TOWARDS ACCESSING GOD’S GREAT PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE AS CONTAINED IN SCRIPTURES – Bishop David Oyedepo at Easter Youth Alive Conference (EYAC 2024) || Day 1 Evening Session || 28th March 2024 || LFC Canaanland, Ota ||

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– Bishop David Oyedepo on “TOWARDS ACCESSING GOD’S GREAT PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE AS CONTAINED IN SCRIPTURES” at Easter Youth Alive Conference (EYAC 2024) || Day 1 Evening Session || 28th March 2024 || LFC Canaanland, Ota ||

Just for a start, encounters are not just products of hearing the Word but having an encounter with the Spirit behind the Word. They always tick; they always prompt individuals into action. Church Gist. They never leave anyone the same way. Encounters always changes and opens new chapters.

– May tonight open new chapters to your life in the name of Jesus Christ!

He said, ‘come and learn of me (Jesus said) and you shall find rest for your souls.’

– May you find lasting rest by the encounters in this Conference in the name of Jesus Christ!

I will be speaking to you on this subject: Towards Accessing God’s Great Plan For Your Life (and if you like) from Scriptures. “TOWARDS ACCESSING GOD’S GREAT PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE AS CONTAINED IN SCRIPTURES.”

“My ways are higher than your ways so my plans are higher than your plans. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts so my vision for you is higher than your vision for yourself; higher than your ambition in life.” Isaiah 55:8. Church Gist. Every encounter with the Word changes our thinking pattern which ends up transforming our lives. Nature abhors vacuum. You are either thinking on the right things or you are preoccupied by the wrong things. You are either thinking good or you are thinking evil.

Spiritual emptiness makes a believer vulnerable. Matthew 12:43-45. So spiritual emptiness is a risk. When God shows us His plan, it preoccupies our thoughts thereby giving no room for emptiness that makes a believer vulnerable. Church Gist. Jeremiah 29:11 (Revised Standard Version). 1977 – the Lord opened me to this. It changed my perspective to life. He said “your future is in my plan not in your plan.” So my quest for His plan came alive because His plan is higher than my plan for myself and His plans are not kept in a strong room (in a vault).

All of God’s secrets are open secrets. Matthew 10:27. That’s why Christianity is not cultism. Church Gist. Christianity is an open faith. Mark 13:37. Open faith!

– Again my prayer is that tonight will mark a day to be much remembered in your life!

Isaiah 29:11-12 is the anchor for this Word. So being schooled and certificated guarantees no access. Church Gist. It is new birth that guarantees access to God’s plan as contained in His Word. Mark 4:11.

Psalm 25:14. Them that fear Him, He will show them, not those who live anyhow, behave anyhow and conform to the world and he will show them his covenant. “Here’s my plan, this is what to do to enter into it.” Sir, even children with the fear of God can have access – 2 Timothy 2:15. Church Gist. So it’s not that you have studied BSc in Theology or Psychology or Philosophy and then, “I think I should understand it” – no, you can’t understand it. So the problem with people is that many are only posing to be saved – they’re not. They too know they’re not. When were you saved? “Emmm emmm, he doesn’t know.” What actually took place in your life after you were saved? He doesn’t have. 2 Corinthians 5:17.

55 years ago, I turned my life over to Christ. 55 years after, I’m still singing my song. You can know this thing, it’s open. Stop faking it, it will show tomorrow. The vision of all is contained in the book but many people can’t access it: they are either not saved or they are saved but not walking in the fear of the Lord – they just live anyhow. Lying lying lying, loose living, careless living – you can’t access it. Job 29:4; Job 1:8. God’s secrets are not for Jack and Harry, they’re only accessible for those that fear the Lord. Genesis 39:9; Genesis 42:18. You can’t fear God and not know Sir. Genesis 41:38. Church Gist. Do you know why people are living so loosely today? God’s wisdom from Heaven is coming down on the Earth – satan wants to block it. The fear of God is the beginning of access to divine wisdom. Before Jesus comes back, there shall be a display of the manifold wisdom of God. That is, the many sided wisdom of God in all its innumerable aspects and infinite varieties – Ephesians 3:8-11 (AMPC). It’s the eternal purpose of God to unleash his manifold wisdom in the endtime. Ephesians 3:10 (AMPC).

