UNDERSTANDING HOW PRAISE FACILITATES FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECIES 5 – Bishop David Oyedepo at Midweek Communion Service || LFC Canaanland || 15th November 2023 ||

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– Bishop David Oyedepo on “UNDERSTANDING HOW PRAISE FACILITATES FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECIES 5” at Midweek Communion Service || LFC Canaanland || 15th November 2023 ||

UNDERSTANDING HOW PRAISE FACILITATES FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECY. The word, ‘understanding’ is so strong because nothing outstanding comes to light without understanding. (It is) the understanding of a thing that gives one access to commanding outstanding results in such things. Church Gist. Proverbs 4:7-9; Proverbs 21:16. So we need to pray for ever increasing spiritual understanding to make the most of our walk with God. Colossians 1:9. Everybody needs it, we need it everyday. 

There are 4 levels of senses that rule the world: 

1. Natural sense: that is the realm in which the downtrodden operates. They call it, “common sense,” the best you make out of it is common result. 1 Corinthians 11:14 – “Doth not even nature itself teach us …there are things that nature teaches. , that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? There are things that nature teaches. The child is born, you don’t have to tell the child where to put the nipple of the mother’s breast or put feeding bottle – he doesn’t put it in the ear, yet he hasn’t gone to school. Church Gist. He grabs the bottle, straight to his mouth. He wants to ‘wee wee’ (urinate), he doesn’t open his mouth. He knows it won’t come out from there; how did he know? Common sense, natural sense! As its name goes, common sense makes common men. 

2. Intellectual sense: 1 Corinthians 2:4-12. So spiritual understanding will bring us into the things that are freely given to us of God. 1 Corinthians 2:13-14. That’s the limitation of man’s wisdom; it can’t go beyond that. It will make average men or a little above average. 

Scientific sense – which today rules the world because anything a doctor says is final to the most anointed believer. COVID-19 killed more people with fear – the fear of it not the actual encounter with it. The fear of COVID-19 killed many people. Only God can record how many people died of the fear of COVID-19 not that COVID-19 came to them. Church Gist. The hearing of COVID-19 killed them. 1 Timothy 6:20; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6. People ignored their old parents to COVID-19 and they died of abandonment – high thing. “Don’t move there o, all the old people have COVID-19.” (They say). 

– May their children not ignore them when they are old!

It’s the fear of it; the fear of it gripped everybody. Everybody was running helter-skelter (laughs) but spiritual sense will just overthrow it with ease. 

4. Diabolical sense: people with the conscience of an idol. They come to Church but they say, “eh, the way things are going, it will be better to look for another extra help o. Papa doesn’t see these things o, the world is difficult o. Church Gist. But I’m not bowing to idol because it says, thou shall not bow to idol, I’m only taking help. Conscience of an idol – 1 Corinthians 8:4-7. So, there is the conscience of the knowledge of an idol. The celebration of how powerful idols are – it’s there and that leads people from frying pan to fire. Exodus 20:4-5; Psalm 16:4. 

5. Bible sense: they call it, the wisdom from above. John 3:31; James 3:17. So it takes Bible sense to comprehend spiritual things. Romans 8:6. Somebody is saying, “my friend, don’t let us deceive ourselves, the Year is over. All these stories that crowning the year with his… The year that will be crowned with goodness, you will be seeing the sign by now.” Church Gist. There was no sign when food flooded Samaria. There was no sign in the atmosphere at all at all! There was no sign that the wall of Jericho will fall down – no, but on the 7th day, at the 7th round, without a crack on the wall, the wall sank. 

People have concluded the Year is over, “don’t let us deceive ourselves; nothing! In fact, I’m not coming to Shiloh this Year. I think I’m done. I told God before that if by the end of this Year he doesn’t settle me, each one should go his way.” (Laughs) … because as far as he is concerned, it is over. “Tell me the truth, this is 15th of November, so if nothing happened between January and now, tell me what will happen? I mean, are you not a human being?” …and he will be saying it with all sweat. Church Gist. He has no spiritual sense. God who made the world in 6 days, what is this your problem? Did he complain to you that he is running out of power? No! But most people have given up o – “the Year is over. They said, “Covenant Highways,” I didn’t see any highway; even the byway I was walking before is already blocked.” You find them just casting aspersions on God. 

