WALKING IN DOMINION OVER SICKNESS AND DISEASES 2 – Bishop David Oyedepo at Covenant Day of Fruitfulness Service || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| First Sunday Service

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– Bishop David Oyedepo on WALKING IN DOMINION OVER SICKNESS AND DISEASES 2 at Covenant Day of Fruitfulness Service || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| First Sunday Service ||

There is an impregnable covering over our lives as God’s people.  Psalm 105:13.

–              You are entering into your rest today.

–              There shall be total rest concerning your health today.

I had a very humbling and striking light that if people will believe this Physician, the way they believe their own human doctors, everybody will be free. The doctors prescribe things to you and you religiously follow through. This Great Physician prescribes to you and you ask yourself if that works. An unbelieving medical doctor prescribes some medication for you and you follow through religiously and this Great Physician who never refers a case to anybody else, you ignore His prescription. Church Gist. That is why healing can never be experienced without faith. You first must believe this Great Physician in His uncheckered expertise in dealing with all manner of sickness and disease and you must believe His prescriptions and engage with them accordingly. Otherwise, no matter the expertise of a doctor if you don’t follow His prescriptions you never have any outcome. In the precious name of Jesus, grace to place appropriate value on the prescriptions of this Great Physician, receive that grace today.

You can’t treat His Word with levity and expect Him to respond with dignity. “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you”. Treat my Word with dignity and I will respond with dignity. Treat my Word with levity and I will respond with levity. Why call me “Lord! Lord!” without doing what I asked you to do? He said I told my wife to keep taking communion every day. Nineteen years of barrenness disappeared with a set of twins to show. Somebody came for the first time invited by somebody else. He said I received every instruction given, three months later he was visited and came forth with three boys. Church Gist. It is to every one according to his faith.

Every barren area(s) of our lives shall be touched today.

Barren spiritual lives shall flourish again.

 Barren bodies become fruitful today.

Barren family life living like people in the hostel shall come to an end today.

Barren careers and businesses will experience a turnaround today.

Every aspect of every worshipper’s life that seems to portray barrenness shall be visited with supernatural fruitfulness.

 It is your turn at last.

So listen with your ears and understand with your heart. God is visiting you by His Word and things will turn at that instance.

Thank you Heavenly Father, take all the glory. Let there be diverse instant healing and deliverance today. Let every dry area of every worshipper’s life experience a turnaround today in Jesus’ precious name.

Jesus is that Great Physician with uncheckered all round expertise to heal all manner of sickness and disease. Matthew 4:23. Because by redemption Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses and diseases. Church Gist. He took off our sickness and bore our pains, so we are redeemed to live a sickness and pain free life. That talks about health and wholeness. As He unveils one of His great prescriptions to us today, may it impart on everyone’s life today in the name of Jesus Christ.

By way of introduction, John 6:46-52. Jesus was introducing the mystery that people could not grasp. He was unveiling a mystery that will give His people mastery over the assault of sickness and disease by making heaven on earth a reality in our health. As the Lord lives that shall become everyone’s experience. Church Gist. That is replacing our human life with eternal life that is immune to sickness and disease. Luke 6:46. It is doing what He tells us to do that makes what He says to come to pass in our lives. Expect our Supernatural turnaround today as we engage one of these great prescriptions of this Great Physician.

The endtime Church is ordained to walk in dominion in all spheres of life including dominion over sickness and disease before Christ returns. He is coming for a church without spot or blemish or anything of such. Ephesian 5:27. He is talking about physical fitness, spiritual wholeness. He is coming for a total man on His return. Heaven will be a reality on earth among God’s people. We will be ruling in the midst of our enemies on Earth. Church Gist. The arrows will have no effect on our lives. Psalm 110:1-3. Daniel 7:27. That is disarming principalities and powers and conferring dominion on the church. ‘The devil is doing this, the devil is doing that’ will be no more. There will be such demonstration of dominion that you will think the devil is already judged.

The weapons of our warfare may not appear tangible but they are ever-powerful and never lack proof. They look ordinary, they look too simple to be true but they are ever powerful and they never lack proofs. 2 Corinthians 10:4. No matter the intensity of the bondage, it is able to pull down every stronghold. 2 Corinthians 10:5-6. Just do exactly what He says to do and you see how helpless your enemies are. They are not tangible but they are mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds. Church Gist. We are not contending with flesh and blood, most of the sicknesses and diseases have satanic roots. So they cannot be overcome or conquered by medical science. Acts 10:38. Oppression of the devil has no medical cure. Jesus is the only known specialist that can handle the oppression of the devil. 1 John 5:4. Believe in that Great Physician, believe in His prescriptions and then walk in victory.

