THE PRESERVATION POWER OF THE BLESSING OF GOD -Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche || Midweek Power Communion Service || Glory Dome, Abuja.

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-Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche on “THE PRESERVATION POWER OF THE BLESSING OF GOD” || Midweek Power Communion Service || Glory Dome, Abuja.

Very quickly tonight, we shall be looking in Scripture, in this Preservation Service the subject titled: THE PRESERVATION POWER OF THE BLESSING OF GOD. Our objective tonight will be:

i. Understanding how the Blessing preserves. 

ii. Understanding our access to the Blessing.

-I pray that the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation will be upon us tonight and that we will receive the fullness of what God has, in Jesus’ precious name.

Job 1:9-10. He (Job) is blessed and he has a hedge around the Blessing – The Preservation Power of The Blessing. Church Gist. There are three things I want to say by way of introduction and that is:

1.  The Blessing of God is an asset of unquantifiable value for life and destiny.

You can’t quantify the value of the Blessing because its value is beyond money. 

2.  The Blessing of God carries the Power of preservation.

Generally, when people hear of the Blessing they think of money, they think of wealth, they think of resources, they think of favour, they think of fortune but the Blessing does not just come with favour, fortune, resources. Church Gist. It carries preservation power and we shall look at it here.

3.  The Blessing of God does not endanger the life of the carrier rather it preserves the life of the carrier.

And I will let you know why I am saying this. It does not endanger the life of the carrier rather it preserves, it envelops the life of the carrier. The meaning is, when God makes you successful you don’t run the risk of being destroyed. Like somebody becomes wealthy in the World and he has to go and look for power to protect himself so that they don’t kill him away from his money. Or somebody gets a promotion and becomes an important person and then people become concerned that this one that you are now very important, there are people who may look for you to waste you. Church Gist. That is the opposite, that does not happen with the Blessing. You don’t run the risk of being destroyed by haters. You don’t run the risk of being destroyed by wicked people. Why? Because the Blessing positions the Blessed in the realm that is beyond the reach of wickedness. Don’t forget it for life! The Blessing positions the Blessed in the realm that is beyond the reach of wickedness. satan was unable to reach Job until he got permission from God by the fear of Job. The Blessing positions the Blessed! The Blessing positions the Blessed in the realm that is beyond the reach of wickedness, it positions the Blessed in the realm that is beyond the reach of harm. Isaiah 33:15-16. He is in the realm where roaring lions can’t operate.

-As I stand to speak prophetically and by the Apostolic and Prophetic mantle. Church Gist. I decree today, by the hearing of what you are hearing; your life is now positioned beyond the reach of wickedness, beyond the reach of harm, beyond the reach of the agents of darkness. You believe that shout the loudest Amen!

Declaration: Tell them when they ask of me that I am located in the realm that is beyond their reach. Church Gist. I am located in the realm that is beyond the reach of harm, beyond the reach of wickedness. Shout the loudest Amen!

How does the Blessing of God preserve the Blessed?

1.  The Blessing establishes the presence of the Lord around the life of the Blessed and that presence brings preservation.

You remember Psalm 91:1-2? How do we see that? Church Gist. That the Blessing establishes the Blessed in the presence of the Almighty. Genesis 17:1. ‘Walk before Me and be thou perfect. Move, flow in front of Me. Abraham, in case you are not aware, you are in My front, I got your back covered’.

Look at your neighbour and say: God got your back covered.

Genesis 17:1. ‘Walk before Me, don’t be afraid of man, woman, devil, witch or wizard. You are right in front of Me’. In Genesis 26:24-25, God spoke to Isaac also and gave him that assurance of His presence also. ‘Fear not! No fear! Make nothing make you fear! No shake! No shaking! I dey’! (Laughing). Church Gist. I like this our God. He said: ‘Isaac, I have not just given you money, I’ve not just given you wealth, I’ve not just given you riches, the Philistines are envying you, I saw that, how they were envying you just now but just calm down, I dey’!

