FACTORS THAT ENHANCE PRODUCTIVE GIVING – Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche || Midweek Power Communion Service || Dunamis International Gospel Centre || Glory Dome, Abuja. 

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– Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche on “FACTORS THAT ENHANCE PRODUCTIVE GIVING” || Midweek Power Communion Service || Dunamis International Gospel Centre || Glory Dome, Abuja. 

I am glad to announce to you your future is not in the hands of the devil and your future is not in the hands of the economy. In times like this, it is important to know that there was once a time like this. And there was famine in the land. Church Gist. In times like this, it’s important to note that there was once a time like this and there had been times like this. And there was famine in the land and Isaac sowed in that land and reaped a thousand folds and the Philistines envied him. And there was famine in the land and Abraham traveled to go down to Egypt and in the midst of that famine, Abraham exploded. Church Gist. And there was famine in the whole of the land of Egypt but in the land of Goshen, the people were not aware. It’s important to know this is kind of time to prove that you’re serving a living God. This is the kind of time to prove that the covenant works. 

– look at your neighbour, say, times like this have been before, people survived it, you will survive. You’ll thrive in it. 

– look at somebody and say you’ll not only survive but you’ll thrive. 

Zechariah 8:12. Speaking very quickly on the subject, “FACTORS THAT ENHANCE PRODUCTIVE GIVING”. That is giving that produces results. Church Gist. Objective is understanding what it takes to experience productivity and results in giving. What is it that will make you give and the giving is not a waste? Two things I’m going to say:

1. The Bible makes it clear that giving is designed to produce harvest. Genesis 8:22. If there’s a seedtime, it is designed to produce harvest time. Zechariah 8:12. Church Gist. So, you start with the seed, you end with the increase as far as Scripture is concerned. Begin with the seed, conclude with the increase. Psalm 126:5. So, there is a reaping after sowing. Luke 6:38. 2 Corinthians 9:6-7. You sow sparingly, you reap sparingly, you sow bountifully, you reap also bountifully. Philippians 4:15,19. Church Gist. It is not only giving and giving, it is giving and receiving. When we key into the frequency of giving and receiving, Philippians 4:19 happens. So, giving is designed to produce harvest. Ecclesiastes 11:6. So, it is clear that giving is designed to produce harvest.

2. The destiny of the saint is tied not to what is received but to what is released. Acts 20:35. What you receive can make you happy but what you release is what makes you blessed. Church Gist The blessing is in the release. You don’t know the joy of living until you know the joy of giving. 

– somebody say a loud Amen.

It is very clear that if the devil cannot hinder your releasings, he cannot hinder your receivings, under any circumstance. There was famine in the land, yet Isaac released and with the release came the receivings. Church Gist. Under any circumstance, if the devil cannot discourage your sowings, he will not disconnect your reaping. As a matter of fact, the best time to sow is when there is scarcity. You doubt me, ask the widow of Zarephath. When everybody was looking for what to eat, Elijah placed a demand. If you doubt me, ask Isaac. And there was famine in the land and in that season of famine, that was when he decided to sow, to plant. Church Gist. Peter caught nothing, that is not the time to give your ship to anybody but that was the time he released his ship and then there was reapings. 

In this season, God is going to distinguish you. A time is going to come when people will begin to ask you, “what are you using?” Because it will appear as if you’re not in the same land. When we shout and we scream about the situation of the land, it is not ourselves that we have in mind. (Laughs). Donkey years. Church Gist. In the worst of economies, this place (Glory Dome) was built. Dollar multiplied many times and the roof was bought in dollars, including the glass. We looked for raw dollars to buy millions of it. Do you understand what I’m saying? The covenant is a cover, it’s a covering. Jesus told the women at the foot of the Cross, He said, “don’t weep for me, weep for yourselves, weep for your children”. Church Gist. When we talk many times in this environment, people don’t understand what we say, some blinded either by witchcraft or blinded by prejudice or tribalistic sentiments, all manner of sentiments. Church Gist. They don’t understand that what spiritual people see standing, if you climb a 60-storey building, you can’t see it. In 2015, I told them, we said, what was coming was worse than whatever was there. That is what was then was not good, what they were clamouring for was not an alternative. Church Gist. We said that. Papa Oyedepo said that. Then came 8 of the worst seasons of this country since creation. 8 years of the worst. As for the current status, no comment yet. 