So, satan came down to defile the body so as to block access to that agenda because the Church will be ruling before Jesus comes. “…and by wisdom Kings reign,” – Proverbs 8:15. So the only way to block access is to block their access to that wisdom. Therefore beware! Church Gist. Some must make it – God’s agenda cannot fail. May you be part of those that will make it! Judas failed but 11 others made it. He went his way. No anyhow lifestyle can grant access to God’s plan from his Word. Psalm 25:14. So, think straight! It’s your turn.

Visions and revelations are custodians of every great destiny in the Kingdom. 2 Corinthians 12:1. But because God has exalted his Word above his name, the revelation of the Word is superior to any vision. Revelation of the Word is access to God’s plan, is superior to any form of vision any man may have. I’ll tell you the reason why: Psalm 138:2. While vision can be misunderstood or misinterpreted, the Word is settled in heaven forever. Church Gist. Whatever you find in the Word is settled in heaven forever as you align with it. Psalm 119:89; 1 Peter 1:23. Simple analogy: no powerful vision can shatter darkness. Darkness will only surrender to the authority of light. Psalm 119:130. We live in a world of darkness where your rise, your success, provokes the wrath of your enemy. While they’re saying “congratulations” they are saying, “cut him down.” That’s why light is superior to any vision that any man may have. In fact, vision thrives on revelation. It takes revelation for any vision to see the light of the day.

As a pastor I’ve met quite a number of pastors that come to me and say, “well, Sir, nothing is working.” I say, are you sure of your calling? He says I’m sure. But I say, seek for light; nothing can shatter darkness like light. Church Gist. “You have called me Jesus, how do I work it?” Isaiah 60:1-3 – Your light is come not your vision is come. Please get acquainted with the Word, that’s where God’s blueprint for your life is. Get acquainted with the Word. Job 22:21.

Acquaint yourself with the Word, that’s where God’s blueprint for your life and my life resides. Today, there is an overblown of the word: ‘vision’. Everybody, I have a vision! You ask them: ‘What’s your vision’? That’s your ambition! That’s what you look forward to as a person. Not minding what God’s view about your life is. I had no plan to be in ministry, never! And God knows and I knew. Church Gist. But here am I today following His plan. We can only scale the utmost height by revelation not by vision. Deuteronomy 28:1. I had that encounter in 1984, He said: ‘My son, there is a place for you on top if you’re interested’. Based on Deuteronomy 28:1. I said: ‘Lord! I’m interested’. He said: ‘Whatever I tell you to do, do it’. It has also to do from His Word – ‘Whatever I tell you to do, do it’, then you are on your way to the utmost height in life.

-You won’t miss your road, you won’t miss your step! You won’t miss your steps, you won’t miss your road in the name of Jesus.

That’s God’s plan! Inside that Light is power to make a little one become a thousand. Isaiah 60:22. That is, the Light of God’s Word can make a nation out of a person. By walking in that Light. Isaiah 60:22. We all know that only light can thrive in the midst of darkness, it’s a simple logic. John 1:5. No circumstance of life can prevail against the truth in which you are walking. So, get at the truth! Circumstances will bow to you. Get at the truth! Church Gist. Circumstances will bow under your feet. There is nothing God has given you and me that the enemy will not contend with. And he contends in the realm of darkness. So we need light to have our way out. God’s plan for you and for me, they are in His Word. All we need is: Open my eyes to behold wondrous things You have in store for me in Your Word. Psalm 119:18. No one can see a future in His future and be depressed. The reason for depression, you can’t see beyond where they are but God’s Word is the Lamp to our feet and a light unto our path. Psalm 119:105.

