Monday Moments


ALTARS DON'T CARE WHETHER YOU ARE A PASTOR OR WHATEVER; YOU CAN STAND AND BE MAKING A LOT OF NOISE AND YET, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. I MADE UP MY MIND THAT I WILL SERVE THE PURPOSES OF GOD AT A GLOBAL LEVEL AND THAT, ANYTHING THAT PEGS PEOPLE FROM MY REGION AND KEEPS THEM AT A PARTICULAR LEVEL, I WILL RE-WRITE THAT NARRATIVE IN MY LIFETIME THE MYSTERY OF THE ALTAR IS THE MYSTERY OF DOMINION. IT IS TIME TO STAND AS A PRIEST THAT YOU ARE AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE RESOURCES OF WISDOM AND OBTAIN GRACE TO ESTABLISH VICTORY. God carried His only Son, what else in Heaven is more expensive than Jesus? Is it the throne or the angels put together? In the beginning was the Word and He literally carried the Word and sent Him down to the earth. Church Gist. When Jesus was crying Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani, do you know why no power can fight salvation? Find out the sacrifice that went to make it happen. The only way salvation can be destroyed is if there is a higher and greater sacrifice, greater than Jesus that is sacrificed. He carried His Most precious and hung it upon that cross and stamped redemption eternally for men. When I saw certain things in my own life and I saw certain things across our territories, almost every territory if we are to be sincere, there is a backlog of territorial limitations. Some of them, the things that I have mentioned and it will take spiritual understanding to make up your mind and deal with these things once and for all. Church Gist. You can shout amen, fast and pray; those are just portions and pieces of the truth, until this is engaged with understanding. I have done this for my life and ministry. You cannot imagine the sacrifice that has gone in to see Jesus glorified in this ministry. Nothing is just happening by mistake. If you ever think it is by mistake, think again. Right now that it is the political season, shrines all over this nation are full of men and women who are clamouring for positions. They know that it is not just to stand and vote. Believers, the mystery of the altar is the mystery of dominion. It cannot be outside of the altar. The Lord God of Heaven, sits upon that altar that guarantees our salvation. There are many of you right now, you came here tonight trusting God to end cycles of infirmities; cycles and yokes. If you are the one who goes through this for your family, so that no one else goes through it, happy are you and God bless you for it. I made up my mind as a person that, no matter what it will take, let me be that bridge between the old and the new. Church Gist. Some of you know what you've suffered by reason of the background, some of you, now as it is, even though you are a Christian, you are still going through it. The worse you can do is to hand over this disaster to your children. It is time to stand as a priest that you are and take advantage of the resources of wisdom, including the understanding of the altar and to obtain grace to establish victory, otherwise, don't say, "My father was sick, as soon as he was 50 years, they just diagnosed him with something and he said, it happened to his father too." Don't let the devil deceive you and say, "I am just 30 years." 30 is 50 minus 15. It means, you are also coming. That everything that does not work and it continues and remain so, they are powered by altars, it is time to deal with it. The first thing we are going to do right now, no distraction. Church Gist. Don't allow the devil to distract you. In the next two minutes, we are going to do a corporate prayer of repentance before God. Don't be too proud ooo; you are going to cry before the God of Heaven and say, "Lord, I am standing in repentance." PRAYER: - Lord, we plead mercy over every altar of sin and iniquity that is empowering every other negative altars; death, delays, retrogression, stagnation (Psalm 51). - As for me and my house: Lord, I agree with You this day that I will serve the Lord. No other name, god, force or influence. I dissociate myself from the ordinances of idols. - I declare that every altar that hitherto has had any legal grounds on my life, the blood of the everlasting covenant is against it! When I started ministry and I discovered that not many people from my region had the privilege to rise to a global level and to stay and to last sustainably in ministry, I said, minus me. But I knew that it will not just be empty talk. Let me tell you something about altars; they don't care whether you are a pastor or whatever, once there is no compliance, you can stand and be making a lot of noise and yet, nothing will happen. Church Gist. I made up my mind that I will serve the purposes of God at a global level and that, anything that pegs people from my region and keeps them at a particular level, that it will be my lifetime, I will re-write that narrative. - My destiny and my glory, I connect you to throne of grace. My destiny and my glory, you are not connected to ancestry and human manipulation in Jesus' name. - Let it be known to principalities and powers, thrones and dominions, that there is a switch of loyalty from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God's dear Son.


