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Dr. Myles Munroe

One of the greatest causes of failure that I have studied is not identifying the objective of success. In other words people fail because they don’t know what they wanted to succeed in.

To aim at nothing they say is to hit everything and most of the people on this planet are basically running around the earth with a loaded life aiming at nothing.

To aim at everything is to hit nothing and that’s what is the cause of most of our frustration and our depression. We know we’re busy we know we’re active but we’re not really focusing on anything specific.

Most of the human race are generally living that way. They have no appointment with life. No time to accomplish their destiny. You see most of the human race are general contractors. They are constructing everything and building nothing.

Most people in the world attempt to do everything and consequently accomplish nothing. I guarantee you that everybody in this room on a weekend on a Friday evening are probably tired and the question is what did you do that made you tired that took you any closer to where you wanted to go?

Some people are busy doing unimportant things. You see mediocrity is a region bounded on the North by compromise on the South by indecision and on the East by past thinking and on the West by a lack of vision and most people live in that territory called mediocrity.

As a matter of fact most of the human race are suffering from the problem of being general. The problem with the human race is not the color of their skin, but the color of their lives. People say ‘well I don’t want to go too much on one side or the other side, I don’t want to really go after anything because I might miss something.’ Well what they call balance is really an excuse for not making a choice. Others are so indecisive that their only decision is not to decide and that’s how most people live.

Balance is not the inclusion of everything and it’s not the avoidance of anything. Balance is usually just an excuse people use for being lukewarm. You say ‘well I don’t want to really become too serious about anything because you know I might miss what I really want to do
and they have that excuse for 45 years and they end up being an average mediocre person.

Balance is the maintenance of equilibrium, keeping your equilibrium on your way to a destination. Life was never designed to be lived in the gray. I am so sorry that so many people in the world have really worked hard and accomplished nothing. Some of you are 65 years old, perhaps you are 70 years old all you look back on is what have I done with my life? What have I made as a contribution to the human race? What have I really left for the next generation to know that I was here. There is no footprint in the sand of history that looks like mine. What a tragedy! As a matter of fact the best some people own in life after working for 60 years for a company is a pen or a clock.

But God is a God of purpose and the word purpose is the same word in the Greek for ‘intent.’

He is always going somewhere and always doing something. There is no entertainment in God. There’s no page on the Bible where God appears just to let people see how good he looks. As a matter of fact every appearance of God in history was because he wanted something done and he was doing it. You see God doesn’t just show up, God acts.

Most of the humans on this planet are basically showing up. God hates ‘gray.’ God doesn’t want anybody to be gray.

Why? because of his integrity. Gray means it’s neither yes nor no. In Matthew 5, Jesus talks about gray living and he was very emphatic about how he felt about it. Jesus said he doesn’t like people who can’t decide to decide. Matthew 5:37, Jesus said let your nay be nay and anything more than this is evil. Jesus says its evil to be in gray. Learn to be decisive today.




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