Somebody say a loud Amen. 

Just now He told Abraham: ‘Walk before Me I am in your back, I got your back covered’ and then now He is telling Isaac we are together. I’m sure you know the meaning of God’s presence. Psalm 23:4.

-May the presence of God today become real in your life.

We saw Abraham, we saw Isaac, what about Jacob? Genesis 28:15. ‘Every place you pass through – through terrorists and bandits and demons, I won’t let you go’! We are the ones who normally tell God, ‘I won’t leave You’, God is now telling the Blessed: ‘I won’t leave you until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of’. Blessing powerful oo! Church Gist. That is why some of us walk with audacity, authority, ferocity, ‘lionity’, we walk with capacity, indomitable, indefatigable, irresistible, ‘unharassible’ because wetin dey work for us pass wetin dey work against us, e pass!! What is working for us is heavier than what is working against us. Who is standing by our side is stronger than who is standing on the other side. And you know what? Your mentality affects your reality. That was Jacob. 

What about Joseph in Genesis 39:2. He has been sold into slavery but the Lord was with Joseph. Genesis 39:21. Church Gist. And if God be for us, who can be against us? What can be against us? And if God be for us, who can be against us? The answer is a capital ‘No’! In red letter, underlined, blocked!

Somebody say a loud Amen!

Psalm 23:1-5. Even Cyrus, the unbeliever King that God raised and blessed for His purpose, God was with him. Isaiah 45:1-3. If God can pick a hidden man.

Somebody say, “I am too blessed to be alone. I am too connected to be alone”.

This is the most critical thing I can tell you about the Blessing. The presence of the Blessing is with the Blessed. The presence of the Blessing is feelable, it’s around the Blessed.

2. The blessing establishes the backing and the defense of God around the life of the blessed. 

The first one we saw was that God is with the man who is blessed – the blessing establishes the presence of God around the life of the blessed. Church Gist. Now, we are seeing that the blessing establishes the backing and the defense of God around the life of the blessed. Any witness I’m Scripture? Yes, we saw the witness in Scripture. We saw some of it on Sunday when God showed up to defend Abraham from Abimelech. Genesis 20:3. That was the backing and defense of God. Church Gist. That was God showing up for the rescue and the defense of His blessed man. Genesis 31:24. When God blesses you, He backs you. The blessing of God comes with the backing of God. Church Gist. Now, God’s presence alone can fend off the adversary. It’s as if the lion is escorting an antelope. 

The other day, I saw how a baby antelope was left alone, I think lions were coming and the mother antelope ran. Church Gist. The baby antelope could not run as fast, so this mother lion came around this baby antelope, under normal circumstances, this is free food but maternal instincts rose or maybe it was not too hungry too. But the mother inside came up and it just went around this baby (antelope), cuddled the baby and the baby antelope began to follow the lion like its mother. Church Gist. Other lions and cheetahs and leopards and tigers were trying to come and this mother lion will just open eye for them and this baby was safe under the cover of the lion. Until one day they were running and the baby located the mother and followed the real mother and the lion felt that its job was over. Church Gist. The miracle for me was how the lion protected the baby but the major miracle for me was how the mother and the baby recognized each other. In the whole wild forest, how do you know that this antelope is your mother? Only God. Church Gist. I’ve never seen something as touching as that. This baby was running over its killer in safety, how much more will Jehovah God protect His own?

The presence of God is enough to fend away the devil but now God is saying, “I am not just present, I am ready to fight. I am here to tear them for you’. Church Gist. No wonder when Jabez was asking God for the blessing. 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.  That is the content of that blessing – it doesn’t just enlarge your coast, it keeps you from evil. Church Gist. So, the next time I say you’re blessed, among the things you should be hearing is you’re defended, you’re protected, you’re shielded, you’re not a wastable material!

