WINNING WITH PRAYER – PART 2 || Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Winning With Prayer Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 9th June 2024 || Second Service.

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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie on WINNING WITH PRAYER- PART 2 || Winning With Prayer Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 9th June 2024 || Second Service.

-Father, breathe Your breath upon the Word and let it bless us in this Second Service in Jesus’ name!


-All of you that went out yesterday, God reward you! Church Gist. By the end of the Service, I will pray for you.

You are born to win. 1 John 5:4. But winning will not come by mere wishing. You don’t win once in a while, you should be winning always because you are born to win. Church Gist. To win always, you must seek to advance God’s Kingdom. Those who advance the Kingdom of God don’t suffer defeat.

-You will never be defeated!

Kingdom advancement is the surest way to be an ever-winning, never-losing Christian. One way we advance God’s Kingdom is through Kingdom advancement prayers. Matthew 6:33. Matthew 6:9-10. Shout hallelujah! The early Christians were consistently winning because they knew what to pray and they knew how to pray. They were given to prayers. Acts 6:4. Church Gist. Continually not occasionally, they were giving themselves to prayer. Prayer is not optional for the believer because it is one of the vital spiritual weapons for victory. Luke 18:1. But hear me people of God, to win continuously in prayers you must know how to pray correctly because (it is) not every prayer God answers. James 4:3. Many of us pray and don’t get answers because we pray wrongly. Now, to pray correctly and win we must focus our prayers on Kingdom advancement.

  • The Holy Spirit will open your eyes and give you understanding.

What Is Kingdom Advancement Prayer?
Kingdom advancement prayer is to pray for the expansion of God’s Kingdom on earth. We are commanded to pray for His Kingdom always and commandments are to be obeyed. Jesus Christ taught His disciples to pray in advancing His Kingdom. Matthew 6:9-10. There was a woman called Anna, not Hannah of Samuel’s mother! Church Gist. Anna was a widow who served and prayed continuously night and day for the advancement of His Kingdom. Luke 2:37. This Woman was fasting, praying for God’s Kingdom to advance at the age of 84. So most of you who are not even up to that age, she was at the Temple praying daily. At 84! Now many of you even at thirty-something, forty-something; to go for evangelism you even complain: “You know? I’m very busy!!”

I told a young man who was admitted, maybe he’s hearing me. In the hospital, I said: “Now, are you very busy?” He collapsed in the office, they took him to the hospital and he was in the hospital for almost a week plus. I said: “Now, are you very busy now?” I said: “You’re in the hospital now, the work! Church Gist. Are you busy now?” I said: “Have time for God.” He says: “Daddy, I’m very ‘b’ (Referring to busy).” You are very what? ‘b’! You know how to speak England, “You’re very ‘b’! When you’re very ‘b’ and they carry you to hospital, you will know that you are not very what? ‘b’!

-They won’t carry you to hospital!

But please, know what to do. Those who don’t have time, when challenges come; the time will meet them there. He was in the hospital, they were ‘chooking’ him injection left and right; every day. Then one day I shouted at him, I said: “See as you dey do like woman wrapper, come on! Get up and get out of the hospital.” He said: “Daddy, why are you?” I said: “Come on! Leave hospital!” By the time a man wants his wife to be with him in the hospital, he is ‘anamawoman’! Church Gist. So your wife go come sit down, take Robb dey rub your leg for… (Laughing). Carry blanket, cover you! “My husband sorry oo!” Taaah! You are not a man! They should call you ‘Florence’ (Laughing). Since you don’t want to do with a ‘Florence’, they should change your name from Martins to Florence! (Laughing). If your wife’s name is eh Florence! Change your name, say: “I am Martins Florence! My friend, do what it takes to be…” And you too the woman. God did not say that (to) only men, women too!

Cornelius prayed for the Salvation of their souls in Caesarea. Acts 20:1-2. These are people who prayed! Epaphras was a believer without a title but prayed tirelessly for the Kingdom! This Man was not a pastor, was not evangelist. Church Gist. Colossians 4:12. This Man was not a pastor but he was praying. You don’t know what you’re missing, not praying for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. When you engage in Kingdom advancement prayers, you become an ever-winning Christian. God makes it His priority in fighting your battles!

-God will fight your battles! Shout a loud Amen!

