ENGAGING THE POWER OF FAITH FOR FULFILMENT OF PROPHECIES 4 – Bishop David Oyedepo at Covenant Day of Restoration Service  || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| 25th February 2024 || First Sunday Service || 

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– Bishop David Oyedepo on ENGAGING THE POWER OF FAITH FOR FULFILMENT OF PROPHECIES 4 at Covenant Day of Restoration Service  || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| 25th February 2024 || First Sunday Service || 

Just by way of connecting you to what today represents, we serve a God of restoration. He appeared in the book of Genesis to restore beauty and colour to creation. The earth was without form and void and God stepped in. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. He stepped in to restore beauty, colour, dignity and it is the same today. 2 Corinthians 5:17. Restoration of order, beauty and colour. We serve a God of restoration. The Holy Ghost came and said He will restore to us the years that the locust and the cankerworm have eaten. It is a Kingdom of restoration. So today, whatever has been robbed you shall be fully restored. So set your heart. Church Gist. There is what is called the evil heart of unbelief. “What can be restored to me at this point? It is over. The doctor has said there is nothing anybody can do. Is God anybody? Is your God anybody? Hebrews 3:12. It is the devil that introduces doubt against the truth of scriptures so as to keep you robbed and striving. It is an evil heart. Jeremiah 32:27. Is there anything too hard for your God?

–   Somebody’s health shall be duly, openly restored today.

–   Somebody’s lost family shall be supernaturally restored today.

–   Somebody’s lost business shall be duly restored today.

Mark 10:27. All things are possible including your thing. Clear off impossibility on any issue of your life. Clear off. It is evil. It is the devil that is manipulating you to think so. Whatever the Word says is final on any issue. Today is your day. If you don’t know what is missing, you may not know whether you are robbed of it or not. Church Gist. There are sevenfold blessings that accompany salvation. First is Power, you can’t be molested, (Luke 10:19), Riches (3 John 1:2); Strength – vigour, vitality; Wisdom – always knowing the way forward, always knowing the way out; Honour; Glory and Blessings. Revelation 5:12.

Those are the things that accompany our salvation to establish the dignity of our redemption. If anything is missing, someone stole it. You are not permitted to suffer shame and reproach. No! That is not part of honour and glory. you are not to live like a vegetable day and night, that’s weakness. No! He gave us strength. All things that make for life and godliness are contained in our redemption. So if any of those things are not at work in your life, somebody stole it. Somebody robbed you of it. He played on your intelligence. He played on your faith. He planted an unbelief seed in your heart. So even when they are telling you, “You know he doesn’t know what I am going through” What are you going through that is beyond God’s knowledge? Restoration is your right in redemption and I have here to take back what belongs to me. Church Gist. Lift your right hand and whatever you want to see restored, call it by name. You have not because you ask not. Call it by name. Restoration of peace and joy in your home, call it by name. Restoration of direction in a place of confusion, call it by name. Anything you want to see restored today, call it by name. It is our Covenant Day of Restoration, God is saying “I have a covenant of restoration with you, come cut it with me.” Psalm 56:9. You have cried unto God, your enemies must turn back. Whatever has been taken from you and belongs to you in Christ, you are getting it back today.

Very quickly, we are rounding up today our teaching series for the month. ENGAGING THE POWER OF FAITH FOR THE FULFILMENT OF PROPHECIES. Remember this month, God has said to us, Whatever God can do, faith can make it happen. Whatever my God can do, my faith can make it happen. It is so simple, when your faith comes alive you invoke the stretching forth of the arm of God. Whatever God’s hand can make happen, your faith can make happen. Isaiah 53:1. When your faith comes alive, you invoke the stretching forth of the arm of God that can make anything happen. Through faith, they went through the Red Sea as on a dry ground. Church Gist. Their faith brought God into the scene and the sea saw God and gave way. You and I cannot see God in action without our faith. Faith that works anchors on the Word, not mental assent. “I know God can do anything.” No! That’s not faith. “I know God can do anything because He said this. He said that.” Bible faith comes by hearing and understanding the Word of God. It is the Word we understand and believe that works.

