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-Apostle Joshua Selman on LET THEM HAVE DOMINION (Part 2) The Mystery of Altars || Koinonia || 17th July 2022 (part B)

1) All satanic altars are powered by one major altar: forgive me to make reference to my dear film, Lord of the Rings. Remember there were many rings that were given to Kings and then there was one ring that powers the other rings. This is what I am trying to teach you. This major altar is called the altar of sin and iniquity. Judges 6:1. Before you assume any self righteousness, I want to tell you there are different levels of sin. There is your personal sin, territorial sins, sins that come from bloodline. Hosea 7:1; Romans 5:12-14; death had to wait for sin to enter to authorize it to come in. John 9:1-2. The disciples went straight to the issue they believed would have been the cause, remember these guys have been under the mentorship of Jesus. This man’s condition, there must be something that has authorized Satan, they said Master, who did sin, this man or his parents. There was something they had known about the teaching of Jesus. Some versions put it this way, who sinned, him or his father because, the word father means source. So, is it him or his background, both of them can create a background in his life.


  1. Personal sin. 1st John 1:8.
  2. Territorial sin. This means for your personal sin, you can repent before God but there is territorial sin, a territory can sin against God, for example Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 18:20-23. Sodom and Gomorrah was not just a personal sin. Abraham asked the Lord will Thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked, that means there were righteous and wicked people in the land, the righteous man being Lot, yet as far as God was concerned as a territory, they were sinners. ChurchGist. Statistics show sadly that Nigeria is ranked one of the highest among corrupt Nations. Are you corrupt? But it is a sad badge we have to wear, nationally speaking. No matter how righteous you are, whatever lash we have to receive by reason of carrying a Nigerian passport, we all corporately take it, no matter how righteous we are individually, you have to face that backlash, until we are changed as a territory. Are you getting what I am saying now?

Another example, Jonah 1:1-3,3:1-3. You know what happened to Jonah, he ran away and all of that, Jonah was angry, he said Lord I know these people, you’re right, if I talk to them now and they repent, that means a territory can repent of their sins.

God told Jonah again in Jonah 3:1-3. Go and tell them, there is authorization from darkness to destroy them based on that altar of sin and iniquity and if they don’t do anything about it, judgement is coming. As soon as Jonah declared the Word of God to the people of Nineveh, the Bible says they declared a fast, including the animals, everything that was alive fasted to repent, if I stole money and I bought cassava with it and a goat eats it, territorially we are all sinners, so the animals fasted, it’s in your Bible.

Praise the Lord!

  1. The last level of sin is the sin based on foundations and bloodlines. Don’t worry, don’t be afraid of hearing all these words, I know you’ve heard them and you’ve run away from them for a long time, just trust me, I’m a good pilot. ChurchGist. Sin based on foundations and bloodlines. Psalm 11:3. Exodus 34:6-13. Are you seeing Moses’ repenting? He said this one is not just for myself, I agree with what You’ve said, he pleaded on behalf of the people.

I want to do business, now that you’re begging Me, you’re pleading with Me to have mercy, let Me show you what you need to do, it is not just the issue of pleading, there are things that will keep speaking. Exodus 35:13-14. You shall destroy their altars. I only used to read that God is Jealous, but the Bible is saying here whose name is Jealous, not satanic jealousy, let not confuse what is written, jealousy here means that ability to see what you love being protected and preserved, that there is something about God, when He sees that spiritual harlotry from Him to other gods and when sin created that altar, the people will bring judgement upon themselves.

Whether you like it or not we are all victims of territorial sins and if not all of us, especially Africans. Do you believe that you will hear a story of somebody who buries humans every day and you will just shrug it off and say it does not matter, do you know what the people said before they passed on? And you just believe oh no problem, everything is gone, there are rules of engagement. ChurchGist. I have taught you this when we were dealing with deliverance, that God did not cast the sins of men out of men, as powerful as God is, He didn’t cast sin out of man, the Lamb had to come and die, lived thirty-three (33) years and died to purchase redemption for us.

Now, just like demonic altars, all godly altars are powered by one major altar too, that means if you see any platform that has been available to men to encounter God, to authorize activities of the realm of the spirit, there is one major altar that powers them up, the Bible calls it the throne of grace. The throne of grace alongside the Blood of Jesus that is called the eternal covenant, that is the principal altar that powers everything good in the lives of the believers. ChurchGist. Every system of authorizations, every system of exchanges, every system that allows for interaction with the angelic and with the Holy Spirit, every system that commands spiritual virtue to come upon the saints is powered by this one altar, the throne of grace. Hebrews 4:14-16. Hallelujah! Hebrews 12:22-24. If you read what Paul was teaching, Jesus carried His own blood as the high priest and poured it upon that altar once and for all.

If you ever see any believer in Christ walking consistently in favour and grace and victory, having divine encounters, there are different altars and platforms that make for that possibility, but the one altar that powers it all is the throne of grace, that throne you see God sitting on, it’s an altar.