The challenge however is, it is possible to give and not see the outcome of giving. That is why we are treating this subject ‘Factors that enhance productive giving’ that is…that will guarantee the viability of the seed and the certainty of the harvest. Maybe that’s the way to put it. Church Gist It will guarantee that the seed does not die and the harvest is not aborted; guarantee the viability of the seed and the certainty of the harvest.

What are those factors?

Factors that enhance productivity and resultfulness of our giving. 

1. Revelational light. 

The light of the Word of God is critical for resultfulness and productivity of seed – the light of the Word of God! That is, don’t just give – give by revelation. Don’t just sow, sow with light – sow with understanding. Don’t just do things because everybody is doing it. Church Gist. Do it with understanding. Know what you are doing. Isaiah 32:20a…that is, if you must sow, ensure that there is water. Sow in the vicinity of the water. What is the water? The Word. Ephesians 5:26. Blessed are you that sow around the Word.

Let the Word of God facilitate your giving. Let it not just be sentimental or emotional. Understand what you are doing. Many years ago, I understood that God is not looking for what to take from me, that He is looking forward to what to give to me, that He is looking for opportunity to enhance my life. Church Gist. I got to know that when He took the bone from Adam, it was not because He was looking for bone to play with. He took that rib and returned a whole human being. One tiny bone from the chest here (illustrating), slender like this, curved. He took one tiny bone and returned back 204 bones including big bones of the thigh plus muscles, tendons, ligament, flesh, arteries, veins, nerves, uterus, capillaries, venules plus internal organs, the lungs, the diaphragm, the liver, the kidneys, the ureter, the ovaries and the fallopian tubes and ‘colossians’ tubes, ‘ephesians’ tubes (laughs) and the urethra and the cervix, He returned all back, He took only one rib. Out of God and Adam, who needed what was released? A bone that God took, what did He use it to do? To meet his (Adam) needs.

I got to know that long ago that God was not trying to cheat me. That God can survive without me but I cannot survive without Him. He survived for millennia before I was born. In fact, He survived in the decadeless past. Church Gist. So you give with understanding, with revelation that is not as if my Maker is about to take things from me. He makes life so easy. He makes releases so easy. That is revelational light.

Two things you must understand:

1a. It is a blessing to sow beside the waters. Church Gist. We just established that. Isaiah 32:20a and the water is the Word. Ephesians 5:26. It is a blessing to sow beside the water. 

1b. Action based on revelation guarantees divine manifestation. If you do things based on the fact that you saw it in the Word…action based on the revelation of the Word guarantees divine manifestation. John 2:5. Church Gist. He asked them to fill the water pots with water and they filled the water pots with water and that action that was based on what they heard, did something. Luke 5:4-6. 

Anything you do and you are doing it because of what you saw in the Word whether it is giving, evangelism, worship prayer or fasting, anything you do that is based on the revelation of the Word will guarantee divine manifestation. Church Gist. So the key number 1 to productive giving, viability of the seed and certainty of the harvest is revelational light. 

2. Faith in God. Faith in God is critical for harvest, it’s critical for results. That is, what I am giving is not going away, it’s only giving me a way. My giving doesn’t go away, it gives me a way. 5 loaves and 2 fishes did not go away, it made a way for 5,000 people to be fed. Church Gist. There must be that faith that, I am not wasting time or I am not wasting resources. Listen, 2 things again.

2a. Understand that your rewards and returns from God are tied to faith in God. If there is any result or any return you expect from God like in giving and expecting God to honour your giving with your harvest, they are tied to faith. Hebrews 11:6. Faith connects you to your rewards. Church Gist. God is a rewarder to them who have faith, who believe, they see His rewards. That is why, there are people who for years, they are giving but doubting God on one side, on the other side, doubting Church, doubting everything.