For every tither in this Church, listen to me. This is your season of harvest. Malachi 3:18. That Word began from verse 6 talking about tithe and offerings. Malachi 4:1. The day is burning now. God spoke to this day at Shiloh. Hard times are here and it will be getting harder by the day. It is only here you smile, people on the streets are groaning, they are mourning. It is harvest time for covenant people. Harvest time for you, harvest time for your family. This ministry has never known any dry season in 43 years. Zero dry seasons. Just connect with God. If you are truly on board this flight, you may be present and not on board. That you are at the airport does not mean that you are on board. This is an airport, connectivity is what gets you on board. Church Gist. There are folks at the airport who have never seen the inside of a plane in their lives but they know every plane going everywhere. If you come around and say you are going to Zurich. Okay. Your time is 12:15. What of you? Malaysia. 3:20. He has it in his mind. He doesn’t check any books. He is an agbero (tout). Don’t hang around the airport, enter. If you enter, whatever they serve on board will be your portion. Enter! It is your turn.

I entered the boat of Hagin and I am manifesting the grace of Hagin. Faith works for me like breathing because I am on board a faith flight. I am on board a prosperity flight with Copeland as Captain. I have prosperity DNA inside my system. Get on board, my friend. Being present never makes a difference. Church Gist. There are folks working in Covenant University from the inception perhaps but don’t have a degree. They are on the ground where people are getting Ph.D. but they have not registered once. There is no way they can have a degree. Register!

Now, it is one thing to be there, it is another to remain there. The prodigal son walked away but he was still bearing the father’s name. Do you think he changed it? No. Maybe his name is Zerubbabel and his father’s name is Zechariah, he was still bearing Zerubbabel Zechariah. He was still bearing the father’s name but he is not a partaker of the father’s blessings. Church Gist. Some people here must return if they want to be restored. You can’t be restored until you return. Your Winners sticker is still on your car but it doesn’t mean you are there. They may even be holding fellowship in your house, it doesn’t mean you are there. Get there, my friend.

One of our professors shared a very interesting story with me. When he came for the interview at the onset of the University. They asked, “Are you born again?” He said “I don’t know. I am not sure.” So they ministered to him. Are you convinced? He said I am not convinced. So he came to Church one day and I said you can’t be saved and not know. For the first time it came to him, that if you are not sure whether you are saved or not, you are not saved. Can you ask the prodigal son whether he has returned or not, when he returned his story changed dramatically. Church Gist. His place was restored, they gave him back his robe. You better get it right. Religion doesn’t add value, it is your personal engagement with Christ that does. Religion adds no value. The good thing is that today is your day. New birth guarantees restoration of everything robbed you, so ensure you are not just in the faith, you remain in the faith. So the robber does not come back again to rob you.

Every statement of scripture is prophetic in nature. They call it the more sure word of prophecy and it is talking about the holy scriptures. Church Gist. More sure Word! You can count on it. Today we are looking at how powerful are prophecies.

1. God speaks according to His unsearchable, creative power.

Don’t measure God with man. What He says, He creates. He doesn’t need a laboratory. God said let there be light. There was no generation plant, no gas plant, no thermal energy, and there was light. As powerful as the sun is, it was created by His Word. The sun will rule over the day and the moon the night and they came to be. All those terrible animals, He created them by the Word. All those sea creatures, some of them are like buildings like the sharks, He created them by the Word. He speaks with His unsearchable creative power. He created this building in one year. We were all there watching Him, He created it in one year without begging, with borrowing. Church Gist. He speaks according to His unsearchable creative power. As we do not know how bones develop in a woman that carries a baby, all the things that form a baby nothing is bony, So you cannot tell the ways of God who maketh all things. Ecclesiastes 11:5. Luke 1:34-35. Creative power! You don’t know a man but you have a baby. Unsearchable creative power! Don’t make God look like man. He is up to anything He says and He has said all He wants to say in this book. Isaiah 34:16. This is the voice of God in print. He speaks according to His unsearchable creative power.

