flesh. He said: “Touch Me, to know that I’m alive.” Because if Thomas never saw Him, Thomas would have said: “I don’t believe You that You rose.” But Thomas touched Him, He said: “Okay! This is You.” He said: “Now you touched Me, you believe I have risen? He said: “Thomas, next time don’t doubt.” So Thomas touched His body.

Now He said: If that same spirit that rose Him is in you. Life story! I shared a testimony, which nobody knew. My two kidneys at a time pained me. I don’t know whether you were in Church when I shared it. They pained me, when I mean the pain, the pain was unbearable and I knew it was kidney. If I have gone to hospital, they must give me story. The next thing they will tell you, dialysis or whatever they will call. I knew that something was wrong. So, I just lay on the bed. No prayer! I rolled Romans 8:11. Church Gist. If the Holy Ghost is in me, He shall quicken my mortal body. I just rolled and when I heard ‘Karkam’, everything left! After that, I’ve done comprehensive checkup. My kidneys are intact. Why? Because I was walking in the depth of resurrection. Say I hear! Who is in you? The Spirit that raised up Jesus? Dwells inside who? It dwells in you. It dwells in you? It shall quicken your mortal body. So, resurrection forbids that any organ in you packs up. Oh! How many want life to surge into their organs? Do you believe the Word of God?

Lift your right hand and say: By the power of His resurrection, every organ in me comes alive!

-Somebody’s eyes going blind will see perfectly.

Whatever comes in contact with the resurrection power receives life. Receives what? The moment anything comes in contact. Church Gist. I’m getting a revelation; even your dead business will come back to life. Anything that comes in contact with the power of His resurrection receives what? (Life).


Anything that comes in contact! Anything that comes in contact with the Resurrection Power receives what? Life! Anything!! Come! Bring your note! This is note! This is what it does (Illustrating). If the Resurrection Power, look at it! Comes in contact with this book, this book will receive life. Church Gist. This is what happens – This is how your kidneys are, your organs are – no life. Maybe even your eyes, no life! You are blind. And the resurrection power of the Holy Ghost, of Jesus comes in contact like this, touches it. This material will receive what? Life. Was there life here before? Now watch!

Prayer: The power of His resurrection comes in contact with this book, let Your life transmit through this book in the name of Jesus.

Now, I want somebody who is sick. You know what you will do? Now watch! Take this book and touch that person who is sick, the person will be healed. (Illustrating). Church Gist. Touch that part of the person’s body and that person will be healed. Now, that will prove to you that (the) resurrection power… Just touch the person, anybody you touch.

Now listen, I want you to say: By the power of His resurrection! (The) Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. Every organ in me, right now, comes alive! Church Gist. Now listen! If power can transmit through book, it can transmit into your body. Is that true?

Now listen! I didn’t feel anything when my kidneys came alive, I didn’t feel anything, I just meditated. You don’t need to vibrate.

Just Say: Holy Spirit! By the power of His resurrection in the name of Jesus, flow through my body. Touch! Tell Him where to touch, speak to Him. Touch my kidneys. Tell Him where He should touch. Church Gist. Touch my body, touch my heart, touch my loins, touch my kidneys. Are you speaking to Him? Touch! Speak to Him you will be shocked at what will happen. By the power of His resurrection; touch my heart.

-Somebody’s kidneys will jerk back right now. Somebody’s dead heart will jerk back right now. Church Gist. Somebody’s eyes that were going blind will receive sight in the name of Jesus.

Say: Holy Spirit! By the power of His resurrection touch my body in the name of Jesus.

Everyone is quickened by the Holy Ghost.

-Somebody’s dead business has come alive, dead brain has come alive, dead organs have come alive in the name of Jesus.


If book can transmit resurrection power, then I want you to know wherever you are in any part of the World. Something is about to happen. Church Gist. If you have a business, bring the business as a point of contact. Anything that you feel life should surge in. If it is your body, just believe and you’ll see miracles will happen wherever you are.

-Whatever is dead will receive life now.

I want your heart to be set and say: By the power of resurrection, Holy Spirit! Quicken! What do you want Him to quicken? Be very specific. Quicken this business, quicken my body, quicken my heart, quicken my organ, quicken my body in the name of Jesus. Open your mouth, speak to God by the power of resurrection. Don’t think you will vibrate, just tell Him you will be shocked. Quicken my kidneys, quicken my ears, quicken my eyes by the power of His resurrection. Church Gist. Are you talking to God? Miracles will be happening without sweat. Resurrection power will work in your life. In the name of Jesus! Right now! Somebody who has stroke is healed in the name of Jesus. You’re on a wheelchair get up in the name of Jesus! You have your father’s picture that kidneys are packed up. Put your hand on that picture where the kidneys are packed up. Now I speak life to those parts of your body and I command the kidneys to begin to work in the name of Jesus. I command the heart to work in the name of Jesus. Every dead organ begins to receive life in the name of Jesus. If you believe it say: I receive it!

