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  • Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘THE MYSTERY OF ALTARS’
    (PART C).

I have seen ordinary people rise to supernatural levels and dimensions because they understood the power of altars; preachers, individuals. There are families that have decided to set up an altar of prayer to say, “Lord, we agree as a family that we are going to pray and by reason of that, they now authorized supernatural encounters that keep coming. There are people who have set up all kinds of prophetic altars, but listen to me, the protocol one more time to tear down any altar, including the altar that has seem to destroy everything around your family and lineage, believe me when I tell you; just assuming it is gone because you are born again, personal salvation is not the same as territorial salvation; there are rules of engagement.

There must be genuine repentance for yourself and for everybody who is around your covering and then, when that happens, the next thing is a committal to live by the Word of God, not to live by superstition or run from church and then run to another herbalist and say, “What is this?” Church Gist. No, committal to live by the Word of God and then number three, the sacrifice of your own life, that you will live your life for His purposes. The sacrifice of your praise and your worship and then, the sacrifice of a seed. Let me talk a minute about the seed;
There have been all kinds of givings in the Body of Christ and I salute and I respect it. I want to tell you why many people’s giving has not produced any results. Sincerely and I say this with all due honour to the body of Christ:
1). Most givings have simply been out of sympathy and weeping out emotions. So, most of the givings have come like donation and there is a place for that.

There are all kinds of seeds in the realm of the spirit and you can use your sacrifice to perfect the process of erecting an altar that stands against anything that comes to destroy you. So, “Apostle, we are experiencing untimely death in our family. Every year and every month and every two years, someone must seem to die.” Church Gist. Let me assure you, if all you do is just get up and carry a seed and come and drop, nothing will change. It is not all about money; it is about knowing that there is a principal altar that powers that: the altar of sin and iniquity. So, it starts with repentance. “Whatever has given satan legal grounds to play this family, we come by the blood of the Lamb, by that blood of the eternal covenant and we plead mercy.”

Now, that is step one and then, to choose that we will work in the ways of the Lord and then, when you do that through your time of prayer, now, your seed can work. Let me tell you how to make your seed bruise the head of the serpent: it is not just about money or something that cost you; there is a revelation that is behind what you do. That means, you are making a sacrifice as:
a). Proof that you love God.
b). Proof that you trust God.
c). Spiritual ordinance mandated by the wisdom of God.

Whether you go to satan or you go to God, there are major problems in your life, I can tell you this; many unbelievers understand this mystery, that is why as you are shouting and saying, God forbid, this man can never become my boss in the office; He is looking at you with pity because they know where that authorization comes from. Church Gist. They know that it does not come from the office and they go and consult mediums and the mediums will tell them, “pledge that when you get there, you will come back and serve the purposes of whatever” and out of desperation, yes. “Pledge that your children will serve me.”
Response: Yes Sir, just give me that office.
Okay, we will make incisions as a testament, let blood be on the altar. Let the gods see it.
Response: Okay, if you like, tear my whole body. Let me just get that thing and they don’t know what they are doing.

Afterwards, depending on what they are asking for, they can say, there is one person in your family, you are going to have to donate, either your wife or your child or your children or somebody. Do you really need this office?
Response: Yes Sir!
Are you willing to do it?
Response; Yes Sir!

You find out that after that sacrifice, no matter what else is done, inevitably in a way you cannot explain, that which they desire comes. When God wanted to redeem man, He would have easily sent Angel Gabriel. Church Gist. Angel Gabriel is very faithful, he would have died and nothing would have happened or He would have sent Michael or two-thirds of the angels to come and die, He would have sent one angel to die per person and He looked and there was that meeting and He Himself, knowing the laws He has put, He now said, it has to be God that dies and He took His only Son.

God carried His only Son, what else in Heaven is more expensive than Jesus? Is it the throne or the angels put together? In the beginning was the Word and He literally carried the Word and sent Him down to the earth. Church Gist. When Jesus was crying Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani, do you know why no power can fight salvation? Find out the sacrifice that went to make it happen. The only way salvation can be destroyed if there is a higher and greater sacrifice, greater than Jesus that is sacrificed.

He carried His Most precious and hung it upon that cross and stamped redemption eternally for men. When I saw certain things in my own life and I saw certain things across our territories, almost every territory if we are to be sincere, there is a backlog of territorial limitations. Some of them, the things that I have mentioned and it will take spiritual understanding to make up your mind and deal with these things once and for all. Church Gist. You can shout amen, fast and pray; those are just portions and pieces of the truth, until this is engaged with understanding. I have done this for my life and ministry. You cannot imagine the sacrifice that has gone in to see Jesus glorified in this ministry. Nothing is just happening by mistake. If you ever think it is by mistake, think again.