Where did I get hitch-free marriage from? From what He said. Not from anybody’s experience, from what He said. It hasn’t changed one bit all these years. He speaks according to His unsearchable creative power. Leave God to it, just plug in with faith. God is up to anything He says at any time. A woman came up with the husband in 1983 with no womb and I treated the case with John 10:10. Do you believe it? She said Yes. Now have your baby. Nine months later, a bouncing baby boy. That implies a brand new uterus. He speaks according to His unsearchable creative power. Church Gist. Leave God to it, take your place in faith and watch God do what He says He will do. My wife said to me those days, “I had a miscarriage.” I said it cannot happen, can I have my food please. The reaction is coming from what He said. Deuteronomy 7:14. Hear what God says. Don’t make what the doctor says to overrule what God says. Don’t compare God with your small doctor.

I have been riding only on what God says. God is my witness, all the devils in hell know. I have been riding absolutely on what God says. “He that touches you, touches the apple of my eyes.” That is what I ride on. Zechariah 2:8. If you touch the apple of His eyes, He will react. I have raised you far above… That is what I ride on. Can occult powers harass me? Never! They know. Can witches say “Where are you going?” They know. Whatever God says is according to His unsearchable creative power. Stop fearing man. What’s in man? Church Gist. How dare you compare God with man. God said it, man says what do you mean? What does God mean? Go and face Him. Just receive and believe the prophetic word and you have committed God. Receive and believe the prophetic word, He empowers you to manifest it. John 1:12. God can do anything your faith allows Him to do. Today is your day.

–   No matter how long that thing has been stolen from you, it is coming back finally.

You saw 20 years of broken marriage in that testimony, Jesus brought it back. It is your day.

2. God speaks according to His unlimited resources.

This hard time, you will see God in action. Food will never run dry in your store. Don’t ever say in your life, it is finished. No! Don’t let hard times disconnect your obedience. Obedience of faith is God’s bailout in hard times. God’s bailout agenda in hard times is delivered by man’s obedience. 2 Kings 4:1-7. So you can be a prophet and be indebted. If you are not in the covenant, you are not in the covenant. That you are a prophet doesn’t make a difference. Obedience was her bailout. Did the prophet take part of the oil? Obedience! He speaks according to his unlimited resources. 2 Kings 7:1-2. Church Gist. Do you think we are dummies? We are not religious bigots. There was a serious famine, they were selling dung of dove as a delicacy. You go and gather the excreter of doves fry it and take it to the market. It was that bad. People were eating their children. Church Gist. Terrible time and somebody comes and says “This time tomorrow…” Did it happen or not? He speaks according to His unlimited resources. He said while the earth is burning down, you will be going forth and going forward. Malachi 4:1-2. All the thieves today will smell. We are in that day. Can’t you see us going forth? We are busy buying properties around the world. Jesus is buying them in hard times. Global shutdown and He was planting churches all over the world. They didn’t know. Don’t play with God. Unlimited resources. The ark is going on, not one day off. Not one day stopping. He speaks according to His unlimited resources. Psalm 37:19. Many will be feeding on your table. Many will become breadwinners of their community. The one that fed Israel two meals per day. Nowhere to buy anything. That was changing their clothes supernaturally. They didn’t allow them to pass through any town, they were going through the forest. So no market!  But their clothes never waxed old on their body. Has he changed? This tough time shall be your triumphant time.

My heart is bleeding for the world, not for covenant people. Covenant people are exempted by divine verdict. People that don’t know where they are, they don’t know where they are going. Many are planning suicide right now. That is why we are going out, to bring them out of the dungeon of uncertainties to the Kingdom of Rest. Don’t mind the economic environment. He supplies our needs according to His riches in glory, not riches in your country. Church Gist. Riches in glory, an inexhaustible source of supply where the economy never goes down. That is your source. Do you still remember amazing testimonies in the old church? How somebody just got up in the morning and saw bags of rice. And then a bird (chicken) on somebody’s car and he drove all the way from that place to FESTAC and the bird was there. That means ‘I am here to be eaten’. He will surprise you.