Resurrection is a giver of life.

-Somebody is well!

Oh! Move your body like this, you will be shocked. You’re well. Move your body and turn it!! That pain is gone in the name of Jesus, you’re free.


I hear God as a man hears his friend. Put your hand in this place (in the direction of Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s hand).

Say: By the power of His resurrection, the power of God goes through my hands. Let the power of His resurrection go through my hands and whatever I touch, there will be transmission of life right now in the name of Jesus. Church Gist. Touch any part of anything, you will be shocked at what will happen. Just touch anything and speak to that part. Touch anywhere with that hand and speak to that part of your body, you will be shocked at what will happen in the name of Jesus. Go ahead and talk to that part of your body in the name of Jesus.


In Jesus’ mighty name! When you get home, lay your hands on your children with this hand, you will shocked those children will never break down and their brains will come alive in the name of Jesus. If they are not there, use their names, write their names on a piece of paper, put your hand on it and speak over their names and on their pictures. Church Gist. As I heard God, put your hand on your passport as your passport now receives life. No matter where you go to, nobody will deny you visa in the name of Jesus. On your CV, put those hands when you get home, put your hands on your CV, are you hearing what I’m saying now? Anything you touch now with this understanding, life goes through it. You may be seated in the name of Jesus.

6.  Resurrection (of Christ) frees you from condemnation.

Resurrection frees you and I from condemnation. Romans 4:24-25. Romans 5:1. Romans 8:1. There’s no more now! No what? No more condemnation. satan can’t condemn you anymore. Say I hear. Romans 8:33. So resurrection frees you from condemnation. Jesus was raised for our justification. So satan cannot lay any charge against us. Say: I hear!

Say: I’m justified!! satan you can’t lay anything against me. Learn not to allow the devil to remind you of your past, God has freed you from what? Condemnation. Let me tell you something that is so powerful that many don’t understand. I’ve used it to pray for as many as I’ve prayed for, they’ve had testimonies. Do you know no matter how you make a mistake, no unbeliever is permitted to judge you? Did you hear me? The person who can judge you is God. No unbeliever is permitted to put you on a spot and say: ‘I condemn you’. If you have deep revelation. I don’t mean you should go and misbehave. And that’s not what I’m talking about, please understand what I’m saying. But no unbeliever! Because Jesus stood before Pilate so that you will not be judged. Every price He paid was for you and I. So sinners cannot put you on a spot and say: ‘We sentence you’! Are you getting what I’m saying?

Life story in this Church! They were setting (up) a panel where they brought people and a member came and said: “Sir, I don’t want to appear in this panel.” And I said: Read Romans 8:33. The person read Romans 8:33, I said: “Based on that, you will never appear before that panel”, that was the only person who did not appear before that panel. Somebody held an office in this Church – top (office) and they invited the person to a known organization which I won’t call the name and I said: Read this Scripture! The boy read, I said: Go there and they will not ask you one question. Church Gist. The person went, no question because who shall lay a charge against God’s elect? It is only Him that has that power over you. The reason why He rose from death was to set you free, don’t ever have a sense of guilt. The devil should not remind you. Are you hearing me now? Every time satan wants to bring to your remembrance tell him: ‘There’s no more condemnation, I am now in Christ Jesus’. By the power of His resurrection, I am free. Say with me: I am free. I can’t be condemned, not by the devil, not by his agents. Shout a better Amen. Shout a loud Amen.

-I command everywhere you’re feeling a sense of condemnation, (let) it be wiped off completely.

7.  Resurrection makes you to be spiritually sensitive.

Resurrection makes you spiritually what? Sensitive. By resurrection. John 21:5-6. He gave them specific instructions after He rose. In case you’re groping in darkness, you don’t know what else to do. By the power of His resurrection, you will get direction. Let your Amen be strong.

-May your ears be awakened to hear from God in the name of Jesus.

Are you getting what God is trying to say? You will be spiritually what? Sensitive. You’ll begin to pick signals by the power of His resurrection.

-Every spiritual deafness I command it to leave right now. You will hear God distinctly in the name of Jesus.