You find them just casting aspersion on God. “Even if God opens the window of heaven, shall this thing be?” that’s an aspersion. God is not a man that He should lie. That is why we need grace to hold on to the last moment. It was not natural to believe God that two months was too much to complete the sanctuary. It was not natural, it is another sense that God said so, it must be so. So we are now praising God and somebody says “What are we praising God for? What am I praising God for? I have only one house and I have sold it. You say I should praise God to collect it from the man or what?”. Church Gist. He argues against every truth that will open up a new chapter to his life. That is not you. There may not have been any sign since January but if God says the Walls of Jericho will come down, it will fall down. So that barrier on your path will come down. We need Bible sense to make the most of our walk with God. We need spiritual sense, we need spiritual understanding. Without another sense, your church will not come here. No! The natural sense, the intellectual sense, the scientific sense is against it. God said that is the way to go and He came along. His presence made the difference. Whatever He tells you to do, do it. God speaks to us by His Word.

Psalm 67:5-6. We have laboured throughout the year, then the earth shall yield her increase as you praise Him. Psalm 67:7. Fearful blessings! Habakkuk 3:17-19. Somebody’s story is changing. Never make the mistake of casting aspersions on God or His Word. That noble man upon his hand the king leaned was the brain bank of the land. 2 Kings 7:2. There is always a reaction when we cast aspersion on God. If He says praise Him, praise Him. Psalm 56:4, 10. Church Gist. We are celebrating the integrity of God and His Word when we praise Him. We are not carried away by the happenings, we are addicted to trusting Him for His Word. Complaining will never see prophecies fulfilled. 2 Chronicles 20:17. “Set yourself in praise and watch Me show up”. As they began to sing and to praise, God showed up and not one of their enemies survived. There was no return match, it ended there once and for all. The barriers on your path must clear.

Every prophetic word demands praise warfare for delivery. 1 Timothy 1:18. Most of the warfares that brought prophecies to pass in scriptures are praise warfares. Isaiah 38:20. God has said He will heal me, I will sing to make it happen. Don’t hiss when it appears it is not happening. “They said we will have a testimony this week, where is my testimony now?  Nti mon so no niyen o (That’s what I’ve been saying) Where is my testimony? Tell me now. Headache ti mo ni si wan be (The headache I had is still there….) It is aching me now more than before I went to that evening service.” Satan says “Speak on my friend, speak on my friend. Church Gist. Tell the truth and shame the devil.” How many of you love life and you want to see many days? Keep your tongue from speaking guile. Do you love many days, don’t kill yourself? Psalm 34:12-14. Don’t kill yourself, life and death are in the power of the tongue. God doesn’t know jokes. Every idle word a man speaks, he will give account. Mind what you say, the angels are listening. They are taking command of what you say.

As we praise God for what is written, He turns them into testimonies in our lives. Praise Him for what He says He will do. God is up to anything He says. We know God has always reserved the best for the last. People lose this thing mostly at last when they are close to it. They say “I think I have had enough.”  Psalm 65:11. Habakkuk 2:1-3. Church Gist. Without being aware of this, Satan goes all out disconnecting people from accessing their complete package for the year. He said “Give no place to the devil” (Ephesians 4:27). He is always roaming about like a roaring lion seeking for what things to rob people of and who to destroy or destroy what belongs to them.