I got something exactly after my Salvation, that was at the age of 16. I first got from my Bible, I don’t know where I was looking for, in Revelation 5:10. Immediately, a royal mentality engulfed me. I would want to go out, I would ask myself: ‘Will a king go out like this’? No! David, go (and) change. Will a king engage someone in a boxing? Fight? In the seat of his village? No! Will a king shout on top of his voice? Church Gist. In his town? No! A royal mentality engulfed me at the age of 16. I’m not a slave today. Proverbs 23:7. You can’t see yourself as a king and still be jumping fences as a student. No! And still be involved in exam malpractice, no! You can’t see yourself as a king and still be lying for free. No! It changes the way people think, when you can see the future laid down for you in Scriptures. It is challenges that make champions. You will never find a champion in any field or contest without going through challenges to emerge (as) one.

So the Lord told me at the age of 16, I’m not slow. And I’ve said that several times, God is not slow. I caught it in the month of March like this 1970 at a conference. I was 16 years old! So I got a baptism of patience which everybody needs. This generation doesn’t have it. You need to ask for it! Patience! So I could delight myself in a Church that started with 4 people, I used to call it three and half. The half is now a full-scale man, he’s a pastor in this Church. (Laughing). Church Gist. Amen! Glory to God! And he testified when he was forty years in the Church just a few weeks ago. So, that baptism kept me rejoicing as I saw 4, 4 became 6. ‘My God! God is coming’, I saw that (number) became 9. ‘Oh my God! This is wonderful’! And then 12 and then 15. You need patience! Shortcut leads to danger! That’s why many of them are in prison now. Yahoo!! They are there! Yahoo!! Many teenage pregnancies today, there! 1974, I caught a word from the Lord in Jeremiah, I was reading all manner of things. Jeremiah 17:11.

I was 20 years old and a friend of mine also walked in, his name is also David. I said: ‘David! Come on! See what the Lord told me this morning: ‘Don’t touch anything that is not yours’. That means He’s talked to me! He said: ‘Brother David, where did you get ostrich? (Referring to the Scripture in Jeremiah 17:11). What is ostrich’? I said: Anything that lays eggs is a bird, it can’t be a goat. I don’t know the Ostrich but I know that it lays eggs. So he met me several years after at Landmark University. He said: ‘You remember what you told me in 1974’? I said: ‘No! We share many things’, so he brought that up. Church Gist. So, I can’t be tempted by what you have. I was warned! Before I would see anything around me… You are working in a company, you are stealing in the company. What kind of a man, are you a believer? You are changing books as an accountant, is that how to be a believer? Every great destiny is built on revelations of the Word in the Kingdom. Every great destiny sir! Vision is secondary! Revelation is principal. Vision is secondary sir! The vision of the Word can translate you to any point in life. If I were selling pure water I would prosper. I had an encounter with what makes people prosper. I bought into it so I knew I was going to prosper.

Today, by patience, from the Church of 4 to 6 to 10, now you have Churches, 146 nations of the Earth. Over 21,000 Churches in Nigeria from the Church of 3, 4, 5. The patience of faith is not to wait forever, it’s to test your trust in God. I had a beetle, it was what carried members to where they would catch a bus in those days. Church Gist. We’ll close evening service and I would carry them, four people in my beetle, I’d be struggling to turn the steering, drop them at the Filling Station and come back again and carry the other people. But today we are flying. Amen! and not just flying by trial, we have been flying for 28 years. People don’t fly that long if you ask them.