8. By resurrection we manifest our sonship.

Obadiah 1:21. Romans 8:19-21. So, the Resurrection Power equips you for manifestation, not explanation. You have been endued with power from on high to manifest. So what? (Manifest). Do you know by resurrection power, you have been endued to what? Manifest. So it is a shame for a Christian to join an occult group. Every Christian that belongs to the occult is a shame! Is a what? Shame. Because we have the highest realm in the spirit realm. In the supernatural, Christianity is the highest. He said, you have been… By resurrection, He has brought you, permit me; initiated you into the highest realm of spiritual power. Church Gist. You’re not in any… So, for you at the highest realm to condescend low to join the occult is an abuse to redemption. He said: You are saviours! You’re what? (Saviours). He said you’re to manifest the resurrection power. So for a Christian now to come down to what? Come down to belong to the occult, you have disgraced Christianity. You don’t know what you carry. Now listen to what God said: I’ve given you power to tread upon serpents and what? (scorpions). You will tread upon serpents and scorpions. Who is serpent? satan. Luke 10:19. He said the old serpent, is that not the devil? Listen nah, listen read your Bible. The old what? serpent. Revelation 12. So how can God now give you power to tread (upon) the devil and you now submit to the devil? Oh God of Heaven! Listen He said: I give you power to tread upon the devil himself. Now, He said the devil is under your feet. Is that the truth? Am I communicating with you? How can the devil be under your feet and now you submit yourself to them? Oh! My God! The devil is under who? Your feet! You now bow unto the one under your feet.

When a Christian goes down to join the occult, you disgrace Christianity. You are a shame, you’re an abuse to redemption, you don’t know what you carry. It’s like a prince going to beg a housemaid for food. Today, you see Christians go down low, join the occult because they don’t know what they carry. He said: All powers in Heaven and earth have been given unto me. How can you carry all the power, you now go down to a lesser power. Church Gist. By the time a President begs a State Governor for assistance, something is wrong. You didn’t hear me! In fact, a President begging a Local Government Chairman. Governor is too big. A President of a nation, he says: “Local Government Chairman, can you give us money.” What will you think? President! Won’t you be looking at the President? Just imagine President of a nation meeting a Local Government Chairman and say: “Please, assist the country.” Is it normal? That’s how when a Christian goes down to the occult, it’s abnormal. It’s an abnormality! It’s an error, it’s an abuse to redemption. ‘I give unto you what’? Power! Say I hear! ‘And all power in Heaven and on earth’. Say: I’m too loaded.

So resurrection is not just coming to wear good clothes and displaying Easter and eating rice, it’s a revelation of the demonstration of the power of God. Church Gist. But to make that power work for you, I said something in the First Service:

1.  Be born again.

Be what? Be born again. John 1:12.

2.  Thirst for power.

Thirst for it, anything you don’t thirst for, God cannot satisfy you. Psalm 63:1-2. Then sit with the Word and build your faith. Because inside the Word, lies the power of God. Romans 1:16. You must be a Word addict to encounter power. Is that clear sir? I saw from God’s Word: ‘I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail’, I became intoxicated. Church Gist. I became what? Intoxicated. Power intoxicates. How many know power intoxicates? When you’re empowered, are you getting what I’m saying? Life story! They came to bring down this Church and I came out, I said: Listen! If you touch one block here and you stay till tomorrow, God is not the owner of this Church. I was intoxicated!

When you’re empowered you behave like a drunken man. People will think you’re arrogant, you’re not arrogant. So, resurrection is not just for us to call… Resurrection is a demonstration of power. Demonstration of what? (Power). Christianity without power will be a frustrated thing. You will be so frustrated. Are you getting me? Jesus displayed the highest power with resurrection. So He said: ‘Boy! Display it’! He said: “Occupy till I come, be displaying this Power till I come.” So for a Christian to be begging a witch, you’re… they should flog you. ‘I have to pack out of our compound because that wizard..’ All the demons here packed out of G.R.A, they left here. Church Gist. Somebody came to me and said: ‘The neighbours are worrying me’. I said: ‘Stay there! I won’t pray’! Neighbours worry you, me I pray? I said I’m not praying. Pray what? If you see a pig pursuing a lion, won’t you run? The Bible refers to the devil as a pig and refers to you as a lion of the tribe of Judah. Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and His Father sent Him. How can you be running for a witch? Dewitch the witch! The witches should run from you. Are you getting me now? Life story! We were working in our compound and a bird was flying across, it fell at the center and died. It’s a no-fly zone. No witch can fly across this Territory, you can’t fly. If you dare, just coming near Here, you fall, that’s the end of you. Are you getting me? You’re now running? My friend, you’re too loaded. He said: “Saviours out of Zion!” Saviours not… He said: ‘For the earnest expectation of creatures waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. Not explanation! We’ve explained too much: “Oh! God!! What a…’’ Taah! Sit up! Easter Sunday is for empowerment of saints to tell the devil: “devil, all powers have been given unto me. You don’t have to harass me anymore.” Get out of my environment in the name of Jesus. Rise to your feet!

