PROSPERING IN HARD TIMES- PART 2 – Pastor David Ibiyeomie || Prospering In Hard Times Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 25th February 2024 || Second Service.

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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie on PROSPERING IN HARD TIMES- PART 2 || Prospering In Hard Times Service || Salvation Ministries – Home of Success || 25th February 2024 || Second Service.

PROSPERING IN HARD TIMES. The times are hard but it’s not supposed to be hard for you. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His children. Psalm 35:27. Church Gist. You and I are redeemed to enjoy and not endure life. John 10:10b (AMPC). Hear this and hear me well, prosperity is your heritage in Christ. 2 Corinthians 8:9. 

Say: Poverty is not my portion.

Just like He became sin that you will enjoy His righteousness. He became poor that you will be prosperous. So, to be poor in the Kingdom is an anathema, it is contrary to redemption. Do you understand what the Bible is saying? He became sin for you to enjoy righteousness. He became poor that you might be rich. Church Gist. So if you are poor, you are saying the purpose of Christ’s coming is in vain. Poverty is not synonymous with redemption in fact it contradicts redemption because God was made poor that you might be what? Rich. So if you are poor then there are one or two factors that you don’t know. So we will look at the cause of poverty. What are the things that cause poverty?

1.  Ignorance.

Isaiah 5:13. So lack of knowledge is the reason for hardship. Hosea 4:6. 

2.  Living under a curse.

Proverbs 26:2b. The three consequences of curses are: Poverty, sickness and untimely death. Deuteronomy 28:15-end. Now, poverty is one of the curses. When a family or an individual is under a curse, he becomes poor. There are places where they pronounce poverty on people. I gave a story, a life story of what happened in a village. Church Gist. My father told me – my late father, biological father, told me a story of how a chief pronounced poverty on another chief and that family has been poor till date. So there are areas where you see some families, a particular thing will be happening – Nobody will get married, if they get married they just go home, either through a curse pronounced on them. Is that clear?

-I don’t know the curse that has been pronounced on your life. Church Gist. Today, I command that curse (to be) destroyed.

You see a particular event that has been occurring in a family – nobody will have money. Life story, the community where my parents came from is called Bolo in Okrika and anyone that gets rich will become poor before the person dies, no matter how wealthy the person is. So when God called me into ministry, they said: “Go to that Place and pray for them to break that curse”. Church Gist. No matter how wealthy the person is, the person will never die wealthy, the person will die poor. You will just get broke! So, some years back, I went there and broke that curse. Today, people are getting rich there. Is that clear? Life story, I was ministering long ago and I didn’t know a place called Ubima. How many of you were in Church? I don’t know who was there. You remember me saying it. 

And I just stood there, God told me and said there is a community called Ubima. Long ago! I said: “There is a community like that?” He said: “Yes!” And I said: “God is about to do something strange – head or tail”. I used the word: “Head or tail”. I’ve never in my life heard of Ubima. And I said: “Before now, that Community is under some strange things. Now it’s broken!” Church Gist. And a young man ran out, he said I’m from that Community. I said: “You are from (there)?” He said: “I don’t worship here, this is my first time worshipping here”. He’s a member now. And I took oil and I said: “Go and anoint that Community”. Omehia came from that Community, Amaechi came from that Community. It was what I prayed! And two of them became Governors. Head or tail! There are situations that happen even in a village.

-I decree every curse over your family, Every curse over your life broken today in the name of Jesus! Church Gist. Whatever was spoken on your life that has kept your life upside down is broken as I’m talking right now. If you believe it, say Amen like a believer!

3.  Wasteful lifestyle.

Luke 15:13-14. The prodigal son wasted everything that was given to him. He lived a reckless life and began to be in want. Church Gist. Don’t just keep spending, learn to invest. When you keep wasting, you run into poverty. 

Say: God forbid!

You too, forbid it.

4.  Slothfulness.

Proverbs 10:4. Refuse to be idle. Idleness brings poverty. Proverbs 18:9. Many people are slothful doing nothing so there is no source of income. Church Gist. You must have something you are doing. Shout Hallelujah!

