PROSPERING IN HARD TIMES – PART 2 – Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Prospering In Hard Times Service || Salvation Ministries – Home Of Success || 19th November 2023 || Second Sunday Service.

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– Pastor David Ibiyeomie on PROSPERING IN HARD TIMES – PART 2 at Prospering In Hard Times Service || Salvation Ministries – Home Of Success || 19th November 2023 || Second Sunday Service.

The Message today is: PROSPERING IN HARD TIMES. We are still in the month of: ‘Holy Spirit, my helper’. PROSPERING IN HARD TIMES – PART 2. Prosperity is one of the core benefits of the redemptive work of Christ. 2 Corinthians 8:9. Jesus came, that you and I may enjoy the best of life. John 10:10b (AMPC). Life is for enjoyment, permit me, it is not for ‘endurement’. Haggai 2:8. Church Gist. If your father is the owner of the wealth of the World, he couldn’t have given it to the sinners first. No reasonable father will have children and they will say: ‘I am hungry’ and he will give the neighbours’ children food first, true? So if your father is the owner, then you should enjoy the wealth first. Is that clear sir? Glory to God. Haggai 2:6.

-Today, I command, whatever that belongs to you is released in the name of Jesus!

God has all it takes to prosper you in hard times. God is only looking for who to trust with His riches. Now, hear this and hear me well! The Bible is made of the Person of Jesus and the Principles of Jesus. We have two parts of the Bible – The Person of Jesus and His principles. The Person of Jesus guarantees your Heaven but His principles guarantee your earthly prosperity and success. Church Gist. Many have accepted His Person but they didn’t apply His principles so they are frustrated, they are born again, they will make Heaven but they suffer on the Earth. When you apply yourself to the principles of financial prosperity, you will never be financially helpless; so we walk by principles if you must succeed. Is that true? Joshua 1:8. So (for) prosperity and success, you are the one to determine it by applying yourself to the principles of God. It is principles that make people to prosper.

What are these principles that will make me to prosper?

1.  Believe in God’s Word.

Until you believe God’s Word you can never prosper in hard times. You must trust God enough to believe His Word because God is not a man that He should lie. Numbers 23:19. You must believe that whatever God says you don’t doubt it, is that clear sir? Because He can never lie, anything He says to you is done! If he says: ‘Give, it shall be given’. Church Gist. Don’t doubt it, are you hearing me, sir? Numbers 23:19. One day, Peter was fishing in Luke 5:2-7 and he caught no fish and Jesus said to him: ‘Young man, I know you have toiled’, he said: ‘We have toiled all night’. Luke 5:4-5. He said: ‘I am going to do it based on Your Word’! And Peter had an explosive catch because he stood on the integrity of God’s Word. You can never prosper if you don’t believe the Word of God. Are you hearing me, sir?

-Somebody will have an explosive breakthrough in the name of Jesus!

Luke 1:45. If you don’t believe the Word of God you can never prosper. Now listen to this carefully, how can somebody give when you have not gotten money first? I have to believe that God, what He says He will do it. Is that clear? Church Gist. You may say: ‘I don’t believe it’. ‘Ah’! Peter said: ‘Nevertheless, at Your Word’ – I know I didn’t catch any fish throughout the night but I’m going to do it at Your Word. You can’t prosper if you don’t believe the Word of God. How many believe in God’s Word? Glory to God! If you believe, it will show. Everyone that believes God’s Word obeys. The reason you are not obeying is because you never believed.

2.  Obey God’s Word.

The proof of belief is obedience. Never say that you believe something if you don’t obey it. You are struggling to obey because you don’t believe what God said. It is practical obedience to His Word that brings abundance. John 2:5-11. It sounds stupid, they say: ‘We want wine’ and He said: ‘Put water’! it will sound stupid, true? You are looking for money and God said the one in your hand, give it! (Laughing). You are looking for more money and God said: ‘The one in your hand what? Give it’. But that is how you can come out of poverty and that is how you can prosper in hard times, is that true? Church Gist. Simple obedience! Without obedience there will be no prosperity, power to get wealth answers to obedience – That is, doing what God says. Isaiah 1:19. John 21:5-6. Look at Scriptures, please don’t be copying Scriptures without looking because most of you have been copying since. I didn’t copy how to pay tithe, I pay tithe. It is better to obey than to copy notes. Now, if you copy all the notes on my teaching (and) you don’t pay tithe, it is useless. So hear first before you copy! Copying notes without taking notes, nobody will take note of you. John 21:6. He said: ‘I know you didn’t catch anything but now obey’! They obeyed! When they obeyed, what happened? There was a breakthrough! 