Let’s look at two demonic spirits behind diverse sicknesses and diseases:

1.            Unclean spirit.

Mark 5:2-8. Matthew 10:1. Jesus sent His disciples and gave them power over unclean spirits to cast them out and heal all manner of sickness and diseases. So unclean spirits are behind a number of things that buffet and plague mankind. “In my name, you shall cast out devils” so He gave us His name to engage with in dislodging unclean spirits, in getting them out of the way. Luke 9:38-42. That is like a case of epilepsy. With faith in Christ, every unclean spirit bows. Church Gist. That name is not a conjunction in prayer, that name carries the unction upon Christ the anointed one. When we say “in the name of Jesus Christ” we are invoking the anointing upon Jesus to take over. His name is as ointment poured forth (Songs of Solomon 1:3). You are spraying the ointment upon Christ to which all unclean spirits must bow. Therefore in the name of Jesus, everyone under the torment of unclean spirits under the sound of my voice right now, I command those forces to get off your life and never come back again. Unclean spirits erode the human dignity of man, he walks naked without knowing he is walking naked. He does things that no normal person will do. They are the influence of unclean spirits.

2.            The Spirit of insanity (madness)

Luke 8:26-29. A picture of madness. The Spirit of insanity bows to Christ and will bow to His name as we engage that name in faith. It is a picture of insanity but Jesus took care of it. Every form of mental disorder including memory loss, in the precious name of Jesus I command those foul spirits out of everyone that may be buffeted by them and never to enter again in the name of Jesus. Acts 10:38. Church Gist. So every oppression of the devil answers to the authority that Christ has given to us as His people. You are walking free from here. Whatever represents an oppression of the devil or diagnosis of a disease and challenges, in the name of Jesus today is declared your day of liberty.

Let’s now look at this great prescription of the Holy Communion. How the Holy Communion empowers believers for dominion over sickness and disease. We read a passage at the call to worship this morning, John 6:48-58. I heard that read in an Anglican Church in 1976, it was like Christ came down and was speaking to us as that lesson was read. That was the first time God opened my eyes to the Mystery of the Holy Communion. Then in my readings and searching, I came across Smith Wigglesworth who was living on the communion. I became addicted to it. It is a mystery of the Kingdom. Its mission is to destroy every form of weakness, every manner of sickness and confer a good old age. 1 Corinthians 11:23-30. Church Gist. Remember that my body was broken for you so that your body will not be broken again. So it is available to be taken anywhere, any time. We are not in church often, we are not in church every day. It is a kind of medication. It shows in the life of people. It is effective, it is in force till He comes. Some folks are saying it is an Old Testament thing, I can’t understand that in my life. John 6 is not Old Testament, 1 Corinthians is not Old Testament. The devil is a deceiver, He wants to keep people in bondage so he blinds their eyes. You will take this every night for the remaining parts of this month and let’s watch any devil that will have any hold on any part of your life. Your eyes will be clearer than light, your ears will be hearing clearly. Every part of your body will be functioning perfectly.

It is a spiritual transplant of the life of Christ into a believer. It is the exchange of life. 1 Corinthians 11:27-30. Placing appropriate value on this mystery delivers divine strength, divine health and a good old age. It is no specialty, Jesus took of the bread as they were eating. It is not prepared in Galilee. Forget all those religion. He took the cup that they were drinking, it is not that He went to one factory to go and prepare it. All you do is put your faith into it and then it turns into His flesh and the drink is turned into His blood and that makes all the difference. Matthew 26:26-28. That is the way it works. No need to go to a store and be looking for communion bread, communion wine. Church Gist. As they were eating. Matthew 26:29. He said I will not drink the fruit of this vine until I come into my Kingdom. So it is fruit juice. Very interesting, it makes it so simple. It was a long time before I saw flakes, It was the raw bread I was using. It is so simple, the cheapest form of medication anybody can think of. One loaf of bread can last you one year if you know how to preserve it. It is a kingdom mystery for health, strength and longevity.