– Now, I decree, you are blessed!

3. The blessing establishes the terror of the Lord around the life of the blessed. 

There’s something in your climate that terrorizes the devil. Church Gist. We saw that first in Genesis 9 when God began to bless Noah after the flood. Genesis 9:1-2. When they think evil of you, their hearts cut. Church Gist. They have panic attacks, ischaemic heart diseases, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accidents, rupture of brain vessels. 

– As I speak right now, anywhere they’re thinking evil of you, me and the Church of Jesus, their hearts shall fail! Their systems shall fail! They shall have heart attacks! They shall die without your notice!

– Those who will not leave you alone, na your head dem go follow die!

I know of, I think it’s the skunk or the squirrel that will just run very fast and it’s being pursued by a dog, it will just go off, if it wants to embrace the tree and bend and then the fast animal (will hit its head on the tree). Church Gist. There are people who will pursue you so tey they will have accident. They will crush and they will die. That bitterness will be their death. The bitterness they’re nursing against you will be their death. I have seen people run mad from bitterness. Church Gist. They are bitter until they became mad. They may be looking for somebody but it’s not you they’re looking for.

– Somebody shout the loudmost Amen!

As a child of God, the fear of the devil is a waste of emotion. Channel your fear to God, fear God. The fear of the devil is a waste of emotion. Redirect your fear. Church Gist. Someone said, “I’m too afraid of God to be afraid of man”. What I just told you now is Scriptural. Isaiah 8:12-13. Don’t fear what they fear, there’s always someone to fear, His name is God. When you have feared Him, see what He will do, Isaiah 8:14. Church Gist. When you refuse to fear them and you decide to fear God, He will become your house, your bomb shelter. People on the other side, He will be their trap but for you, He’s your shelter. Calm down.

– Look at your neighbour and say, “don’t fear what they fear, it’s a waste of fear. There’s only one person to fear, His name is Jehovah”. 

– Give the Lord a big clap and a loud shout of praise!

The blessing establishes the terror of the Lord around the life of the blessed. Genesis 35:5. Not everybody is pursuable by the devil. 

– from today, I declare you unpursuable from every devil!

Deuteronomy 11:25. Not just hands can be laid, ‘fear’ can be laid. 

Say: Thank You Lord for the fear of the Lord, the terror of the Lord around my life. 

So when you fear God, His fear will be perceived around you. Church Gist. When you fear Him, His terror will be perceived around you. 

-And I’m seeing Adoka (Benue State) on the screen right now and I declare today in the name of Jesus I speak peace to that Land, I speak to that Territory in the name of Jesus. Church Gist. I speak peace to Mangu in Plateau State. I speak peace in the name of Jesus, killers will begin to kill themselves!

4.  The Blessing impacts the strength and might of the Lord for consistent victory.

A blessed man is a strong man! (Laughing). Rhema! (Laughing). No blessed man is a weak man. A blessed man is a strong man. Genesis 26:16. The blessed man is a strong man, if somebody says it’s only man, we are all men in the Spirit; there is no difference in the realm of the Spirit. A blessed woman is a strong woman. A sister was sharing the testimony of what happened after the Commanding The Day (Midnight Prayer), the Commanding The Day where we dealt with witches and wizards. And then yesterday where we dealt with ancestral altars. (She said) that she found herself in the dream where a big man came around her to come and steal what belongs to her, he thought that she would run like usual but she stood and he was unable to steal what he came to steal and decided to run. But she said: She was not just satisfied with him not being able to steal, she ran after him and beat the hell out of him, a woman beating a demon man in the dream by the strength and the authority of the Lord.

-Very very soon, both in the realm of the Spirit and in the realm of the physical. Church Gist. You will manifest unusual strength that will shock the devil. 

Look at your neighbour, say: You are blessed and you are strong. 