Why you should be prosperous?

If you don’t know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable. Why should I be prosperous?

A.  Your Father is the owner of silver and gold. 

Haggai 2:8. Who owns silver and gold? My Father. If you say ‘God’, it looks too official. The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Church Gist. And who is that One? Your Father. Say: I hear! And if He is the owner who should get it first? You!

B.  Money is required to advance His Kingdom.

Zachariah 1:17. That’s why you need good money. Say: You need it! Tell your neighbour: You need it! Don’t pretend that you don’t need it. I’m going to tell you something here that will shock you.

C.  Everything that will make life comfortable requires money.

That’s why you should have it. It does not require prayer. For instance, sound health requires money. Sound health? I will show you because if you must have sound health, it requires good food. You can’t eat bad food and have sound health. Sip garri morning, afternoon, evening, you must have a health challenge. (Laughing). You know what garri is? Pounded cassava, just sip it for one week, you will have a health challenge because it will be an unbalanced diet. 1 Samuel 30:12. Church Gist. Look at it so that you know sound health requires what? (Good food). So, some people who are dying quick, it’s food. Look at Nigeria now, some people die because of food so money is required to have sound health. Have you not seen people collecting food from truck? True? 

Say: You need it. Tell your neighbour: You need this thing (money). 

To sleep well, you need to have a good and comfortable bed. Can you sleep on the floor and sleep well? There are some foams you sleep (on), you will be rolling till you wake up. To sleep well, you need what? Good and comfortable bed. And a good and comfortable bed is what? (money). It’s Scriptural. Psalm 127:2. So sleep is from God. So when you are not sleeping well check the bed you are sleeping on. Now let me tell you a life story, do you know if you sleep under heat you will be dreaming? Sleep under heat? You will see all manner of dreams. Once the place is cold, dreams will not be there, so the heat is what is causing… Church Gist. In the dream, it’s not all those devil, devil. It’s the heat. Heat causes what? You will have all manner of dreams, attack; they go dey pursue you. Masquerade will pursue (Laughing). You see it? It’s the heat. That’s why you need what? Money. Protection is not guaranteed without good shelter. Some of you, the house you live in is the reason why every day they are coming to rob you, no good gate. The door, if they kick it with one leg, it will open.

-But they will not see you in Jesus’ name.

So you need good money to have a good house.

– Say: I hear! 

Then, why do you need it (money)?

D.  Nothing erodes human dignity like lack of money. 

I said: “Nothing erodes human dignity like lack of? Money”. He said: To have it is bad, to lack it is worse. Let me show you two Scriptures that will change you – Why you need it. Proverbs 30:8-9 and Ecclesiastes 9:14-16. Most of the people who are stealing, it’s poverty! You know why? Poverty! Check it, if you watch the World, the countries that people steal more are the third world nations and poverty is the reason. So, one man will steal for five generations, it’s poverty. If your parents are comfortable, you live life, what are you stealing for? But when the man sees that he was born in the village, he now becomes something, he will steal for the children, for the grandchildren and for the great-grandchildren. Church Gist. So poverty makes people do what? To steal. And then Ecclesiastes 9, that’s why you need it. It erodes dignity. Ecclesiastes 9:14-16. (Laughing). Oya go for your family meeting! He said if you like, be the wisest, your wisdom will be despised. When you raise your hand like this in the family, they will say: “Abeg! Put your hand down. After all these big, big grammar e no go bring money oo”. But once you have money even when you don’t talk, they say: “Ehee! What are you saying?” After everybody talk finish, they say: “Erm! We want him to talk”. Even if what he says is stupid, they say: “Let’s take it like that”.

-Nobody will despise you after today!