A TERRITORY CAN SIN AGAINST GOD. NIGERIA IS RANKED ONE OF THE HIGHEST AMONG CORRUPT NATIONS. NOT EVERYBODY IS CORRUPT BUT IT IS A SAD BADGE WE HAVE TO WEAR, NATIONALLY SPEAKING. NO MATTER HOW RIGHTEOUS YOU ARE, WHATEVER LASH WE HAVE TO RECEIVE BY REASON OF CARRYING A NIGERIAN PASSPORT, WE ALL CORPORATELY TAKE IT. ALL GODLY ALTARS ARE POWERED BY ONE MAJOR ALTAR, THE THRONE OF GRACE ALONGSIDE THE BLOOD OF JESUS. EVERY SYSTEM OF AUTHORIZATIONS, EVERY SYSTEM OF EXCHANGES, EVERY SYSTEM THAT ALLOWS FOR INTERACTION WITH THE ANGELIC AND WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, EVERY SYSTEM THAT COMMANDS SPIRITUAL VIRTUE TO COME UPON THE SAINTS IS POWERED BY THIS ONE ALTAR, THE THRONE OF GRACE. -Apostle Joshua Selman Territorial sin. This means for your personal sin, you can repent before God but there is territorial sin, a territory can sin against God, for example Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 18:20-23. Sodom and Gomorrah was not just a personal sin. Abraham asked the Lord will Thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked, that means there were righteous and wicked people in the land, the righteous man being Lot, yet as far as God was concerned as a territory, they were sinners. ChurchGist. Statistics show sadly that Nigeria is ranked one of the highest among corrupt Nations. Are you corrupt? But it is a sad badge we have to wear, nationally speaking. No matter how righteous you are, whatever lash we have to receive by reason of carrying a Nigerian passport, we all corporately take it, no matter how righteous we are individually, you have to face that backlash, until we are changed as a territory. Are you getting what I am saying now? Another example, Jonah 1:1-3,3:1-3. You know what happened to Jonah, he ran away and all of that, Jonah was angry, he said Lord I know these people, you're right, if I talk to them now and they repent, that means a territory can repent of their sins. God told Jonah again in Jonah 3:1-3. Go and tell them, there is authorization from darkness to destroy them based on that altar of sin and iniquity and if they don't do anything about it, judgement is coming. As soon as Jonah declared the Word of God to the people of Nineveh, the Bible says they declared a fast, including the animals, everything that was alive fasted to repent, if I stole money and I bought cassava with it and a goat eats it, territorially we are all sinners, so the animals fasted, it's in your Bible. Praise the Lord! 3. The last level of sin is the sin based on foundations and bloodlines. Don't worry, don't be afraid of hearing all these words, I know you've heard them and you've run away from them for a long time, just trust me, I'm a good pilot. ChurchGist. Sin based on foundations and bloodlines. Psalm 11:3. Exodus 34:6-13. Are you seeing Moses’ repenting? He said this one is not just for myself, I agree with what You've said, he pleaded on behalf of the people. I want to do business, now that you're begging Me, you're pleading with Me to have mercy, let Me show you what you need to do, it is not just the issue of pleading, there are things that will keep speaking. Exodus 35:13-14. You shall destroy their altars. I only used to read that God is Jealous, but the Bible is saying here whose name is Jealous, not satanic jealousy, let not confuse what is written, jealousy here means that ability to see what you love being protected and preserved, that there is something about God, when He sees that spiritual harlotry from Him to other gods and when sin created that altar, the people will bring judgement upon themselves. Whether you like it or not we are all victims of territorial sins and if not all of us, especially Africans. Do you believe that you will hear a story of somebody who buries humans every day and you will just shrug it off and say it does not matter, do you know what the people said before they passed on? And you just believe oh no problem, everything is gone, there are rules of engagement. ChurchGist. I have taught you this when we were dealing with deliverance, that God did not cast the sins of men out of men, as powerful as God is, He didn't cast sin out of man, the Lamb had to come and die, lived thirty-three (33) years and died to purchase redemption for us. Now, just like demonic altars, all godly altars are powered by one major altar too, that means if you see any platform that has been available to men to encounter God, to authorize activities of the realm of the spirit, there is one major altar that powers them up, the Bible calls it the throne of grace. The throne of grace alongside the Blood of Jesus that is called the eternal covenant, that is the principal altar that powers everything good in the lives of the believers. ChurchGist. Every system of authorizations, every system of exchanges, every system that allows for interaction with the angelic and with the Holy Spirit, every system that commands spiritual virtue to come upon the saints is powered by this one altar, the throne of grace. Hebrews 4:14-16. Hallelujah! Hebrews 12:22-24. If you read what Paul was teaching, Jesus carried His own blood as the high priest and poured it upon that altar once and for all. If you ever see any believer in Christ walking consistently in favour and grace and victory, having divine encounters, there are different altars and platforms that make for that possibility, but the one altar that powers it all is the throne of grace, that throne you see God sitting on, it's an altar.