-You too will be the next on line for a breakthrough. Isaiah 1:19. You will eat the good of the land! 

3.  Giving.

Another very important principle which is the anchor of the Covenant of Prosperity is giving. Power to give is what provokes power to get. Genesis 8:22. It is (the) giving grace that is the gateway to financial greatness. Church Gist. Let me say this to every one of us: Faith, prayers, fasting – they are no substitute to the giving grace. You must be a giver if you want to prosper in hard times. Is that clear?

I was studying and I stumbled to a striking word. I was studying something about my mentor and I just shared – It changed my perspective. ‘I am not sent by the people, I am sent to the people. I am sent to you, I am not sent by you, the One who sent me is God so my salary comes from God, not from you’. I have an invisible appointment letter by the One who has called me, He pays me, I am sent to you to be a blessing to you but not by you so I am not expecting my pay from you. Church Gist.  And the Brothers and Sisters with me in the Ministry of the Gospel: Know, that you are not sent by the people so stop begging from them, you are sent to them to be a blessing to them not (sent) by them. Who sent me is who? God! So He pays me! You say: ‘What of us wey dey give am offering’? You are not the One… Hold your offering, I will still get money. 

When you give me offering who gets blessed? You are the one who testifies nah! True? So are you the one helping me? Okay, come! When you give me offering! Nobody has given me offering in this Church who did not get a bigger one, true? So who is helping who now? Church Gist. My grace is helping you! You are not helping me, you can’t help me (Laughing). I can’t help Oyedepo but I sow to him because, without him, I can’t prosper, without me you can’t prosper. We are not fed by the people we are sent to, that’s by the way for pastors.

Now, hear this! Many will refuse to give during hard times. You know? During hard times, many people don’t really give. Is it not true? Crisis creates fear but He says resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:7. Now, in the time of hardship, all those thoughts will come: ‘If I give this one, how will I eat’. Taah! Resist him. James 4:7. Crisis is the platform for creating miracles, when there is a crisis just know that a miracle is by the side. 1 Kings 17:9-16. Church Gist. There was a woman called the Widow of Zarephath, there was a heavy crisis concerning the Woman. This Woman was to eat her last meal; for those who don’t know the story, with her only son and die. She said: ‘Elijah! The hardship is too much in the Land, I’m going to eat this last meal and what? Die with my son’ and Elijah said: ‘Make for me first’! Honour me first! And the moment she obeyed, by giving to the Prophet of God, Heaven responded. That Woman in hardship never suffered again after that time.

-You will never suffer in the name of Jesus!

If she never gave that last meal she would have died with the last meal. In times of crisis, you don’t hoard, you don’t shrink back, you don’t withhold, that is the time to give. Say: ‘I hear’! You don’t stop giving, it is your sowing that will birth your miracles at that time (of hardship). Refusing to sow is to destroy your expectation of a miracle. Let me say this to you, the only magnet that attracts the miracle of provisions of God for you is your sowing in hard times. Church Gist. Let me say this to you, can I tell you the truth? Nothing will change for you financially until you sow. If you like, fast from now till tomorrow, pray from now till tomorrow, nothing will change for you financially until you sow in hard times. I’m an authority in this field, fast for 40 days, it will not change your situation financially, pray for 40 days it will not change your situation until you give. if you doubt me, start fasting from today, if it changes, I won’t preach – without giving! 