Please, know that God is not slow. You are in good hands. Abraham waited, but Abraham was still alive. Abraham didn’t turn his back. Where are you turning your back to? Sir, I found the mystery of fruitful marriage as He showed me. Church Gist. It wasn’t known in our time, now many people are already in it. My counsellor asked me “David, what are you looking forward to?” I said “Hitch free marriage” He said “How do you mean?” and I tried to explain. He’s a very respectable Christian leader and I love him, he loves me, we talk freely, much older. Church Gist. I said we’ve been in courtship for some time and it’s been good. He said “Now, you may not step on one another’s toes when you’re apart, but when you live together, it’s impossible not to step on one another’s toes” and I said, “Sir, but I’m sitting with you on the same bench, the same couch, why am I not stepping on your toes?” I said “Two reasons Sir. I’m not blind. Two, I’m not wicked.” All these tussle with husband and wife, ignorance, blindness. (Do) you know what led to polygamy in our culture? “This wife is not good, let me try another one. Ha! This one is worse” Ask anybody that divorced, there is a secret regret behind the door. Church Gist. (Bites finger) “Why now?” You heard that testimony, that lady said “I don’t know why I left. Please, I’m coming back” Why? They prayed that spirit out. So, I knew we were heading for hitch free marriage before we got married. Not trial by error, by light from Scriptures.

– No one among you will have crises in your home.

– You will not get married to trouble in your life.

That’s how much light is superior to visions, to anything, to dreams. You can’t navigate through darkness without light, you’ll be stagnated at a point. Church Gist. There was a time in Egypt when there was no light and they couldn’t move from one place to another, they couldn’t see one another so they sat in one place for 3 days. Exodus 10:21-23. You don’t want your life stagnated, locate God’s plan in His Word and keep walking in it.

I’ve never kept the money of this Ministry in my hand since inception. That they took offering in Church and I was going home with it, never! I was warned, not before I was called to ministry. There are many great destinies here and every one of you is involved.

– You won’t sell off.

– You won’t trash your destiny.

Have you ever seen any drug addict live a responsible life? Even in the natural. So, why are you buying into it? You lose your worth, you lose your value, you lose everything.

No one can see a future in his future and be depressed. Hebrews 12:2. So, what revelation does is to unveil your future that keeps you rejoicing all the way. Jeremiah 15:16.

You’ve heard me say again and again that I’m not surprised that we are where we are. Blessed be God for being faithful to His Word and performing it by giving me the grace to obey what He says to do. I’m not surprised. This is your best time in life. It says ‘The young men shall see vision’ See the vision of God for you in the Word in the days of your youth, before the evil day comes and your soul will say I have no pleasure in them. Seek it now.

Here are some diverse encounters that set the pace for my humbling experience in life. I’ve told you, God is not slow. Lamentation 3:27. Take responsibility early so you won’t become a liability tomorrow. You’ll never find a careless child that grows to become a responsible man. Church Gist. As the morning shows the day, so the child shows the man. Take responsibility early lest you become a liability tomorrow. I caught that also from Lamentation 3:27 at the age of 16. Take responsibility early.

I remember, in response to my grandmother’s love and affection for me, at the age of 20, I put out my pay to buy her a set of furniture. She had in the house, but ‘look, you need to sit on my own and take your breakfast’ So, I bought these 3 pieces of furniture and I delivered them to her. Church Gist. She said ‘How are you going to eat?’ I said ‘God will provide’ She looked at me and said ‘You shall be great’ Take responsibility early. I bought myself a first pair of shoes at 16. I think that was what was driving me in the Word, Lamentation 3:27, so I said ‘No, you know children, their parents buy shoes for them for Christmas. I’ll do it for myself now’ I did labour work, nobody sent me. I’m not from a poor family. I did labour work. I had blisters in my hand but I felt like a man and I’m a man. They called the shoe ‘akpola’, you may not know it. Church Gist. It has a broad nose. When we got back to school “Oh, my father bought this for me” I said “I bought it for myself ” It was like a vehicle to me and now you are married and they are still putting money in your pocket and you are taking it. What kind of man?  Take responsibility early lest you become a liability tomorrow. Take it now. Don’t sit down on your mother’s lap after graduation my friend. It doesn’t make sense. Ecclesiastes 9:10. Those things set the pace for my humbling experience in life. Early discovery of Scriptures and walking with them as you find them.

