SERVING GOD AND THE INTERESTS OF HIS KINGDOM PAYS THE UNMATCHABLE 4  – Bishop David Oyedepo at Covenant Day of Breaking Generational Curses Service  || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| 24th March 2024 || First Sunday Service ||

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 – Bishop David Oyedepo on SERVING GOD AND THE INTERESTS OF HIS KINGDOM PAYS THE UNMATCHABLE 4 at Covenant Day of Breaking Generational Curses Service  || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| 24th March 2024 || First Sunday Service ||

–              You have come to a house of rescue today, every force pursuing you to hurt you will turn their back.

–              Every trace of generational curses will lose their grip on your life.

Behind most challenges of your life are curses. Proverbs 26:2. Ogun airi l’anja (We are fighting (an) invisible battle(s). Church Gist. You can’t tell where it is coming from but you are feeling the impact. Whatever has been pursuing after your life to hurt you in the realm of the unseen, the invisible God will rout them today. Oba ta’ori t’an r’ise owo re Osuba re re o (The Invisible King (God) with visible works, You are worthy o Lord). You are free from every invisible siege on your life today.

It is known by the grace of election, this is a house of rescue. “The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the teaching of the word of faith and I am sending you to undertake this task”. Your long-awaited liberty comes through today. Church Gist. The curse of career instability, the curse of business frustration, the curse of marital unsettlement, the curse of dilapidating health, whatever represents a curse around anyone’s life is overturned today. The curse of jealousy and envy is overturned today.

We find rest, we find rescue, we find liberation by learning at His feet. Matthew 11:28. When I pray over you the chains are broken but to keep the chains from reforming, you need light. Church Gist. That’s where most of us fail. We get relief and we relax until we get back to your bondage. You need to know the root and how to keep it off your territory.

Jesus, teach us today and let your power go through the teaching to establish everyone’s liberty. Let this covenant day of breaking spiritual curses answer to its name. Church Gist. Let every shutdown destiny be reopened. Let every life under bondage be liberated. Let every chain of shame and reproach be broken and let your name be glorified.


It pays beyond what skills, qualifications, strength, business exploits can handle. Exodus 23:25-26. Proverbs 10:22. Many people see some things called blessings but loaded with sorrow. Wrapped up with sorrows, depression night and day. His blessings make us rich and add no sorrow. I mean sorrow-free blessing, depression-free blessing, ever-jumping blessing, every laughing blessing. I will not watch you molested by sickness and disease. It is part of your returns for serving me. That is immunity against the assault of sickness and diseases. Church Gist. Exodus 23:26. Barrenness in scriptures is about anything that is not productive. From your body to the works of your hand to anything. That means anything you do shall prosper. No aborted business, no aborted career. I am in charge, I am in control. I will ensure that anything that wants you dead will die in your place. What a package.

You can’t see that as a reality and be forced to serve God, you will jump at it. That is a job without application, without interview and has this tremendous offer. You jump. We have heard it but we have not seen it, so we are still doubting and contemplating it. Can it be true? Can it happen? How can I be sure? When you see it the debate will be over. Serving God and the interests of His Kingdom pays the unmatchable. So it is not mere religion or a hobby, serving God is a big-time business. You say what? Yes! Luke 2:49. John 18:37. That’s the business. By that business, He is seated far above today all principalities and powers… (Ephesians 1:21). Philippians 2:10. What a business and what an amazing return. Church Gist. Luke 2:49. Service in the vineyard of the Lord is big-time business. Romans 12:11. Don’t see it as a hobby, see it as a church activity, see serving God as a business and be fervent in your engagement. It brings unmatchable returns.

Platform for Kingdom stewardship includes:

1.            Praying for the flow of the word of eternal life that will establish new converts and members in this church.

Praying for the Word of God to go forth. The Word of eternal life that establishes people on the faith. John 6:66-68. When the Word of eternal life is going forth, people gather. It is good news from heaven, they gather. Church Gist. We pray for God’s Word of eternal life to keep going forth which will lead to the establishment of our new converts in the faith and in this Church.

2.            Praying for supernatural intervention for the needs of members to be met so they can abide in the faith for life.

When goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life, you will dwell in his house forever. Psalm 23:6. So we pray for God to clear the challenges off the paths of God’s people so they can be established in the Kingdom of life forever. Ephesians 6:8. You can’t pray for someone else’s breakthrough and become a victim of breakdown. You are praying for somebody’s breakthrough, a family cannot eat or drink, you are praying for God to intervene and set them free. Church Gist. You are receiving your own liberty in the process. Somebody’s praying for a challenged family that has no children and she also has a need for children. We have heard such testimonies here, many of them. As they are praying for them, God is answering them also. Ephesians 6:8.