2b. To see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, faith is mandatory. To see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, faith is compulsory. Psalm 27:13. If I want to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, I must believe. Psalm 34:8. If I want to taste and see that the Lord is good, I must believe. Just believe! For me, God is very good o. Whenever people see me, they want to sell everything to me. Church Gist. As far as they are concerned, I can buy anything. “There is an aeroplane here, somebody wants to sell, would you like to buy? Package…it’s only ‘something something’ million dollars.” As far as they are concerned, anything…“oh, there is a property up there, I think the Church will need it.”

Somebody was calling me heatedly the other day, (he) talked to Mrs. Enenche, he said “he has been under pressure, he has been trying to reach you.” I thought there was a problem. I thought maybe somebody was sick or there was an emergency. Church Gist. That man said, he has tried…when I picked the call, he said “we have a property somewhere I don’t know if the Church would need it.” Is that why you are…”I had fainted unless I had believed to see.” Psalm 27:13.

I read a story the other day and I don’t like to tell half stories without giving details. But I will tell a part of it now and then return back with the details now. I think they call her ‘holy Ann, she was a godly woman that was serving in the house (I think) of a clergyman like Spurgeon or so. The woman was sick and needed to be healed, remedies were failing but the doctor prescribed that she should take an egg a day and that was a very difficult thing to do at that time because of the scarcity of the egg and she said “O God, I need an egg a day.” Church Gist. You know what happened? A hen from nowhere came and positioned under their kitchen and laid one egg everyday. When this woman got healed and didn’t need an egg again, the hen was nowhere to be found. I will get the full details and let you know. To see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, you must believe. Faith is mandatory. 

When William Booth who founded the Salvation Army…he picked drug addicts from the street, picked prostitutes, picked all manner of people from the street and was feeding them free of charge. At times the budget will be 100,000 pounds of almost 200 years ago. 100,000 pounds! He would trust God and the money would arrive. One day, all the orphans and the people gathered on the dining table waiting for food and there was no food for that day. So he asked them, let them all sit down round the dining table and just appreciate God for His provisions so far and just thank Him. Church Gist. While they were on the dining table, they heard a knock on the door. The local baker came with a truck load of bread. He said “I’m so sorry, I don’t know if you have any need for this.” I think he had an excess order and he had already made the order and this was excessive. He didn’t have what to do with them. So he said “I don’t know if you have any need for this?” They were fed that day. That man used his faith the same faith that you can use for the blind to see and deaf to hear. He used his faith to feed destitutes. When he died, about 35,000 people gathered for his funeral. You may have the picture of the funeral there including the King of England and anybody that was anybody was there. That was not the funeral of Queen Elizabeth or anything (picture on the screen). That was a man who used his faith to draw on supernatural supplies on a continuous basis. “He that cometh to God must believe” and so, faith in God is mandatory. I wish everybody in this Church is hearing this message. 

Everytime you are releasing anything in the direction of God, don’t throw it away through lack of belief. Church Gist. Let it be clear to you, to God and to the devil that you know what you are doing and that you are not wasting your time, wasting your seed, wasting your resources. Somebody say a loud Amen! 

What do we do to make our seed productive?

3. The Climate of Joy and Praise. 

The Climate of joy and praise imparts productivity and resourcefulness to our seed. Viability, certainty for three reasons:

3a. Joy and praise irrigates the harvest field and makes seed productive. They irrigate the spiritual harvest field. It’s an irrigation. Church Gist. The way you water a garden or your field, that is how your joy and praise waters your seed. Joel 1:11-12. The harvest dried, the seed dried because joy is not there. Church Gist. You don’t carry long face, frowning face as if you’re being deprived of something while giving to God, no, it is with the utmost excitement. 

3b. Joy and praise put the earth under pressure to release its contents. Your joy and your praise is putting your ground and your world under pressure. Psalm 67:3-7. Church Gist. When we praise Him, the earth is put under pressure, it’s forced to yield her increase.

3c. Joy and praise are sickles of the harvest. Sickles that is harvest tool and equipment, they are sickles of the harvest. Psalm 126:5. You use joy to reap. Church Gist. If you think it is harvest time, then please make it praise time, make it joy time to bring the harvest home. If you think it is harvest time and the harvest is not forthcoming, begin to rejoice. Did you get a light just now? Isaiah 9:3. So harvest is synonymous with joy. If it is not yet harvest time, you can make it harvest time through your joy. Jesus multiplied five loaves and two fishes with thanksgiving. Church Gist. He gave thanks on top of it and they multiplied. 

