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The establishment of the Livingspring Chapel International Church

was a reality of the vision given to the man of God, Pastor Femi

Emmanuel. The Church came into being from the vision conceived by the

Founder. The initial vision of the Founder was to have what was known then as

“Word preachers Ministry”, which was purely for soul winning only. However, it came to a point that the arm of this ministry as it was

called at the beginning realized that the souls won could not be sustained

and retained except they had a regular source of spiritual food, thereby necessitating the establishment of the Church.

The name of the Livingsprings Chapel International was founded on

Isaiah 41:17-18 and Psalm

107:35: The Church was officially inaugurated on Saturday, 18th December,

1993 with a handful of people, and began in the parliament building,

Government Secretariat, Ibadan, Oyo state. The Church took off with two major programmes (Sunday Service and

Tuesday Bible Study). These two services were held to because of the

restriction imposed in the usage of the venue, which was Government

House. The Church used the place for the first three years with hundreds of worshippers. However, on the restoration of Military rule in 1993, the Church was

petitioned by the then Military Administrator of Oyo state as to why the

Government office was converted into a religious house. This resulted to relocation of the Church to Sango where they paid 4 million Naira per annum on rent. The Church witnessed an explosion at Sango adding many more programmes to their previous activities, such as ‘Prayer mountain’ which came up every Monday morning

between 6am and 7am, and Taku-ti-Jesu which literally means “hold on

to Jesus”.

The explosion at Sango resulted in the opening of many branches of

the church at home and abroad. The church has the following as her regional

headquarters nationwide: Northern Region Headquarters at Abuja,

Southern Region Headquarters at Uyo, Western Region Headquarters at Abeokuta and Eastern Region Headquarters at Port-harcout. All these

regions are pastored with some assemblies under each region.

Currently the Church National headquarters (Dominion City) is a 10,000-capacity auditorium seated on about 41 acres of land located Aduloju bus-stop, Iwo road, Ojoo expressway Ibadan, Oyo State. Dominion City was formally dedicated on 1st, December 2013 at the 20

year anniversary of the ministry. It is regarded as Covenant home of

Livingspringers and National Headquarters of the ministry while Lagos

assembly is considered to be its international headquarters.

Vision of the Church

The vision of the church reads “we have a mandate to lift up men and

women from their low estates, to the top where God wants them to be”.

The scriptural foundations of the vision statement were taken from Job

22:29, and Deut. 33:27. This corroborates the reason why Dominion Cathedral is tagged to be a lifting house. It also conforms with the annual

world lifting conference of all Livingspringers. It usually comes up at

every last weekend of November.

Mission Statement

To reach out to the unsaved. Through strategic and aggressive

evangelism, the church seeks to spread the good news as contained in

John 3:16 and as commanded in Matthew 28:13 in order to bring in lost


Service times at the headquarters include;

Sundays: 7:30am, 9:30am and 11:30am

Tuesdays: 5:30pm




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