Every principle of God has conditions attached, you don’t gain Salvation by fasting, you gain Salvation by confessing Jesus. If you say: ‘I will not confess, I will fast’, you will never make Heaven! True? You don’t walk in power without fasting, you don’t prosper without giving, everything has a condition. To prosper – give, to walk in power – fast! To walk in faith – read (the) Bible, to be healed – you must stand on the integrity of the Word. To prosper, you must give! You don’t take Biology principles to solve Chemistry problems, they will give you zero, they are all science subjects, did you hear me? Church Gist. If you take mechanical idea to go to solve electrical problem you will electrocute yourself. Each one has its own principle! In football, you use leg; in basketball you use hand! If you use hand for football, they will give you red card except you are Luis Suarez who in the World Cup used hand to stop Ghanaians from scoring goals. Are you hearing me now? Everything has its principles. Nothing will change for you financially except you give. Proverbs 11:24. 2 Corinthians 9:6. Be not deceived, God is not mocked; it is what you sow that you get. Galatians 6:7. ‘The Widow’s mite’, she gave in hardship true? That’s why we call it ‘Widow’s mite’. Mark 12:43-44. Many hoard during crisis, they say: ‘I would have given but things are well’. (Laughing). It is unwise to hoard during crisis, Heaven opens over those who give in hard times. 

Now listen, my wife is a witness here, listen let me be very practical in my teaching, she is here. We were together in the house as married people, we had only fifty naira, how much is it? Fifty naira! Home and abroad! Is it wise to give fifty naira when we have not eaten? Listen! Is it wise? No! In the natural, it is not wise but it is wise to give. You see? It is not natural but in the Kingdom of God, it is wise. Church Gist.  We had only fifty naira, in the natural we should not give that fifty naira true? Because we don’t have anything – Home and abroad but I knew the principle of prosperity when I got it in 1997 so what I did was to take the fifty naira, sow it. In less than 2 hours, we shifted realms from fifty (naira) to two thousand (naira). I have shared the testimony over and again and I have been sowing like that now. Everything! So if I was to hold on to that fifty naira to say: ‘Oh! God! You know I am a married man, if I give this fifty naira, we will die’. I would have been poor till today! The reason we are not out of poverty and things are tough even in this tough time is because you are withholding the things that will bring you out of poverty. As long as you hold on to that thing, you will never come out of hardship. The principles can never be broken. If you hoard or withhold, Heaven’s own too, will not be released.

In giving, 

A.  Start with the tithe.

Malachi 3:10. 

-I command everything devouring your life to be rebuked right now!

But that prayer will not work for those that ‘tie tithe’, when you ‘tie tithe’ there is nothing. (Illustrating). ‘I come Church’! People should teach you (the) truth. You know? We move to Churches of deliverance so we don’t hear the truth, if you don’t pay tithe forget it. Let all the Men of God gather and tell you: ‘All these demons would leave’. The demons will not leave! Brother, pay tithe from now. Church Gist. Do you understand it? Can you see? You don’t need tithe to be healed, you will be healed but this thing, this thing oo (Referring to money), you no go get am. Lie! lie! – Ego! Owo! Igbiri! Kudi! (Referring to money in different languages). You no go get am! If you like do like this (Praying), you go do like that till Jesus comes, in fact, your shoe go bend eh! (Laughing). ‘God! You no know say I dey suffer’! E go just dey look you dey say: ‘I gave My only begotten Son! You, you no go give’? (Laughing). You think God is moved by emotions?

B.  Give quality offering.

After you pay tithe, give quality offering. Proverbs 11:24. 

C.  Give to the Prophets.

Matthew 10:41. Philippians 4:15-19. 1 Kings 17:9-16. Most of you, you gave to the Prophet – You say, during his birthday! Now if you have understanding, it is not only (his) birthday. Church Gist. Just the way you got breakthrough on birthday that’s how you will be doing it, are you hearing me now? I do it every day so I am just getting it every day. Say: ‘I hear’!

 D.  Give to your parents.

Genesis 27:4-22. 

These four areas are the channels of giving. Are you hearing me now? The quality of your giving determines the quality of your harvest. Church Gist. So when you come to Church, don’t give God trash, give treasures and Heavens will open in the hard times.