Lamentations 3:37. Watch out for what God commands. Be all out for it. You are heading for something great. At 22 I read the book ‘The Purpose of Pentecost by TL Osborn’ in one sitting. I couldn’t stand up, I got arrested by the Holy Ghost and I saw there for the first time in my life that the Holy Ghost is a person, I didn’t know that before and that He speaks and directs. I was filled with His presence so I went looking for some of my friends to share with them. I love doing that. I couldn’t find them where they were living and I said “Holy Spirit if you are truly a person, lead me now to where they are in this town. Church Gist. I don’t want to ask anybody.” I heard him for the first time in my life in July 1976, “Go forward.” What? I got to a T junction, where do I go from here?  “Make a left?” What? He led me to where they were without asking a human person. What a voice that has stayed with me since that time. That voice brought us to Canaanland. That voice founded Covenant University. That voice sent us on foreign mission. That voice planted the churches that we are talking about.

How can you think about planting 5,000 churches in a year, are you drunk? No! God said so. How dare you think of planting 10,000 new churches in a year? Are you an alcoholic? No! God said so. His voice is mightier than the noise of many waters. When God speaks, doubts die. You can’t hear from God and doubt Him. When God speaks all doubts die. He will build this building in one year. How? Do they even think in that Church? No! We don’t think we obey what He says. We think what He says. He said so, it is so. I pray tonight that this Easter season, your spiritual ears will pop open to access the voice of the Spirit that will give guidance to your life. So you don’t jump from frying pan to fire. You don’t just see that everybody is going somewhere and you go there.

Those are the foundations of my humbling life. Let God lead you. Let Him guide you. There are those among us now who have not read one book in their life on the faith and you can’t overcome without faith. Some are fighting in their homes and they have never read one book in their lives on marriage. I read seven books on marriage before we got married. You don’t prepare for an exam when you sit inside the hall. Church Gist. You don’t start practising when you get to the field as a sportsman. People just sit down there, they were three-piece coat, four-piece coat yet nothing inside. It is a risk. In the name of the Lord Jesus, this season will be a season to be much remembered in your life because you are walking into God’s plan and no longer your plans.

Then, of course, the jackpot of life – Matthew 6:33. 1976, it came down to me like torrents from heaven. I sold out to it and I wrote a covenant to live by it. Everybody can see the testimony today. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things that others are dying to get shall be added unto you. I will be lavishing them on you. They are struggling to get it, you won’t sweat to get it. Church Gist. Seek first my Kingdom in all righteousness and I will be adding this to you I vow. So I wrote ‘Discipleship demands renunciation, He is either Lord of all or not Lord at all. I turn my back on anything I am or anything I will ever have, I will go after you and the interests of your Kingdom’. There is nothing of value in my life today that I struggled for. They were added.

Now big one, we live in a very wicked world and while the time draws near the wicked shall keep doing more wickedly because he knows that he has a short time. In 1979, I saw in Ephesians 2:6 that Jesus has raised us up through the mystery of redemption and made us sit together with Him in heavenly places. So if you are saved, you have changed citizenry from the earthly realm to the heavenly realm and that place is located far above all principality and powers (Ephesians 1:21). Church Gist. That was where my authority came from against all the powers of darkness. That thing stemmed out of the book, The Apostle of Faith, a book written on the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth. My authority came alive that no principality can stand in my way. I am no longer in their reach, I am no longer in their Kingdom. When I leave your country, the laws of your country never hold on me anymore.

I got to a meeting, I was asked to go and represent one of my elder ones and I said, how many of you are witches here? After ministering, stand to your feet and they stood up. I rejoiced, I asked one of them to come up and tell me what they do with the devil. She said any time we want to suck blood we get on the highway and cause the vehicle to somersault and suck the blood of the victims. I said what of when people like us are coming? 1979. Light is the master of darkness any day. She said when we sense a higher power, we clear off the highway. Church Gist. You can’t wait as an armed robber if you hear the siren of the President. Can an armed robber wait when you hear the siren of the governor? The ones who will kill you are in front of them. So when you hear the siren coming, you know it’s not this one. Church Gist. One night I was leaving here in 1999 to town around 1:30-2am, Construction was still on and some armed robbers were on the road. They said, Papa is coming,  take cover. So the OPC pursuing after them knew they were the armed robbers they were pursuing after. They couldn’t break the head of one of them. They tried to break his head, it didn’t break. That is how much charms they carried. But they saw this tiny one (me) coming without any siren. They just saw I was the one coming and took cover. From now on, evil will be taking cover when you are coming.