Have you not been poor, you dress and you felt the dress did not fit you? Say the truth! Check very well. When you are very poor, even when you are beautiful or handsome you look at the mirror; you say: “This dress fit me?” The reason is that you are so broke. But do you know when you are very wealthy? You wear shorts, you feel very good and you can move. But if you are broke (and) you wear shorts, you say: “Everybody go know say I poor now” (Laughing). True? Do you know why you have to be wealthy? Don’t deceive yourself. Church Gist. If a wealthy man is sipping garri, they say: “He is a carefree man. Eh! This man is so simple, do you know when I got to his side he was just chewing the garri”. But if a poor man is sipping garri, they say: “Chei!! See as this man dey suffer. Do you know when I got to his house, it was garri he was sipping”. (Laughing). If a rich man wore shorts and slippers, they say: “He doesn’t care. Do you know he can move out with shorts?” But if you wear shorts, they say: “He doesn’t have something na shorts e dey take waka’. (Laughing). 

-God will not allow you to be among the poor in the precious name of Jesus.

Poverty is a sin, it’s wickedness. Ecclesiastes 9:14. You raise your hand? Can’t you see poor nations in the United Nations? Have you seen where they call these nations including your own? They just call them to observe, they don’t make any suggestions. Anything they talk, if they like… I learned something in this World, poverty is a bad thing oo. There was a time during Gaddafi and the rest of them. Church Gist. That time Gaddafi was there, this late eh Zimbabwe man, what is his name? Mugabe. They went and talked, talked big, big grammar. I will never forget, I was privileged to watch the United Nations. Gaddafi was racking, Mugabe was racking. After they finished talking, the American Ambassador to the United Nations just came up and said: “But we are here”. After he finished talking, the whole of African talk, they just pushed them like this. He said: “Well! We fund United Nations so we have the right to detect what should happen”. I said: “Oh! Africa does not fund, they collect”. 

Poverty is a curse. Look! Don’t deceive yourself oo, if you are poor you won’t have a voice even in your family. If you like get the whole brain. They say: “All these things wey e dey talk, book!!! Money e no go bring oo. Abeg make we hear the one wey go bring money. Book!!! Everything e go dey call book!!! E make first class, na first class we go chop here? Abeg carry first class go! Ehee! Chief! Wetin you dey talk? Leave this man, e dey carry book!! E think say we dey lecture hall here” (Laughing). Except you have never been poor, if you have been poor you will hate it. How many of you have been poor before? Don’t deceive yourself. Church Gist. From Africa here? You have not been poor? It’s a lie. For every generation before you count two, poverty was there. In this part of the World – Before you count: You, your father and your grandfather; there must be poverty. Hear! Your papa nah? (Laughing). If your father was rich, your grandfather wouldn’t be rich. Church Gist. Before you count four generations in Africa, poverty was in one. Some of you, you are the first to break it. So now you put your hand down, you are not even out, some of you (Laughing). How can you deceive yourself like this? It’s now you will come out from the preaching. Okay now, how many of you can afford transport for people? You can afford one full bus? Raise your hand! Then you say you no dey among poverty. Okay, how many of you can afford bus? You pay for the bus. How many of you? See nah! You say you get money. You see nah! You see? Even for Church you dey tell lies. Tell yourself the truth so you will be out.

-But you will be out today. When I talk next week, by next week you will raise your hand because God will change your story!!! In the name of Jesus.

How To Prosper In Hard Times.

i.  Become a consistent covenant practitioner.

I didn’t say covenant practitioner oo because some people practice. Become a ‘consistent’ covenant practitioner. A covenant is a deal enacted by God based on well-defined terms and sealed with an oath. Hebrews 6:13-14. The covenant is reliable, dependable and ever sure. Are you hearing me now? If you practice the covenant, no devil in this World can make you suffer hardship. During hard times, let me say this to everyone. Church Gist. During hard times as it is now, you must not stop to pay your tithe and give quality offerings. Genesis 8:22. They are covenant keys to financial prosperity during hard times. Genesis 8:22 is the Key Scripture. So you must sow seed. Now, there are different kinds of seeds, there are different seeds that determine how you prosper. We have spiritual seed which is the Word of God, we have stewardship seed which is soul-winning and we have financial seed. You will sow these seeds if you want to prosper. Are you getting what I’m saying now? Glory to God. Seed represents the Word of God. Luke 8:11. Seeds also represent soul winning. You are sowing a seed when you win souls. Seed also represents the cash you sow. Are you getting me now? These three seeds must be sown for you to prosper. Glory to God.