During the days of scarce commodities, there was nowhere to get baby food to buy and the Lord said to me, give what you have as seed. So even if you get the food now, there is nothing to buy it with. The following day, somebody brought 24 cartons of baby food. He said the Lord told him there is no baby food in town but the one they have in their store, he should bring it to me. 24 cartons. All the money we gave as seed can’t buy one carton. Don’t let obedience be burdensome to you, it is your bailout in times of need. A time is coming, you will hold money in your hand without what to buy. You better know Jehovah Jireh – The Lord, My Supplier. Church Gist. They had gold but there was nowhere to buy, even to pass through they said they can’t pass. They said we won’t take your water, No! You can’t pass through here. But they carried gold. They didn’t have food to buy but He supplied them. You and your family will never be stranded. He speaks according to His unlimited resources. He has all your needs and my needs in His hand, when we reconnect with Him, He releases them. This time, you never go hungry. Your family will never go hungry in the name of Jesus.

They were facing some harassment about paying taxes. Jesus said, “We are citizens, we shouldn’t have to pay tax here. Lest we offend them, go to the sea, cast a hook. The first fish that comes, no trial by error. Church Gist. Open the mouth, there is a coin there. Pay them and let’s go.” Unlimited resources. Matthew 17:27. You can’t be stranded walking with Jesus. Every harassment of indebtedness will wipe off your life like a dream of the night.

How does faith facilitate fulfilment of prophecies?

1. The faith that will see prophecies fulfilled must be sustained to the end.

Not that you believe for a while and then you say you don’t know what is happening. Hebrews 10:38. Every for God’s agenda speaks loudest at the end, not in the middle, not quarter to the end, at the end. Habakkuk 2:3. So it is faith that is sustained to the end that will always see prophecies fulfilled in full force. Strong faith has expression in celebration of God. God said it, I believe it. That settles it. Church Gist. You keep celebrating God even though you have not seen a thing. It is a proof of strong faith. The kind of Abraham’s faith. May everything that murmurs in everyone come to an end today. Romans 4:20. Refuse to stagger, what God says He will do, He will do it. If you don’t shift your ground of faith, you have committed God to perform it. So stand strong in the faith, you do so by giving glory to Him.

2. To see prophecies fulfilled, you must remain confident in the validity of the prophetic Word, prevailing circumstances notwithstanding.

Remain confident. Hebrews 10:35. God will never back out of His Word, He will only turn His back when we turn our backs. Until we turn our backs, God is there. So hold your conviction strong. Philippians 3:3. We have no confidence in the flesh. Our confidence is in God, God is up to anything He says. God spoke our this place (Faith Tabernacle) seventeen years before it came to see the light of day. 1982 to1999. 17 years. Church Gist. He is up to anything He says. He spoke about Mission to the World in 1982, we saw the first phase of it in 1994. 12 years after. God is up to anything He says, just maintain your stand in the faith, you have committed God to perform His Word. It is a brand new day for you.

3. We must be at peace with God for Him to take over battles.

Because every prophetic word is confronted by the enemy to stop it from coming to pass. Exodus 14:14. Hold your peace for God to fight for you. I know whom I have believed. I am persuaded, you may be laughing me to scorn but I am persuaded my change is coming. Church Gist. 2 Timothy 1:12. Job 14:14. God never lies, my change is coming. Your change in terms of restoration has finally come.

We serve a God of restoration and He is in our midst. Jeremiah 30:17. They have turned you into a proverb but I will restore health to you. People have said who can help this one but I will restore health to you. John 10:10. All have sinned, they are dead because the wages of sin is death. They are all dead but I have come to restore life unto you. He came to restore life to our dead system. God of restoration!  Church Gist. I will restore to you the years that the cankerworms have eaten under the latter rain, the latter rain is the rain of restoration. We are in the last days under the later rain. We are in the era of restoration, so whatever has been robbed you and your family, it is your turn.