3.            Engagement in financial stewardship.

Invest financially in Kingdom advancement promotions. Investing financially in Kingdom advancement endeavours. 1 Chronicles 29:3. Serving God with one’s God given means keeps the means flowing and multiplying. People need to know that Sir. God will never ask you to give but from what He has given you. He never asked Abraham to give Isaac until He gave him Isaac. 1 Corinthians 4:7. All this coerced offering taking is not necessary, it is not the God way. It is not you giving God, it is you giving from what He gave you. So there is nothing to brag about there. Nothing! What have you that you have not received? There is no “I gave ₦1000” from where? From what He gave you. “I gave ₦200 for transportation so that my brother can come to Church.” From where? What He gave you. Deuteronomy 6:18. Tithing is acknowledgement of receipt of His blessings. Church Gist. When the acknowledgement is not there, they believe that your address has changed so you don’t receive the next pack. If you understand it, you will be a relaxed giver. I am giving out of what He gave me. He entrusted it to me and I am taking steps to be counted faithful. It is an entrustment. Riches in the Kingdom is not an achievement, it is an entrustment. Don’t let it enter your head, it is an entrustment. If He removes His hand, one day (you will go down). God forbid that you see ordinary paper and call it money. You better wake up. Giving should be a delight, not a pressure, it is coming from what He gave you and from what He gave me. Somebody is changing levels. May serving God remain a delight for you all the days of your life. No one here will miss it. No Winner will be mistaken for a beggar all the days of your life.

Commitment to giving and receiving entitles us to supernatural supplies from God. Philippians 4:15. Don’t quote Philippians 4:19 without taking note of verse 15. Church Gist. There is a communication in giving and receiving before God is committed to supplying all your needs according to His riches in glory.

4.            Stay committed to Kingdom Care Covenant as a lifestyle.

Let the needs of others concern you. Don’t shut your eyes of mercy from those who are grinning and groaning in life when it is in your power to assist. Galatians 6:2, 10. Those who show mercy don’t lack mercy. Those who show favour don’t lack favour. People don’t lack what they give, they only lack what they keep. Church Gist. You can’t show favour not for show but out of love and lack favour. You can’t show mercy, not to be called a great woman of God but out of compassion and lack mercy. There is nothing you give that you are permitted to lack. Show mercy, you will never lack it. Show favour, you never lack it.

What to do for our stewardship to qualify for rewards

1.            We must keep serving God as a privilege and not a burden.

Jeremiah 23:33-40.

Don’t let God’s instruction be a burden to you, it has a counter effect on our lives. Enjoy it. Let His commandment soothe you at all times. Don’t ever see serving Jesus as a burden, it is absolutely a privilege. Your choice and my choice is purely an election of grace, nothing else. Don’t weary God with anti-scriptural comments. Don’t hiss all around your unit. If not for this Church, can I be in the group of such people? Go and look for another group. You know pride is a poison. Its effect is deadlier than stage 10 cancer. It ate up Herod on his seat. Worms ate him up. He was decaying, that is the meaning, because he gave God, not the glory. Church Gist. The whole world is like a drop of water from His finger. How much do you weigh in that? How much do you weigh in that? Come down. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God so that in due time, He may exalt you. You are going places. Meekness is what defines the limit of everyone’s expansion. Matthew 5:5.

2.            We must serve God diligently.

There are too many casual workers. “Well, I have done my best.”  The word diligent means business-likely, as if you are being marked. As if you are writing an exam. Get four souls. “Well, I have tried my best.” You have done your best and you have not gotten one? Where is your best? He gave to everyone. So everyone has the capacity to deliver. You didn’t get one out of four and you have done your best. You didn’t do anything. Business-likely. He does not reward efforts, He rewards returns. Church Gist. How many souls have you even prayed over since this thing started? Did you ever mention anybody in prayer? Okay, check on your friends and neighbours. Did you check on anyone? He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him, no casual approach ever makes impact in any field. For our stewardship to be rewarded, it must be result oriented, result driven. Every aspect of ministry requires diligence for delivery, no shortcut. Proverbs 14:23.

3.            We must serve God tirelessly.

1 Corinthians 15:58. Habakkuk 2:3. Matthew 24:47. We serve Him tirelessly to maximize the returns on our service.

Let’s itemize some returns of Kingdom stewardship.

1.            It guarantees express answers to prayers.

John 15:16. Isaiah 58:9.