Remember no one hardens himself against God and prospers. Job 9:4. Don’t be found berating God and His Word no matter your situation. He said “Woe unto him that strives with his maker…” (Isaiah 45:9). You can’t win. No one can beat God in a fight. So why engage in a fight you can’t win? We must exercise caution. Luke 17:1. There is nothing God has given us that will not require us to confront offences to overcome them and receive them. So beware of offences. I remember preaching a message in those early days, ‘Blessed Are Those Who Are Not Offended In Me’ and a woman was on the line for a miracle baby and was offended by the insult of everybody around her. She told the story herself. Church Gist. She got loose from that offence and she got visited, right there. Beware of being offended in God. God hasn’t done you and me any evil. He is good and His mercies endure forever. If it were not for God we would not be where we are today. You will not be where you are today. There were battles that He fought for you and me while we were asleep. The death angel came and took a dagger but God said “Hold it!” Here you are snoring but angels are flying all over defending you. He cut down this one, another one is coming. David said, “I slept and I awoke because you sustained me.” Psalm 3:5. Don’t get offended in God, if He takes off His hand from us, we are finished. Matthew 11:6. Not praising God is an offence. “What am I praising you for? What have you done? Let’s face the facts. You say you woke me up, am I the only one who woke up? What of people who are not born again, didn’t they wake up?” So go and get ‘dis-born again’. It is an offence.

But praise warfare will put our enemies to silence. Psalm 8:2; Matthew 21:16. So we can use perfect praise to silence the enemies. 

What are prophecies? Prophecies carry inbuilt capacity for fulfillment. God is not looking for what it takes to fulfill it. Every prophetic word carries inbuilt capacity for fulfillment. He’s not going to manufacture, he doesn’t need a laboratory, when God speaks, it happens. Church Gist. Genesis 1:3, 31. So in what God says is the capacity to make it happen. Isaiah 55:11. God’s Word has power to deliver God’s mission and purpose. So, praise Him to commit Him to confirm it. If you’re tired of fighting this out by yourself, praise him, let him take over. 

2. God speaks according to His authority not our inability. When God speaks, his authority backs what he says to make it happen. How else should we have embarked on a project without a budget and it will be done in one year and we are not going to borrow or appeal to any bank for over draft and yet he did it? His authority is behind anything he says; how much more what he says in His Word? Church Gist. If something from an ordinary prophet who claims to hear God and God said, “okay, he heard me, my authority backs it up,” how much more the one he prophesied himself in the Word? What he said by himself in the Word? Every prophetic word is from the mouth of God. Isaiah 34:16. So when we position properly, every prophetic word finds natural, hitch free, stress free fulfillment. 

I can share this humour with you: I saw wings flying in the sky and I said, “what are these Lord?” He said, “these are aircrafts with you inside” not witchcraft. Now, that was 1982. It was an anathema for any ministry to think of aircraft because every ministry was in batcher, secondary school, primary school run down buildings. Do you know the meaning of aircraft? But that’s what he said. It wasn’t prayed about because it is beyond what you can pray about. I said, “God, come and confirm your Word,” – as what? If he confirms it can you bear it? Church Gist. But one morning he just came to me and he said, it’s time to get the Aircraft – Saturday morning.” I announced it, “God said it’s time to get the Aircraft. If you give according to what you have it’s acceptable. God doesn’t lay pressure on anybody, God has no problem.” Now, as big as you may think it is, that was the last time. 6 months after, the plane arrived. Just position properly. There was no human being that was contacted Sir; not a single person – whether you’re M.D. of a bank, you’re industrial guru, there’s no guru more than God. He said it and he proved that he said it by doing it. 

– Everything God said concerning you that you noted in the course of the Year, just reposition this last few days, Jesus will make it happen!

The way to reposition is to reposition in praise, “God, I know you cannot deny yourself, I know your Word is ever true, therefore I praise you because of your Word.” His authority will always back up whatever he says. Church Gist. Interestingly, every prophetic word received and believed allays all fears. Psalm 23:1-4. His presence allays all fears. You can’t have God on your side and be afraid of any devil.

Now in closing, How does praise facilitate the fulfilment of prophecies? 