The First Seed:

a.  Your life.

Your greatest seed into financial prosperity is yourself. John 12:24. 2 Corinthians 8:5. What does it mean to be a seed? It means to love God. To be a seed means to love God and when you love God, what do you do? You give. John 3:16. It means to engage in Kingdom stewardship. One key area is soul-winning. When you are a soul winner, God pays you. John 4:36. Now listen, let me break it down, every time you win a soul, God prospers you. Church Gist. Matthew 4:19. Every man you win is a fish. So when you win a soul, you have brought a fish to the Kingdom and inside every fish, there is money. Matthew 17:27. So there is a coin in the mouth of every fish. For every soul you bring, it brings prosperity. How many of you understand the calculus? When you win a soul, God puts you on His payroll. Are you getting me, sir? Glory to God. So, soul winning brings prosperity. Are you getting me, sir? Glory to God! So if you go for soul-winning, God will give you anything.

-May God give you all things.

Check people who testify: ‘As I pay transport, as I win soul, God prospered me’. Is that clear? So go after souls and God will give you all things. 

-May God give you all things. Romans 8:32. 

b.  Financial seeds.

Tithing is the starting point in your covenant practice. Church Gist. That’s the first thing you do. Abraham paid tithe. Genesis 14:20. Malachi 3:10-12.

-May God make you a blessing.

So, what is tithe? Ten percent of every legitimate income. Let me say this to you: It is impossible to prosper in hard times without being a faithful and consistent tither and a generous giver. There is no shortcut. If you must prosper in hard times, you must be a faithful and consistent tither and you must be a generous giver. Does that make sense? Glory to God. Is it possible to be in a Church like this and not pay tithe? Church Gist. Yes! There are many people who don’t pay tithe. The Church you belong to does not determine the tithe you pay, it’s your own decision and action. You can be in a prosperous Church and disobey and be poor but if you obey… Why you should prosper in a Church like this is that if you are poor, everybody will see you as a misfit. If everybody is wearing white and you wear black. How will you look like? Everybody is wearing white in a congregation and then you, you are wearing black. They will just spot you out. True?

Do you know if you stay in this Church for three years and you are poor even unbelievers will say: “O boy, you sure say you dey go that Church?” They will ask you questions. Watch some of you who have been here who are poor, they will ask you: “Are you sure you are a member of that Church, are you sure? I don’t think so!” Because they know this Church is a Church of what? A driver carried a first time guest to this Church from Lagos and got here. Church Gist. He asked the man, he said: “That Church? Everybody is rich”. He said: “Everybody in that Church is rich”. That is, the driver was telling the man, ‘everybody in that Church is rich, nobody is poor there’. He said: “How do you know?” He said: “Are you a member?” He said: “No! Everybody there is rich”. Because they see everybody here, rich. So if you are here after three years even your brothers will say: “O boy, you are not a member of Salvation Ministries”. You must belong to another Church because the kind of things we teach you here, you don’t have any excuse to be poor. 

I didn’t hear half of this before I came out of poverty, we will teach you, remaining for us to put the Bible inside your head. No devil is worrying you oo. You know the Widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:9-16? There was hardship, the hardship was fierce. She was to eat her last meal and die. And then Elijah said: “Make for me first”. He was saying you can never prosper in this hardship if you don’t release what is in your hand. That was what Elijah was saying. Elijah said: “Do you want to prosper? You must release this thing you think is your last meal”. “Oh God! I’m suffering, it will not move God. Oh God! You know that eh, my father is dying, my mother is dying”. Even if you are ‘takalated’ it will not move God. Church Gist. One man was trying to write to United States to order for Bible. He came from a tribe they call Okrika. So, he said his father is dying, so he’s helpless. So ‘Takala’ means helpless. He now wrote: My mother is dying, my father is dying (him not me), he’s ‘takalated’. ‘Send me Bible’. They sent a Bible. All they saw is: ‘Send me Bible’, they didn’t bother for the ‘takalated’ everything. So even if your mother is dying, your father is dying, you are ‘takalated’. Please pay tithe! You know? We think that God is a ‘sympathy’ God. God is a compassionate God, not a ‘sympathy’ God. Sympathy is when people die, compassion is compound passion. That you cry because things are not working will not move God. (Laughing). 