Restoration is a core ministry of the Holy Ghost. Isaiah 61:1-7. That is God’s agenda. The Holy Ghost is out there, Jesus is out there, the Father is out there, your case is settled. The Word of God is the Word of restoration. Isaiah 60:1, 15. I will change your story, I will restore your dignity. Church Gist. Today, God will restore everyone’s dignity here in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 42:18, 22. One of His messengers’ core mission is to proclaim restoration. Hosea 12:13. Has God changed? God still has His prophets on the earth today who are agents of restoration.

–   I decree today as one of His messengers, your full-blown restoration.

–   Whatever you look to for restoration today shall be delivered in the name of Jesus.

–   Your health shall be restored.

–   Your strength shall be restored.

–   Your business and career shall be restored.

–   Peace and harmony shall be restored to your family.

–   You are leaving here this morning with a new name.

–   The week shall be a week with a difference.

Every Kingdom provision is delivered by a covenant. You have to know what God wants you to do for Him to bring it to pass.

1. Restoration begins with new birth.

Until you are born again you are not a candidate. New birth is the starting point of your quest for restoration. Until you are brought out of the kingdom of darkness, you remain under the torments and torture of the kingdom of darkness. Church Gist. By redemption, you are translated from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. The Kingdom of restoration, the Kingdom of new beginnings.  birth is a must for anyone who wants to experience restoration.

2. Believe that restoration is the will of God.

Believe it! What you don’t believe, you are never empowered to experience. Faith is the substance of things expected, the evidence of things not seen. To believe means to expect. The reality of restoration as your birthright is the will of God. Expect it. Years ago I saw in Romans 10:12, when I read it I heard the Holy Ghost saying to me, there is no difference between the Whites and the Blacks. The same Lord is rich unto all that know His correct number to call. All that call upon Him on His correct number. Church Gist. Same God! Till tomorrow and until Jesus returns there is no day we will look to another nation in the world for the work that God has asked us to do. No! We invest into those nations. It is so simple. Prosperity is not in a nation, it is in your stand in the covenant. Prosperity is not in a nation, it is in every believer’s stand with God. There is no nation without poor people. Don’t think America is just Wall Street, there are Wall Villages. There is no nation that has the monopoly of prosperity. In the Kingdom we have equal share, God is no respecter of persons. Church Gist.  Somebody’s story is changing. The good news is that today is your day. Believe that restoration is God’s will for you, He doesn’t want you to be robbed of whatever belongs to you. Watch out, it is your turn.

3. Be committed to serving God and the interest of His Kingdom.

That entitles you to your restoration right. 2 Chronicles 15:5. When they disconnected from God, they went into turmoil, crisis. When the Word came and they returned back to serve Him, He gave them rest roundabout. Church Gist. They entered into a covenant to serve God and He restored peace back to them. It is your turn. Your glory must be restored. Your honour must be restored. Your strength shall be restored. Your wisdom shall be restored.

Jeremiah 30:19. You cannot be part of the growth and not be a partaker of the glory. Every person who takes part in the growth of the Kingdom becomes a partaker of the glory that comes with it. Church Gist. Jeremiah 30:21. So engage your heart in serving God, there is no end to experiencing His goodness in your life.

4. Be committed to praying for the well-being of others.

God restored all that Job lost when he prayed for his friends. He prayed for his mockers and God restored his dignity. Church Gist. Job 42:10. Ephesians 6:8. Take time to pray for the needs of others, He will meet your needs in the process.

5. Don’t watch the enemy rob you of what belongs to you. Demand for your restoration in prayers. James 4:2, Matthew 7:7-8. Church Gist. Demand for it. Hezekiah demanded for it. Isaiah 38:3. Demand for your restoration and heaven will respond. Isaiah 43:26.

6. Engage the blood of the everlasting covenant.

The blood of Jesus against all satanic resistance of your desired restoration. Engage the blood. We forget the blood most of the time. Zechariah 9:11. Restoration will demand that we engage the blood weapon to secure our desired restoration.  His blood is the blood of the everlasting covenant. Hebrews 13:20. Church Gist. He speaks till date. He answers any time you call on Him. That blood speaks in your favour today. You are returning with your restoration package.

