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“Some people are so poor, all they have is money. Some people are so wretched that all they have is money. Take that money away, they are as empty as an empty can of coke”_ Olakunle Soriyan.

Soriyan has led catalyst movements through his success and leadership teachings. His view to success principles are very different and have catapulted many to dare the path of their big ideas.

Olakunle Soriyan A.K.A Ruckus is a Spiritual and Global thought leader. He is recognized as the Chief Knowledge Officer and Lead Strategist at Kenneth Soriyan Research and Ideas which caters to Christians and Non-Christians offering clarity to individuals and businesses. He is a member of the Forbes Council since 2019.

He has spoken on different platforms and is highly respected worldwide. His teachings and ideologies have inspired many and this piece will be projecting a few.

Soriyan posits that success is beyond money. In his speech at Thinkation by Ubong King, Soriyan said;

“…Africa is not really poor because of the absence of capacity, Africa is poor because of the wrong deployment and the abuse of capacity, so many successful people, few as they are, compared to the great people that we need.

Hard work can make you successful but only sacrifice can make you great. Hardwork can make you a great lawyer but only sacrifice can make you a successful lawyer like Nelson Mandela. To be the champion of the people, to be the one shaping culture and leading transformation at the level that the society can be grateful for, you have to transcend the limit of success…

Success for me is not different from skills like planning, like goal setting, like project management.

Some people are so poor, all they have is money. Some people are so wretched that all they have is money. Take that money away, they are as empty as an empty can of coke.”

Soriyan goes further to say,

“Stop hustling. Hustling is toiling. Position yourselves. You are not designed to pursue your dreams, dreams are designed to gravitate towards you, that’s why the Bible says ‘Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life’. Your dream is looking for you, your dream is chasing you but you are chasing your dream. You are not supposed to pursue your dream, you are supposed to position for your dream. Destiny is location sensitive. Position yourself, be in the right environment”.

Like other game changers in his time; like Ubong King, Lanre Olusola and many others, Soriyan has had to overcome obstacles to be the voice he is and he tells people to position themselves for their dreams rather than chase dreams.

In one of his radical speeches, Olakunle Soriyan says,

“Giving up is a skill. You have to know when and how to give up. If all you know how to do is to hold on, you will hold on to what God is not backing up, you will hold on to what does not have the elasticity to expand. You will hold on no doubt because you are an adult and you have the freedom to hold on to what you want. However, you will hold on to what you want and won’t give up but it is just a matter of time, once you hold on to what cannot stretch, you will give up the ghost.”

Soriyan’s life is a challenge to think of success as value exchange and not just money.




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