Genesis 14:14. We saw Abraham arming his trained servants born in his own house and pursuing the army of four nations. That is strength, that is power. Genesis 32:28. We saw Jacob. And that came in response to: ‘I will not let you go until you bless me’. Church Gist. That blessing came in form of power. I’m sure you remember what Jacob was asking: ‘I won’t let you go until you bless me’. Instead of saying: ‘Take the Blessing’, he said: ‘Take the Power’. Blessing equals power, equals strength, equals might. 

-I decree today, the last time any devil defeated you, the last time any devil saw your back; shall be the last forever. Church Gist. The last time you cried because of an affliction shall be the last forever.

5.  The Blessing establishes the Blessing Hedge of Protection around the Blessed.

There is a blessing hedge of protection, an invisible wall that no force can penetrate. Church Gist. It establishes the Blessing Wall of Protection around the life of the Blessed. That was what we saw in our text in Job 1:10.

-Anywhere anything that pertains to you is in the World, there is a hedge around them, there is a wall around them – an impenetrable wall around you. ‘Around all that he has, around his household’. Church Gist. So the Wall covers you, covers your children, covers everybody connected, related, associated with you. It is a no-go area.

How we used to play as children: ‘I pass here, no way’!! How many of you know that? Church Gist. When they will hold their hand and make a circle: ‘I pass here, no way’. In some local places, instead of: ‘I pass here’, ‘Apasia’, no way! (Laughing). 

Look at your neighbour say: If you see the devil tell him: ‘No passage around my life. Church Gist. No way of passage around my life’. 

Poverty devil is coming, you say: ‘I pass here, no way! He says: ‘There is a plague, it’s catching everybody’. I pass here, no way! Premature death moving on a rampage! I pass here, no way! No way! 

Look at your neighbour say: No way for the devil around your life.

Zechariah 2:4-5. I told you one day we were somewhere inside the car; hold-up, slow-down, a country somewhere I won’t mention the name. And then a gunman ran towards our car, we heard that in that place… You know? When we arrived at the airport, people came, they welcomed us with flowers, with all manner of things, there was such a celebration, I’m sure that some criminals were watching: ‘Who is this person’? He must be a millionaire, a billionaire. Church Gist. We drove, they followed us almost thirty-five minutes drive from the airport. They ran, gun out, straight to the door to pull the gun. You know what happened? As he came (Illustrating), back like (this), he jam ‘Wall’. ‘Pass here? No way’! The driver moved this way, he tried to go the other way, the vehicle knocked him on this side. We, passing through the midst of them, went our way; went to the nearest police station and reported the case. They said: ‘Ah! It has been rampant in this Place in the last… they followed somebody to the hotel and shot him down in front of the hotel. Yes! Within the same week.

-You are not wastable. You are not a wastable material. You are not a destroyable material. You are not a wastable material. Church Gist. I prophesy to you today, every devil looking forward to waste you, they shall waste themselves. I say, they shall waste themselves!! 

Look at your neighbour and say: You are not wastable. There is an invisible wall around your life no devil can pass.

The reason why you need this light is because light is reflective. When this revelation sits in you, when you move the force of darkness… Church Gist. You know? Wicked people are agents of darkness, forces possess them, they are dark forces and the forces inside them recognize the force inside another person.

Somebody say: Amen!

6.  The Blessing establishes a perpetual injunction on the life of the Blessed against destruction.

There is a decree hanging on the life of the Blessed. It’s hanging there! Origin: Dunamis; Warning: Do not trespass! You heard the testimony of that girl? Here we have it in Isaiah 65:8. Church Gist. That is, once said: There is a statement hanging that this one is blessed, don’t touch him. It is similar to the statement in Psalm 105:12-18.

-From this moment forward, there is an audible decree that the forces of darkness will hear when they think about you. There is a decree that witches will begin to hear when they think about you. Church Gist. There is an injunction that the kingdom of darkness will hear when they begin to think about you. If you believe that shout the loudest Amen! Hallelujah!