7. Be committed to a lifestyle of praise.

Habakkuk 3:17-19. Philippians 4:4. 1 Thessalonians 5:16. Church Gist. Restoration demands rejoicing in the Lord. It is your turn.

You can’t maintain these seven covenant platforms and not experience your stress-free restoration which has taken place today. Church Gist. As you remain on this platform, you never get robbed any more.

Lift your hands.

–   As a privileged messenger of God, I decree your desired restoration delivered.

–   I decree your desired restoration turned into testimonies.

–   Between now and next Sunday, you are singing your new song. Church Gist.

–   Your career shall be restored. Your business shall be restored.  

–   Your health shall be restored.

–   May the encounter of today change your story forever.

Place your hand on your forehead.

–   I decree a seal of obedience on your forehead.

–   I decree a release of the grace of delightsome obedience on your life.

–   None of your blessings will be turned into a curse any more.

–   Before this harvest season is over, everything about you and your family is speaking favour.

–   Grace to be an ardent follower of the details of scriptures is released on your life.

–   Now receive upon your life the Spirit of obedience.

That woman of God was paying transportation fees and some members of the Church were challenging her that it is too much. What a people! Please maintain your personal walk with God. Not everybody in church is in Church. What is your problem? It is not your money. The Lord visited her and said how much is a soul worth? The Lord visited her and turned her captivity around. Don’t let any devil stop your way forward. My greatest challenge with my colleagues and peers growing up is “O ti le ka Brother David l’ara ju” (Brother David’s own is too much). (Brother David is overzealous). We have other things to do. That was their complaint. So I said to them, “The time of ‘let us go’ is over, I am gone. If you are interested, you can follow.” Can I wait for you and waste my life? If I waited for them, I would have wasted my life. I kept going with Jesus against their opinions. See colour! You won’t lose your colour. Please if you won’t do it, don’t stop anybody from doing it. Are you an agent? What is your problem? Somebody is going for Covenant Hour of Prayer, you say it is too much. Somebody is paying tithe, you say their tithe is too much. What is your problem? Church Gist. He doesn’t want to be like you, that is why he is paying tithe. If you know where my tithing started you will laugh and if you know where it is now, which I won’t tell you because you may get angry. I know folks who didn’t believe in it and were not doing it and are on the same spot. Stop stopping the way for others to go forward. If you are not going forward, go wherever you want. Don’t be seen as an agent of the enemy. Don’t tell anybody what you are doing, be doing what you are told to do.

We have been giving scholarships in my house since 1992. I know a little bit about these things. I know how it works. How much was it? Just ‘penny penny’. How much is it now? ‘Million million’. Church Gist. You better wake up. We are not going to heaven as a group, we are going one by one.

Next Sunday is our New Dawn Banquet. Behold I do a new thing. What has never happened in your life, God wants to stir it up. Things that eyes have not seen, He wants to get it done through you. Church Gist. It is our new dawn Banquet. It shall be a breaking of the day for every one of us in the name of Jesus.

Can I tell you this? You are in safe hands with Jesus in this Church. There is nothing taught here to take advantage of you, it is to help you maximize your redemptive right. There is nothing taught here to make you become a blessing to the Church, it is to connect you with the blessings of God in your life. Church Gist. That is why nobody will ever ask you here, “Do you pay tithe?” It is between you and God. Do you give offering? You are in good hands.

Can I also tell you this? No tree survives disconnecting from the root. The Iroko tree cannot survive it. The Araba tree cannot survive it, no tree can survive disconnected from its roots. We have our tap roots in Christ and we have our other roots – secondary and tertiary roots in apostles and prophets, who are the foundation. Church Gist. Christ is the chief cornerstone. If God shows you where you belong, don’t attempt to disconnect. No tree disconnects from the root and survives.

–   The week is declared your week.

–   May this last week of the month be your week of returns.

–   Your health has been restored. On your next visit to the doctor, he will tell you that thing is no longer there.

–   Every failing organ comes back to function.

–   Nightmares are over. Good sleep is restored.

–   Sleeplessness is over. Sound sleep is restored.

–   Fear is over. Your faith in Christ is restored.









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