2.            Divine exemption from the evil days.

You are divinely exempted from evil times, it doesn’t touch you. Malachi 3:17-18, 4:1-2. Church Gist. Exemption through serving God, this global heat on the earth will not touch you. It won’t touch your family.

3.            It secures access to our high places.

Habbakuk 3:2, 17-19. It is always going through a gestation period. You don’t put your grain of maize in the earth today and carry your basket for harvest tomorrow. It goes through a process underneath the earth and then shoots out two blades. It is coming, it is not lost. As you engage in praying revival fanning prayers and it looks like you are wasting time, no! It is coming and it is taking you to your high places. That is the plan. Daniel 12:3. Some are going to hit their mark of many during this first half of the year which will cause their star to blossom. Church Gist. Unto whom much is given, much is required. When you hit the benchmark of many as far as God is concerned, He changes your story supernaturally. So we are going towards many, as I hit my benchmark of many with God, something breaks forth. Like we say here when your cloud is full, your rain must fall.

4.            It secures establishment in the faith.

John 15:2. Luke 13:6-9. No one shall be cut down. Serving God is a must to keep alive in the faith.

5.            It secures eternity with Christ.

How many are set for heaven? How many believe that heaven is real? The way the ‘gospel’ is going, they will soon build a tabernacle here and call it heaven. My friend, heaven is real. Jesus is still busy building mansions in heaven, they are not mere stories. We shall make. Luke 10:17-19. Church Gist. Serving God secures our place in eternity. 2 Timothy 4:8. Heaven is real. We shall all make it. They call it eternity, eternity means time without end. We have limited time here but we have eternity waiting, we shall not miss it.

Today is our Covenant Day of Breaking Generational Curses. I mentioned earlier that curses are real. The effect is physical but the source is mostly invisible. The effect cannot be denied but the source is not what you can put your hand on in most cases. Church Gist. I have identified five of those sources and how Christ has dwelt with them on our behalf so you can walk in liberty all your days. Proverbs 26:2. Behind every negative activity in our lives, there are forces behind the scenes.

1.            The curse of God.

We saw God inflict curses on mankind in Genesis 3:15-18. Adam and Eve had their share. He told Abraham, “You will sweat. I planted those things for you for free and you abused it? Go ahead.” You shall not serve any other god or you carry a curse. Exodus 20:4-5. The curse of the Lord is in the house of a thief. Zechariah 5:4. There is the curse of God that is ravaging the earth. Every curse of God is reversible by repentance. The way out is obedience. Church Gist. Obedience to what averts a curse and what averts a curse is repentance. Timely repentance. Esau had no space to repent. The time had lapsed. Disobedience is at the root of the curse of God like we saw in the Garden of Eden. Disobedience demands repentance. For instance, let him that steals, steal no more so he can be free from the curse. Ephesians 4:28.

2.            The curse of the law (Deuteronomy 28:15-66).

These are the curses of the law listed up until verse 66. They can be summarized under three subheadings like Hagin will teach – Poverty, sickness and death. The curses of the law had those three major expressions. We can all read it and classify them. Jesus came to rescue mankind from the curses of the law. Christ has redeemed us from the curses of the law. Galatians 3:13-14. Redemption is the only escape from the curse of the law. Church Gist. Until one is saved, the curse of the law will keep ravaging his life. If you see these curses of the law, they are forever and generational. They are generational in nature. Hebrews 2:3. There is no escaping from the curses of the law without being saved, not just being recognised by everybody as being a church person but being born again. Be born again. It is the way out.

Stay in love with God because love is the fulfilment of the law. Romans 13:10. Walk in love and you have fulfilled the law. The curse of the law has no more hold on your life. Romans 8:28.

3.            The curse of devils.

The curse of the God rides on disobedience, the curse of the law rides on breaking the law but the curse of devils, your doing right motivates him to inflict a curse. You don’t have to do anything wrong, he is looking for those who are trying to do things right to hit at them. Job 1:8. Luke 22:32. Why Simeon? Judas was there. Why not Thomas? He is always hunting for the precious souls. What a place you have come. This is one place where the devil knows he has no power. Satan has no power on this ground. So everyone under the siege of satanic curses inflicted through his agents at any point in time, those curses are turned back on their heads. Church Gist. It was me He said, “The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil…” including curses. All oppressions! We got into the nation of Liberia years ago and there was this Queen of Sheba that was a very notorious witch. From stories, they sacrifice human beings to her. We landed in town, moved in straight to the hotel where she was, she packed out on the spot and left the city unceremoniously. Light and darkness have no meeting point. Everyone who carries a siege of darkness that is tormenting your life in this service, you are declared free.