Wow! If the case is true and it is true because ‘Forever oh! God Thy Word is settled in Heaven’ then you will jump on your feet and scream for at least twenty seconds. Church Gist. We need this Word in these dangerous days, we need this Word in these dangerous times. 

-You are blessed! And you are blessed!!

Every provision of God comes with conditions. You want to see the fullness of the Blessing? What do you do?

1.  Give God the first place in your life.

What does it mean? Make God the most important person in your life. That is, genuinely. Church Gist. Make God the most important person in your life. It means again, make God the most critical factor of your existence on the Earth. Everybody who knows you must know, devils must know, witches must know, wizards must know, your friends must know, your enemies must know that for this person, don’t play with him and his God. Church Gist. I am telling you authentic source of the Blessing. We are in the days where we cannot afford to be unserious spiritually, we cannot afford to be one leg in God and one leg with the devil. Matthew 6:33. Meaning of this, if you’re a Christian, be a real one, don’t be fake, don’t be plastic, don’t be hypocritic. Be real. 

2. Be Trustable, trustworthy and reliable before God.

Let the God of Heaven be able to trust you even as a mortal man. It’s one thing for man to trust God, it’s another thing for God to trust man. Church Gist. You won’t beg for things if you can come to a point where God can say, “I trust him”. If God can trust you, He will bless you. Proverbs 28:20. It is one thing for man to trust God, it’s another thing for God to trust man. You know what God said concerning Abraham? God said to Abraham, “I know him”. Church Gist. In fact, it was the council of Divinity, He “should I do anything and hide it from my friend Abraham?” Genesis 18:17-19. “I may not be sure of other people, but I’m sure of this one”. The same thing God was telling satan concerning Job. Job 1:8. 

One man was telling me his story, how he had a very bad experience. I think he had someone that was like a guest minister in their Church, I think that was in country of South Africa, he’s a Pastor there and he had a very terrible experience. Church Gist. For almost 6 to 7 years, he had nobody that was covering him or pastoring him because he said he doesn’t know who to believe or trust. Then, one day, he prayed and said, “Lord, I can’t continue like that” and then he was in a vision or revelation and the Lord said, “see that one, follow him, you can trust him”. Church Gist. When the Pastor turned, he saw my face and he said wow. So, we went to South Africa for crusade, he came with his wife and children to the hotel where we stayed and he said, “I haven’t met you but I saw this vision many years ago and I’ve been trying to connect. I have just come to authenticate that revelation”.  Church Gist. He has since come here. I’m saying this only by way of illustration, I’m not saying this to say that anybody has arrived anywhere. I told one young man today, a Pastor, he came to me and I said to him, “we have a challenge in our generation, where young people have already become authorities. People who are just starting have become authorities”. Church Gist. I told him, I said, “I’m not an authority in anything”. He said, “what? But there are areas where we think you are an authority”. I said, “No. In that area where you think I’m an authority, I am still a student, I’m not yet a professor”. So, we are still on the journey but no matter your level today, you must come to the point where God at least (can trust you). The point is, you may not be perfect but you must reliable, sincere and real. Church Gist. Peter wasn’t perfect. Those people, a couple of them, they were not 100 percent in perfection as far as their humanity was concerned but they hid nothing from their Maker. They were open before their God. If God can trust you, He will bless you. If His mind can be at rest with you, you won’t beg. If He’s not afraid that you will become proud because of money, or marry a second wife because He blessed you. Church Gist. Haven’t you seen people before, when they were poor, they were faithful husbands, committed fathers, when they became prosperous small, the wife will only see him once in a week, he says business is carrying him everywhere. That business is camping with one person or the other somewhere or the other. Church Gist. Attendance to Church is a challenge. When they were poor, they were humble, they were committed to family, to wife, to children, to God. When God blessed them, everything changed, they become mixed up with the world. Small, small he’s beginning to drink wine. He will say, “oh, no. They said that this is a new type of wine, it is good for the heart”. Wine that one bottle is 1 million. “It’s a 40-year old wine”. That is the problem of God. He doesn’t want to lose you because He blessed you, He doesn’t want to regret that He blessed you, He doesn’t want your spiritual fire to drop because you became rich. Church Gist. He doesn’t want your commitment to Him to drop because you became successful. Be trustable, trustworthy and reliable. If He can trust you, He will bless you. 