The Holy Communion empowers us to live like Christ, spirit, soul and body. John 6:57. The life of the flesh is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11). John 6:53-54. You can’t buy into His life except you eat that. Exchange of human life with eternal life. It secures us to the last day. Whatever is unlike Christ is flushed out of our bodies. To raise him up on the last day means he will remain in the faith until the last day. So the devil wants to talk down on Communion so that he can cut people short and they start living anyhow until they miss their place in heaven. Church Gist. God’s plan is to sanctify us spirit, soul and body. 1 Thessalonians 5:23. That is His plan. Anything that is unlike Christ that is tormenting and buffeting anyone of us shall be flushed out today. Jesus could boldly say “As my Father has sent me, even so, send I you”. The Word ‘even’ implies equal. I am sending you with the equal grace that I carry. Someone is breaking forth today.

The Holy Communion is made up of both the bread that is the body of Christ and the drink that is the blood of Christ. What is in the blood? We saw a picture of how Moses put down his rod and the magicians put down their own and they became serpents and Moses’s rod swallowed all the rods of the magicians because rod pass rod. Jesus is said to be the rod out of the stem of Jesse. Church Gist. Isaiah 11:1. So when we take His flesh, it is like taking in the rod of God so it goes in to swallow up all the rods of all the magicians that might be tormenting anybody’s life. All those issues like strange movements, it goes in to swallow them up. They became rodless straight, helplessly disarmed. So take the communion all through this month as taking in the rod of God with the uncheckered capacity to swallow up every rod of the stranger, every rod of the wicked tormenting your life. Exodus 7:11.

Hosea 12:10. God shows them. I wrote a little book called The Miracle Meal. One of our senior men in the U.S., his wife was going through stress, she read that book and said I have never heard this in my life. That just untied her bondage. It is a rod, it is not religion. The rod of God. We saw the sons of the prophet went to gather vegetables in 2 Kings 4 and they discovered when they poured it out, it was poisonous. They cried out “Alas Master, there is death in the pot”. He said do you have any meal there? They said yes and gave it to him. He put it inside and there was no more poison in the pot. Church Gist.  That is what I call the miracle meal. It goes inside to neutralize every poison inside your body. 2 Kings 4:39-41. It was a meal, the meal connotes the bread. As you take in the meal, every poison the enemy has put in your body. He said while men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares. People were forced to eat in the night and they are and their entire system is upside down. As you partake of this meal today, every poison in your system shall be supernaturally neutralized. All these cases of hormonal imbalance, they are all manipulations of the devil. As you partake of this miracle meal, every poison in anyone’s body shall be neutralized. That is pointing to the content of the Holy Communion.

The Bible compares that with the manna they ate in the wilderness. That manna was so impactful, that there was not one feeble person among their tribes. Psalm 105:37. They were trekking all those years, Deuteronomy 8:4. They were feeding on the manna. He said this manna is far more effective than the manna they ate in the wilderness. This manna has the capacity to keep you and I healthy all through our days. Please renew your perspective. 40 years! Full health security not insurance. 40 straight years. Now, here is a prophetic alert. Church Gist. The next forty years, many under the sound of my voice today will not know the meaning of sickness and disease. That was the Church in a figure, this is the Church of reality. That was called the Church in the wilderness, the Church was born by Christ. “I will build my Church”. If the manner they ate which is inferior to the Communion is that powerful, then imagine how much power is in this. As you partake of this communion, all those strange things will drop off your life. It is your turn at last. John 6:58. That is the supremacy of this mystery above the manna that kept them healthy. This can keep you healthy forever.

What is in the blood? We know that the life of the flesh is in the blood. The dominion nature of Christ that is immune to sickness and disease is in the blood. John 6:54. So we are not permitted to suffer what can not be traced in Christ. Headache, backache, disability, whatever you can’t think of in Christ, today is declared your day of escape. By the communion, we share the same blood group with Christ that empowers us for dominion over all manner of sickness and diseases. They carry out blood works on your life and it is the Jesus blood group, immune to sickness and disease. I tried to illustrate that the other time with the white blood corpuscles in the body of man. They call them soldiers of man. They defend the body from external aggression. They fight in defence of the body. Jesus knew no sin so He is the whitest blood. Church Gist. So we are partaking of divine white blood corpuscles that defends our life and our body from satanic assault. As it is coming like amoeba, it engulfs it. Not here! From today every assault of the wicked shall have no landing place in your system. So it is not snacks. The Corinthian Church, they thought it was snacks so they kept taking and taking it. Paul said Enough! This is disorder, it shouldn’t be so. It is a mystery with undeniable proof. In this Church, you have heard so many testimonies of supernatural restoration of health through the communion. Church Gist. You are having your own today. So transfer your faith in your doctors to this Great Physician. You will be amazed. He never referred a case to anybody else. They say your case is different, they are looking for a greater expert  than you. The husband said be taking communion and everything turned. Everything hanging on your health that is creating a concern for you, will turn around like a dream of the night. Some will be receiving the communion today and their eyes will just open wide, their necks will turn again. Every feebleness will disappear.