– somebody say Amen!

4. The Right Utterance.

The right utterance is needed to make the seed productive. Proverbs 18:21. Church Gist. The way you’re talking is either giving life to your seed or killing it. Let’s say it like this:

4a. The power of life or death, blessing or curses lies with the tongue. Church Gist. The way you’re talking can bless you or it can curse you. The way you’re talking can raise you or ruin you. Proverbs 18:21. 

The other day, I saw how a trailer was stopped on the road or somewhere, carrying bags and so on. Church Gist. People were distributing the bags and running with it. They said it was palliative. It was somebody’s vehicle, transporting food from somewhere to another. They just harassed him. The time we are in now, all manner of utterances are going on, “this country is finished. Things are hard. Under this weather, it is terrible”. “How are you doing?” “Haba, how can anybody be doing? Everybody is patching”. Church Gist. No, no. Don’t join the people to say the fact, join the Word to say the Truth, because the Word of God is the truth and what is the truth? When men are cast down, you’re saying, there’s a lifting up. Church Gist. A thousand shall fall at thy side and 10,000 by thy side, it will not come near you. 

– somebody say a loud Amen!

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? Am I speaking to somebody here? Please, whatever happens, under no circumstance must you talk negative. Church Gist. Don’t talk lack, don’t talk scarcity, don’t talk shortage. He said, let the weak say I am strong. He didn’t say the weak should tell lies, He said the weak should confess the Word, declare the Word.

– somebody say a loud Amen!

There are many good givers but terrible talkers. There’s nothing you’ll do to get me talk negative. Church Gist. Everybody around me, my wife, my children, Church officers, accountants, everybody is aware. You can’t get me confess what is wrong under no circumstance. In the days of construction, I warned them that nobody should say there’s no money. ‘There’s no money’, who told you there’s is no money? The Bible said the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Church Gist. There’s money, it may not be in your hand now. There’s plenty money. It may be in the wrong hands or in the wrong direction for now, there’s money. It’s over 20-something years now where in our house you cannot say ‘food finished’. Nothing finished there. Children are aware, nothing can finish. Things may need replacement. (Laughs). Church Gist. Food may need replacement, the soap, the things, they need replacement, finish? How? Do you want to finish it? It may look foolish but it has been working. It may look stupid but in the world of the spirit, words matter. If your words don’t count, you don’t count. Your words matter so tey Jesus Christ is called Word. In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. Church Gist. Just talk until people think you’re crazy. ‘How are you doing?’ ‘better than good’ or whatever you want to eat. ‘Things are working on every side and they are getting better and better’. ‘what? In this country?’ ‘oh yes. I may not talk for everybody but for myself, I can confirm that things are getting better and better’. Church Gist. And God says, ‘as you have spoken in my ears, so will I do it’. Numbers 14:28. ‘Not according to what is happening to everybody but as you have spoken in my ears, so will I do it for you’.

– somebody say Amen!

– lift your right hand, say, “everything is working. They have no option but to work. In our nation, God will help us in a short while. But in my life, whatever happens, things are working’. 

I can assure you based on testimonies we are receiving, there are people collecting more salary today in bigger amounts than when things were more better 10 years ago. Church Gist. We have heard testimonies of commanding the day midnight prayer, where people are saying, “I have sold more than I have ever sold since I started business how many years ago’. We received such testimonies this year. The right utterance.

4b. The tongue is the ultimate determinant of the return of the harvest. Proverbs 18:20. The talk of your mouth is determining whether you will be full or you will be hungry. What is coming out of your mouth is either filling your tummy with fullness or emptying your tummy and giving you hunger. Church Gist. There are people who may never escape poverty, escape scarcity and shortage because that language is in their mouth permanently. “God will change your story!” – “who dash monkey banana?” They may be talking to other people. It’s well with you – “I’ve heard.” 