The problem with us is that we focus on our needs instead of the Kingdom. That’s where we miss it! Now listen! Before I go to tell you what to focus on. When people pray, what they call prayer. It’s their needs! That’s not how to pray! They saw Jesus and the disciples said: “Master, teach us how to pray!” Why they said so was because they were praying and not getting results. He said when you pray, pray (in) this pattern: “Thy Kingdom come!” Before “Give us this day what? (Our daily bread).” Now check your last prayer. I took time to ask God a deep question, I said: “Lord! How come the so-called deliverance Churches are not wealthy and how come Churches that are not deliverance are very wealthy.” Church Gist. He said this is the thing: “Deliverance Churches focus on self – Do all-night against witches, that’s self; do 12 hours for open doors – self. Any Church that focuses on self can never be prosperous. The Churches that focus on the Kingdom are richer. Okay, you did all-night, the all-night you did was for yourself but you never did one prayer point for the Kingdom of God. That’s why you’re praying 40 days prayer without results. “Father!! They must make me Ambassador, National Excellence! Now all the witches standing against my ambassadorial appointment, I cast them down! As I’m going now from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, from Frankfurt to New York. I pray, flight go well! Every prayer point, self!!! The results don’t match! But somebody prayed: “Father! The Kingdom of God, let souls be saved!” The man is getting more results. Is that clear? Jesus said: “This is the pattern to pray.” – My Kingdom first then Give us this day our daily bread! Shout hallelujah!

What To Focus On In Kingdom Advancement Prayers.
So you know what to pray, you don’t just pray. “I’m praying Kingdom advancement prayer.”

  1. The growth and expansion of His Church.
    Jeremiah 30:19. Ezekiel 36:37. Church Gist. So God is saying: “Pray!” You say: “Oh! God! Increase the Church, multiply Your Church.”
  2. For Salvation of souls.
    2 Peter 3:9b. “Oh! God! Let souls be saved!”
  3. Establishment of new converts.
    You will pray for them to be saved and you’ll pray for them to be established. Do you understand the difference? Church Gist. John 18:9b. “Oh! God! All the souls (You have) given, they must not be lost!” Amos 9:15. As you pray for souls to be won, you also pray for them to be established.
  4. You pray for creative miracles, signs and wonders in every service.
    Obadiah 1:17. Mark 16:20. “Lord! Let there be miracles in the Service.”
  5. The Word that will transform lives in every service.
    “Lord! Give the right Word that would transform lives in every service and program.” Church Gist. Psalm 107:20. Isaiah 9:8. “Lord! Send the right Word for this Service.” Say: I hear!
  6. The servant of God and his family.
    Psalm 92:10. Psalm 105. You pray for them, you know why? They are the major target of the devil. Are you getting what I’m saying now? You are saying: “Lord! The Pastor must not be attacked.” Are you getting me now Sir? “Protect him and his family from any attack.” Say I hear! How many of you have ever prayed for me, say the truth! I know you will raise your hand! Church Gist. Even those who have never prayed, they would say they prayed (Laughing). Our family prays for Oyedepo every day, always pray for your pastor. Are you hearing me now? Because when you pray for him, you don’t need much prayers, his grace will now cover you. Let me say this to you! Material possessions are an extra benefit of praying Kingdom-focused prayers. “Thy Kingdom come!” Let “Thy Kingdom come” be your first priority. Before “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Now, until you seek God’s help, you can’t secure His help. God will take care of your needs when you focus on His Kingdom. Matthew 6:33. How many will pray Kingdom advancement prayer? Many of you in your life, you have never prayed one Kingdom advancement prayer. All your prayer is: “Father in the name of Jesus, dollars! In fact, I want to change my name to ‘Dollar’. Church Gist. Father! Pounds!! I want to change my name to ‘Shillings’.” “Father!” You won’t call naira oo! I need naira but I won’t change my name to naira! Naira!” That’s what you will pray! “Father! Euro!!!” Not one prayer point for the Kingdom. That’s why your prayer will not pass your roof! Not one prayer point for the Kingdom. That’s why your prayers have not passed your roof! This is not how to pray, the way to pray is what I’m telling you. That’s not how to pray! This is how to pray – Put His Kingdom first.

Before you open your hand for your own request! Before you even ask. Kingdom prayer is powerful oo. It has so much power! I will share a very important experience – This morning, I took time because when I want to teach and I was praying only Kingdom prayers this morning. My concentration was too deep in Kingdom prayers; inside my deep prayers for the Kingdom. Over the weekend, money was too plenty in my hand. I just gave it out… Then something strange happened. Church Gist. God said to me: “Look (at) that carton you kept money you forgot.” He said: “Open that carton, you remember you kept money long ago, you forgot it.” I opened the carton, true true; money I forgot that nothing can make me remember. He said: “Because you prayed for My Kingdom, I know you’re looking for some change, so look at it there!” (Laughing). Now, that was added to me! Do you understand it? If I had prayed: “Oh! God I need money” that money would be lost permanently.

You pray too much for material things! Reduce your prayer points. “Father! Lamborghini!! You know? There’s Lamborghini and there is ‘Lamborgini’. There is Switzerland and there is Swaziland. “Oh! God, I want to go to Switzerland.” You may end up in Swaziland (Laughing). All of them are ‘Zeeland’.”Oh! God! I need money! Money!!! It’s a rich man’s world. I need it! Church Gist. God will say: “You will not get it. Since this is the way you want to pray.” My friend, reduce your prayer points on material things; focus on the Kingdom of God. Before you open your mouth, God will answer you. You will not pray for husband, husband will look for you! You won’t pray for wife, wife will be waiting for you! That’s how to pray! Kingdom of God first!