I was away sometime this week having some things at Landmark University. Then I needed to see a relative who was challenged in his health. Church Gist. He said to me, as soon as you left I just found myself walking up and down. Like a dream of the night, something must break loose in your own life today.

Today is our Covenant Day of Fruitfulness. Now, we are here on a most fruitful hill by divine grace of election, it is not by anybody’s power. We have seen all manner of turnarounds in terms of childbearing and the works of our hands. Remember man was originally created to be fruitful, to multiply and dominate the earth. Genesis 1:27-28. Therefore all forms of barrenness are not our portion. They are listed among the curses of the law from which Christ has redeemed us. Deuteronomy 8:16-20. You see those curses listed are cursed against our fruitfulness. Fruitfulness against our body, our career and our businesses. Thanks be to God, Christ has redeemed us from every listed curse in that chapter. Church Gist. Galatians 3:13-14. The promise of supernatural fruitfulness like Abraham had at 75. At 75, his life had no meaning, he had no identity at 75. Supernatural fruitfulness. At 100, he brought forth Isaac. Supernatural fruitfulness, the promise of the spirit. We are brought under the Abrahamic blessings by our redemption in Christ. Fruitfulness is your birthright and my birthright in Christ. May you not sell it off. That is why today I declare every barren area of any man’s life to come to an end.

Anything you see in those listed curses from Deuteronomy 28:14-66 is no longer your portion because Christ has redeemed us from the curses of the law. Deuteronomy 28:59. So you are not permitted to suffer any sickness of long continuance. No affliction is permitted to go beyond a moment in your life. Church Gist. Our light affliction is but for a moment. It is not permitted to go beyond a moment. 2 Corinthians 4:7. Long continuance is a curse. Whatever you have carried more than a moment is illegal and must give way today. It is the dawning of a new day.

 Every Child of God is redeemed to be fruitful as a seed of Abraham. Deuteronomy 7:14. Fruitfulness of the body and Fruitfulness of the works of your hand. A woman came in the early days of our ministry, she had been 18 years barren and I said to her, do you know how to read because I just caught light from this scripture, she read it and I saw faith glowed on her face. I said receive it. If you see any goat giving birth because we had ruminants all over the place, that means there are children inside you, allow them to come out. She believed and nine months after, a baby boy after eighteen years. Church Gist. You are a seed of Abraham, neither male nor female is permitted to be barren. Today is your day. Every day is God’s day, the day you believe is your day. I said today is your day. An end has come to the barrenness of the body, an end has come to the barrenness of the works of your hand. Today is your day. Now, we are in His clinic. He is only just churning out prescriptions for us and we are not going to miss it. Galatians 3:29. Whatever God said to Abraham is your portion and my portion, it is not our ambition.

Fruitfulness in the Kingdom includes a fruitful spiritual life. No more dry seasons in your spiritual life. Fruitful health, fruitful bodies, fruitful careers, a fruitful married life and a fruitful destiny. John 15:1-5, 8. It is your right to live a fruitful life. 1 Corinthians 2:12. Our rights in God are already fully paid for. 1 Corinthians 2:14. It is not for Jack and Harry, these free gifts are accessible only by the spiritual. Psalm 25:14. Romans 8:6. Spiritualize your perspective. Let the Bible be what dictates your thinking pattern. God said it, I believe it. That settles it. You may look like a fool in the beginning but you will be full of His blessings at the end. The good news is that for everyone who is on the line for a miracle baby, your case is finally settled. Church Gist. Remember not the former things. Let your mental consent translate to faith. Faith is of the heart not of the mind. Romans 10:10. Let your spirit man capture the reality of these things that are your right. For everyone serving God among the blessings in return, there shall not be barren nor cast their young in the land. This is an army of genuine and tireless servants of God by the grace of election. So it is your right to be fruitful both in your body and the works of your hand. From today, everyone called barren shall sing a new song.

What are we to do to secure our heritage of Fruitfulness?

1.            Be committed to feeding on the Word.

Proverbs 4:20-22. It imparts on all areas of their lives including conception hindering situations. John 15:5.