Years ago I took a witch out. A notorious witch, not that they called her a witch, she agrees that she is a witch tormenting the family. I took her to a no man’s land with one of my fellows and I said, anything I tell you to do, do it. Now, lie down. She laid down. Lie down and face up. Stand up, walk straight to that river. She said please if I step there I will die. Die. I asked her a question, why can’t the devil come here to help you? Don’t they come to rescue people with the power of darkness? Church Gist. She said as long as you are here he can’t come. Whatever devil followed you here gets off your back right now. I challenged those devils as one with authority from Jesus, get off the back of everyone and get off now. You heard the story in that testimony that the idol disappeared. From Nigeria to Ghana by a word. Wherever the challenge is, I curse the root. 

Satan, you can’t function here. Those terrible idols, you can’t function here. You can’t function here. Numbers 23:23.  Every enchantment against your destiny, your family, your life, returns back to sender. Church Gist. Every enchantment against your children, your spouse, your health returns back to the sender.  What has God wrought, not what has the devil done again. In the precious name of Jesus, Satan is declared out of the equation of your life.

What is the way out?

i.)            Be born again.

New birth means transition from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. There is no way darkness can go for an arrest in the midst of light. When you  are translated, you have escaped. New birth means being raised with Christ and being made to sit together with Christ in your high places. So there is no way they can operate. Don’t toy with the word new birth. Don’t make God your provider, when He is not your Saviour. There is nothing He provides that is safe. Please come under that covering. Make Jesus the Lord of your life and watch the devil just pass by you, he can’t come in. Light and darkness cannot coexist. When you are saved, you are seated with Christ far above all principalities and powers. So you are off the realm of tortures.

ii.)           Be committed to serving God.

When God blesses, it cannot be reversed by any devil. Numbers 23:20. No devil can reverse the blessings of God, it is outside their range. Church Gist. Luke 10:17-19. Keep serving Him, you will see Satan fall like lightning from heaven. It is all in the package.

4.            The curses of man

Isaiah 54:15. All that gather against you shall fall for your sake. Balaam gathered with Balak and he fell. All that gather against you shall fall for your sake. Isaiah 54:17. You shall condemn, not God. So you wake up in the night and say ‘Every gang up against me from every quarter around the earth, you are condemned.’ You felt some things around you, ‘No! I condemn you in the name of Jesus.’ As you are saying that with the name, can they stand the name? Proverbs 18:10. Church Gist. You inflict the name on them. Do you know what David said against Goliath when Goliath cursed him in the name of his god? David replied I come to you in the name of the Lord God of Israel. Today I will bring down your head. Did it happen or not? Don’t let the enemy have the final say. Give it back to them in hard currency. No one targets this life and escapes. Isaiah 43:4. They can’t mess you up. There are things I can’t say on this platform but they are terrible. A number of them without my knowledge. Don’t touch. Church Gist. Thou shall condemn! That means you are responsible. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord. You are responsible for saying ‘You are condemned.’ Root out and then they are out. Throw down and then they are down. From today, every eye of man and any hand of man against God’s agenda for your life, from today they are declared condemned. In the same way Goliath fell, they are declared fallen.

In 1979, I came by a revelation from A.A. Allen, the Lord killeth and He maketh alive. 1 Samuel 2:6. Exodus 4:23. Whatever needs to go for you to fulfil God’s agenda must go now. Be born again, keep your faith alive and then you are in charge. Do what God says to do and he will check out of your life and what belongs to you. When God blesses no man can curse. Your life is secure.

5.            Self-inflicted curses.

This is where the caution is. When you see any man, any woman, any boy or any girl blessed by God, keep your mouth. Genesis 12:3. Don’t move your tongue against the blessed or you procure a curse upon your life. Don’t move your tongue against the blessed man, the blessed woman, the blessed boy, the blessed girl or you inflict curses on your life. Self-inflicted curse. A lady shared a testimony here that after washing her mouth on the mission and my person, everything went haywire. God, what is happening? What you said. Ecclesiastes 5:6. Church Gist. A young man came in here, he said he was saying something about this and that and God gave him mouth odour. Church Gist. You can’t open your mouth because it is like a latrine. The Lord told him where he got it from and he ran down here. Self-inflicted curses have distorted many destinies. Since you don’t know who God has blessed, keep your mouth and keep your life. He that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life. Keep your mouth oh I beg. “That woman is a thief” How do you know? And God is the one that blessed her. What is your judgment for? Who made you a referee? In case you say it is not God and it is God, you are in trouble.