That is revelation, that is not story. That is not information. That is a Word encounter. From 1979, I grew to know that no power of the wicked can stand in my way. We got to Liberia and this notorious witch called Queen of Sheba was there, I never knew anything about her in my life. I thank God I saw the testimony, it was on the National Newspaper that they wrote it. The Christians were concerned when she came into their country. They had sacrificed human beings to her a few times. When we landed in the hotel where she was, she packed out and left the country unceremoniously. Church Gist. Newspapers carried it, not local testimony. Light is the master of darkness. She could have twisted my neck if I had no authority. People have vision but no authority. They have vision but no authority. it changes the way you think, every genuine Word changes your thinking pattern.

In 1977, I sat in a meeting and this man was preaching and he went down to 2 Corinthians 3:7. My head just sparked around scriptures and I saw those folks in the Old Testament, those big wits – Daniel, Joseph, He said what we carry is more than what they had. I was experiencing sparks in my brain. It was quickening. I could feel it. So stay on the watch. Things are already dropping for you in this meeting, may it be lasting ones for you in your life. You can hear me still talking about 1970, you know this thing is real. 1971, these things are real. Church Gist. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, I caught it in 1973. But I shall condemn. I won’t wait for God. I will condemn, God will confirm. God is too merciful. When I condemn, God will confirm. So when I am going and I sense anything. I say I condemn you foul forces right now. Over to you God, confirm it. None of you will die young. The enemy shall not swallow up anyone’s destiny.

I have come to you as a father tonight to let you know the way forward is light. That revelation is superior to vision. Even vision requires revelation to thrive. Vision cannot thrive without revelation.

Now let’s round up, how do I access the light of the Word?

1.            Be born again (Mark 4:11)

2.            Make the fear of God your lifestyle (Psalm 25:14)

3.            Be spiritual (1 Corinthians 2:14).

Be spiritual. You can be born again and not be spiritual. 1 Corinthians 3:3. One can be born again and still be carnal. Church Gist. You can’t access the one that leads and walks in the Spirit. Galatians 5:25. Revelation 1:10. You can’t pick it without being spiritual.

4.            Commit yourself to the study of the Word. (2 Timothy 2:15)

5.            Be committed to meditating on the Word.

Genesis 24:63. You see things when you subscribe to the art of meditation as a lifestyle – meditating on the Word of God. 1 Timothy 4:15

7. Be joyful, thankful and songful: Isaiah 12:3, Isaiah 30:29-30. Only the joyful and the thankful can access the voice of God. Psalm 89:15. You can’t access the joyful sound without a joyful heart. It’s your turn!

Now, what are the biblical proofs of true encounters with the Word? If you claim to have an encounter with the Word, what are biblical proofs that you had such encounter?

1. Every true encounter stimulates supernatural joy. Psalm 119:162. Every genuine encounter stimulates joy. Jeremiah 15:16.

2. It triggers supernatural faith. Abraham encountered God’s Word in Genesis 12:4; James 2:18.

3. It triggers prompt and compelling action: Genesis 22:3. Every genuine encounter stimulates or triggers prompt and compelling action.

4. It triggers supernatural boldness.

When they saw the boldness of Peter and John, they took note of it that they had been with Christ. Church Gist. And boldness is what facilitates signs and wonders. Acts 14:3. Boldness comes out of Word encounters. Whatever you cannot declare boldly you have not really found.

5.  It secures supernatural speed.

The Word talks about the Spirit of Light. Church Gist. Every encounter with the Word stimulates your speed.