1. Praise warfare is vital in destroying barriers on the path of fulfilment of prophecies.

Praise as a lifestyle, not occasional periodic praise. Praise as a lifestyle clears the barriers on the path of fulfilment of prophecies. Forty days of fasting and prayer will not replace praise. Nothing secures God’s abiding presence like praise as a lifestyle. Church Gist. God does not inhabit the midst of prayer, He inhabits the midst of praise.  Show me a genuinely praising believer, He never runs out of God’s presence. Can any barrier stand in His way?  Psalm 24:7. You can’t have His presence and be stalled by barriers of men or barriers of the devil. He clears it.

Psalm 149:1-9. We destroy barriers through praise. God steps in and all barriers clear off the way. Whatever is resisting anyone’s access to the fulfilment of God’s prophetic agenda for their lives for this year will clear off. Take your time and praise Him in the night like never before. Have a session of praise, don’t assume it. Church Gist. Put danceable music on your system and dance unto the Lord with all your heart. Dance barrier-clearing dance and let God speak to you. He delivers a two-edged sword in your hand and that is the Word of God. He shows you which way, which step to take, what to say and then it happens.

2. Praise infuses strength which empowers us for exploits.

Psalm 84:7. Your strength is not depleted when you engage in praise as a lifestyle. He brings you and me into His presence. Psalm 100:4. His presence is accessible by a thankful and ‘praiseful’ life. That changes our strength from one level to another. Church Gist. Behind the strength of the strong is God’s ever-abiding presence which is facilitated by praise. Psalm 22:3. Psalm 16:11. Daniel 11:32. He shows them the covenant, they engage with the covenant and they begin to command exploits. It is everyone’s turn for a new experience. 

The good news is God is never late. “if you had been here, our brother would not have died.” He said “Stop that, my friend. I am never late.” John 11:40-44. After four days, it happened. God is never late, any time He comes the answer shows up. Somebody got a job on Christmas Day. Do you get a job on Christmas Day? Everyone has gone on Holiday around the world but he got a job on Christmas Day. Church Gist. So it is not over until is over as my friend will say. So stay on. Stand ye still, set yourself in praise and see the salvation of your God. God is never late, He is showing up on your behalf. Opening every closed door. Showing up on behalf of your marital destiny, showing up for your career. God is never late, when He comes things turn around. We can engage the weapon of praise to invoke the turnaround power of God at this time.

There are all kinds of senses that people engage with but there is a Bible sense for you to keep making progress in life. The Bible sense is you may not have seen anything but praise God then you see everything. There may not be a crack on the wall and it is as if it will never fall but praise God and the wall will sink. Church Gist. Between falling and sinking, which one do you want? If it falls you still have to climb over the rubbles but if it sinks you go straight. The wall sank! Somebody says “We have gone round for five days and there is no shaking on the wall”. The wall doesn’t have to shake. Just keep going, the wall will come down. There is nothing before you today as a barrier that will not become a testimony.

Brand new day, brand new dawn.

–         No one shall miss his lot before the year runs out.

–         Everyone here will arrive at Shiloh with a change of story.

–         God’s Word will not fall to the ground in your life.

If you check in this ministry we have never stood and said “God fulfill your Word”. Why is He fulfilling them? Covenant positioning. Being grateful to Him, trusting in the integrity of His Word and doing what He tells you to do. Major things that don’t need prayer battles. Just keep doing what He tells you to do and with a heart of gratitude, a heart of appreciation, a heart of celebration, you put Him on the line. When God gets on the line, barriers will clear off and His Word will come through. Church Gist. Can I ask you to put this to work and don’t ask God anything for the remaining parts of this month? You have asked God enough. You have been asking since January. Now don’t ask Him for anything, praise Him for everything. Don’t disturb yourself any more, hold your peace and let me do the fighting. Set yourself in praise and watch me in action. He will go forth on your behalf and every barrier on your path will collapse like a dream of the night. God’s Word will find express manifestation in your life and His name shall be glorified.







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