Self-inflicted curses! Is there anybody in this Church who doesn’t know that tithing is a requirement to be free from lack and want? Why won’t you? Self-inflicted. Nothing else. Malachi 3:8-10. Bring back the tithe and I will stop the curse. They won’t, they are waiting for Papa to pray. Papa just pray. When Papa prays things happen. That is when he prays according to the will of God. Papa can’t make prosperity happen without you being a giver. Church Gist. This small Papa can’t make prosperity happen to anybody without being a giver. Even himself won’t see prosperity without being a giver. Beware of Self-inflicted curses that make God look like He is wicked. Beware of Self-inflicted curses, it has caused so many devastations and destructions to many lives. Beware!

Beware of mocking the move of God. Isaiah 28:21-22. Don’t mock the move of God so you don’t up as mockeries. Elisha came out with that fresh mantle and 42 children were mocking him. Go up, oh bald head. Their parents had been telling them negative things about Elijah and Elisha. So they came out to manifest it. He turned back and cursed them. Do you know why God heard? It was the will of God. God will never answer a prayer that is not according to His will. Two she-bears came out of the woods and destroyed 42 of them. That is how deadly mocking the move of God can be. “Are they the only one? Every time they are going to win souls. Let’s see what will happen.” What is your problem? Let’s hope you live to see it. Church Gist. Beware! Only those who celebrate the move of God become partakers of the blessings thereof. I celebrated all those folks ahead of us without knowing I was going into ministry. My heart longs for the kind of grace upon their lives. Self-inflicted curses are diverse. 2 Kings 2:23-24. You won’t live under a curse.

That one calls for you to renew your walk with God. Some fellows have made some amounts available to us for massive transportation and many more are still coming on the way. So we are committed to bringing as many we pick by the roadside as possible to come and be with Jesus. We give them relief through feeding, clothing and shelter. We give them rest through access to the Word, which builds their faith which will bring them to rest. Food and money and all that are temporary but life comes from the Word that launches men into rest. Church Gist. “They are spending so much money” What is your problem? Did they collect it from you? Just ask Jesus how much a soul is worth. When you meet Him ask Him. Sir, how much is a soul worth? He will say, “My son wait a bit. Church Gist. If I tell you the worth, you might be shaking.” It is worth the soul of a sinless soul. If all of us die now, it is not worth the redemption of any man. That is to tell you the cost. We are going somewhere.  I therefore pray for the disciple required to be free from Self-inflicted curses. Receive that grace in the name of Jesus.

–              The good news is the battle is over.

–              Whatever curses have lied down your life are now released.

Next Sunday is Easter Sunday. By divine instruction, it shall be our Easter Miracle Banquet. Just as Jesus showed Himself alive with many infallible proofs to the Apostles, He will do the same in our midst at this Easter Miracle Service. Come expecting an eye-opening miracle that will grant all of us access to brighter revelation that will bring a revolution both in our spiritual life and our endeavours in life. Church Gist. Come expecting a grave-opening miracle that will shatter all situations in our lives. Jesus rose from the dead and the graves were opened and the dead of the saints came out. You are coming out. Everyone appointed unto death will come out. Every siege of death will be destroyed. Come expecting breakthrough miracles that will bring an end to all areas of struggles in our lives and many more. John 21:6-8. Come and expect the infallible proof of Christ risen from the dead.

From the scriptures we understand that resurrection signifies the opening of the seal to the supernatural as our natural realm, it shall be a turning point in our lives. You will be in command of the supernatural. Church Gist. It shall be a special communion service because the first thing Jesus did when he rose from the dead was to serve the disciples communion to open our spiritual understanding to new levels. It shall be a miracle service indeed. So come ready for it. It is not just a ceremony, it is an encounter program.

–              Now, I declare everyone under the sound of my voice around the world curse-free today.

–              The effect of your freedom begins now.

–              Every door that curses had closed against you is now declared open.

–              Every siege in your lineage that keeps repeating the same thing over and over, that siege is over. Church Gist.

–              Every curse behind your struggles in life is declared over.

–              The curse of near-success syndrome is finally broken.

–              The curse of marital delay is broken.

–              The curse of marital unrest is broken.

–              The curse and spells of sickness and disease are broken.

–              You are free

–              I invoke the unction of this Commission that is ordained to liberate mankind from all oppressions of the devil to come upon your life right now.

–              Any devil or his agent that dares you from this moment, goes down for you.

–              Every arrow shot at you goes back to the sender.

–              Your destiny is released.

–              Your eternity is secured.









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