Let me tell you the truth! Believers hear this truth: I’m a financial deliverer sent by God, I will tell you the truth. Crying does not move God otherwise the cry of Martha and Mary would have risen Lazarus. Crying does not move God, it’s the truth that moves God. You shall know the truth not that you shall cry. We are very emotional, ‘Oh God! I’m a Sanctuary keeper, I sing in the choir, I go for evangelism, I do everything. Church Gist. Why is my suffering like this?” God will say: “I am Almighty God but I gave my only begotten Son that whosoever believeth. I sowed Him as a seed, you too, give your only begotten thing because Me I gave my Son before I got you. You can’t change Scriptures. Me the Almighty God, I gave my Son; you, you don’t want to give. You are saying you are sick, okay be crying”. (Laughing). 

My friend! I have been religious before, it didn’t work. It doesn’t work like that. Don’t allow people (to) tell you ‘sorry’!! You know? We belong to a society where we hear people say: “You no even tell me sorry sef”. Okay, they have been telling you sorry, has it removed the sorrow? If people pity you, you remain in the pit. Do the truth! This Woman was at the verge of committing suicide yet Elijah said: “The principle cannot be broken, sow this seed first before harvest”. Church Gist. So in hard times, is when you sow seeds. How many understand the principle? This principle cannot be broken, not by any emotional feelings. It may sound very hard and raw, it is the truth. Truth is truth! Take it or you leave it! Nothing can change the truth, technology can’t change truth. iPad can’t change truth. Truth is truth! Civilization cannot change truth. Truth is truth! He said: “Make first” – “Sow your seed first”. And while the Woman sowed, Heavens opened.

-May your own Heaven open.

Now listen carefully, my wife is here. In 1997, home and abroad as married people; what we had was fifty naira. At home, bank, everywhere. Everywhere! What we had was fifty naira in the house. And I caught light from Scriptures that except I sow, I can’t come out of hardship. When I caught that light (was) the day I read a book by Kenneth Copeland and my mentor’s (Bishop David Oyedepo’s) book: Breaking Financial Hardship. Church Gist. I said: “Listen, the truth is except we give, we can’t come out. Give me that fifty naira”! I brought it, I packaged the fifty naira. Now, that was all we had at home. I would have cried: “Oh God! You called me to ministry, look at how I’m suffering, God will leave you to die. Pastor, He called you, He didn’t curse you. Don’t do as if the calling is punishment. If you are called (by God) and you are suffering, you are not giving. Don’t use your pastoral calling to ‘boneface’ God.

I took the fifty naira and I packaged it. In less than 2 hours of my obedience, Heaven responded. Someone knocked my door. Kpoi!! He said: “Pastor”. I said: “Yes”. He said: “I just got ten thousand (naira)”. This man who gave me the money can only give you when you beg him. You know there are people like that. They can’t on their own give you something, but if you beg, they will give you. He said: “I have ten thousand, I want to give you two thousand (naira)”. I said: “What? This thing works like this?” He gave me two thousand (naira). I called my wife I said what? Fifty naira to where? You see the ratio. So I could remove tithe, remove offering, remove prophet’s offering, I packaged it. Church Gist. From that day till today, it has been like this. If your prosperity stopped somewhere, your giving also stopped. Na the economy! Na your stinginess! Are you saying God is lying? Okay, two things will happen: Either you are lying or God is lying and to say God is lying is dangerous. God is not a man that He should lie. So, if you do what He says: You pay your tithe, you give your offering, you must prosper. “I dey pay tithe, I dey give offering, it’s a lie. There is somewhere you are not giving faithfully. Are we seeing you? Is it not you and God? You can pay tithe and some not pay. You underpay! Say: I hear. Just obey God’s instruction and you can never beg in hard times. Say: I hear! Financial unfaithfulness leads to financial bankruptcy; it leads to hardship. We own nothing, God owns everything. Psalm 50:10-12. Please (don’t) refuse to sow! Refusing to sow during the economic crisis is to end up in refuge (in an excuse). 