Can you imagine that He sits on an altar, an altar that ensures that what He says comes to pass. You know, every other person that has come to put together an altar will eventually die but there is He that liveth and abideth. ChurchGist. The throne of grace is an altar, it is the throne of grace that powers that altar of prayer, the altar of favour, every platform that allows you to receive any spiritual blessing is powered by this one altar. The same way every demonic occurrence around families, territories and Nations is powered principally by the altar of sin and iniquity. Hebrews 13:20-21. Whatever needs to make you go forward, there is an altar that insists that the provision is there for you, this is very powerful.

Every time you come to Jesus and hand over your life to Him, more than just receiving His life, you subscribe to the covenant of that altar. So, it does not matter what altars, what demonic things, whether my father or great grandfather, whether my region worshipped idols, it does not matter what it is, one thing is for sure, the moment you became connected to that one altar, that throne of grace, through the Blood of the eternal covenant, you’re saved.


Some of you by reason of this teaching and the prayers that will follow shortly, you will rewrite the narratives of your family. Believe me when I tell you this, that what they said has not been done, it is with gallancy and victory that you will do it. That nobody in your family can rise and you have seen it happen, now with this knowledge, you will hold it like a key and clear those altars to give you room.

Every man you see who has become a champion found a way to put those altars down. Pastor listen, this may be the key you’ve been looking for, why is it that ministry does not work, when the altar goes down, the result will speak, you will see it and you will know that victory has come.

Today, we do not raise altars by erecting physical structures or monuments, that means you don’t have to go and stand somewhere and start carving things and putting blocks together. No! That does not mean you cannot dedicate a place, for instance to meet with God, like a prayer room, that is still scriptural, that you can find a place to spend with God. But today we do not raise altars by erecting physical structures and monuments. ChurchGist. To know how to erect structures that work with power and grace, we have to learn from one of the great patriarchs, Elijah. 1st Kings 18:19-39. This was a point of decadence, where the purposes of God had suffered a great deal under Jezebel and Ahab and now this great prophet of God arose called Elijah the Tishbite and he is about to judge the prophets in the encounter that we know to be the fire at Mount Carmel. Both the prophets of Baal and Elijah knew that without altars any other thing they were trying to do would be a total waste of time.

The prophets of Baal cried aloud and cut themselves as was their manner, that means they’ve been doing that as their last card, that means when they’ve done everything on the altar and it does not work, there is a skill they taught them, that you can cut yourself and they tried it, they lacerated themselves till blood gushed out.

Verse 30. Step 1, he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down. We are looking at the protocol to be able to set up an altar, something happened to have given Baal that kind of authority and Elijah wanted to see the power of God, the first thing he did was to repair the altar of the Lord that was broken down. Elijah did not just gather stones carelessly; the stones were according to the Word of the Lord.

Elijah repaired the altar that was broken, many people miss this step, in raising an altar, most people emphasize on other things and forget the place of repentance and brokenness, this is what it means to repair the altar of the Lord that has been broken, you want to raise an altar that can authorize spiritual activities again, it cannot be without repentance and brokenness. ChurchGist. Whether as an Individual or as a family or as a territory, you want to see the power of God come again, you want to see the realm of the spirit work in partnership over the lives of the saints, it starts with genuine brokenness and repentance, not confession, declaration, prophesy nor giving. Repentance!

Unfortunately and respectfully so, most times even men of God when we are teaching people these things, we do not teach them the place of repentance and brokenness. This is very powerful! Genuine repentance and genuine brokenness. ChurchGist. Remember what Moses did as soon as the Lord told him about the judgement coming on people, he began to plead for mercy for them. 2nd Samuel 24:1,10-15. Repentance! David is saying I’d rather fall into the Hands of my Creator, I know men, these people will kill me without mercy.

Nigeria, let me tell you sincerely, if all our strength (I’m saying this with all due respect and honour) is from men to change this Nation, let us think again. We have sinned against God as a Nation, even if you’ve not sin as a person, we have to take responsibility as a Nation, to say Lord, from men of God to Politicians to business people to those in government to all of us insulting them, we need to break down and say Lord it’s only you that can show us mercy and if you do not show us mercy, vain is the help of men. ChurchGist. We need to rebuild the altar of the Lord. Our Nation is not the first to be in turmoil, go and read about Sodom and Gomorrah, they did not repent and judgement came upon them and wiped them.

How about Nineveh, as soon as Nineveh heard the Word of the Lord to them, from the King to everyone, including the animals, they came together to repent, no complaining, no self-righteousness, Lord we agree and Jonah even got angry, he said Lord, I know you, this is why I refused to go there, because I know some of the people these guys killed and I’m hoping I will bring this message so that you will punish them for me and now they have repented.