Right now that it is the political season, shrines all over this nation are full of men and women who are clamouring for positions. They know that it is not just to stand and vote. Believers, the mystery of the altar is the mystery of dominion. It cannot be outside of the altar. The Lord God of Heaven, sits upon that altar that guarantees our salvation.

There are many of you right now, you came here tonight trusting God to end cycles of infirmities; cycles and yokes. If you are the one who goes through this for your family, so that no one else goes through it, happy are you and God bless you for it. I made up my mind as a person that, no matter what it will take, let me be that bridge between the old and the new. Church Gist. Some of you know what you’ve suffered by reason of the background, some of you, now as it is, even though you are a Christian, you are still going through it. The worse you can do is to hand over this disaster to your children. It is time to stand as a priest that you are and take advantage of the resources of wisdom, including the understanding of the altar and to obtain grace to establish victory, otherwise, don’t say, “My father was sick, as soon as he was 50 years, they just diagnosed him with something and he said, it happened to his father too.” Don’t let the devil deceive you and say, “I am just 30 years.” 30 is 50 minus 15. It means, you are also coming.

That everything that does not work and it continues and remain so, they are powered by altars, it is time to deal with it. The first thing we are going to do right now, no distraction. Church Gist. Don’t allow the devil to distract you. In the next two minutes, we are going to do a corporate prayer of repentance before God. Don’t be too proud ooo; you are going to cry before the God of Heaven and say, “Lord, I am standing in repentance.”


  • Lord, we plead mercy over every altar of sin and iniquity that is empowering every other negative altars; death, delays, retrogression, stagnation (Psalm 51).
  • As for me and my house: Lord, I agree with You this day that I will serve the Lord. No other name, god, force or influence. I dissociate myself from the ordinances of idols.
  • I declare that every altar that hitherto has had any legal grounds on my life, the blood of the everlasting covenant is against it!

When I started ministry and I discovered that not many people from my region had the privilege to rise to a global level and to stay and to last sustainably in ministry, I said, minus me. But I knew that it will not just be empty talk. Let me tell you something about altars; they don’t care whether you are a pastor or whatever, once there is no compliance, you can stand and be making a lot of noise and yet, nothing will happen. Church Gist. I made up my mind that I will serve the purposes of God at a global level and that, anything that pegs people from my region and keeps them at a particular level, that it will be my lifetime, I will re-write that narrative.

  • My destiny and my glory, I connect you to throne of grace. My destiny and my glory, you are not connected to ancestry and human manipulation in Jesus’ name.
  • Let it be known to principalities and powers, thrones and dominions, that there is a switch of loyalty from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God’s dear Son.

Everyone is destined by Christ to rise. There is nobody who is destined to remain down. Please place your right hand on your head prophetically:

  • In the name of Jesus, I stand by the privilege of the Apostolic and the Prophetic, any system of authorization whether as a result of personal sin, territorial sin or foundations and bloodline, by the mercy of God, I decree and declare their legal hold over you is hereby broken!
    Therefore, every negative pattern, every frequent occurrence that is inconsistent with that which the Word of God says should be, in the name that is above all names, I bring it to an end those patterns now!
  • Patterns of untimely death, perversion, delay, limitation, poverty, begging and hardship, mediocrity and inferiority, be broken now in the name of Jesus!
  • Where you have not risen to before, by reason of these limitations, I stand by the power of the Holy Ghost, rise to that life!
  • If there is anyone here whose destiny is not opened and is not speaking. You love God, you are sincere but your life is grounded and that is what you have seen happen to other people; in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare like a little flower opens up and begin to bud, I command your destiny to open up!
  • In the name of Jesus, if there is any priesthood servicing any altar against you, whether by reason of where you come from, that means there are human beings alive who continue to fuel those altars; in the name of Jesus, I bring to an end the reign of such priesthood. Their enchantments will no longer work. Like the prophets of baal, they will not receive any answer again. We shut the realm of the spirit against them in the name of Jesus!
  • Every medium of expression ceases to work for them, in the name of Jesus!
  • If there is anyone here, having any infirmity in your body that has defied medical attention and you know that this is a direct result of witchcraft, right now in the name of Jesus, that sickness leaves your body now!
  • Every experience of seeing dead people come to harass you, my Bible says that the living and the dead have nothing in common. There are times you may have encounters with the spirit of Just men made perfect, but that does not bring oppression. In the name of Jesus, the system that authorizes familiar spirit to use the faces of the dead and oppress you and plant all kinds of things in your body and destiny, it is broken now!

I am going to give you an instruction: everyone of us in this place, you are going to give a sacrifice. A sacrifice is not donation, a sacrifice is not about money, it is about fulfilling a spiritual ordinance. This is not offering, this is not tithe. This is you standing in for yourself, ministry and business. Church Gist. While I was preparing this, I told God myself, I said, “Lord, I have walked with You to an extent, please tell me what I am going to bring to You as a sacrifice for my own destiny.” I have gone passed the level that I will try to manipulate it, You are the One that brought everything. I mean what I am telling you and I want you to believe what I am saying. I am speaking to the Body of Christ and I am speaking to our global family, these are ordinances.