The Rewards Of Kingdom Advancement Prayers.

  1. You enjoy answers to your personal prayers.
    John 15:16.
  2. You enjoy uncommon favour.
    Psalm 102:13-15. Many of you say: “God favour me!!” No! If you want God to favour you, you favour His Kingdom!

-Look! What God will do in your life, unbelievers will close their mouths! Say Amen to that!

There’s a way God will bless you even those who hate you, they can’t do anything. Church Gist. You think everybody likes you? Just focus on the Kingdom even those who hate you, they will have no choice.

  1. You will enjoy honour.
    John 12:26.
  2. Praying for the Kingdom makes you a star.
    Daniel 12:3. You know? If you are a star in the World, you will have term but if God makes you a star, it’s forever and ever. In the World, you can be a star. The former governors and presidents? Do you know them again? Their time has passed but in the Kingdom, you reign forever. Abraham, are we still talking about him? Are we still talking about David? Church Gist. Are we still talking about Peter? It’s only in the Kingdom you are a star forever. In the World, you can be a star for 4 years, kpatakpata 8 years but you can never be a star forever. It’s only in the Kingdom you can be a star forever. Say I hear. Daniel 12:3. You know? When you pray for sinners to be saved, you are turning many to righteousness and it makes you a star.
  3. You are supernaturally empowered.
    Luke 9:28-32. When Jesus prayed, the Bible said His countenance was altered! His face changed! Glory came! They saw a man transfigured. Do you want that kind of Christianity? Where you are turned like this. Many of you don’t know what you’re losing. Church Gist. Okay! Fast for 7 days, focus on Kingdom and go for soul winning. The kind of miracles you will get in your life cannot be compared to 40 days fasting of your own. Now, try it! Fast for now, on your own oo from tomorrow, pray for Kingdom, go for soul winning, the only prayer point you pray for yourself is: Clear evil!

Have you noticed that Online Morning Devotion has outstanding testimonies more than anything? You know the reason? Our Online Morning Devotion, the first prayer points all are Kingdom! Those who join Online Morning Devotion will tell you they have more testimonies. All are Kingdom prayers. So, people online get more testimonies than ordinary people because every prayer there is what? Church Gist. Kingdom before personal prayers. But you know? In your family prayer, no Kingdom prayer! “Place requests that as our children are going, God will give them favour! Pray that daddy will get appointment! Pray that mummy will buy puff-puff to bring!” Not one prayer point has to do with the Kingdom of God. God will be saying: “Be praying for puff-puff in fact very soon I will give you ‘Make me well’. Most of you did not meet ‘make me well’.You want to know what is ‘make me well’? You won’t know it!

If your mother grew up in the 70s and you went to school, you will know ‘make me well’. Your mother will buy it and wrap it in a paper for you to go for break time with puff-puff. They will use one long black stick inside one big pot and ‘chook’ it with akara and tell you, open it and put inside bread and go for break! You will squeeze it with bread and then you eat, it carries you till school close from school. Not all this one children are going to school and they give them food flasks. Who (will) give you food flask? (Laughing). Church Gist. Food flask! All this one our children are going to school now, they put food flasks, they even select the food. They say: “Mummy! I don’t like this one, put this one!” Food flask! Have you seen the food before flask? (Laughing). Food flask! One of my classmates ate food with coke. I said: “See big man pikin oo.” Coke! He was eating with coke oo, we saw him as a big boy because the mother and the father had money so he was eating with coke! Coke! Where will you see coke? Mineral, coke to drink if you do a thing! It’s when you close from school, your mother will tell you, go to Kirikum market eh, when you come back! These days they have food flasks! The children will even tell you the kind of food they will eat. They will say: “Mummy, I don’t want plantain and egg today!” (Laughing). Plantain and egg! Oh! Plantain and egg!

My cousin’s father came to visit us at Paul Johnson so my mother was frying egg and plantain. I said my stomach was paining me because I heard the egg. I said: “My stomach.” It was not paining me oo, it was because of the egg and plantain. My mother said: “Ah! What did you say?” I said: “My stomach, my stomach!” I wanted them to give me the egg and plantain. So when my uncle after eating, he said (she should) give me na! Church Gist. As I ate, my mother said: “Nothing?” I said: “It’s not paining me again.” So my uncle said: “So na egg and plantain wey be the pain oo no be anything.” Because egg and plantain is a luxury. You eat egg and plantain, it’s once in a while. It’s only festive time you eat rice. (Laughing). Rice now that we eat every day. It’s when there is Christmas, there is one occasion, (that) you eat rice. And if you eat it every time they say: “You be one thief?” (Laughing). Calm down oo!