3. Walk uprightly, not crookedly. 

This one is applying directly to financial practices. Psalm 1:1-3. Psalm 5:12. Don’t be that kind of person who will do practically anything to get money. Don’t be that type. Church Gist. Don’t be that kind of person that places more value in money than in God. Walk uprightly, not crookedly and see what God will bless you with. And when God has given you such a blessing, that blessing becomes your preservation.

4. Honour God with your substance and resources. 

Be someone who knows how to honour God. Honour God profusely and abundantly. We will talk about that in this month of supernatural supplies, the month of the Blessing. Proverbs 3:9-10. Malachi 1:6-8. Church Gist. How many of you know that there are people, the money they put in the offering, atimes that money cannot buy anything in the market. So wretched, so crooked and torn. May God forbid for me to give a torn note to God. Malachi 1:7-8. You brought ram that was blind. That is the only ram you can bring to the altar. Cow that broke its leg, that is what you’re bringing for offering. Goat that is sick, the nose is running, the eye is full of wax and purging. Church Gist. Give such a goat as Christmas gift to your Local Government Chairman, say, “Your Excellency, I just came to honour with…” (Laughs). He will arrange police for you. Some people are bringing the cow (with a broken leg) and you say, “Your Excellency, I i know that you’ll have a lot of guests in this Christmas period, I just decided to bring this cow”. Church Gist. The man will first clean his eyes. Two categories of people will be invited, number one, psychiatrist, because this can only happen by madness. Two, police. He will say, “please examine this man whether he’s in his right senses”. That is what God is saying, “you don’t know how to honour me”. Let me tell you, if there are people who are still battling with, “should I give tithe, 10 percent?” The realm we are talking about is not yours at all. Church Gist. Many of us left that realm years ago. We are in realms where some money entered your hand, all of it went to God, you didn’t take one naira out of it. I’m not preaching theory, this is life. Church Gist. That is, you’re in a realm where your life is practically a living sacrifice, nothing you have that you have a claim on. 

Beloved, do these four things, there are many more. In the course of the month, we will look at more. Church Gist. But, I can say to you, if you will flow and ensure that you’re in that realm when you give God the first place, you’re in that realm when God can trust you, you’re trustable, you’re trustworthy, you’re reliable, you’re faithful, God has no fear concerning you as far as your future spiritually is concerned, you’re walking uprightly and not crookedly, not doing everything you can to get money by all means. Church Gist. That’s what has made people kill human beings today, yahoo plus and all manner of fraudulent Internet things. Somebody opened a Facebook page in the name of another person. I say, why don’t they open it in their own name? They open some and you’ll see, ‘Healing and Deliverance Prayers of Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche’, all manner of rubbish pages. Church Gist. They send them to us, we keep on shutting them down and they’re rising up at the rate we are shutting them down. I say, why don’t they open it in their own names? They said, no, their wretched names cannot attract any followership. You want to steal and you’re not stealing in your own name, you want to steal in another person’s name. That was the offense of Gehazi. He was stealing in the name of Elisha. “My master sent me to collect the money”. “Really? Alright. You like Naaman’s prosperity? You can collect his leprosy as well”. Hallelujah!  Church Gist. Finally, honour God with your substances. I don’t have any doubt that you will meet these four requirements. I don’t have any doubt and because I don’t have any doubt, I believe also that the first six things that the blessing will do for you, it is done!

– stand up on your feet with a shout of praise!









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