-That will not be your portion! 

Refuse to be afraid. Numbers 23:19. It will destroy your expectation for a miracle when you don’t sow. Don’t argue, don’t rebel, don’t complain, don’t react against the truth. Just obey and see God in action. Isaiah 1:19. Start your harvest with the seed available, don’t say tomorrow when I get a big one. Start the harvest with the seed available. Whatever you have now is enough to start your next miracle. Say: I hear. Ecclesiastes 11:6. Sow consistently and you will harvest continuously. Church Gist. Sow, wait and harvest. Sow proportionate to the harvest you desire. If you want a big harvest, then sow a big seed. If you want a small harvest, sow a small seed. If you don’t want any harvest, don’t sow any seed. Zero times one thousand? When you offer one thousand prayers with zero seed, you get zero harvest. Can you compare garden with plantation? No! If you want a plantation, plant plantation seed. If you want garden? Plant garden seed. If you don’t want any garden, sow no seed. God will never be moved by your tears, He will be moved by your actions. Say: I hear! 

ii.  Walk by faith.

You need faith to prosper. Hebrews 11:6. Habakkuk 2:4. Do you believe that what God said is true? Then do it. Say: Do it! It is with faith you take delivery of whatever God has promised you. Church Gist. God has said that: ‘Seedtime’ but you need to act in faith. Take steps! Act on what you’ve heard and you will never see shame. Say: I hear! Say: Faith!

Now listen! How much did we say we had in 1997? Fifty naira. I would have said: ‘Lord! Now that it’s only fifty naira, give me something else before I give. No! I had to give the fifty naira in faith then God multiplied it. True? This Church had a challenge long ago where landlord gave us notice to quit. Say: Faith! The landlord had said we should quit, we should leave the property. And I took the money of this Church and sowed it into Canaanland Faith Tabernacle, Heavens opened and things turned around. Church Gist. I do it till today, till today I still sow in faith. Sometimes, the money in my hand will not be enough to reach the thing I look for, I will give all. Not once, not twice; my assistants, those in my associates know. I come like this, I look at the money. I say: This thing can’t solve the problem, I say bring all, bring everything I have!! I will sow it. Then Heavens will open. If you don’t walk by faith you can never prosper. Hebrews 11:1. You have not seen it but you don’t doubt it. In the midst of hardship, you are saying: ‘God! You said in your Word if I do this, you (will) do this. Therefore I do it. Say: I hear!


Now, early hours of this morning while preparing, there is a place God talks to me. And when He talks to me there I hear Him. And He gave me a Scripture to prophesy over you. Church Gist. Please when I’m prophesying over you with this Scriptures, set your heart. Joel 2:21. Please set your heart, I want your heart to be set. 

Say: I refuse to be afraid.

-I decree today, God will do great things in your life.

-Joel 2:24. I decree, overflowing favour and blessings in the name of Jesus. 

-Joel 2:25. Whatever you have lost for years, I decree this day to be the season of recovery. 

Listen! Some of you, you look at your life it is as if nothing has been achieved.

-What you will get this year, you will cover everything in the name of Jesus. Everything you have lost in life till date, I decree now: Recover all in the name of Jesus.

-Joel 2:26. Church Gist. I declare this day, you will eat and be satisfied. I declare you will never see shame in the name of Jesus.

-Joel 2:27. I decree! No more shame! Anything that wants to bring shame is averted in our lives!


He gave me a word, He said: Two things people are afraid of: Hardship and attacks.  Because (in) the whole world; today, kidnapping. Church Gist. Today, attack here. And He gave me a Scripture, I said: Lord! Now that souls are coming many? He said: I will put a seal of exemption.


-Now, the Holy Spirit exempts you from anything called evil in the name of Jesus. 

-No one connected to this Commission will be a victim of anything evil. Church Gist. Armed robbers, assassins, evil people, evil work, plagues will never come near your habitation in Jesus’ mighty name! Tell Him ‘Thank You’.









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