Let me say this to you, Kingdom advancement prayer is the surest way of winning your battles. Until your prayers are focused on the Kingdom, you can’t win in life. Engaging in Kingdom advancement prayers is what makes you an ever-winning Christian. Shout hallelujah! Make the choice and you will never experience defeat! Now I want to be very practical in my teaching. Church Gist. Some of you are new, I’ve demonstrated it during Glory Reign, during different times but every day we have new members. And some of you even if we have taught it before; understanding is not once. Now, when you pray for yourself and when you pray for the Kingdom, there are two different things. (Illustrating). I’m going to kneel down, listen carefully and I’m going to take two sets of prayers. First, I will pray for myself for material things! (Illustrating). You know why Christians struggle? We miss it.

In the World, they depend on power and might. In the Kingdom, we depend on God. But why Christians don’t succeed is because we try to apply the worldly principles for Kingdom things. It doesn’t work like that. I’m going to meet the MD of a company. The worldly man has met… going to charms, went to do all his juju everything. And I’m competing with him. Now I’m going to go into prayers because I learned we should pray. Now in my closet, this is how I’m going to pray. Now I want to pray this way, look at me. I’ve fasted, heavy fasting and now I want to pray. And I’m going to pray first the way many of you pray: “Father in the name of Jesus! I’m going out today! (I will quote Scriptures oo). Your Word says You shall compass me with favour as with a shield, favour me today. Father, You said in Your Word, no good thing will You withhold from them that walk upright! I need good things – good cars because it’s good, You know it’s rainy season. Church Gist. When rain falls, rain beats me, that’s not good! I need a good car! In fact! A car, the latest Lexus Jeep in the name of Jesus! You know? Father, you said every good gift comes from You. So a wife is a good gift for me. Father in the name of Jesus! Money!!! I can’t be broke serving you. I need dollars, the green note. I need pounds, the red one! And I need naira, the new blue and old one. Father!” (Laughing). That’s how many of you pray! “Look at my children, five of them I need to take them to the best of schools. Best! I need your help in the name of Jesus! Every devil that wants to stop me, out!” You have shouted for 5 weeks nothing! “They must sign my contract in MBBM, FFF, 60F Contract. If I get million, you know I’ll use it! To take care of all these villagers who are coming.” Did anything happen here? Nothing! That’s why your prayers have not moved any fly.

Now look at me, before I spend 30 seconds you will see the effect! (Illustrating). “Father in the name of Jesus! I wanna step out. Lord as I step out bring a soul my way that it will be harvested into Your Kingdom.” They couldn’t stand the presence of God, I’ve not even finished talking! You know why? Matthew 6:9-10. I’ve not even opened my mouth! Church Gist. Just His Kingdom, power have come down! If at that point I go anywhere, doors will be doing like this ‘puum’ (opening). You are spending too much time doing 40 days fasting. You are not the one that brought ‘ekwensu’ (Translated: devil in Igbo Language). Change your prayers! You don’t look for job when you pray for Kingdom, jobs look for you. You don’t look for favour, favour looks for you. You don’t look for husband and wife, they look for you. Focus on His Kingdom. Matthew 6:33.

In the First Service, I told you about how Solomon prayed for the Kingdom and where it was added unto him. You don’t know! Change your prayer pattern, you have prayed too much for yourself. Now, this week try something else. I told a young man… (Illustrating). That’s why when you go before people they don’t approve your papers because your prayer was wrong. You think it’s by praying those prayers that will make them touch (it)? No! Life story! The biggest body of a Pentecostal Church was looking for a man, the man refused to give them appointment. Church Gist. And before then the man drove to see me. They said: “Sir, this man said e no go fit see us for the next two months.” They were with me and the man drove in the afternoon to come and see me. They saw him. They said: “How you take manage?” I said: “I no manage, your focus and my focus are not the same. You are going to meet him for assistance, I focus on God, so he looks for me. You’ve missed it too much, Christians! Stop praying the way you pray. Things are not as hard as you think. Just change your prayer pattern. Rise to your feet!


-Now that you have prayed for His Kingdom, everything the World is looking for and you are looking for will come as an addition. You will not need to ask for any of them.
-This week, you will see the manifestation of all in the name of Jesus!
-Whatever would have been a prayer point or a prayer request will end as a testimony. If you believe in Matthew 6:33 let your Amen be the strongest!

Try it for one week! Now when you get results for one week, nobody will cajole you again. You will now be doing it as a lifestyle. Just try it! Put Kingdom (first)!!! Church Gist. Then pray to avert evil. You will see this week, (the) job you are applying for; then couple it with soul winning. You will just be amazed at the way you get results.

-May the Lord answer you! He has already answered you in Jesus’ name!









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