David had an opportunity, Araunah told David, “look I respect you, take” and David said, “no. I will not give God anything that does not cost me nothing” and the Bible says, as soon as he offered the sacrifice, the plagues stopped. There are things that have stopped in the lives of people. I have shared with you my story, how I carried a sacrifice and went down to Canaanland. I was already experiencing results and God had shown me mercy, but God gave me an instruction and I went there with joy. Church Gist. I cannot tell you the sacrifices I have made for myself and this ministry that had brought us where we are. If you think Abuja just opened like that, please think again, not with the wicked spirits that roam around the earth. There are mysteries. You become indomitable by the mystery that you engage, not just talking nonsense.

There are businesses that have been grounded at the same level. There are ministries that have not crossed certain levels. It is not just about membership, God must bring people who will be saved everyday. There are some of you; you’ve never have helpers that arise and run for you. Church Gist. You have committed yourself to repentance, the Word of the Lord, prayer and sacrifice. I am saying this because, I love you and I have a responsibility to teach you the truth; men of God sadly across the Body of Christ, you will find excess where people have been manipulated and all of that, but I can tell; every time God comes like this, once and again, it is because a new season has come for you. As soon as Noah came out, he sacrificed of all the clean beasts. When I read everything, I said, so, what was left?

When David, every time, the moment they get to very prophetic seasons, there they go. For some of you, God has already been speaking to you, I am only confirming what He has been telling you. This ministry that you see, as come thus far by this altars of sacrifice. Church Gist. It is powerful, it changed my life, I cannot begin to tell you; the doors that God has opened, when you see the things that God does through my life, you either have to be a demonic devilish person, serving satan or you be somebody who is serving the Lord sincerely, but in either case, you cannot get this by human strength.

Let me tell you why you are sowing: this is to end cycles. This sacrifice is not just donation. No, so just dropping it is not the issue, you are going to tie to this sacrifice, the seasons and the patterns that the blood of eternal covenant is bringing to an end. When Cain and Abel offered sacrifices, one did it carelessly and the other did it with intention and understanding and he rose to Heaven. Church Gist. It is the reason why today, I can lie down and go to bed and not care whether somebody is taking my name to a shrine or somewhere. I am asleep but the altar is awake. There are some of you, the seed you are sowing today is what will become the ladder to the realms that you are climbing into.

Father, I stand by the privilege of priesthood, first over our global family and then, the Body of Christ by the privilege of the election of grace. I have declared Your Word and Lord, I know that this works based on the integrity of Your Word, Lord we have cried in repentance before You, individually, territorially and even as touching bloodlines and foundations. Church Gist. We have committed ourselves to serve only You the One through God. Father, Your people and all of us together are about to lay down sacrifices, some in cash, some in kinds and in whatever means. Lord, You are not a scammer, You are not a fraudster; we men of God may have merchandise out of this principle and we repent for it. But Lord, we cry in the name of Jesus and I pray by the privilege of spiritual leadership and priesthood that, everyone under the sound of my voice, may fire fall upon your sacrifice!

  • Let every demonic spirit witness your sacrifice and witness the fire that falls upon it in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • For everything you are connecting to this sacrifice, whether as individuals or as a couple or as a business, in the name of Jesus the Son of the living God, I decree and declare; may the heavens be opened over that issue!
  • Everything that has refused to work in your life, I command it to begin to work now!
  • By reason of your sacrifice, I make this prophetic declarations, all doors open!
  • I stand upon the grace of our fathers in this nation, as I have received by grace and by the privilege of the mercy of God, I stand upon their personal altars with God and we stand in agreement under that grace, I decree and I declare in the name of Jesus, judgement upon every wickedness and everything connected to ancestry in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • Anyone here appointed to death; I decree and declare, when death comes, let it meet your sacrifice!
  • It will never be that you gave and you went down!
  • For every one child who has gone wayward and giving any parent headache or tears, by reason of your sacrifice, may the angel of the Lord fish them back to the cross!
  • If there is anything that you may have done personally with your life that has created an accusation in the realm of the spirit, that the devil might want to use against you and your children’s children, in the name of Jesus, by the blood of the Lamb, the Word of your testimony and even this sacrifice, let it be blotted out now!
  • I pray for, you have taken from your resources and from whatever to give unto God, I decree and declare, the storehouse is apportioned for you; I declare them open like a flood now!
  • May strangers arise and come to you!
  • You will not beg, you will not borrow in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • By reason of this meeting tonight, there is a restoration of dreams, visions and encounters.
  • If there is any physical planting in any house or village; whatever was taken, whether your name was taken to any shrine or whatever, in the name of Jesus Christ, we declare that devil catches fire now!

(Altar Call)







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