One day, a man came. He had some challenges and I was trying to pray with him. I prescribed some passages to him to read and some (I think) CDs (Area 1 then) so he can go and come after 3 days. He looked at the paper, he moved and threw it away. Is it only Genesis or Ephesians, why didn’t you tell me to read the whole Bible? (Laughs) I came for prayer, you are asking me to go and read the Bible. Church Gist. He was murmuring and went his way. He was the one who confessed later on after he had eaten the raw back of coconut. He chewed ‘kwakwa’. After he had chewed ‘kwakwa’, he returned back. Are you following what I’m saying here today? He said “I came for prayer, you are telling me to go and read Bible” not knowing that the Bible is where his answer lies. Somebody say a loud Amen!

So there are ways people talk and you know that they may never see good days. “Pastor, you are my last hope.” Okay, so if I don’t help you, you are gone then. How can you look at a mortal human being and call him your last hope? A human being with breath in his nose like you! Or my last hope, my uncle who is a governor, my last hope – senator or governor. Church Gist. A senator or governor who is also looking for help. One woman told the king of Israel “help me!” The king of Israel – from where? From the barn floor or from the winepress? Me too, I am looking for help.

I want somebody to say something with your mouth that you believe it’s true. 

– Say “in the name of Jesus, I am serving the living God, He cannot die, He cannot fail, He cannot be frustrated so I cannot be frustrated, I can’t be cut short before my time.” Give the Lord a big clap and a shout of praise! Proverbs 13:2.

5. Willingness in giving. 

Giving willingly not under duress or pressure. Giving willingly! Church Gist. Giving not because you are coerced or cajoled. Listen, 2 things I will say and then we are done. 

5a. When giving is done purposefully, willingly and cheerfully, it attracts the attention of God. 2 Corinthians 9:7. Don’t give with grudges, don’t give in anger. Don’t let anybody put you under the pressure of giving. Give because you want to give, give because you are purposeful in giving. Look at this kind of giving, “please ‘na’, please ‘na’, I am suffering” – “okay, take, let me rest!” Church Gist. That was a wasted seed. It’s better to say “I will get back to you” and then you calm down and then you calculate. “I could have been the one begging like this if not for God.” The only reason why I am not the one begging is God. “Alright, see me tomorrow.” Then you have given cheerfully. “Okay, take, God bless you and may God help you to have enough resources to take care of others in time to come.” If you did that giving yesterday, it’s enough ‘na’ – how many times will you send me text message? Okay, take, let me rest…and at times, the devil will position to give you like that so that you just wasted your effort. 

Don’t let any pastor put you under pressure. “Everybody bring one block of cement next Sunday, if you don’t bring, don’t come. If you don’t bring, bring the money.” He went everywhere under pressure and you came “this man is too wicked, let me drop my own money. I’m looking for children’s food, he’s saying people shouldn’t come to Church without block. Am I the one who called him? Somebody said, he was watching television one day when somebody was preaching, he said “keep us on air, bring your best seed, we have to sustain this TV program.” Church Gist. The person said, he looked at him, he said “leave the air.” (Laughs) Just leave the air so that everybody can rest. Leave the air. Nobody put you there. If whoever sent you there can’t keep you there, just leave the air so we can all have our rest. Don’t bow for any high pressure technique but whatever happens, even if you are convinced to give and the pressure is high, ensure that you calm down and let your heart release with excitement and purposefulness so that the reward is not lost. Somebody say a loud Amen!

– Lift up your right hand and say, Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for opening my eyes tonight to do what is right and get the right results in Jesus precious name!

5b. Finally, Romans 12:1-2.

Not every sacrifice is acceptable unto God. It should be clear to us that not everything we do or everything we give that is acceptable. If it is not given correctly, if it is not done with the right motive and the right attitude and that includes giving willingly. Church Gist. What is not given willingly is not acceptable and so viability of seeds, certainty of the harvest:

1. Revelational light.

2. Faith in God.

3. The climate of joy and praise.

4. The right utterance.

5. Willingness in giving.

In conclusion, don’t just sow seeds, ensure their viability through positive and profitable Kingdom action. Church Gist. Actions that are positive, actions that are profitable, embark on all such and the future of a seed is guaranteed!

– It is a new day for you somebody! 










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