4.  Work.

Refuse to stay idle. If you want God to bless you in hard times, work! Matthew 20:1-7. To get paid, you must work. After giving, you must work; as to create a channel for the blessing to flow to you. Psalms 1:3. The Lord will bless the work of your hands, not the idleness of your life. Church Gist. Abraham was blessed but engaged in cattle farming that was the channel that God used. Isaac laboured in well digging and sowed in the Land, God used it. Genesis 26:12. Jacob became great because he engaged in animal husbandry. Task your mind to produce creative ideas and implement them. 

Now, listen carefully! If I stop preparing for the work I’m doing, I will not get blessed no matter how I give. The reason I’m blessed is because I work, that (even) work knows I work. Do you understand now? Are you hearing me? Before I preach a message like this one, books will full my table. You will think I am doing a research – I will pick this one, I will read!! I will sit down, I will meditate, I will say: ‘Holy Ghost, help me’, He will now bring ingredients. He will say: ‘Put am like this’, it is just like a woman cooking food, she will say: ‘Bring me small egusi (Translated – melon in Igbo Language), bring me pepper, bring me periwinkle, bring me crayfish, you now bring them. You now turn the food, you do like this (Tasting the food). You say: ‘E no sweet, let me put small…’ It’s not enough to have the books, you must be able to ‘choo’ them very well. You want to know what ‘choo’ is? (Laughing). A man went to a hotel to eat, in his language, ‘choo’ means ‘to cook’. He said: ‘Madam Hotel!! Give me a well ‘chooed animal’ (Laughing), because in his language, meat and animal is ‘nama’. So he said: ‘Give me well ‘choo’ animal, he didn’t say well ‘chooed’ meat. So for you to give a good message, you have to give a well ‘chooed’… (Laughing). That’s why no matter how you get angry, you go to other Churches you will still come back. Most of you left with anger you came back because where you went to, they couldn’t give you well ‘chooed’ food. (Laughing). This place, every Sunday you will just be copying notes like you are in a lecture hall, you come back again. Even if you vex for me, you go come back again (Laughing). You know why? You can never get this kind of diet everywhere, balanced diet! Balanced what? Diet! Very well, that’s why God pays me, I work! If I stop working I won’t be paid, don’t think I am paid because I just give, every giver must be a worker. Task your brain! Task your what? Brain.

Now for givers, let me say this to you: When does God respond to our giving?  

When does He respond to our giving? Because there is a way you give and God responds. Galatians 6:7. Ecclesiastes 11:3-6. In giving, each one determines when his harvest comes. We have the one you can get (the) harvest annually, we have the one you can get (the) harvest… I  will tell you differently. 

i.  We have annual return agenda.

When you give consistently for one year, the Heaven immediately ‘woo’ (Pours down the blessing). That is found in Genesis 26:12. When you are consistent for what? One year! You pay tithes, you give offerings for one year, the Heavens open. Is that clear sir? Glory to God. Luke 13:6-9. When God sees that in one year you have been consistent, the Heavens will open. 

Say: My Heavens will open.

ii.  Now, we have 5 years return agenda.

Where if you are consistent for 5 years, Heavens opens. Church Gist. Leviticus 19:23-25. Church Gist. When you give, give, give – Five years, He just says: ‘kpoom! Waaa’! You begin to enjoy abundance. 

iii. Now we have, 7 years return agenda. 

Deuteronomy 15:1-2. Now, listen! You know the release here? When you sow for 7 years, you just enter into your rest. Church Gist. Consistency of giving for 7 years you enter into your rest. Some of you, you are in your one year, true? Some of you, you are in five years, some of you are in what? 7 years!

iv.  There is ‘many days’ returns.

That one, you are not in haste. Just few days: ‘Gba’! Few days: ‘Gba’! (Referring to the release of God’s blessings). Some of you, you get breakthroughs every few, few days. Church Gist. Have you ever experienced that? Some of you, every few, few days, ‘Fiam’. Ecclesiastes 11:1-3. There are people like that now, you will see they are testifying: ‘I have been sowing and this period I am getting blessed’.

v.  We have ‘one day’ return agenda.