2.            Engage your faith with the Word of Fruitfulness

Exodus 13:25-26. All things are possible to him that believes. Let faith be triggered in your heart. Romans 10:10. Receive it, declare it, unashamedly and publicly. Because you shall have whatsoever you say. Anything you can’t say out there you have not believed it in there. The more boldly you declare it, the more speedily it is delivered. Church Gist. Open your mouth wide and speak it. The cycle of faith for delivery is not complete without declaration. You believe in the heart, you declare with your mouth and then you are saved. You are rescued. You escape. Something is breaking forth in your life because today has been declared your day.

3.            Let serving God and the interest of His Kingdom become your way of life.

Psalm 127:3. God is saying I have a reward of fruitful for you for serving me. Church Gist. Your womb is not permitted to be closed for serving me. I, therefore declare every closed womb reopened today.

4.            We must engage with all the factors that make serving God acceptable and profitable.

Many are serving God but it is not acceptable to Him so it cannot be profitable, that is serving God righteously. Hebrews 12:28. Don’t do eye service. Jeremiah 30:21. Engage your heart and He will change your story.  Let’s serve Him faithfully. Not hypocritical, be faithful. Let’s serve Him diligently (Hebrews 11:6), let’s serve Him joyfully (Joel 1:12). Habakkuk 3:17-19. Let’s commit to Him tirelessly because you don’t know when He is coming (Matthew 24:45-47). When He comes, He will meet you on duty. Church Gist. Occupy till I come. Keep doing it, keep serving me. Revelation 22:12. 1 Corinthians 15:58. If you put your hand on the plough and you look back, you are not fit for access to inheritance. Keep doing it. He that will come will come. Though He tarries wait for Him. He shall surely come. It is your day. Let God be true and all men liars. Your case is settled today. For every seed of Abraham, every curse of the law hanging on anyone’s life is declared broken. It is finally your turn.

In conclusion, for every family on the line for miracle babies recognize that your Father is the sole baby maker, so you cannot continue to be baby beggars. Your cases are settled today. Jeremiah 1:5. People have gone through all manner of things without result, they came to Jesus and they had it easily. Some have gone for 4 IVFs, there is nothing wrong with that but they don’t have the power. Jesus has all the power to make the impossible happen. In the precious name of Jesus, what they have called incurable, what they have called can not be done, Jesus will clear it off today. Church Gist. Therefore in the name of Jesus, every physical barrenness in the life of anyone is declared over. I decree the turnaround of the barrenness in any area of the lives of everyone here today. By faith, expect an end to the siege of weakness, feebleness and untimely death in the name of Jesus Christ. It is done. Give God thanks.

Please note that prophetic instructions are for our benefit. For anyone who must have played down on it, I ask for forgiveness today. Church Gist. I pray that in the name of Jesus, no more will you treat any prophetic instructions with levity. Today, receive your own.

It is done.

–              You shall testify.

–              Before September is over, everyone called pregnant is already testifying.

–              Every barren vocation flourishes again.

Get hold of The Miracle Meal and read it this week. Read also ‘The Power of the Communion Table’ written by my wife. Church Gist. She was on this towards her rescue from destruction. Get hold of it, it will fortify you.

Next Sunday is our Covenant Family Day. God is pulling your family out of every generational siege. Let there be a lot of concentration towards your family and pull them in towards a covering that will set them free. In their peace lies your peace.

For the youths in the house, every great destiny is defined by the events in the era of the youth of the individuals. A sure foundation is what secures the future of the individual. Without a sure foundation, the future is not secure. The events of the days of the youth are what sets the pace for the future that awaits individuals. Have a spiritual grounding. The World is getting wilder and wilder, rougher and rougher, the enemy has gone wilder. The wicked is doing more wickedly than ever today. Take cover in Christ by being a partaker of this annual conference that is starting on the 22nd. Commit to it. Faulty foundations of buildings are hardly repairable. A spiritually disposed youth today is sure to emerge as a spiritually robust individual tomorrow. Which secures your life. Church Gist. Romans 8:6. A truly God loving youth today is sure to end up a wonder among many tomorrow. Be a part of it. A kingdom advancement passionate youth today will end up a star tomorrow. Every youth should see the forthcoming annual youth conference tagged Breaking New Grounds as a divine opportunity for everyone to step into new levels in their lives. It is sure to impact on the lives of individuals. Parents be sure to be part of this mobilization, let them come and escape from the horror of the day.

–              No youth will lose his destiny to carelessness.

You can’t be spiritually fruitful and not be otherwise fruitful. Receive grace to make this week a most fruitful week in your life. God is visiting you with a turnaround testimony.

–              The week is declared your week of testimonies.

–              Any of your rewards that are yet to be answered must be answered this week.

–              Go forth with the fruitfulness grace on this commission and return with your testimony









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