As long as the altar of sins and iniquities is empowered in this Nation, in Africa, in our homes, everywhere, we will not be able to see the power and the grace and the glory of God. ChurchGist. There are fathers who must take responsibility over their families and their children to end certain negative patterns. Father, I come from a family of idol worshippers, now you’ve given me children. I know what I suffered by reason of being there but I stand on behalf of this territory and I take responsibility under God and I plead for mercy, don’t say it does not matter. For as long as there is no mercy, nothing stops the judgement of God from landing on anybody and anything.

  1. He set up twelve stones according to the tribes of Israel, that talks about covenant, Elijah did that according to the word God gave him. So, you can put in order words, the second ingredient that was needed to rebuild that altar is the Word of God, the promises of God, what did He say, upon what guarantee are you standing.
  2. Sacrifice. There are three levels of sacrifice, there were three important components that were present on that altar, there were others like water, wood that talks about service and all of that, I’m not going into all those ones now, my concern is repentance and brokenness, to return back to the place of value and honour to the Word of God and number three, to engage the power of sacrifice.

The first sacrifice that must be put upon the altar is you. Romans 12:1. Until you become that living sacrifice. You must become that sacrifice yourself, everything about you and everything about your life. ChurchGist. I’m showing you how to rebuild altars and it also doubles as how to tear down altars, if our fathers’ worshipped idols, if our grandfathers and our territory worshipped idols, it is not enough to repent unto the Lord territorially, you as a person must come and say I make a conscious decision, my life and everything belongs to You.

The second sacrifice that God demands from us in building altars is our praise and our worship. Hebrews 13:15. You want to rebuild an altar that restores all things, the sacrifice of praise and the sacrifice of worship, no wonder Paul and Silas were wise people, they didn’t sing because they were musicians. It was a mystery, they didn’t care who was listening to them, they didn’t care about their vocal competence, all they were doing was to sing and they created a portal from that prison that touched the Heavens and God came down in response. ChurchGist. Did you notice that this was the formula that was given to the Nation of Israel, every time they were fighting a battle and it looked like defeat was imminent? They will keep their swords and they will begin to sing, You’re good and Your mercies endure forever, they keep singing and chanting it and you will see God move like a mighty warrior and begin to cause confusion in the camp of the enemy. Your worship!

The third sacrifice is your prayers, this is a major sacrifice that must always be on your altar. Leviticus 6:13. The ministry of prayer like a sacrifice upon the altar. Prayer! When you see those who practise divination and wizardry and all of that, they are always there making enchantment and making sure that these altars are serviced by sacrifices of prayers to all kinds of deities.

The sacrifice of yourself, the sacrifice of your praise and your worship, the sacrifice of prayer and then the sacrifice of your seed, giving and I’m going to teach you how to use this because many people do not know. Many people just drop money and I submit to you, just because you’re bringing money to drop it does not make it a seed or a sacrifice, I don’t care how much, there is a consciousness and an understanding that must support what you’re doing, because seed has different voices in the realm of the Spirit.

The final key in raising an altar is prophetic decrees and blessings. 1st Kings 18:33. His sacrifice was in place first before he called upon the God of Heaven, this is the same thing that happened when Solomon was dedicating the temple also, there was an altar with a sacrifice on it and then he began to pray and call on the God of Heaven and blessed the people and the cloud of His presence came and filled that place. 2nd Samuel 24:15-25. Something has authorized Satan to destroy you and even though you have confessed and repented that is not enough, he said go up and rear an altar unto the Lord.

Let me tell you the truth, you can live on earth and fail woefully, give your life to Christ and in the sweet by and by go to Heaven but as far as dominion and authority upon the earth is concerned, you will never be able to excel without an altar. Genesis 8:20-22. The first thing Noah did as soon as he came out was to build an altar unto the Lord. ChurchGist. The basis for His speaking was over the man who has raised an altar and He’s teaching here that all of these prophetic manifestations revolve around the understanding of an altar, the power to restrain evil is captured in this system of altar. This is very powerful!

Many preachers do not know this and the only thing you just do is to get up and say God called me, God bless you, you start a Church and find out nothing is happening, many business people, especially those who come from families where nothing is happening. ChurchGist. Let me tell you the truth, whatever you see that is not working right in your life, your family and your territory, the first thing to do is not to go around, understanding the names of demons and all of that, that may not be necessary, the most important thing for you to know is that there is a principal altar that has powered all the curses, all of these infirmities, all of these demonic things and it is called the altar of sin and iniquity. ChurchGist. Your first assignment in tearing down altars is to rebuild an altar to the Lord over that family. You don’t do it over a physical monument, it is an understanding and a spiritual approach, I told you an altar can also be a non-material platform, Lord, I stand this day and in the name of Jesus Christ, on this day I’m standing to repent on behalf of my family, do you know that was what Job kept doing for his children? That was why Satan came, even though they were wayward children, he offered sacrifices and built an altar for them and nothing could touch them except when God gave Satan permission. Satan himself returned, he said when I went, I met a man fortified by the understanding of an altar and I could not do anything.










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