That’s the type me I am in. One day return! There is everyday – ‘Gboom, gboom’!!! (Referring to the release of God’s blessings). Everyday!!! There is no day, whether I’m home or abroad oo; even if I don’t step out, my wife can tell you. Even if I stay inside room now, lock myself inside room, money will come. And I don’t greet anybody, I stay inside room, inside the room from morning to night, the money will come. It has happened severally – Days where I did not go anywhere, I did not step anywhere, I stayed inside the house, money would just come. When you get to that level, it is the level of Genesis 22:5-18. That is, it is the sacrificial giving of the highest order. When you are a sacrificial giver, where every day you are giving Him sacrificial (Speaking in tongue). Everyday! Wooo! Rain will fall every day! Somebody like me, I give every day, there is no day I don’t give so my rain is continuous. Genesis 22:17. You come to a realm where every day is… ‘Eh’! You know? Rain is in degrees, rain falls in what? Degrees. There is a rain umbrella can hold, there is a rain umbrella can’t hold, it will twist the umbrella, that’s the kind of rain we, we enter. ‘Wooowosh’! (Illustrating). God does not determine when your rain falls, you determine (it). Let me explain: Each of the times you determine (when the rain of God’s blessing falls). Now listen! 1000 grams is what makes one kilogram is that true? 

Assuming the cloud is full, it shall empty itself. Assuming my rain will need one kilogram to fall, I’m just giving simple Elementary Science illustration: And I give per service, one gram. When will my rain fall? 1000 services! That can be a lifetime, that’s why some people have never had a breakthrough all their life. How many understand it? 1000 grams makes what? One kilogram and if my rain wants to fall with one kilogram and I give one gram per service that means before my rain will fall will be one thousand services, that can be a lifetime, that means some people will never get breakthrough till they die. Now, if I give 500 grams per service, when will my rain fall? Two services. If I give 1000 grams when will my rain fall? Church Gist. One service. So I determine when the rain falls not God, He said: ‘If your cloud be full, I will empty the rain’. Now listen, if you look at the Coastal Regions like River State, Florida, Philippines, all those Coastal Regions, the Carribeans – They have a lot of water, is that true? You will find out that because they have water, the rainfall in Coastal Regions is higher than the rainfall in desert regions, there is more rain here than Sokoto and Maiduguri true? Why? A lot of vapour goes here to the atmosphere. Is that true? How many understand what I am saying because the water goes up, so vapour goes up, so rain comes down, is that true? So your offering is the vapour. So more ‘vapourization’, more ‘raination’. (Laughing). So people like us, we give tithe – ‘kpim’, I give offering, ‘kpim’. I give to parents, ‘kpim’, I give to the poor, ‘kpim’

so my blessing, ‘Waaaa’! Following day again, I give again, ‘Waaa’! So it’s daily!!! But some of you, you give once in one month and the one you are giving sef is very insignificant, so before the rain will fall ‘hey’! So rain does not fall based on how things are hard it is not when you are in need God brings the rain, it is when your cloud is full.  

You can be in need, God will never supply it until your cloud is full. Ecclesiastes 11:3. It is not when you are in need: ‘Oh! God! , you know I’m in need na? You know I’m a widow. Oh! My husband don die’. You are ‘takalated’ we know, but God said: if your cloud is full… He won’t change Scriptures, He won’t because of your crying turn the Bible upside down. ‘Oh God, the way I dey suffer, Papa don die, Mama don die’, God go dey look you, ‘Me too, my Son been die oo’ (Laughing). I had to give Him as a living sacrifice. You know? We are very emotional and religious, so we don’t like (the) Truth! Church Gist. Every financial deliverer will tell you things that you will not like but that is what will bring you out. I’m a financial deliverer! I will tell you things that you need to know. They won’t tell you in other Churches but if you like, go for deliverance, let them be pushing you – falling down! You go fall down, get up, fall down, get up! Money, you no go get! Have you noticed that deliverance ministries are the poorest? When you look at them you go see poverty. When e enter, you go see poverty because they will not tell them to sow, they will say: ‘demons are after you’, then the person go say: ‘Na true oo’ That man for our backyard na em dey cause me I no dey get money’. The man for your backyard, no be em dey cause you, na you dey cause yourself with this tight hand. ‘I have prepared a table before you, in the presence of your enemies, He didn’t say in the absence of your enemies. Psalms 23:5. 