SALVATION IS BEING POWERED BY AN ALTAR AND THE ALTAR THAT POWERS IT IS THE VERY THRONE THAT GOD SITS ON YOU CAN KNOW THE PRESENCE OF AN ALTAR IN ANY LIFE, FAMILY, REGION, BY THE CONSISTENCY OF PATTERNS AND OCCURRENCES WHETHER GOOD OR BAD A LIST OF NEGATIVE PATTERNS THAT CONFIRM THE PRESENCE OF AN ALTAR - Apostle Joshua Selman You can know the presence of an altar in any life, family, region, by the consistency of patterns and occurrences whether good or bad. Church Gist. That means of certain good things keep happening to you regardless the surrounding circumstances, there is an altar that is powering what is happening. If certain evils and certain patterns keep reoccurring regardless the effort you are putting, it is because it is being powered by altars. For example, salvation. Salvation is being powered by an altar that is why any day and any time anyone confesses Jesus, you don't have to be there, an angel does not have to be there to supervise it, there is an altar already that supports that ordinance that whosoever believes in the name of the Lord, that person shall be saved. Church Gist. And the altar that powers that statement is the very throne that God sits on. If salvation were not powdered by an altar, it would be impossible for all men to be saved. Another example: the blessing of the Jewish nation. The blessing of the Jewish nation is powered by altars. Church Gist. When you go to Israel, many of them still practice Judaism but in truth, many of them are not born again. They have not believed in the Lord God of Heaven. Yet that covenant being powered by an altar still insists that the Jewish nation will remain on top and above whether they are in Israel or in Africa, whether they know it or not, they just find out that you can stand with a Jew and there seems to be an advantage that he himself cannot explain. An example of negative altars: all kinds of wrong addictions, negative patterns are powered by altars. Let me list a few of them for you. Church Gist. If I am listing this, and it ever affects you, just know that whether you admit it or not, it confirms the presence of an altar. 1) The presence of Mysterious diseases and infirmities whether as an individual or a family, or a territory. Usually these diseases you see are also passed through the blood line. Church Gist. There may be a medical explanation and medicine is there as a symbol of God's mercy but I am telling you using higher spiritual intelligence, those sicknesses can only remain because of the presence of altars 2) All kinds of sexual and immoral perversions: it does not matter how sincere the victims are, that's not the issue; it is that there is an altar that powers it. That's why you can hear stories of an adult doing something funny with a minor and a baby and it does not make human sense. Church Gist. I'm sorry to say it, but this is also what has generated into these various versions of perversions we have in our society. The victims do not even know what is drawing them. It is not just about your will alone, it is that there is a force that is operating on legal basis. 3) Depression and mental health issues: there are things that have to do with fatigue and all of that, but for most people, they do not know that most mental health issues need more than counselling. Church Gist. When Jesus saw mad men, watch what the mad man in Gadarenes, he was always hiding in caves and hurting himself. 4) Witchcraft and idol worship: you will be amazed at how many Christians today love God sincerely but something keeps drawing them back to still revisit foundations of idolatry. It does not matter whether you're a man of God, business man. Church Gist. I'm not scaring you; there's victory at the end of this teaching but you must know what is there. You don't gain victory by running away from the truth; you gain victory by knowing the truth. 5) Stagnation and delays 6) Near success syndrome: that people see it but never possess it. You do an interview to the last point, then you don't go again. Church Gist. You will always see the beginning of things but never see their end. You can look around and know people in your life who are excellent starters but the power to continue and even finish anything is not there. 7) Barrenness and short-lived success; Barrenness of all kinds especially biological barrenness. Short-lived success means you enjoy every blessing but it does not last. Church Gist. There are some of you the moment you see good things happen to you, you even start crying because you know as a track record that good things never remain. You buy a car, as soon as you are rejoicing, that car will hit a convoy. They will bring you out and say you should sit on the ground first. Barrenness! How many people do you find there is nothing medically wrong with them, there's no reason why they shouldn't have children? Some of them may go as far as getting pregnant and if you ask them and they're honest they will tell you about their experiences. Church Gist. Somewhere within that pregnancy period, here comes strangers, visitors in the night either molesting them, or doing some kind of thing and that ends it. There are many more expressions but these are some of the major expressions.