6. It secures supernatural peace.

Psalm 85:8. What does God speak? Peace.

-You won’t run out of peace in your life.

7.  Supernatural confidence.

Hebrews 10:35-36. Confidence commands amazing returns, amazing rewards. Philippians 3:3. Church Gist. Today, people are full of confidence in their profession, in their careers, they are full of confidence. ‘I know myself, I know what I’m worth, I know my capacity, I know my capability’. John 15:5.

-Welcome to the greatest seasons of your life.

-In the midst of this darkness God will distinguish you.

-You won’t lose your place with God.

-You won’t lose your throne on the Earth.

-You won’t lose your place in eternity.

As I close, let this fill your thoughts! You have these five well-defined destinies in the Kingdom.

1.   Every child of God has a great destiny as a seed of Abraham. Genesis 12:2-3. So every child of God has a great destiny. Can I have you say with me? “I have a great destiny.” Genesis 22:16-18, Galatians 3:29. So you have a great destiny, don’t let any devil deceive you. Every great thing starts little. Church Gist. Every big thing starts small. Don’t despise the days of small things, great things are ahead of you.

2. Every child of God has an enviable destiny (Come on say, I have an enviable destiny) as in Isaac. Genesis 26:12-14, Galatians 4:28. You have an enviable destiny, not a pitiable destiny. Church Gist. Can I have you say with me? “I have an enviable destiny, not a pitiable destiny.” This should fill your thoughts as you walk with God. You have an enviable destiny.

3. You have a glorious destiny in redemption. Romans 8:29-30. Can I have you say with me? ‘I have a glorious destiny.’ Church Gist. Your call to salvation has secured you a glorious destiny, not a shameful destiny.

– You won’t see shame in your life!

4. You have a pacesetting destiny in Christ. Matthew 5:14 – that connotes a pacesetting destiny. What? Let’s find out how they’re doing it and that’s God’s agenda for the end time. Church Gist. They will flock into the Churches – ‘teach us His ways; we will walk in His paths’ – pacesetting that humbles the World around us.

– That’s your destiny in Christ and you are getting there!

– I said, you are getting there!

5. You have a royal destiny in Christ. Come on say with me, “I have a royal destiny in Christ.” Church Gist. Everything about your life is to be envied by the World around you, not the other way around. I’ve never seen one unbeliever as a standard in my life. I’m 55 years young in the faith. I’ve never noted any unbeliever in my life as a standard, no. I read biographies, I don’t read their own. I have enough in-house in the Kingdom. Church Gist. We belong to the same family, under the same constitution, so I need to understand what they understand. You better check yourself.

Can you write the history of the Church in the World today without this short man’s name in it? It will be fake. Can you talk about books that transform life today and not talk about the one coming from here? It will be fake. Church Gist. All by grace and grace that multiply by light. 2 Peter 1:2. Over to you, please, be filled with the thoughts of royal mentality, an enviable mentality, a glorious mentality, a pace setting mentality. A mentality of greatness in Christ. If that fills your thought, all those junks won’t have anywhere to cross. I’ve too much to read than to be reading junk in newspapers, too much. Church Gist. I read daily. I write daily lessons I’m learning from the right source and right sources.

– Again, my prayer is to be alive to see you soaring in the skies and making Heaven in grand styles.

– No one here shall sell off.

– No one here shall sell out.

– We shall make it together.

—Prayers and Altar Call—

– Now, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, everything contending with your great future in Christ, I curse those things tonight.

– Every habit that is out to cut your destiny, I command then cursed tonight.

– Every evil eye that is set on you is blinded tonight.

– No wrath of the enemy will tamper with your destiny in the name of Jesus.

– By this time next year, you are singing a new song.

– Before the first half of this year is over, God has changed your story in the name of Jesus.

– and then I leave this with you, revelation is superior to vision, that’s what secures your triumph in the midst of darkness and the World is getting darker by the day.

– You will not miss your steps.









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