Okay, between you and me who satan go really pursue? Tell the truth, you dey worry am? Em no even get your address. (Laughing). satan was to pursue who? Is it you or me? Is me na? True? If he no fit get me, then what are you worried? You dey worry satan? The way I worry him, every day I cast him out of a life, cast him here!   If he cannot catch me then why you? Church Gist. You, he doesn’t even know your name, he doesn’t even know your address, he doesn’t even know anything about you –  satan is not your problem, it’s your stinginess (that) is your problem. Hard times! – When things are tough is when you should give more. That is, you can’t break Scripture oo, go to a Church where dem go tell you say make you fast for 40 days, you go fast; after the fasting, nothing go ‘go fast’. I’m telling you the simple truth. Remember your giving is a spiritual transaction that provokes divine intervention in your favour. Say: ‘I hear’. 

It is sweet to know the Truth, there is no gimmicks here. Are you blessed? How many are blessed here? Say: I’m blessed! I know the Truth. You saw the example I gave? Did you see the illustration? I said: ‘Devourer, rebuke’! Did it touch the other one? No! but he got healed oo. And God knows why he testified today. God really wanted to use him, he testified today of healing but money e no go get. Money? Lie! Lie! (Laughing). That’s why some of you will say: ‘I don dey born again for fifty years, I dey Church’. Holiness without doing the truth, you have a hole in your life (Laughing). ‘Na only tithe be the truth’? Tithe na true na. Do you know why you should be rich? Ask me why. If you are not rich, even your brothers will insult you. You see this Church you are carrying Bible to, they will tell you things that you don’t like, they will say: ‘Abeg, carry your Bible commot here. If na so God dey do’. ‘You! You’! All my relations are born again oo, all! I didn’t preach to them. They said: ‘Bro…’ Even those who were not born again, when they meet me… (Laughing). 

One of my junior cousins, I called him (Laughing), I won’t call his name so you won’t know the person. I said: ‘I learned that you drink beer a lot. Hey! If you can stop beer I will do something for you’. He said: ‘Hahahaha! Papa, papa. Me I no dey drink again oo, just one bottle’. (Laughing). I said: ‘One bottle, you drink’? So he drinks to a point to stupor that one bottle to him is not drinking (Laughing). But they told me his alcohol level is very high. Church Gist. He is hearing me, he said: ‘Papa, I no dey drink again oo, I don’t stop’. He said na just one bottle! (Laughing). if you are prosperous, your preaching will be very small, I can tell you with authority. You won’t preach long preaching. Even the rich when you talk to them, they will listen, because they know you won’t beg them. Do you know that rich people come here? They know I won’t beg them. A governor entered my house, after he entered he was speaking his language. He didn’t know that my P.A understands his language. He said: ‘They said pastors no get money, this one get money oo’. (Laughing). He was entering my elevator, when he met me: ‘Nawa oo’, he said: ‘Papa! Thank God for you oo’ (Laughing). But if you are poor, they will shake you like this: ‘How are you, sir’? But when you get this thing (Money), even if you have it they respect you because they know you will never ask them for assistance. 

-Please, you will never be poor! 

I’m telling you this thing not because God wants your money but because that is the only way out, there is no shortcut, not because the Church wants your money. Church Gist. Without you God will do anything He will do, there is no shortcut, no gimmicks. Anybody who tells you, you will not give to prosper is deceiving you. No prayer can bring you out of poverty, no fasting can bring you out of poverty, it is only by giving. 


-You will never beg in the name of Jesus. -No matter the hardship in the land, I decree, this is the last day you go through hardship. 

-As you put this which you have heard to practice, your story will change in Jesus mighty name.









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