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The Lord Walked With Us Through This Trial and Gave Us Victory.

Our son was born weighing 1.6 Kg. And as expected, anything that shows up before its time will need an incubator to survive. So, he was kept in one for about a month or so, and we kept the journey home and hospital for about two months. We prayed and found the grace to rest our trust in God. It was quite challenging; in such moments you see the difference between claiming to trust God when all is well and actually trusting Him when things seem rough.

I bless God specially for His strength which sustained my wife in particular in an amazing fashion. Having to watch her make that journey to and fro the hospital, and sleeping at home while her child sleeps at the hospital was a tough one.
As we watched our son battle with life, the things I had learned of God and life came alive to me.

Now you realize just how much investing in the Word of God in good days makes for your strength in tough days. So, in prayers, I found the grace to be thankful. I came to the point where I rested my trust in God regardless of the outcome. I said, “Dear Lord, I have come to know, serve, and talk about you for many years when I had no child. ChurchGist.I believed in you when there was no wife. Even so now, with or without this child, you’re true to me; you’re my God, and I trust in you beyond the things of this life.” As I spoke this way in my heart, I remember saying, “Thank you Lord; regardless of the outcome, I will be grateful I have been a father for a few days.”

At the end, with prayers of parents, siblings, friends, and the beloved saints, the grace of God came forth strong in our favour. ChurchGist. Grace indeed; grace and mercy!. The story is long and glorious, but we’ll keep that for other birthday gratitude as the Lord grants him more blessed days to be alive and to glorify His name.

This story and this picture is to encourage some mothers or parents out there; there’s hope. You may not always have that faith to deal with every situation. That’s why we don’t only have pastors but doctors too. God also comes strong through these doctors. Watching the pediatricians having to deal with such delicate cases gave us more respect for their work . ChurchGist. It takes a lot more to keep these children alive; I can tell you that; it’s often a thin line between life and death, changing drugs and dealing with bacteria. But God took us through it all.

Subjects such as this one, can be sensitive to some parents who didn’t have a successful end with such cases. Be comforted by the Lord; He will give and give again; trust Him, and keep trusting Him. Life sometimes can be challenging because we don’t know it all. But we must keep learning and exercising what we know; that’s how we get better. ChurchGist.God understands us all; His compassions haven’t failed and never does; His mercies endure forever. At the end of it all, He will be glorified; nothing lost for the righteous. So it is said, say unto the righteous, it shall be well with thee. God restores double for every shame. Trust Him.

We do not pray nor wish children to come before their due time. It’s quite expensive to manage things that show up before their time. There’s a lot to learn from this. Everything is only beautiful in “it’s time” (God’s time); we must not rush it. But should you find yourself in such a situation, value the medical systems in place, even as you pray and keep your trust in God. Get your spiritual families involved, and trust God for His best. Regardless of what happens, we trust in God beyond “gifts.” Let God be the root and seat of your life. ChurchGist. expectant mothers or couples; God’s grace will bring your desires to fruition. Do not be weary in well doing; you will reap if you don’t faint. Trust and wait upon the Lord. If you won’t get things back into the incubator, then wait for the fullness of time. It pays! As you live each day, seek to know the Lord and to grow up strong in Him; don’t just wait for trying times. It’s often difficult to build the right faith in such moments.

Our son Joey (Josiah —Healed by Yahweh) was born December 24th 2019. But just how good God is on a daily basis. He is our glory and the lifter of our heads. He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. Amen. This is enough time to be grateful and thankful to God; it’s a good time to share this story so that his younger and yet unborn ones can praise the Lord. The rest of his days are in the hands of Him who successfully ruled over the past years.

My prayer for you, is that your life and affairs won’t have to always need an incubator to survive or to look beautiful. And should that happen, the Lord will be the incubator you need. Amen.
Josiah Yesuni Nyah, is his name.
Yesuni —None like the Lord.

I share this to encourage someone, and to inspire thanksgiving to God. So, by this, kindly join us to glorify the Lord with thanksgiving. All things come from Him and all things to His glory. He fights the battles, He answers prayers, He shows forth His glory. He is God; our God and our Father, now and forever. Amen.

We believe in God; all things are possible when we believe.

Bessem Chris for ChurchGist

Daniel Nyah


#Pastor Daniel Nyah


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