Say: I’m in charge here. Open my eyes.

Paul said: “Elymas, the sorcerer! You mean you came here to disturb? Be blind!” Paul did not go (and) say: “Elymas!! I beg you na. Are you going to worry my preaching, Elymas? Elymas, don’t be! I beg you; no worry my preaching.” He said: “Elymas? Be blind! You sorcerer? Be blind for a season!” A season can be a lifetime. I went to a place called Egbeda. Egbeda is in Ikwerre Rivers State Nigeria. And one boy was so notorious. He was displaying his negative power. When I mean negative power, he was the head of the occult group. Church Gist. So when I was talking, this is how they were doing him (cleaning his face) with one big towel. They will do like this. It is not the one oo somebody will come and clean his face like this. I will preach, I will preach, they will come and clean his face. He was so arrogant, he stood in front of me. You will see the arrogance in him. I said: “What nonsense is this?” He was so arrogant, with the boys around him. These bad boys. I pointed my finger at him in front. I said: Listen! You! If you don’t accept Christ you’re gone. Everybody was afraid because he’s a dreaded, notorious killer. I said: “Listen, I didn’t come to this Village for nonsense, if you don’t give your life (to Christ), you’re gone. In less than one month, he was dead. They shot him dead. The same: “Bullet did not enter”, bullet entered him. Everybody in the Village, they are born again because the most notorious boy died with one bullet.

But if I went there: “Oh boy! No dey do so na! No dey do so, you no know say I come to preach?” He will now say: “Una no see Pastor David even when em come, you no see I show am say na we get this Town.” The most notorious! Most notorious is not equal to you. That is, him, the most… let the occult man be the highest occult person. What you carry is more than him. David said: “You uncircumcised…” Now listen! Goliath did not come alone oo, he said: “The gods of the Philistines. So he came with some demons, read your Bible. He said he came with demons against Israel. He didn’t just come oo, he came not with the physical armour, he also came with gods. When Moses… he said the gods of Egypt. Did you hear that? All these occult… you are carrying the Resurrection Power. You say: “You devil! Challenging the God I have? You’re gone! That armed robber, you’re not born. You assassin, you’re not born. I sentence you in 7 days.” God will say: “You understand what it is.” So resurrection is not just Easter. Easter Sunday, we don come na, we dey chop bread. No! It’s a display of what? Power!

And if there’s no power, there will be no Christianity. Oyedepo went to Kaduna (State), they said Babangida was coming. He said: “Babangida will not come!” They said: “Who are you?” They said: “Babangida is coming for… “ He said: “Look! Babangida is not coming for this, this thing.” And Babangida did not come when he was in power. 50 Cent was to perform in Port Harcourt the same day we were holding crusade, the same day! Ah! I said: “If 50 Cent!” He was at the peak of his career when he was shaking the entire World. Port Harcourt was on a standstill waiting for him. I said if this guy comes today, even those who were planning the crusade will go for the thing. So I came up on the Altar, I’ve not gotten to this level, I came up at the Altar at Civic Center. I said: “Listen! I learned a young man from America is coming to perform, he’s not coming!” Somebody said: If this 50 Cent! Let me… He said: “If this guy no come, I go give my life (to Christ)”. People have bought tickets including even Church people have bought tickets. I said: “50 Cent will never come to Port Harcourt.” Hear me! Two kings can’t reign, Jesus can’t reign and the devil reign. Everybody was waiting (for) what will happen. By the day, the following day, 50 Cent boarded a flight to come to Port Harcourt. Inside the flight, there was confusion. They were trying to fight, Americans called him and said: “Return back to America! Don’t risk your life.” Then he didn’t come! If you see crowd, if you see crowd because all the people who were to go for disco came for crusade.

Say: Power! That is what resurrection is all about! Resurrection is not for you: 🎶 Jesus is coming soon Amen! 🎶 You now change your voice: 🎶 Jesus is coming soon, Amen! 🎶

-Be baptized with that Power in the name of Jesus.

Say with me; I have been born into power. Holy Spirit! Open my eyes to have depth of understanding of the power of His resurrection. Church Gist. That I will walk in the reality of the power of His resurrection! Pray that prayer for yourself in the name of Jesus.









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